2009-03-23: Kitten Cuteness


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Summary: Kaden doesn't return home one night, Drew goes to find him.

Date: March 23, 2009

Log Title Kitten Cuteness

Rating: G

NYC Alley

It's midafternoon and Kaden still hasn't come home. He went out for a walk yesterday just needed to get out and not feel cooped up in the house. He doesn't really care if there's a war out there or not he wasn't going to let it keep him inside. He's acutally a distance from the city, somewhere in Hells Kitchen, curled up in an alley somewhere. There's a reason he hasn't called, his cellphone is in the pockets a pair of pants that he wore the other day and he forgot to grab it.

Of course, not having Kaden around has Drew worried. And you know, when Drew is worried, he really doesn't care what people see. Water slides under his feet as he skates on liquid, trying to find Kaden. He's moving quickly, but still keeping a pace that he can maneuver around people. Every few moments, he calls out Kaden's name.

Kaden doesn't hear his name being called but he does feel the bond that he shares with the other spirits as someone approches the area. He stands up and looks down at something before trying to walk carefully over to the entrance of the alley he's holed up in. He doesn't say anything as he sees Drew at first, kind of thinking he's going to get yelled at for worrying his friend and a lot of times more than friend.

That feeling sends a shiver down Drew's spine and he turns around, moving in the direction of it. "Kaden?" He calls out before getting to the alley and seeing him. "There you are! Are you ok? Did someone hurt you? Is everything alright?" He doesn't care about anything else beyond Kaden's safety. This IS Drew after all.

Kaden just looks a little dirty but othe than that, he's fine. "I'm not hurt but I didn't want to leave it alone and last night there was something…prowling around." He says as he doesn't know what it was but probably dangerous. "I'm sorry for worrying you but I was hoping it's Mom would come back but she hasn't and I didn't want it to get eatten and I left my cellphone that Keith gave me back at the apartment…" He says trailing off.

"It?" Drew asks, tilting his head as he moves to put arms around Kaden. "What are you talkin' about, babe?" He's just happy Kaden's in one piece. Though, if he were in multiple pieces yesterday, he'd be fine again today.

Kaden puts an arm around Drew and shrugs. "I don't know if it's a boy or girl." He states like it should be common knowledge and he leads Drew to the back of the Alley where a quiet meow can be heard. He bends down to pick up the little orange kitten and show it to Drew. "I was protecting it."

"Awwwwwww." As if that wasn't the expected response from Drew. "We need to get it some food and get it inside out of here. You coulda brought it home, I'm sure Keith wouldn't have minded." He says, reaching out to brush a finger over it's ear.

"Well I couldn't last night, cause something was wandering around." Kaden says as it was probably one of the badguys they're at war with. "I…I didn't think of that." Meaning this morning. "I was kind of hoping it's mom would come by but I haven't seen her." Kaden says petting the kitten's head. There's a look of affection that Kaden gives the kitten that barely looks one month old.

"Sweetheart, she's probably gone. He may have even been abandoned." Drew admits, softly as he runs a hand through his hair. It's getting almost time for a cut to get rid of the blond. "We'll probably have to do a special diet, cause he looks so small.

Kaden gets a sad expression on his face as Drew says that the cat might have been been abandoned and just nods. "Well I don't care what Keith says, we're taking care of it." He says as he looks up at Drew. "I don't know how to take care of a cat but I'm not leaving it out here." He says obviously protective of the little fuzz ball.

"That's why we go to a vet and find out." Drew says with a grin. He doesn't really know anything about cats at all. "They'll be able to tell us more and check him out to make sure he's ok."

Kaden puts an arm around Drew with a sigh and nods. "Okay, I just don't get why Mom's ditch their kids." He says as he looks down at the kitten. "A vet? Okay, do you think Keith will take us tonight? Or as soon as we get home?"

"It may not have been his mother that did it, Kaden. Some people don't spay or neuter their pets. Then when they have babies, they toss them out instead of taking them somewhere where they can get a good home. And I bet Jon would take us even if Keith's not available." Drew says, giving a quick squeeze.

"That's just as bad." Kaden says as notices the kitten has fallen asleep against him. "I'm sorry for worrying you Drew, I just didn't want it getting eatten or too cold or something bad happening to it. I would have called but I realized I didn't have my cellphone too late and…I don't wanna worry you." He says knowing he probaby did worry Drew.

"Then keep your phone when you go out. Always double check." Drew grins, leaning out to plant a kiss on Kaden's cheek. "C'mon. Let's get him home. Oh, we're gonna need a litter box, too." He wrinkles his nose. "Eew."

Kaden smiles at the kiss and ruffles Drew's hair with a nod. "Okay and I'll clean up after it. And we need to think of a name for it." Kaden says with a smile as he slips an arm around Drew holding him close. "And we can keep the litter box in my bathroom. Do you think Keith and Xane will mind?"

"Well, Keith did say we could look for a pet at the pet shop. I don't think he will. But I don't know how Xane feels about animals." Drew says with a shrug, as he calls up underfoot water again. "Wanna head that way?"

Kaden keeps his arm around Drew, not caring what people think as they go down the street. "Sure." He says as he doesn't care if travels via water, at least it's not touching him. "I also need a shower when we get back, and something to eat." Hey he spent the night in an alley. "Any idea for names besides just cat?"

"No clue, babe." Drew says, shaking his head as the water actually carries them upwards, raising them to the roofs and then roof-hopping towards home. "Ask Keith. I'll be he will have some… interesting ideas." He laughs, getting them the rest of the way home.

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