2009-03-07: Kitchen Lovin'


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Summary: Drew teaches Kaden how to make a small breakfast… and then they have some alone time.

Date: March 7, 2009

Kitchen Lovin'

Rating: R

Keith's Penthouse

The bedroom is quiet now, with sleeping spirits. Slowly and carefully, Drew eases his way out of the pile to go get something to eat. He doesn't bother dressing, there's no need any more. Now that Kaden's alright with it,, he can be himself. He hums softly to a song in his head, his body bouncing to the beat as he looks into the refrigerator.

Not too long after Drew eased his way out of bed, did Kaden wake up. He looks around and realizes it's just him and Keith and wanders out of Drew's room and hears him in the kitchen. Walking over, he puts his arms around Drew and rests his chin on his shoulder. "Morning Drew." He says with a smile. "You look like you're in a good mood this morning." He didn't bother with clothes either, it doesn't matter when everyone you live with has seen you sans clothes.

"Of course I am. You're awake. And there was lots of sleepy cuddling last night. Made me happy again." Drew says, leaning upwards against the other body as he's held. "I'm thinking of making a ham and cheese scramble." He says, pondering food.
Kaden kisses Drew's shoulder lightly and just says "mmhmmm. I like seeing you happy and I slept well last night." He says, pressing tightly against Drew. "If you're making that, teach me how to since I don't really know how to cook?"

"K. I only know how to make a little." Drew says with a shrug, but doesn't mind showing. He pulls eggs, cheese, and ham out of the refrigerator and sets them on the counter as he puts a frying pan on the stove, with just a leeettle bit of oil. He turns it on to medium to let it heat. "It's actually kinda easy."

Kaden gives Drew a quick goose before going to lean against the table and watch. "After the other night, I really have to work on my fire, I really don't know much about it at all Drew. I just, it was weird seeing….the other you be able to control it like that when I can barely do anything."

"Yeah, but look at his attitude, too." Drew says, with a shiver. "It may just be my nature. I've been able to do stuff with water before, but… I've never tried attacking with it. I mean, why would I wanna hurt someone?" His first thought of attack? It'd be to punch someone. He cracks a pair of eggs and puts them in a bowl, beating them lightly with a fork.

Kaden reaches over and puts a hand on Drew's shoulder. "Well at least you're not like that and as much of a jerk as I've been, I've never liked the fact that my power's killed people." He says taking a deep breath. "And whatever your nature is I like it, and you're not the fighting type Drew, I am." Kaden says looking at the floor. Though his temper has been a lot better lately.

"Oh, I'll fight." Drew nods quickly as he sets the eggs to the side and starts cubing ham. "I'll fight to protect me, or you, or anyone I love. I just don't go looking for fights. And I'll fight to get someone to realize things." Drew chuckles.

"I don't know if that was a fight or more you making me feel bad." Kaden says chuckling and watching Drew more than watching what he's doing to learn. "I used to go looking for fights, but I don't really feel the need to anymore. My deisre to go looking for fights is kind of what got me killed twice. Though…I'm glad those days are behind me."

"That's not what I meant." Drew says with a wink, trailing a finger down Kaden's chest, and down that as well. "To make you realize that you do care." He winks, turning back and opening the shredded cheese. He tosses ham and cheese into the eggs before putting a few pieces of toast into the toaster.

Kaden can't resist and pulls Drew into a hug, pressing himself up against the water spirit, once the toast is in the toster. "Of course I care you tease." He says grinning, as he brings a hand up to breifly play with Drew's hair before stepping back to let Drew cook. "And Xane's finally starting to open up, now I just need to get to know Dmitri better. Maybe I'll go visit him later."

"Show up dressed like that and youll get more than his attention." Drew laughs as he pours the mixture into the hot pan, which immediately starts bubbling. Taking his spatula, he stirs it gently, just to keep the eggs scrambling and cheese lightly melting.

Kaden turns a bit red as Drew says and opens his mouth to say something but closes it, obviously a bit flustard. "I..I don't know Dmitri that well yet though..he did give me the ring." Which hasn't left his finger since he got it.

Drew's own is on his as well. He nods. "I know. It's probably to show the bond we all share." He admits, scooping up the first batch of scramble and putting it on a plate with toast before repeating the previous actions to make one for himself. "Eat. I'll have mine ready in a minute."

"I'm glad it was you Drew, that's water." Kaden says as he begins to eat. "This is really good. I didn't understand the bond at first but I like that we're a part of each other. And I'll get to know Dmitri better but I'm not showing up their naked." He says sticking out his tounge at Drew.

"Well, that's probably good. I mean, Dmitri IS like a rock." Drew claps a hand over his mouth and blushes before serving his own food up and going to sit a t the table, bringing more toast along. "But then, so were you the other day." He's a little blushy but not much.

Kaden almost chokes on his eggs as Drew says that and swallows before getting up to grab a glass of juice, getting one for Drew too, before sitting back down. "Well, if you want to take a shower later…" He trails off still a bit red. He blushes easy when it comes to anything sexual even if he likes it. "Just…I don't think I want to know what Keith and Xane where talking about last night with all the weird stuff."

"I don't have a clue on that one." Drew admits with a shrug. "Oh, I'd rather do something BEFORE a shower." Drew waggles his eyebrows and chuckles. "So, yeah, anyway. See? Scrambles are easy to make."

Kaden grins. "I…guess..I was watching you more…you have a really..cute….butt.." He says and that's the first time he's said something like that and that blush is back. "And before a shower…okay." He says perfectly fine with that.

Drew laughs lightly, unable to resist the humor in seeing Kaden all flush with embarassment over something good. "Well, one these days, you'll learn more about it." He winks. Now the teasing is on. "Cause I think you'll really learn to enjoy it."

"If you're the one teaching me, I know I'll like it." Kaden says with a grin as he does trust Drew, a lot. His colour is finally turning back to normal as he continues to eat. "So after breakfast, where should the next lesson begin?" He says fully accepting the teasing.

"Out on the porch for the world to see." Drew teases back with a wink as he continues eating. Slowly. On purpose. "And it depends on if I'm ready to go to the next part." He winks.

Kaden bites his lower lip and smiles as the red returns to his cheeks. "O-okay." He doesn't even really know what the next part would be. Kaden shifts a bit in his chair before finishing off his breakfast and looks at Drew. "Since you cooked…I'll clean up okay?" He says since Drew's still eating and he's actually anticipating what might come.

Sliding his hand out, Drew cups Kaden's cheek and pats it. "Nah, we'll go into your room. Since Keith is asleep in mine." He laughs, finishing his eggs. "Then we'll see what happens."

Kaden stops and turns, grining at Drew as his hand grabs him. "Keith'll probably be upset we let him sleep but I like that, going to my room." Kaden says with a smile as he goes to put his plate in the dishwasher. Then all of a sudden he can't help but laugh. "Drew, look what you've done to me. I have trouble holding myself back around you now."

"Good. I mean, if you want me, you want me." Drew says with a shrug. "There's absolutely no shame in finding someone attractive if they return the feelings. I mean, dude… sex is fun." He laughs. "When you actually get there."

Kaden goes over and sits on Drew's lap, so that he's facing him, and he smiles. "If? I do want you." He says quietly as he leans into give Drew a kiss, opening his mouth. "When I get there, I want it to be with you." Kaden says as he runs his hands through Drew's hair.

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