2011-05-30: Kitchen Chatter


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Summary: When freshly baked cookies are left in the kitchen at Xaviers they attract chatty teens.

Date: May 30, 2011

Log Title: Kitchen Chatter

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Since some cookies were recently baked by the school's cooking teacher, Mr. Parker-Mayfair, Robyn is in the kitchen loading up on any sort of oatmeal cookie. He's got an oatmeal craisin cookie in his mouth and a napkin full of cookies on the table as he rifles through the frige for something to drink. He hums a bit to himself a sound that sounds very much like something from Nightmare Before Christmas.

The newest arrival to the school has wandered the halls finding classrooms, an area for studying and now the kitchen which seems occupied at the moment. Lingering in the open doorway is a young man blonde of hair and blue of eye. He's wearing a t-shirt that has an attached hood and a pair of jeans held up by a belt that has a overly large lightening symbol for a buckle. Noticing the humming teen searching about Tyler clears his throat to announce his presence. "Hey, mind if I come in?"

As Cloud is strangely up to date on his assignments for a change he's planning on heading out into the city this evening so he's headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat before he goes, he's dressed in black jeans and sneakers, a white t-shirt and black leather jacket, stopping next to the kid blocking the door he looks over his shoulder to see what hes looking at, "Hey Robyn".

Robyn looks up at Tyler and mutters a "Hrmmm?" Before taking the cookie out of his mouth. "Oh, I don't mind, this is the kitchen so…it's not like people can't stop you from coming in here." He says with a smile. His black clothes have flakes of white stuff dusted all over them. "Hey Cloud, how's it going?" He asks his teammate before looking back to Tyler. "I haven't met you yet, I'm Robyn Larkin." He says walking over and offering a hand.

"Figured I'd ask to be polite," Tyler offers up in way of reasoning as he moves out of the doorway apologizing to the other teen who has appeared. "Nice to meet you, Robyn. Just got here not too long ago. Names Tyler Hayworth." A hand reaches out to accept that greeting from Robyn then he turns towards Cloud offering a handshake as well.

Cloud grins at Robyn, "Good, i'm actually up to date with my assignments, at this rate i might even graduate", stepping into the kitchen he shakes the hand Tyler offers him, "Nice to meet you, I'm Cloud Rosen", he walks over to the fruit bowl and grabs and apple, "Good training session this morning, you have serious skill Robyn".

Hands in the pockets of his cargos, Kieran's brow's a little bit sweaty as he walks into the kitchen humming slightly to himself. An older piece really. Sounds a bit like 'Longer Than' by Dan Fogelberg, his earbuds run into his pocket from his ears so it probably is the song that he's listening to right now.

"Welcome to Xavier's then Tyler. How are you settling in so far?" Robyn asks before looking to Cloud. "Yeah, I graduate in less then a month so…for the next month we're still teammates. I'm going to Parsons next year for college." He says grinning with happiness. "Hey Kieran!" He calls out waving at the blond. "Oh, and those cookies there are for anyone, Mr. Parker-Mayfair went on a baking spree."

Tyler finds himself clogging up the entrance to the kitchen so he shifts away from the door to give others more room to enter. There's a thank you for the warm welcome and the offer of a cookie. They sure smelt good when one got close enough to where they rested on the plate. "I'm' doin alright I think. Been sort of wandering around checking things out," picks up a cooking and murmurs happily for it's taste. "S'good." There's a jaunty wave of greeting tossed Kierans way as his mouth is full at the moment so he can't offer a greeting.

"It's gonna suck not being part of a team anymore, but it'll be good to finally be done with high school", Cloud takes a bite of the apple, "Parsons is an art school right?", he gives Kieran a wave as he walks in, "Hey Kieran, hows it going?"

"Hey Robyn, Hey Cloud." Kieran says pulling the ear phone out of his right ear and smiling cheerfully,"It's all good today." He says before waving towards Tyler and moving towards the cookies. It sort of draws him in like a moth to the flame really. Who can pass up a freshly baked cookie?

"Yup it's an art school. So it should be really good for my sculpting and pottery and stuff." Robyn says. "Though I'm kinda nervous cause I know I'll probably be relearning a lot of things." He says eating another cookie. "So are both you and Star graduating next year?" He asks before grinning at Kieran. "That's good to hear. I've been having a good day too."

"Sorry," Tyler manages after he's done chewing the cookie then wipes his hand off on one side of his jeans. "I'm Tyler," offering the hand to Kieran. "You wouldn't happen to be Kieran O'Toole by any chance would you? If so I happen to be your new roomie." Bright smile for Kieran as he listens to Robyn and Cloud talk about graduation and art college.

"Cool i'm glad you're getting to do something you enjoy", taking another bite Cloud shakes his head, "Nope, we both graduate this year, just giving all my final assignments and then i'm pretty much done aswell, feels so weird", he should probably give the future more thought really.

"Awesome." Kieran says and moving to shake Tyler's hand firmly,"Nice to meet you Tyler and that would be me." He says nodding his head at the question,"It's always a good thing. Good luck with the art school next year Robyn." He pauses for a moment,"So are you going to go to college next year Cloud?" He asks curiously.

"Yeah it is weird, I think most of Alpha Squardon is graduating. You, me and Star and then Kisha left…I think Mason is still gonna be around and so is Moniqa." Robyn says thinking about it and sitting down at the island in the middle of the kitchen. "So are you doing anything for the summer guys?" He asks of Kieran and Cloud before looking at Tyler. "Tyler if you have any questions about Xavier's I can hopefully answer them. I've been here two years now."

Tyler has taken to listening to the other boys chatting about this and that while helping himself to a different cookie. As for the summer Tyler is uncertain though he tells the others that he'll probably head back to Ohio to hang out with his parents, perhaps hit Kings Island, then take to repainting his room for the millionth time. To Robyn, "Thank you for that. I don't want to start peppering anyone with questions but I may have to at some point."

Cloud shrugs, "I'm not really sure if I'm going to college or not, I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do at all after i graduate, i wanna eventually be a cop but until then…", he sits down on one of the stools, "I'll probably head back to Boston over the summer".

"Well I'll probably go home for at least a little while. Maybe check out King's Island with my little brother, possibly catch a Red's game." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Got to see how things go though. It'll be weird to go home though

"Where's King's Island?" Robyn asks never having heard of it before. "I'm probably heading home for a few weeks but it's only in Brooklyn so it's not like I go that far. Also I'll still be visiting next year since I promised Heather I'd at least come back to see her. She's…I'm afraid she's going to be kinda lonely next year." He says frowning a bit. "Cloud, why don't you go to school for law or Criminal Justice or whatever it's called."

Tyler waves a bit of cookie while answering, "It's in Ohio. I'm from Ohio. Cheviot actually." Mentions that it's a theme park that's pretty decent and not like that mess that is Disney World. "Bein a cop would be pretty cool, Cloud. Lotta learning and work though. Me? I still think I'm gonna stick with my painting though it won't make me a cent I bet. Heh, doesn't matter."

Cloud almost laughs, "Can you really see me getting though law school, even i know i know I'm a dumb jock, I'm lucky I'm even graduating", he smiles, "It'll be a lot of work but my dad's a cop and he's always found it really fulfilling plus i wanna help people, be someone, you know?"

"It's a great place. My family has been going most of my life. I'm from Cincinnati, well it's closer to Delhi, but our address was still in Cincinnati." Kieran says casually,"Cedar Point's in Ohio but it's up by the armpit." He says referring to Cleveland in the usual fashion. "You should try and take some classes in Criminal Investigation or something."

Robyn shrugs at Cloud. "My boyfriend's a jock but I wouldn't call him dumb. Just cause you like sports and sometimes do stuff you really shouldn't, I wouldn't say that's a reason to not go to college to do something to help with being a cop." Robyn doesn't mention any specific incidents involving portals and jumping through them. "Oh, what do you paint Tyler? I'm a sculptor, I -really- want to become a model artist for Hollywood. Like creating all the cool monsters and weird creatures in movies."

Tyler perks up at the question about his art. That Robyn is a scuptor and is seeking to do something in Hollywood has sparked his interest. "I paint anything and everything. Sometimes I just get ideas and go abstract or I paint landscapes and such. I could show you my work sometime and vice versa. I think that'd be great. Not sure what I'd do for a career though. Maybe get into designing those matte paintings that get used in movies or graphic design. I got awhile to think about that stuff thought."

Cloud shrugs, "Maybe, dunno i'll look into it, does this place have a careers councilor?", finishing his apple he tosses it into a nearby bin, "You could design characters and scenes for video games or maybe an archtech, you can make a lot of money doing those".

"I'm not artistic at all. Well least not with that kind of thing. I am however great with the music. Love music. When it comes to art, I cannot even manage the stick figure without it looking absolutely horrid." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"Talk to some of the teachers and maybe they can help you? I mean a lot of them have some experience with figuring this kind of thing out." He says casually to Cloud.

"Maybe Dr. Parker-Mayfair? He's the school guidance counselor he might be able to help." Robyn suggests to Cloud. "Also maybe talk to him about what's good to study in order to become an officer." He's not really sure as he doesn't know any police officers personally. "I'm quite artistic, my Mom's an illustrator and my Dad's a musician so it rubbed off on me. I'm…okay at the cello. I just don't practice as much as I should." He then nods to Tyler. "That'd be great, I'd love to see your work. I have tons of stuff just sitting around the art room cause I don't have a place to put it in my room here."

"Oh! You're a musician? Excellent! To each his own, Kieran. I couldn't play a note to save my life and lord knows no one wants to hear me sing!" Laughter bubbles freely from Tyler who finds a stool type thing to seat himself upon. "I'll have to check your stuff out Robyn. I didn't bring anything of my own with me but my parents scanned a few things into the computer so I could show you that. It's pretty awesome that you guys have such talents. I thought I'd come here and have nothing in common with anyone."

Cloud nods, "Yeah, i'll try and catch him at some point, figure something out", ok by the time he graduates he'll have a plan, "I havn't got any artistic skill and the only singing i do is in the shower, but my sister plays trombone and i've got a cousin doing art at ESU.”

"I only brought a few of my things with me but after two years here and lots of nights with two hours of sleep, I've made a lot over the years." Robyn says chuckling. "Well I gotta be off, I wanna check on my friend Heather and see how she's doing and get some last minute homework in. It was nice meeting you Tyler and good luck with things Cloud. See ya later." Robyn says says he heads out of the kitchen.

There's a nod of understanding from the teen sitting at the counter drawing idle circles with a finger around a square of tile. "Nice meeting you too Robyn, and thanks for the offer of help getting used to the place. Good luck with your homework and such." Tyler turns his attention upon Cloud and Kieran then back towards the remaining cookies. "I should get-up-outta here before I'm likely to nom all that. Was nice meeting you both and I'll see you later Kieran." With that the new kid at Xavier's slips off his stool then heads off to explore the school a bit more.

Deciding to try and track Dr. Parker-Mayfair down now as everyones leaving Cloud gets up aswell, "See you guys later, nice meeting you Tyler welcome to Xaviers", he grabs another apple before following the other two out.

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