2010-02-10: Kitchen Comfort


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Summary: Cam's cooking. Meets Christopher. And Rashmi. Lucas is just himself.

Date: February 10, 2010

Kitchen Comfort

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Another night, another dinner planning. Cam's in the kitchen again, this time cooking something different. As usual, smells fill the air. His version of the standard fare may not be traditional, but it's close enough in taste that nobody's seemed to notice yet. With lack of training comes inventiveness to make it happen. Apron on as always, there are two fairly large pots on the stove and a plate of already cooked, cubed meat beside the stove.

Walking into the kitchen with an armful of plastic grocery bags is Christopher. He was going to do some cooking for the students but it seems there is already someone at his stove. "Well, well, well, it looks like I'm going to start having to put a schedule down for when I would like to cool." Christopher says smiling. "Let's see, cubed beef, sour cream, noodles.." He goes on to list a few other things that Cam has there and smiles. "So I'm guessing, Beef Stroganoff? I'm Christopher, I'm the culinary teacher here."

Pulling the earphones out of his ears as someone walks in, Cam stops suddenly. Music pours loudly out of the headphones. 'Can't read my, can't move my, not I can't feel my botox face.' He blinks, biting his lip. "Sorry, they said I could use the kitchen if I wanted and nobody else was." His cheeks are burning red already. "Uhm… yeah. Not the real thing, but… the closest I've learned." he admits, looking bashfully to the floor.

Christopher laughs and puts his groceries down. "No worries I was just teasing you. So what's your name?" He asks as he goes over to put an apron on himself and look at what Cam is doing, seeing what pointers he can give him. "If you need a Soux-Chef, let me know where you need help, and I'll give you some pointers where I can."

"Final stages now. Just finishing up the sauce and getting ready to mix it all together. The noodles should be just about done." Cam says, with a bit of a grin. "Uhm, Cameron Phillips. Just Cam, though." He explains as he starts to feel relief. "I just… I feel more comfortable in here than out there. Haven't quite figured out a side to go with it yet."

"Alright Cam, for me it's Christopher or Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I don't like Chris." Christopher says as he helps where he can, trying not to get too much into Cam's way as it's his meal and his cooking. "I know what you mean, I was always more comfortable in the kitchen than anywhere else. A part of me will always wish I majored in culinary arts instead of just minoring in it."

"Parker-Mayfair?" Cam asks, thinking for a few moments before a light clicks. "Oh… the one that's with the school's head-doctor." He says with a nod. No sign of any type of problem with that. He remembers what he was told. Won't stick his foot in his mouth this time. "That's about the only place I really do feel comfortable. Especially around here." He smirks a little.

"The other place I really feel comfortable, is my salon as well." Christopher says as there are other places now that he's got more confidence. "But I love to cook. Always have, ever since I was a student here, and yup, that's me. Married to the head psychiatrist. He's a great guy if you ever get to meet him, though he's hard to miss. He's a brick house of a man." Christopher says as he can't help but taste Cam's sauce. "Not to bad, not bad at all. So I trust you'll be in my class?"

"Uhm, yeah. I've only got a few light classes this week, to see where my level is here." Cam says with a nod. "It's the only thing I'm really good at, so I plan to do something with it." He nods, motioning to the stove. "I'm… kinda scared of doing training though." He admits. Someone that's a teacher and knows food can't be bad, right?

"Well you are good at it." Christopher says and for Cam's age, he can tell the kid has talent. "I doubt it's the only thing you're good at, you'll find other things you like to do and have a niche in. And I don't blame you with being scared about training, I was terrified of it when I started years ago. So what are your powers Cam?"

"I can find anything. Or anyone. Just about." Cam says, shrugging. "If I know what or who it is. I know where they are. And today… I kinda… I saw a trail leading me to someone. So, I guess it's a little more than I thought." He explains, nodding. "I don't mind if cooking is all I'm good at. If it is, great."

Christopher chuckles and nods. "That's a really interesting power. Me, I have light powers, and the power to change the colour of anything I touch." He says giving a wink as he moves some of the used dishes to the sink to start washing them for Cam. "I really do look forward to having you in my class Cam. Someone whose passionate about the art and not just looking for an easy 'A'.

"Easy? Cooking may be easy, but getting it right is the hard part. And making it up as you go is the fun part. The recipe is often only a suggestion." Cam can't resist a wink at that one. He's in his element there. "I've been doing the household cooking for a few years. Since they learned I cook better than they do."

"Oh my, can I adopt you now?" Christopher teases as he feels like he's found a student that actually understands cooking and loves it. "Actually I shouldn't joke about that, my husband and I are bit known for it." He says with an embarrassed chuckle. "I love to cook, there's something so relaxing about it and you know what the best part about cooking is?"

"Eating it afterwards and sharing it with people who can appreciate it?" Cam asks, adding a little blush from the earlier joke. "Hmm? Howso? Known for adopting strays?" He asks, tilting his head as he takes the sauce off the stove and adds the meat to it.

"If I could take you home right now and make you my son, I would. You are the first student I met who really is a chef at heart. Let me know if you need help with anything culinary, I'd be happy to take you under my wing." Christopher says instantly loving the new student. "Yes, my husband and I have adopted a few children who need it. Our son Eddie was the first."

"Eddie." Cam says, his head looks up and his eyes unfocus for a moment. He turns his body and points in the direction of New York City. "Ice Cream Shop." He says, before blinking. "Sorry. Sometimes, I can't control it."

Christopher chuckles and smiles. "Well if I ever need to find anyone, I know exactly who to call." Christopher says as he finishes up washing the dishes that Cam didn't use from his cooking, which appears to be a very tasty beef stroganoff. The smells in the kitchen are just delicious. "So Cam, when do I get to try this meal of yours? And tomorrow night, how about you help me cook dinner here?"

"As soon as I drain the noodles. And there should be plenty of leftovers. I don't know how to cook small batches. The other night, I fed Chicken Cordon Bleu rollups to several people." Cam explains as he takes a colander and places it in the sink before grabbing the pot. With protection, of course. He slowly pours it in, to not damage the noodles.

Lucas bounces into the room with a joyous spring in his step, dragging Rashmi by the hand along behind him. He's giggling, and instead of his giant insulated gloves, his hands are covered with gloves that are thin and white, like spandex. He moves straight towards the upright freezer. "What up, fellers!?!" he greets, goofily.

Rashmi stumbles in behind Lucas, barely keeping hold on her sense of balance, though clearly not terribly upset. "Hey, hey, Lucas!" she protests, out of breath and grinning. "It's not going to disappear from the freezer, you know! …Oh! Um, hello… Hi, Mr. Parker-Mayfair… um. Sorry… just looking for a little treat. Celebrating, you know…"

"Oh I love chicken Cordon Bleu. I haven't made that in quite some time. How about you and sit down and decide what we can cook together tomorrow night." It's obvious Christopher is excited to have a cooking buddy, he hasn't had one in a long while. "Celebrating? What are you two celebrating? And Cam here made some really appetizing looking dinner, the sauce is delicious."

"There's stroganoff…" Cam offers before blushing. He doesn't know Rashmi. But he does note what Lucas is wearing, and he grins a little. "Those the ones you got in the mail today?" He asks, tilting his head. He doesn't understand why anyone would need to wear gloves so much, but then, he's never met Rogue either. "Uhm… sure. That sounds like fun." He says, actually smiling before blushing brightly at the compliment on his food.

Lucas tilts his head a bit, his hand on the freezer door. "Pasta?" His brow lifts, and he looks at Rashmi. "Pasta," he repeats.

Rashmi chuckles quietly, looking over her shoulder at the two at the stove. "I think what Lucas is trying to say is, 'yes please, we'd very much like some stroganoff if you've enough to spare.'" Shaking her head, she looks back up at Lucas, nudging his ribs. "Only he's a little too out of his mind with happy to remember, right?" Turning, she leads the blond over to the table, bobbing her head in greeting at Cam. "I'm Rashmi, and this was Lucas, but I'm about to ask where he hid the pod."

"I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair." Christopher says introducing himself as he doesn't think he's had the pleasure of meeting Rashmi or Lucas. "And it's not a pasta, it's a stroganoff. There's a bit of a difference. It's over noodles, which are a pasta, but it has beef and a nice gray that's just delicious." Christopher says looking over at Cam. "And it seems I have a rival for the kitchen now."

Cam continues blushing. "Cam." He says to Rashmi. "An' I met Lucas earlier. Brought him his package." He says, nodding towards the gloves. It looks like the same ones anyway. But he nods, regardless and goes to grab a few more plates. There's always enough for 8 to 10 people with him. His family ate a lot. He moves around, dishing out plates for everyone.

Lucas laughs, "You don't understand, bro. It has pasta that Ah couldn't work a fork well enough to wind up and put in my mouth." He shrugs as he walks over and pulls the chair out for Rashmi as sits down as well. "Ah'm Lucas," he responds to their introductions.

Rashmi chuckles. "Those gloves he was wearing kept his powers from hurting anyone, Cam. The ones you brought him? Like that, only thin enough he can actually use them. So? We're celebrating." Turning her smile to Christopher, she bobs her head. "We've met, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. I'd asked you to help get Zack settled, remember?"

Christopher tries to remember before nodding slightly. "Zack…big fella, I kind of remember. Sorry things have been kind of odd with getting things back together. Lucas must know how that is." He says with a wink. "Well it's always good to find something to celebrate about. After dinner I believe there are some cranberry raisin cookies somewhere that I've been keeping hidden." Usually for Jeri but he can make more.

Cam stops for a second, looking up. "Zack. Bedroom. Over there." He points in the direction of the dorms. He winces. "Sorry." He brings the plates to the other two students before getting one for himself and sitting nearby. "Good. You looked like a ghost was after you when you left. I thought… they're just gloves. nothing to worry about."

Lucas glances up as Cam says he looked like a ghost, and he quickly sort of shakes his head, and glances at Rashmi, before turning to plate. "Nope, Ah was fine. Hey, wow, that looks fuckin' awesome!" He picks up the fork, turning it in his hand, and then begins twirling pasta around it, shovelling a huge bite into his mouth. "Ow mah gawd thatsh gweat!" he says through his full mouth.

Rashmi smiles her thanks at Cam as the plate is set in front of her, throwing Lucas a sideways glance, a very slight frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. Whatever she's about to say, however, preempted by Lucas'… less than stellar table manners. This time, the nudge to the ribs is a touch less subtle, her own fork paused halfway to her mouth. "I'm happy for you too, Lucas, but c'mon, hm?" Shaking her head, she takes her bite, closing her eyes in evident enjoyment. "Oh *wow,*" she says as she swallows the bite, "this is *really* good, Cam. You're right, Mr. Parker-Mayfair, you might have found a new teacher's aide!"

There's a raise of the eyebrow from Christopher at Lucas's language. "Lucas, are you sure you want to use that language in front of me?" He is still smiling. Christopher does swear, just not in front of the students. "I found a protege here." He says teasing Cam as he eats. Sure there are a few pointers he could give Cam, coming from a more technical background with his schooling, but it's very good. "Cam here really has the special talent and love for cooking."

Of course, all the praise has Cam shrinking in on himself. Hard for a guy his size and weight. He's not a small bodied beauty like most of these people at the school. "S'the only thing I know." He admits, cheeks blazing as he coughs a bit, to the side, of course.

Lucas glances at Rashmi, and then at Christopher's chastising, which just earns a rolling of his eyes, "Whatever." He shovels another bite in his mouth.

Rashmi's eyebrow rises a bit further, and the redhead sighs. "I'm working on him, Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I swear," she says with a tolerant sigh, glancing back at Cam. "Seriously, Cam, you're *really* talented. I can do okay, but usually only when I'm making the curries Mami taught me, and I only do okay at a decent naan. Anything else?" With a shrug, she tucks another bite away. "I'd *love* to be able to make food this good all the time."

Christopher reaches over and ruffles Lucas's hair. "Relax Lucas, I'm just giving you a hard time. It's not like I'm going to die from being offended or anything." He wasn't even really offended by it but he has to be a teacher. He leans in and whispers to Cam. "Just say thank you next time." Before turning to Rashmi. "Well I am the culinary teacher here, you can always take one of my classes."

"Just throwing things in a pot." Cam says before Christopher says that to him. He continues the physical redness imitation. "Never tried doing anything with a curry." He says, considering. "But then, Biloxi isn't exactly the cultural food center of Mississippi."

Lucas scowls a little as his hair is mussed, but he doesn't say anything. He just keeps eating, shovelling the last of the noodles into his mouth, making a little, "Mmmmnomnom" sound as he enjoys it.

Rashmi leans against Lucas' shoulder, intent on taking her time to actually taste the food she's enjoying. "I think I'd love to, Mr. Parker-Mayfair… D'you teach any classes after three? I'm… kind of stuffing my schedule to bursting as it is, but I've still plenty of time in the afternoon." Looking to Cam, she grins as the boy mentions his lack of experience with curry. "Oh… then I'd *love* to see what you can do to Mami's chicken tikka. I'll have to show you how to make it sometime, okay?

"And there are so many different styles of curry you can do depending on the region of Asia you're basing it on and the colour of curry." Christopher says and he can go on. "Thanks for dinner Cam but I have to be on my way, I might have to send my Husband down to try your food. He loves food." He waves and heads towards the door. "I hope to see at least two of you in my class. Have a good night!"

"Uhm… ok." Cam says with a nod. "I'll get everything cleaned up in a little bit." He says, punctuating with a yawn of his own. He's obviously tired, but he's going to finish what he started. He gives a minor smile to Rashmi. "I'd be willing to try. But I can't guarantee how it'll turn out from me." He pauses, looking up and his eyes are elsewhere. "Rafael." He murmurs. His roommate's name.

Lucas stands, and makes his way to the freezer. "Michealangelo," he says, in responst to Cam. "Though, to be honest, Donatello was actually my FAVORITE turtle." He opens the freezer and looks for the ice cream.

"I'll help, Cam," Rashmi offers, lifting her fork in farewell to Christopher. "Oh, don't worry. Mami's recipe and your talents, you'll do fine. Just, I hope you like butter…" Taking up her plate and Lucas', she heads for the sink. "Enjoy your first hands-on dinner there, Lucas?" she says with a wink, her voice light.

Cam looks askance at Lucas. "I was looking to see if my roommate, Rafael, was in the room, so I could take him some food." He says, shaking his head. He comes from a family with several kids. He's used to teasing. He nods to Rashmi. "Thank you." He bites his lip and goes about making another plate and covering it up before he goes to cleaning.

Lucas pulls out the five gallon industrial sized tub of vanilla ice cream, and walks it back to his seat, grinning the whole way. "It ain't meltin'," he says, as if that's significant. He then laughs as he pulls the lid off on his own, and sits it on the counter top.

Rashmi rolls her eyes, snatching an ice cream scoop from the drawers, and a bowl from the cupboard. "And you're *not* sucking all of that down, Lucas, come on… Sorry, Cam, I honestly think he's just too completely happy to realize half of what's coming out of his mouth tonight…" Plunking the two down next to the tub of ice cream, she turns back to the table, head tilted. "So, um… I can *never* tell if it's okay to ask, but, is that your power? Finding people?"

"People. Things. And apparently, finding a path to them." Cam says with a nod. "When I wanted to find Lucas today, I saw a glowing path. It led me around some really large sized dog poo out there." Cam offers as he finishes up the packed plate for Rafael. "I mean REALLY big. That dog had to be the size of a person." He picks up the plate and gets everything in the dishwasher. "If you can just start it when he's done…"

Lucas sticks his fork straight in the tub of ice cream, spooning it into his mouth. He closes his eyes, "Dear God…" It's good, apparently. He swallows, and looks at Cam, "No offense, but isn't that kind of a useless power? Or does it come with flight, or super strength or whatever?"

"Actually, I think it's a lot more useful than a lot of us," Rashmi replies, leaning over Lucas' shoulder and arching an eyebrow at the blond. She looks from Lucas' eyes, to the ice cream, back again, and jams the scoop directly into the center of the tub. "I mean, I just have a bunch of little blue moon-looking things that beat on people. Sure it's pretty sometimes, but only useful when you want to knock someone upside the head at a hundred paces."

"WEll, from what I've heard happens around here… let's see how useless it is when someone gets kidnapped. Or taken. Or hidden. And, sometimes I can't control it. People will say a name of someone I know or know of… and I'll see there. Regardless of what kind of situation they're in. It can be embarassing. Sometimes… they see me, too." Cam blushes as he shakes his head. "Gonna get this to Rafa before it gets cold." He says, offering a wave and heading out the door.

Lucas furrows his brow, and watches Cam go. "Wonder if'n that works on car keys," he mumbles, and then digs another scoop of ice cream out of the container. "Did you want some?" he asks Rashmi.

"Probably," Rashmi says quietly, waving as Cam turns to go. "He must be *really* new… Maybe he won't be so nervous after a couple weeks or so, what d'you think?" Distracted by the prospects of More New People and their various problems fitting in, it takes a moment for her to realize Lucas' offer. "Wh—oh! Yes, sure. One second, I'll get a bowl for me, too. *That* one's *yours.*"

Lucas smiles, and shakes his head, "Whatever. Ah'm eatin' outta the tub tonight, woman." He laughs.

Rashmi lifts her head, asking an exasperated question of the ceiling in Hindi. "Call me 'woman' one more time, Lucas," she says airily a wry smirk on her lips. "Anyway… What're you going to do, now you don't have to worry about your hands so much anymore?"

Lucas laughs, "What was that? Indian?" he asks, seriously. "And anyway, Ah dunnow what Ah'm gonna do." He smiles, "Maybe get a laptop, type somethin'…" He shrugs, and laughs, "Who knows?"

"*Hindi,*" Rashmi corrects, trotting a second bowl over to the table, scooping a generous helping of ice cream into both bowls. "Just taking a moment to have God remind me that all good boyfriends require a lot of patience, as well as love. There," she says, pushing the bowl in front of the blond and capping the tub, hauling it up to lug back to the freezer, pausing as a thought strikes her. "…Have you ever thought of writing, Lucas? I mean you love Salinger, and if you had a laptop you could pretty much write your ideas down wherever…"

Lucas shifts in his seat, its that uncomfortable move that someone hiding something makes. "Oh… Ah ain't… No. Ah ain't a writer." He shoves a bunch of ice cream in his mouth.

Rashmi looks over her shoulder, eyebrow rising. Moving back to Lucas' seat, she leans down, resting her chin on his shoulder and looking him in the eye, eyebrows rising. "That's kind of surprising…"

Lucas opens his mouth to deny it, but just looks away instead. He sits his fork down, "Okay, look, you can't tell anyone, and Ah don't… Don't get all weird on me an' ask to read, okay? But…" He sighs, "Ah write poetry…" He looks away, kind of embarrassed.

Rashmi chuckles, wrapping her arms around Lucas' waist and kissing him on the cheek. "Okay," she says, voice heavy with fake solemnity. "I won't ask you to read any to me… I'll just let it be an idea you had *all by yourself.*" Slipping into the chair next to the Tennessean, she starts picking at her ice cream, content to take her sweet time.

Lucas furrows his brow a little, chuckling, "Don't make fun of me!" he says, with a smirk.

"I'm not!" Rashmi says with a grin. "I am, for your information, simply being a sweet and understanding girl whose boyfriend refuses to read her poetry. So, I'll wait for him to get the idea himself." Leaning against the boy's shoulder, she takes a bite of ice cream. "I'm proud to say, after all, that neither my vast intelligence, my depthless sweetness, *nor* my perfect humility can even *begin* to measure up to my endless patience." Yes, she's very, very certainly aiming for theatrical, here; the good mood is infectious, after all.

Lucas laughs, "Fine, just… You know… Don't tell no one. Ah'll never live it down." He takes the fork full of ice cream, and moves it towards Rashmi's mouth. "Ah can't afford no lap top, anyways. Ah work out of notebooks. Here," he moves to feed her ice cream.

Rashmi obligingly lets herself be fed, taking up a spoonful to reciprocate. "Mmn… You know, it'd be a *whole* lot easier to 'live it down,' if you didn't try so hard to act like someone you're not… I mean, come on. Salinger, marine biology, *poetry?* No *wonder* you're having such a hard time acting like the big ol' tough jerk…"

Lucas sighs, and nods a little. "Ah ain't really… you know…" He shrugs a little. "Ah wasn't always like that, ya know?" He smiles, "Don't tell anyone. You might ruin my image." He grins.

Rashmi chuckles. "Oh, I'd figured. It just doesn't come naturally to you at *all.* Being angry probably helped, but, you're just too nice, you know? But I won't tell anyone," she says airily, sighing theatrically, "I'll just them them realize you suck at not being the nice guy."

Lucas rolls his eyes playfully at her, "Thanks." He gives her a kiss, "Mmm… You taste like vanilla." He smiles, and enjoys another spoonful.

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