Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Nate
Gender Afro-asian male human
Date of Birth March 15, 1984
Age 28
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Okinawa Japan
Current Location New York City
Occupation Private Investigator
Known Relatives Byako Ryobi-Jones; Mother, Major John Ryobi-Jones; father.
Significant Other who has time for that?
Identity Kitsu
Known Abilities Flame projection, flame aura, illusion/glamour, spirit sight
First Appearance Bryant Park, NYC

Kitsu is a guy just trying to make a living and help people. Suddenly, he is thrust into carrying the family legacy, being soulbound to a Japanese fox spirit. Now he is Two made One, and trying to figure out how to live a life with Another in your body. Not to mention all the odd supernatural things that happen to him now. Now he is a Crusader for the Night.


400 years ago the Emperor of Japan claimed that a rogue kitsune spirit had possessed his wife, who shamed him by her infidelity. When the Celestial court would not deal with the rogue trickster spirit, the Emperor declared that all foxes in the Kingdom be killed. A bounty was placed. In a little village on the island of Okinawa, a trio of ogres came to the village, demanding that the kitsune living within the Shrine to the Goddess Inari be handed over to them for the bounty. The villagers feared the curse of Inari on their rice crop if they would turn over Her servants to the ogres. A Shinto Priest came up with a solution. He made a pact with one of the fox spirits, joining their souls as one. the ogres could not demand the kitsune because he was now joined to a mortal. The priest, a simple man named Ryobi Suke then battled and defeated the three ogres. He remained bound to the fox spirit, and became a local folk hero of sorts, battling monsters and demons and keeping the people safe from danger and tyranny
Fast forward to the 1980s, where a young Okinawan woman falls in love with an American soldier stationed at the base there. When the soldier's service was up, the young lady moved back to New York with him. They were soon married. Soon afterwards they had a son named Luke. Being an Afro-asian in New York in the 80s was not easy. Luke was often the center of fights and teasing about his mixed heritage. He learned from an early age how to defend himself and how to diffuse a situation that could lead to a fight. He learned what gang territory to avoid, and what colors to not where. He earned his black belt in karate at the age of 12. Luke buried himself into books and games to escape his teenage years. He graduated from high school and even earned a scholarship to NYCU for his computer coding skills.
Luke attended NYCU initially for a degree in Computer Science. After taking an elective class in criminal psychology, he found a new passion. He switched his major to Criminal Justice. He dreamed of being a detective, solving odd and difficult crimes using science and forensics, like some television shows. He decided to simply minor in computer science instead. After graduation, he found it was not as easy as he thought to break into the criminal forensics field. Luke ended up taking odd jobs as night security guards or mall cop. Eventually, he got a lucky break and was accepted into the Police Academy. He got a job as a beat cop at the NYPD 12th Precinct.
While dealing with a call about a possible gang disturbance at East Piers, Luke the Cop was surprised to find his grandfather laying on the pier, badly beaten. the old man, whom he hadn't seen for over a decade since his last visit to Japan, quietly whispered to Luke about him being the last of his family line, and that his old friend will be passed on to Luke. then the old man gave him a marble-sized pearl, and died. To Luke's amazement, the man burst into flames until nothing but ashes were left. He pocketed the pearl and finished his job. But strange things were starting to happen. He dreamt of being some kind of samurai in japan, fighting ogres and oni with magic powers. He started to feel a presence in his apartment, shadows would move just out of his vision. He felt that he had really cracked when he started to hear a voice in his head, speaking to him in Japanese and broken English. It interfered with his work. Luke took a voluntary leave of absence. That night, the voice manifested itself to him. I
Existing as two beings made one took some getting used to for Luke, and for Kitsuke. He could speak telepathically to his friend, but usually he would simply speak aloud with him, and often argue. It didn't make him popular on the police force when he came back. Kitsuke was a constant distraction for him. Once more, his work suffered. the demands of a NY police officer were proving too much for him. Quietly, Luke resigned his position. He took out a small loan, and decided to do what he had dreamed of in college. he opened a business as a private detective. He rented an office space, took out some ads and got a place in the enormous Yellow Pages. Work came slowly. Usually, Luke is stuck doing jobs like shadowing some poor guy to prove to his wife if he is cheating on her or not. Sometimes he has to find a missing person, but more often it is a missing dog or cat. He has used his moderate security hacking ability a few times to track down some illegal financial dealings for a client. But most of the time, he w
Kitsu has been on the New York scene for a few months now. For the time being, it's just something fun to do between real jobs. Once and a while, he still gets paid for ridding a place of an evil spirit. Somewhere out there he has seen signs of another Kitsune in the city, a dark one. One of these days he may run across it.


Kitsu has been looking into the presence of some kind of evil spirit disguised as a woman, who hangs out in Bryant Park.


  • "Pigeons must be the bane of a gargoyle's existence."


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