2010-10-25: Kitty Has Claws

Players: Mayfair and Christopher

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Summary: Jordan Mayfair has moved across the street from his brother and encounters his brother-in-law, Christopher. The claws come out.

Date: October 25, 2010

Log Title: Kitty Has Claws

Rating: R

Westchester - Mills Road

Leading away from the hustle and bustle of Salem Center, Mills Road turns into a long, winding, barely lit road leading to the more remote areas of Westchester. The road is surrounded by a think, woodsy area, except a few areas cleared for the estate homes of the wealthy.

Early afternoon on a Monday and Jordan Mayfair should be in New York City, in some courthouse or some professional meeting, but instead, he is instead in Westchester, though still dressed as if he belongs in the city. Wearing the latest and most expensive Armani suit, he barks orders by a large moving van, as movers take in expensive pieces of art and furniture, "You break it and I will kill you!" He yells at one particularly scared mover who holds a large family portrait with Jordan in the middle, conspiciously missing from the portrait is Jericho. Waving his hands in the air, he also appears to be speaking to himself, but is using his bluetooth, chatting with someone else, "Wilson, not t worry. Send me his name and a few details of what happened. I'll have him out of jail and in front of one of my judges within the hour."

A small car pulls into the driveway of the Parker-Mayfair residence and out steps Christopher dressed in a pair of black slacks with a black t-shirt under a nice light leather jacket. He was just getting some errands done before going off to work at the salon he owns. He starts taking out a few bags of groceries from Trader Joe's to bring inside when he hears the yelling across the street. It seems they have new neighbors. He doesn't catch a glimpse of the face but offers a wave the best he can as he rests both bags on one arm and digs out his keys.

Grinning wickedly, Jordan speaks into the phone, "Mr. Fisk. I have to cut this short. I just spotted a family member." He presses a button on his bluetooth and walks to the edge of his property and looks over at the polite your man who offered a wave. He waves back and then walks out onto the sidewalk giving threatening stares to the movers as he walks past them. He stops one second and then rudely grabs a painting sized package from one mover and pushes him away, 'Grab something else." Holding the package up and hiding his face and upper body behind it, "Hello neighbor. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion this painting I had made." He rips the brown wrapping around it and reveals his identity to Christopher. The painting is one of young Eddie, "It's my nephew. Isn't he adorable?"

Christopher looks and he instantly recognizes Jordan and his face falls flat, showing no emotion. "Hello Jordan. Don't pretend we haven't met before." As he remembers his…brother-in-law quite well. "And yes, I do find Jeri and my's son quite adorable." He doesn't really want much trouble but he's also not going to go out of his way to be nice to his…neighbor. "So Jordan, what brings you out to Salem?"

Jordan smiles, "Is that anyway to greet family, Chris?" He puts the painting down and admires it for a moment, "I had a young up and coming artist from Greenwich Village paint it. In fact, he did all my family members….except for you and Jeri. He made a couple of attempts, but in one you guys appeared….alot younger than you should have for some reason." Propping the bottom of the painting on the ground and balancing his weight on it to hold himself up. He stares at Christopher for the moment attempting a quick little surface scan while responding, "I just moved into the area. I love Mills Road. It befits someone like me…" then he peers at the Parker-Mayfair home, "…but every neighborhood has its low points."

"Topher." Christopher corrects Jordan. "It's Christopher." He hates being called Chris but then he knows it'd be more reason for Jordan to call him that. "Younger…imagine that. I guess it's just we're both so young at heart that it captured that." He says giving Jordan a smile that's almost overly friendly, very saccarhine. "Yes, I know it does. I imagine with you moving in here the property value on everyone has lowered by at least fifteen percent."

Jordan smiles and scans Christopher's mind for his thoughts and grins, "Sorry. I thought being family and all, Chris would be appropriate." He gestures for a mover to come over, "Take this into the house. And be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with it." He gives the man a look as if he really should be careful with it, "How is my brother anyway?" His tone is sour, "and Eddie?" His voice raises slightly higher indicating he is more interested in Eddie than his brother.

The smile stays on his face, obviously not genuine but there. "Oh, not even my own family calls me Chris. So if you want to keep in tradition with family, it's just Christopher." He takes the painting and isn't sure to keep it or burn it. "Thank you very much, it'll be nice to see Eddie's face since he's off at college and we don't get to see him as often as we once did. But Eddie is doing good and enjoying school." He says looking at Jordan carefully while trying to keep up that overly friendly demeanor. "Jeri is doing well, our marriage is doing fabulously."

"I suppose then…Christopher." He walks closer, "Do you need a hand? Those bags look heavy and with Jericho not here to help you…It's the very least I can do." He attempts to reach for one of the bags and sighs, "Oh you know. I have to say that I am very happy that things are good between you and my brother. Gay marriages, hell even gay relationships can be so difficult and can end badly." He shakes his head negatively, "I heard a story about a man who was beaten and bloodied by a dumpster a few years back. Pretty rough story."

"I'm quite capable of carrying my groceries in for myself, but thank you for the offer. You're kindness precedes you Jordan." Christopher says with the slightest hint of sarcasm. The the second thing he says does cause the smile to fade from his face as it's a bit obvious his words affected him. "Listen Jordan, if you're trying to upset me or get a rise out of me, I'm not going to give you the pleasure. So tell me, what is the real reason you decided to move across the street from your brother and me?"

Jordan simply smiles, "The pleasure is already mine, Chris." He takes a few steps back, "Seems like I got that rise out of you after all." He starts to walk off the Parker-Mayfair property, "I was just being neighborly. I can't come over and hang out with my brother and his boyfriend?" He looks up and down Mills Road, "Plus it really is a nice area. The air is cleaner and fresher here than in New York and I can still commute there and back and be home in plenty of time to be near…family…"

Christopher smiles back to Jordan and gives a one shouldered shrug. "Oh isn't that just wonderful, how kind and brotherly of you to want to be near your brother." He can't help but think Jordan is jealous of his older brother for some reason. He would almost pity him. "And I'm his husband, don't forget you gave us that wonderful wedding gift. It's something Jeri and I will treasure for the rest of our lives." He says as the experience actually caused the two to bond further and grow better as a couple. "It is a nice neighborhood. Or it was…I'm not really sure anymore."

"Wow….kitty has claws." Jordan smirks. Turning to face his brother-in-law, "I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding gift. Now that I am in the neighborhood, there will be many….many more such gifts. And please, tell Jeri that his brother loves him and missed him. I'd like to invite you and him to my house. I'll be having small….gatherings…every so often, and I'd love to show you two off. You're so very…kitschy." He is ready to cross the street, "Oh…and brother-in-law of mine. Did you ever find out what happened to David?" He claps his hands and gestures for a mover to come over with one more 'gift.' A painting of Christopher and David together. "Why here is one of those gifts now…I hope you like it."

"Show the two of us off? Why that sounds like you're treating us as pets to put on display for your friends." Christopher says as he takes a glance at his watch. "Oh I'll pass the message but you can always do so yourself now that you live so close to us." He's not about to invite Jordan for dinner though, that's almost being too polite. "Why are you so curious about something that happened so long ago? And thank you for the gift, it's something I will cherish since I hold his memory so dear."

The mover brings the painting of Christopher and David and places it on the Parker-Mayfair property. "Well glad you like it. And it's not so much curiosity as it is, wanting to help out a friend…or family member. My position is life allows me access to certain information. It seems like David was quite the man and it's sad what happened and why. I can…take care of certain things with the people who….defiled him." Jordan grins, "Anyway, the painting was just to honor both of you. He was such an attractive man and I even have a few more hung up of him in my house." He starts to cross the street, but pauses and turns back, "I will stop by and personally invite Jericho over for dinner. Later in the week, some of his old friends from Genosha will be stopping by. Talk about rebuilding things over there and funding some of their old projects. Jeri told you about Genosha, right?"

Christopher waves his hand. "No worries, I'm not a man hell bent on revenge. He lives on in my heart and I have honored him in naming my business after him. With which, if you ever need a hair cut feel free to stop by David's Salon. I'll be sure to take a special interest in you." He says which might mean an interesting style done to his hair complete with unique colors. "Oh yes he did, and you really are an asshole Jordan aren't you. What does it get you feeling like you're a big man playing on people's emotions? Do you really hate yourself and your life that much? Are you really that much of a jealous man?" He says all this with that overly friendly, fake, smile.

Jordan blinks, "Asshole? Really…Chris…was that necessary? I was only offering you the opportunity to honor the true love of your life by reciprocating what was done to him. I was being nice." His voice raises a bit, "I get called an asshole for that?" He exhales and calms down a bit, "I'm not playing on any emotions. I love myself and my life…and…" He grates his teeth, "I am not jealous of Jericho!" He ahems, "I'm trying to extend an olive branch and this is what I get in return. Disrespect and rudeness….from a hairdresser, at that."

"Oh yes, from a stylist at that." Christopher says not at all insulted by his profession because he makes decent money at it, and he loves his job. "I'm not taking about the kind favor you did for me, that portrait of my first love and I is almost perfect." He tries not to chuckle at Jordan grating his teeth as he feels like he hit a bit of a nerve. "Oh I am giving you the respect you have earned from me Jordan. I was fine with anything you had to throw at me, personally, but it's the mention of Genosha and his friends there that I felt was out of place."

Pausing a moment and clearly thinking of how to responds, "Well then…" He turns to cross the street, "I can respect that, Christopher." He forms a half-smile, "It was nice chatting with you. I'll be sure to pass by the saloon and let you do my hair. I suppose I'll get the family discount?" He looks down and almost under his breath, "I am actually sorry for you, Christopher. When I found out about David, I was a bit incensed and was going to do you a favor with the perpetrators. I will anyway. It'll make up for what's going to happen." With that, he continues his way across the street and snaps his fingers at some movers to hurry up as the gate around his property is closed. He stands and looks over one last time before grinning and then entering his new home.

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