2010-01-29: Kitchen Surprises


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Summary: Annalisa and July cause Jono to act like a teacher and Robyn gets a few surprises

Date: January 29, 2010

Log Title Kitchen Surprise

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The kitchen isn't somewhere Jonothon spends a lot of time, and for obvious reasons. Today though he's here at the sink, cleaning up a little. Jacket a lump of black on the floor at his feet, the man is washing his muddied hands and arms off. Yes, the jacket is rather splattered, as is the rest of him. His arms are bare, the black bodysuit he wears beneath his clothing still in place in spite of the mess. He's manages to track in the mud too much, but there's a few marks here and there that show his pathway from the outside. Yep, just washing up! Nothing exciting here.

There's always several reasons for Chezlie to find herself in the kitchen, water and nutrient holding top spots on that list. She could easily find time for more stops throughout the day, and probably should, but certain hours have never held much of an appeal; take breakfast for example. Not the actual food deemed 'breakfast' items, but more the consumption so early in the day. So now that the early morning has long ago gave way to afternoon and then into the evening, now seems like another perfect time for a kitchen stop. Immediately heading towards the fridge, the little teen almost misses Jonothon cleaning up at the sink. "Oh, hey." She says, stopping, and with very catlike tendencies, watching what the man is doing with pure curiosity.

Rashmi slips into the kitchen, a small stack of textbooks under one arm, humming under her breath. The noise at the sink merits a cursory glance, which swiftly becomes a doubletake as the mud-spattered Jono registers in the redhead's brain. "…Um, Jono?" she asks, moving to the table to deposit her homework, "…What happened?"

«Hi.» Jonothon offers to Chezlie as she comes in and gives her greeting. Then Rashmi is there. He shakes his head, eyes narrowing in that half-smile of his. A shame too, for he actually combed his hair out today, and now it's mud splattered. A glossy auburn otherwise. «Nothing to worry about.» The man assures Rashmi. «Power oops that got messy. The only thing hurt were our prides.» Hey, it's a school of mutant kids. This happens.

July was told to not use her powers to move around inside the house, after breaking a few furniture while bouncing, so she arrives into the kitchen like any normal person would: walking. "Hey everyone." the rubber girl says, smiling, wearing a white shirt with a cerulean blue X adorning it, cerulean blue shorts and whine sneakers covering her feet. "How's it going?" she asks as she walks to the fridge to get a small plastic tupperware she filled with chocolate cookies earlier.

Annalisa walks towards the Kitchen with a somewhat concerned look, she peeks around the door, making sure there was no visible fire or anything. "Hi everyone…" She says timidly as she walks in, dressed in a plain pair of jeans, a pink tank top with a jacket over it, and flip flops.

Rashmi raises an eyebrow, looking Jono up and down. "Well, um… that's good to hear, at least, that everyone's all right." As July and Annalisa make their way in, the redhead smiles brightly on her way to the fridge. "Hi you two! Oh, July! I, um… never got the chance to thank you, for helping us out back at Salem Center… So, thank you."

Jonothon can only shrug at that look-over and returns to washing. «Sorry to disappoint.» The man teases Rashmi. «I'll try and arrange a dilemma next time.» So totally not serious. As the other two arrive, he lifts a wet hand in greeting. «Hullo.» And that's enough, so he grabs for one of the kitchen towels hanging around. Sure his hands are clean, but the rest? Sigh. Once hands are dry enough he begins finger combing his hair. Mud clump.. mud clump.

July takes one of her cold chocolate cookies and munches on it, "Mmm. How's it going, Jono?" she then looks at Rashmi, smiling, "IT's alright, don't worry. I just had to do something." But then Annalisa's concerned face takes her attention, "Anna? What's wrong, dear? Something's wrong?"

Annalisa glances over at July, and shakes her head, walking up to lean against her. "No…I just always check for fire before coming in here…"

Rashmi bobs her head. "Still… I appreciate it," she replies with a smile, before wrinkling her nose at Jono. "Oh, *fine,* I sup*pose*," she moans, her sigh patently theatrical, "but *you* have to be the Damsel in Distress this time, my frilly pink dress is at the cleaners." As she pulls a couple of Tupperware containers out of the fridge, her brow furrows. "Hey, Jono…? I haven't seen Addison lately, is he still… locked up doing whatever he's been doing?"

He what? Jonothon blinks, and then says deadpan, «But I totally don't have the legs for a dress.» Even sticks one out so that you can see it better. Never mind he's actually got long legs, he's skinny. No shapely form here. «I'll try and swoon if you like though.» That's the best he can promise. To July he shrugs, «Not bad.» but then it's back to Rashmi. What? Oh, yeah. There's a nod as he leans down to pick up his jacket and shirt. «I kicked him out a couple days ago for some sleep, but yes. He's determined to wear an arse shaped spot on the chair.»

July munches on her cold chocolate cookies, "Want one, Anna?" she offers, with a smile, "And I think it's time for you to shed your fear of fire, dear. You can't be afraid of your powers like that." she sighs softly.

Annalisa takes a cookie with a frown, and starts to munch on it. "I can't just…shed it silly…its so not that simple…"

Rashmi rolls her eyes at Jono's report on Addison, loosing a quiet sigh. "I just hope he doesn't kill himself like that…" Shaking her head, she starts to scoop what appears to be leftover yellow curry and rice into a bowl, to pop in the microwave. "Well… could you do me a favor, Jono, if you're going down that way soon? Give him this… and tell him thanks, from me. I think a lot of what kept me sane in that castle was knowing he was looking out for us."

A glance to the girls, but his main attention is on Rashmi. Draping jacket and shirt over a chair, he sighs down at himself. A mess. Well, not that he actually sighs either, but that's sure what it looks like. «I'll make the trip, sure. The bloke's a mess.» Unshaved and everything. «At least you knew you weren't alone.» Said with approval. And with that he starts brushing off his jeans. Not that this will clean them, but it gets rid of some of the worst of the mud.

Hunger strikes and Robyn's made his way down to the kitchen. He's looking in a much better mood lately and doesn't have a constant 'someone ran over my puppy' look. "Hey guys, how's it going tonight?" He says heading to the fridge to see what kind of leftovers might be in there. He looks at Rashmi and Jono and waves at them. "Rashmi, you were right, he's not half bad when he's not trying to be unsufferable." He says with a smile.

July watches as Jono attempts to clean as much as he can his clothes, and chuckles softly, deciding to not comment on his looks. Instead, she turns to Annalisa, "I know you can't, dear. But you have to make an effort to get rid of it, and avoiding it won't help much, I believe." she smiles, and gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Annalisa puffs her lips and pouts at July. "Its hard when I can't practice without burning down the city. And the danger room only does so much…"

Rashmi looks over her shoulder, grinning. "I know, right? You'll see… One day he'll crack that attitude for good." Just as the microwave beeps, a lightbulb seems to turn on over her head. "Oh! Right! Um… can you wait like one second, Robyn? I have to go get something for you." Not even waiting on a reply, the redhead is off, pelting out of the kitchens, hair whipping like a pennant in a stiff breeze.

As Robyn enters Jonothon straightens. «You're looking better.» He approves! The kicked puppy look can stay where ever it was lost. He blinks as Rashmi races off, but merely shrugs. The man is very curious about who they are talking about, but he doesn't ask. There are only so many options, so he's going to assume Lucas. «Happy birthday by the way.» To Robyn. Didn't say it the official day. «Belated as it is.»

Robyn looks at Rashmi and blinks a few times as he doesn't have time to answer. "I'm not great but I'm feeling better. Taking it a day at a time." Something as simple as having a conversation with a friend helps. Robyn frowns as he doesn't see anything he wants. "Thanks for helping with Mikhail earlier, which I have another question to ask in regards to him." Robyn says as he goes to make the best dinner a teenager can have, ramen soup. "The danger room helps a lot more than you realize Annalisa, it practically /is/ real."

July smiles to Annalisa, "It's okay, dear. Just practice when you can, and don't shun away from fire when you see it." she nods softly. When she notices Robyn, the girl smiles again, "Oh, Robyn! You're feeling better now! That's awesome!" she grins softly.

Annalisa waves to Robyn, and lets out a sigh. "I know, I know, its nice and all…but I dunno…" She says, shrugging her shoulders a bit, and leaning against July.

*Thump* The kitchen door opens again, thanks in large part to Rashmi's well-placed hip. Shoving her way past the door, she carries a package of some sort wrapped in bright metallic-gold wrapping paper, atop which is balanced a plate carrying a dozen cupcakes. "Erm… I didn't know what kind of cake you liked, so, um… The skulls are chocolate, the scissors are yellow, and the fish are red velvet… Sorry I'm giving this to you late, but you were gone, so… Happy birthday, Robyn." Indeed, picked inexpertly on the tops of the cakes are what appears to be a pair of scissors if you squint right, shaky attempts at Jack Skellington's head, and wobbly-lined fish.

«That's what matters.» A nod of approval to Robyn about taking one day at a time. Jonothon shrugs at the thanks. «That's why I'm here, mate.» To help. Doesn't matter if it's as an X-man saving the world, or simply helping one of the students here cope. «What's up?» Doesn't matter to him what people eat, for all he does cross to the microwave to peer in. Can't smell it, so he isn't sure what Rashmi is warming up. And speaking of her.. He «Heh.»'s as the teen appears with a that cake. That's pretty neat.

Robyn smiles sheepishly before giving Rashmi a big hug. "Thanks, between you and Jono I think I have enough cake to last me a bit." The teen does have a sweet tooth too. "So if anyone wants a cupcake, let me know, and this is much better than ramen dinner." He says as he tries out one of the Red Velvet ones. "This is good, I've never even heard of Red Velvet before." He says before looking at Annalisa. "If your'e not going to put forth the effort to get over your fears, it's because you don't want to." Maybe two weeks of dealing with drama over load, has left Robyn a little blunt. After all she's on his team so he's seen her fear many times.

July giggles softly and shakes her head gently, "Thanks, Robyn, but I think I'll pass. If I get one, I might end up getting the whole plate." she grins softly at her friend, and then she hugs Annalisa gently with her free arm, and then offers the girl one of her cold chocolate cookies. "Want one, dear?"

Annalisa blinks at July, and shakes her head. "I just ate one, gotta watch my figure." She looks at Robyn, but chooses to ignore her blunt, somewhat rude statement.

Rashmi rescues the plate from the danger of tipping over at Robyn's hug, looping an arm around the skinny youth and returning it. "You're welcome, Robyn… and here." The package is held out, a slight flush creeping through Rashmi's cheeks. "I didn't really have enough money to get you anything good… so, um… I sort of had to improvise." Glancing away, she smiles slightly at Jono's inspection of the microwave. "Beef curry, Jono, not spicy. It's my mami's recipe, and I always make too much. Papi and I always tried to out-eat each other, when I'd come home from work after school."

That big nose wrinkles at the mention of curry. Jonothon misses the stuff. The ethnic communities in London made for some killer curry. Straightening from the machine he nods. Been far too long to bother worrying about his lack of eating now. Eight years too long. So he leans against the counter, tucking hands into jean pockets. The machine can warm, and he'll hold up the counter. «Anything else you want me to bring?»

Robyn slowly eats the cupcake and looks to Jono. "Jono, about Mikhail, I have another question. I don't know if you know much about him but prior to coming here he was forced to work at a circus. They tattooed his name on his wrist and crossed it off, I was wondering if you could help and be a guardian so we can get him something tattooed over it, so he doesn't have to constantly look at it." He looks at Rashmi and smiles. "How's Lucas handling things?"

July notices as Annalisa looks at Robyn, and so she hugs her girlfriend tight, "Robyn does have some point, dear. You have to endure your fears and face them. Only then they'll stop scaring and controlling you." she smiles to Anna, nodding gently and kissing the girl's forehead gently.

Annalisa blushes a bit at July's constant kissing, and then smiles. "Well, I'm trying…its not like I'm totally ignoring it…its just not something I can face in one day and call it over…"

"Well, if he'll touch anything that isn't coffee, I can put some tea on too," Rashmi says in reply to Jono, before looking back at Robyn and raising an eyebrow. "Um… are you going to open your present, or…?"

The auburn head tilts at Robyn in a curious, frowny manner. «Why don't you ask Dr McCoy to remove it?» Jonothon often forgets people don't know about the magic machines down stairs. «The stuff in the medical bay can remove that stuff.»

Okay, he's had enough. Sorry, Rashmi, but he's going to chide someone here. «Oy.. the PDA isn't appropriate. You want to snog, then find a private room, but none of that in public, while on school grounds.» Yes, Jonothon is talking to July and Annalisa. And no, it has nothing to do with it being two girls. He'd say the same of a male and female couple too.

Robyn looks down at the present and shakes his head. "Oh, sorry, yeah, sorry." He says laughing as he starts to open it. As he does he continues to talk. "Really, there are machines that can get rid of tattoos here? I'll have to tell Mik about that." Since he's got more than the one. Robyn on the other hand doesn't want to get rid of any of his.

July blinks and jumps a bit at Jono's chiding, "What?" she blinks. She wasn't doing anything wrong, in her eyes. The kisses weren't even on the lips! But, he's the older guy here, so she pulls away from Anna, but not before giving the mud-hair guy an arch of her eyebrow, as she munches on a cookie.

Annalisa furrows her brow towards Jonothon, and shakes her head. "Calm down, we weren't doing anything that inappropriate. She didn't even touch my lips or parts below, so relax." With that, she defiantely hooks her arm around July's.

Rashmi glances over her shoulder at the girls, and decides, apparently, to stay out of this one. As Robyn tears away the paper, an old-looking, slightly worn book collection is revealed; all seven Narnia volumes, and the case to keep them in. "Papi got me those when I was six," she says quietly. "They were the first books I'd ever had, and I've tried to take care of them as best I can. I even learned how to rebind them, when the glue stopped holding together well enough… But I figured, maybe you'd like to read them now and again, you know?"

There's a firm look to July and Annalisa, or as much of one as he can manage. «It's in the rules. Look it up. I can dish out official punishments, so let's not be stupid here. You want to fight this? You'll lose.» Because really, ALL schools have such rules. They have to. No public displays of attention. The hugging he was willing to let slide, but the multiple kisses is really pushing it. Then it's back to Robyn, «Considering some of the things those machines repair, I can't imagine they can't remove ink from skin. Just ask Dr McCoy. I wouldn't know even how to begin telling the machines to do that.»

Robyn looks at the books and listens to the story and looks up at Rashmi. "I..I can't accept these, your Dad gave them to you. I don't want you to give me something that's important to you and your Dad." He feels odd accepting them as he thinks they would hold a lot of value for her and her memories of childhood. He looks at Jono and nods. "I'll let Mik know and I'll talk to Dr. McCoy with him. See what he wants to do." He says pulling out Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and looking through it.

July just lifts her hands a bit, as if silently saying, 'I didn't say anything', before just moving to sit at the table to munch on her cookies, deciding to be quiet for now while the others talk to Robyn

Annalisa shoots Jonothon a fiery glance, quite literally, her eyes shooting to a bluish color for only an instant, before she lets out a sigh, and sits down at the table next to July.

Rashmi shakes her head. "No.. I *want* you to have them, Robyn. I mean it. I know them all by heartYou might want to start with the Magician's Nephew by the way, that one's about how Narnia was created …um. Anyway. I just thought you might like to read the *real* story, you know…?"

So not worried about the fire. Jonothon meets that fiery glance with his own dark, brown gaze. There it holds. He's serious, girls. The two sit and he turns his attention back to the gift. «She gave it because it is important to her, mate.» That to Robyn. «Important gift to someone she thinks is important.» That's how he sees it anyway. It's a good gift. The microwave beeps and the man opens it with a press. Sure the bowl is hot, but he doesn't seem to notice as he pulls it own and places it on the counter.

Robyn smiles at Rashmi and pushes his hair out of his face. "Wow, thanks, this means, a lot to me. Just that you're willing to part with something like this for me, it means a lot." Maybe he has more people to lean on than he realizes at times. "I'll definately have to read these sometime. So…what's your favourite book and favourite character from a book Rashmi?" There's a reason he's asking.

Annalisa steals another one of July's cookies, and simply sits and munches on it, looking rather irritated.

"Well," Rashmi says, ducking her head slightly. "…Aragorn was always my big hero, honestly… The movies didn't really help any, they got *such* the perfect guy…" Trailing off, she indulges herself in a moment or two of fond recollection, before snapping out of it with a shake of her head. "—*Any*way… I always had a lot of respect for Sam, you know? Like, it didn't matter what happened, where Frodo went, he made sure there was always going to be someone to look after him. And…" The redhead shrugs, plucking a cupcake off the plate. "…I can really understand that, you know?"

Microwave closed, the Brit finds a fork and takes up the curry again. «I'm going to drop this off. Cheers, mates.» The geekery is getting strong, so he thinks it's time to head off. Jonothon finds some napkins too, and with those tucked around bowl, he's off. Hopefully Addison will eat.

Robyn waves and nods. "Take care Jono, and thanks again, for everything." He really owes Jono something, but he's not sure how he can pay him back for everything he's done. He nods at Rashmi and files it all in his brain for something later. "I think I understand, I've seen the movies but never read the books. I liked the movies."

Annalisa slumps her head down on the table, laying it against her arms. She'd finished eating the cookie, and was basically pouting while listening to the conversation idly.

Robyn nods. "That's good to hear, well maybe you can talk Dr. Parker-Mayfair into talking to him." That's all Robyn says on that, not putting anymore emphisis on it. "Join in Annalisa. I mean, you're sulking cause you got yelled at, be happy that's the worst that's happened to you." Again, spit out more bitterly than intented.

Annalisa scoops up the cup cake, taking a greedy bite of it. "I'm upset because me and July barely get any time together as it is…I shouldn't have gotten yelled at for something that wasn't inappropriate…" She speaks with her mouth full of cup cake.

"And I'm sure that you'll have plenty of chances, Annalisa," Rashmi says soothingly. "I'd like to see Lucas more often, but this *is* a school first, you know?" A gentle hand rests on Robyn's arm, squeezing for emphasis. "Besides, I don't know if you've noticed… but things have been pretty tense here. People are going to get snappy, and I can't really blame them."

"He's a teacher though, a good teacher but he says what he feels sets the rules. Just be lucky that you have any time with her at all." Robyn says sighing a bit as he continues to pick at his second cupcake, this time a chocolate one. "Rashmi's right, it is a school first and there are always places you can hide to go be close." He says with a slight blush.

Annalisa continues to chew on her cup cake greedily. "Its not like I had tackled her to the floor and was disrobing her, she kissed me on the forehead to comfort me."

Speaking of spending time with someone. The back door opens. A bruised, battered, and filthy young man enters. He's… much smaller than he normally is. Not miniscule, but he's standing at only about 5 feet tall, rather than his normal six feet. It's one of the former demons. Yup. Jordan. Back to himself, apparently.

Rashmi looks about to say something in reply to Annalisa… and then the door opens. Her eyes widen as she looks upon the battered and much ill-used Jordan, mouth falling open. There's a second where she sits, speechless, then gives Robyn's shoulder a squeeze. "Happy Birthday Robyn," she whispers, dropping her hand into her lap and looking on, smiling.

Robyn sighs and shakes his head at Annalisa when the door opens behind him and he looks over. He just stops and stares at the teen he's used to being taller than him, the teen who the last time he saw him he was a demon. Rashmi's words don't really register as he rushes over, knocking over his chair in the process to cling to Jordan in a tight hug. He can't say anything, but he just wants to hold onto him.

Annalisa shrugs her shoulders a bit, staring rather blankly at the tattered Jordan. She waves her hands towards everyone, and gets up, walking out towards the exit. "Bye people, Happy B-day."

Jordan winces slightly at the hug. "Take it easy, Robyn. I'm here, I'm safe, but I AM hurting." He says softly. "And I remember everything." He says with a soft shake of his head. He's shirtless, and looking at his back, one would see healed, but slightly older lashmarks. Lots of them. He was a very disobedient demon. So, he got punished. Regularly. There's also a tarnished silver ring in his backpocket. Broken. Large enough for a choker.

Rashmi rises from her chair, picking up a cupcake and approaching the two boys. "If you remember everything, Jordan… Then… I want to say it again. Thanks, for risking what you did to get us out. It meant… well. I'm sure you know…" Chin trembling, she holds up a copcake, iced in red with a wavery Jack Skellington face. "Here… it's Robyn's late birthday party. Though… … Maybe we should finish it down in Medical?"

Robyn steps back and nods, smiling and sniffling a bit. "Let's get you down stairs." He notices the lash marks but doesn't say anything right away. "I'm just glad you back, I.." He puts his hand on Jordan's face and leans in to kiss him, he can't wait any more. "I love you Jordan, I'm sorry you remember it all." He reaches down to take Jordan's hand so he can take him to the medbay.

"I know." Jordan says softly as he nods. Right now, he's just too pained. "I'll never forget any of it. And… now that I'm back to normal… I've… nevermind. I'm just tired. James should be coming back soon too. I flew on my own speed. The others there were going to bring him back." He says with a nod. "Nobody attacked me there…"

"James too?" Rashmi exclaims, eyes wide. "That's wonderful! Oh—but what about Mr. Parker-Mayfair? And… and Topher? Are they going to be okay, Jordan?" Snapping back to herself with a shake of her head, she slips past the boys, opening the kitchen door. "…Nevermind. Let's get you to Medical first, Jordan."

"Well talk later Jordan, you can tell me what you need." Robyn says feeling so relieved. It's been crazy for them all. "Come on, and you know I'm not leaving your side for the next couple day?" He says lovingly. He doesn't care, he has Jordan back. "I'd carry you if I could but just because I'm taller doesn't mean I can." He says as he's not going to leave Jordan's side until he's out of the medbay.

"And if I shrank down shorter, you wouldn't have a chance. At four inches, I top a ton and a half… I think. I forget." Jordan says with a nod. "And I'm sorry Robyn. The arm. Everything. Especially the… kiss." He says, looking down as he walks, moving in tandem. "I may sleep the next few days away.

"They let me stay by Lucas," Rashmi says, striding in front of the pair, a bright grin on her face, "I don't think Dr. McCoy will have a problem if you're there, Robyn… I can bring you your homework anyway. It's no problem… I'm just glad you're back, Jordan. Really. Robyn deserves to have something to smile about."

Robyn stops Jordan and looks at him, not caring if it's in front of Rashmi, he leans in and gives Jordan a kiss that's filled with two weeks of longing. Once he pulls away he has tears in his eyes. "Jordan, I don't care about any of that, the arm, was an accident, it's healed. The kiss, it's okay, I have you back. That's all that matters to me right now. As long as you're okay, that's what matters."

Jordan is hesitant about returning. His memories… hurt. Some of the things he was forced to do. He's just glad he had some semblance of control. "Thanks." He says to Rashmi before remaining silent and heading to a medbed.

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