2010-06-14: Kitchen Raiders


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Summary: Caleb arrives drunk after curfew, Jakob and Sabina are up raiding the kitchen

Date: June 14, 2010

Log Title Kitchen Raiders

Rating: PG(L)

Barnes Academy - Cafeteria

A large open space with dozens of tables is attached to a kitchen module and a few freezer bays. Trained chefs prepare nutritionally balanced meals for staff and students here that is usually actually pretty tasty and after hours, there is an a la carte fridge with glass doors open to all. The cafeteria is even equipped to handle non-traditional metabolisms and there is even a small private dining module towards the back for staff dinners, guests of the teachers or for use by students with dietary requirements that might disturb others. The entire ceiling is a dome of transparent material and full-spectrum lighting gives the whole space a pleasant, sunny atmosphere, bolstered by the video monitors on the walls showing various live land and sea scapes.

It's only three in the morning and Caleb should NOT be awake, but luckily he's pretty wasted, it took most of his concentration to walk straight on his way in, but now he's got his head in his arms and and a bottle of whiskey hidden next to him, he's dressed in blue denim cargos, a black superman t-shirt, black airwalk trainers and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he has his headphones in and is trying to ignore the world around him, as it's so early in the morning the cafeteria is actually CLEAN, as now students are around to mess it up yet.

Agent Hessel seemed to enjoy torture past normal sleeping hours. Jakob was one suffering from it right now, hunched over in the cafeteria wearing his gym clothes. Eyes rounded, hair a wet mess framing his features while he chewed on a spoonful of cereal, the only one present this hour was himself, he was rejoicing in this until Caleb would strut in. Leaning back spoon dangling from his jaw he would give him a critical stare. Munching once as he does so. It was becoming increasingly normal to see the younger teen coming in at off hours.

Sabina was not seen to let her presence be known, but the smell of something cooking permeated the air from the sealed doors in the back of the cafeteria where staff should only be. She had taped down the opening where the door would have latched so when staff left, she had free entry to cook real food for herself, she was not keen on this crash starvation and junk diet. A month in and she could eat a whole cow, at least…she would try any way.

Caleb catches the smell of the cooking food and sits up, "W…,who the feck is cooking at this time", he gets up grabbing hold of the bottle and goes to investigate, he uses the tables for support as he is having some difficulty standing up.

Jakob hears the movement in the kitchen as well but doesn't make any move for it. "Whats that you have there?" He asks pointing his spoon in a jab at the bulk Caleb was trying to hold. Wondering why his body seemed off, something his mutant ability was telling him in relay not quite right.

Sabina wouldn't hear anyone, she was standing at the grill with the headphone's jacked into her ears doing a small side to side dance of hip shaking and a few steps as a fork stabbed into meat off the tray and dropped it onto the grill that was already sauteing green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. "Little darling welcome to the show, you're a failure played in stereo…" Singing along also came, but it was not all too loud, she did not want to be discovered, but if someone slung open the door, they'd catch it.

Caleb turns around when Jakob speaks to him, nearly falling over, "Shhhhh, shhhhh, this is whiskey, is very nice", he's too out of it to treat Jakob with the usual dislike he has for the man, "Now there appears to be someone cooking in there i think, i'm gonna see who, if the floor stops moving a little".

"Are you drunk?" Thats what was off about Caleb's body, the way it seemed to work with itself. "Bit young for that. Lucky I don't feel it's worth it or I'd turn your ass in, you realize you are in a school that is… ah nevermind." The spoon twirls in the air and he shoved more Cheerios into his mouth. Jakob resigning himself to just watch for now, mildly curious himself who was in the kitchen.

Sabina was flipping the meat and poking at it as well as mixing the vegetables around to keep them from getting charred. She didn't know this grill at all, but soon enough her, it, and midnight snacks would get acquainted rather well, she stocked up this weekend. The headphones were doing a good job of keeping out the voice of the ghost that was still incessantly nagging at her heels, and she would not be without them now. Sabina wore a loose pair of low rise jeans, tattered, torn, with the threadbare parts abundant, black was faded visibly, beneath the holes was finshnets to contrast against skin, offsetting but adding decor beneath the "holier than thou" attire. Her top was a simple tank top of black, tucked into the pants that were held on hips by a studded belt, her hair tied up into a large yet sloppy bun that had spires of hair ends sticking out and others dangling between shoulder blades.

Caleb shrugs, "So?, dude i'm seventeen, i can drink if i want, and i wanna drink", he turns towards the kitchen, avoids falling over again and pushes the door open, "Hey, it's Sabina!, Sabina's cooking, why are you cooking, you should be in bed", he goes to take a step forwards and falls landing on his backside giggling.

"Actually genius, legal drinking age is 21 in the U.S., you got a good four years to go unless you forgot how to count." Jakob's jaw clenches and he stands up, empty bowl in hand as he made way into the kitchen. "Damn amazed you're not on permanent K.P. duty here… or lockdown, whatever it is they do." The supervision on this place was failing badly, for leaning towards the military side of things he found some here got away with alot. "Let me guess, you're drunk too?" He asks Sabina, not aware she has her headset on as he began washing the bowl and spoon.

"All aboard, hit the road..All aboa—" Okay, Sabina heard Caleb and the hand that held the fork slapped down on her MP3 player that was latched to her belt, stopping it. Her shoulders hunched over and her head lowered, the fall of long bangs veiling her face as the fork now took a vengeful stab into the meat, saw the "bleeding out" had slowed enough and turned to get a plate. A flash of azure gaze to Caleb as he fell and then to Jakob while she picked up a plate and moved back to the grill. "No." One quick snap of a word towards Jakob as she began pushing the food off the grill and onto the plate in a more hurried fashion. While she was doing that she looked at Caleb and one brow rose then fell back into place, the fork poked in his direction also accusingly. "Why aren't you sober and in bed, well beyond your curfew." If we wanted to point fingers..

" I really should just turn you in for being such a pain. Lucky for you I ain't a narc." Toweling his hands off he looks over at Sabina's food, before he was looking Caleb over again. "The hell you drinking anyways, smells like piss."

Caleb puts his bottle on the counter and pulls himself to his feet, "Jakob, is sure you've been told this before, but you gotta stop being so uptight, it's a shames to have that cute face of yours constantly frowning", whoa, angry Sabina, "I think you made her made her mad", in responses to both their questions, "I'm in school, so no broken curfew, and it's whiskey".

Screw this, she set down her plate, picked up the knife and began cutting through her steak and taking bites. While they argued she had dinner and they provided the show. "Ya know…" She chewed and swallowed, one hand holding up the fork and shaking it as her eyes flicked between them. "There's more.." Then she pointed over to the bag still laid out with fresh vegetables and packaged steaks. It was her own attempt to stop the bickering and if Caleb burned himself in the process…That'd sober him up.

"I ain't uptight and don't go all weird gay on me just because you're drunk." Jakob warned, the frown Caleb spoke of did exist though. Looking at Sabina after what the guy had said, "She's always mad. It's part of that goth girl angst." Obviously not hungry he moved to one of the large industrial sized fridges to pull out a small carton of orange juice. "Probably be some explaining to do anyways Caleb, this place is covered in cameras." His head tipped towards the one that was glaring down at them right now from the corner.

"I am gay dude, i'm drinking whiskey not magical gay juice", the Alcohol just makes him more open about it, something he'll regret when he sobers up, he looks at the food Sabina points at, "Err, i can't cook", he looks over at the camera and waves.

"Caleb does have a point.." Sabina stated with a small grin and a roll of her shoulders. "The frown does take away from the possibility of attractiveness, that and what comes past it, that's what makes me mad." So you do like him despite him being one of us Humanitarians? "Shut-up." Lowly muttered before she took another bite. She was getting a bit better at arguing with the haunting but now that he was speaking up again she started eating a little faster. The grill was still on and while she was chewing and between bites she threw the last of the diced veggies onto the grill and let them saute with a bit of butter. "I got it this time, told ya I was here because I can cook a mean steak." And see me as well as hear me.. Lips parted and clipped closed, nope, wasn't answering that.

"Good and grand Caleb, leave off with the weird calling me cute crap, puppies and babies are cute." Swallowing, Jakob's glare was now being gifted to Sabina as she added her own remark. Oddly enough despite Jakob's upbringing and his fathers outlook, Jakob seemed more bothered by the fact Caleb was drunk than anything else said right now. The entire aspect of his sexual tastes really having no impact on the young Kincaid, this was one of them oddities surrounding the Friends of Humanity raised-mutant-soldier.The orange juice was peeled open and being guzzled at, drowning the two with him out for a second.

Caleb laughs, "Sabina, Jakob just said puppies are cute!, wow even he can't fight the cuteness of puppies", he grabs the bottle off the table and takes a swig, "Who are you talking to by the way Sabina?"

"Babies are not cute. They are fat little shit and vomit machines." Stirring up the vegetables that were finally getting tender she slapped another steak on and let it set, moving back to prod at her own and commence eating. The one bit that was brought to her lips paused though as Caleb asked who she was speaking to. "Speaking to? You and Jakob, who else?" Her eyes darted around the kitchen and then fell back on Caleb with a little blink. Yep, act clueless.

Coughing sputtered from Jakob as orange juice came out of his nose, his hand lifting up quickly to cover his mouth as his dark eyes latched on Caleb, he wouldn't live that one down having not even realized he'd called puppies cute in his statement. The acidic uprising had him blanching as the palm fell away, moving calmly over to some paper-towels to begin wiping his face off mumbling under his breath the whole while. Hearing Sabina both of his brows shot up,"Thats very maternal of you… guess to be expected out of a girl who talks to ghosts and never goes without black lipstick.!"

Caleb laughs at Jakob's reaction, "Calm down dude, you don't have to take everything so seriously", oh, he thought he heard Sabina mutter something to someone, oh well, "Sabina, you were a baby once".

Jakob's reaction was enough to bring a faint smile to her lips though his words had it so it went back to as if it had never happened. "I have not once worn black lipstick, forgive me for not being the Barbie soccer mom in the making, blond hair and all." Yeah she had caught his reaction to one of the other girls in the gym before, wasn't hard to miss when his mouth followed suit. Flipping the steak again she simply leaned near the grill and waited now, her's half done but she was suddenly, once again losing her appetite. "Yeah and I probably didn't like me then either." Stabbing the steak with the fork she was satisfied, pushing it and the vegetables onto another plate and setting it in front of Caleb after shutting off the grill. You really do hate what you have don't you? "So do you, don't try to defend it now only because it helps you annoy someone and feel more alive." It was another low mutter but she didn't stop herself, she was getting angry and it was on the swift uprising.

"Guess I never paid close enough attention to your face." Jakob tosses back at Sabina as he leaned against the wall, a light coming on in the hallway gave hint people were starting to wake. "Probably best not to be in the kitchen when the staff shows up, especially with your drunk ass." Turning around Jakob leaves the kitchen area to walk back out into the cafeteria. Figuring they'll either clean their mess or leave it. He wasn't about to get caught in there with some of these cranky old cafeteria witches. Caleb's calm down statement more or less ignored, he found himself quite calm and rational, even if he appeared otherwise at least he had himself convinced.

Caleb smiles at Sabina, "Thanks", he takes a bite and grins, "You're a good cook", he looks to Jakob as he goes to leave, "The staff don't turn up for another half hour, at half six".

For a heartbeat there Sabina stilled, not even a breath moved her body and then it came with the slap of her plate off the table and towards a garbage can where it bounced off and shattered onto the floor, scattering her food and ceramic. They were already on camera, she would likely be in trouble again and she wasn't of the mindset to give a crap. "Thanks Caleb." It was more of a mutter at that point while she slung the backpack over her shoulder. "A light is on, I'd hide the booze and eat fast." Moving through the door she bee lined through the cafeteria..Seriously Sab— "Fuck you too.." Her hand went down and the MP3 player powered back up to blare music through the headphones she had never removed, exiting the cafeteria and going back to her room.

Caleb gives Sabina a wave as she exits, then downs the last of the whiskey, before he continues eating, he'll go invisible if anyone shows up, hopefully.

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