2010-05-13: Knock Knock. Whose there? BANG!


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Summary: An uninvited volatile visitor showed up.

Date: May 13, 2010

Log Title Knock Knock. Whose there? BANG!

Rating: PG-13


Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

" Aunty em aunty em aunty em! " The shrill cries would bounce from one end of the yard to the other, apparently a weapon systems for the mansion have encountered a possible intruder. One decked in the blacks and reds of a miscreant, well he is a miscreant… he's Deadpool from one foot to the other the form would dance about almost like a ballet performer having their strings plucked by a drunken puppeteer. He was, however, in tihs chaotic hop-skip managing to evade every blast coming his direction. ' Someone turn off the sprinkler system! For the love of all things Bob Saget! Wait no, he's hated… for the love of all things ME!! " Mumble, " I hate Bob Saget note to self add to kill lis… no OH ow OH that one hit me!! EEEE Help me Wolverine! I know you're in there! "

Well, Proudstar was only really just looking to go outside for fresh air. He'd trained some perhaps this morning, hence he's up now, but time to get out of the school - too much building for this Apache it would seem. As he's beginning to open the front door, it pushes back against him luck a stuck widget. James does what comes natural and pushes harder still. Even as he manages past the security doors himself, he's realizing there is a reason for this with all the bullets and whatnots firing off and the like. His instinct takes over of course, he finishes exiting and then pulls the doors shut, off their tracks even, but closed enough to protect students. Then he turns around to find danger … seeing who it is, its nearly a face palm. Of all the things in the morning, this one isn't a pretty picture. Though he's on the line apparently, or someone is looking through the cameras perhaps as the turrets begin to stand down - maybe with a few stray bullets firing because they wanted a chance to
James calls out, "Teresa's not here Wade," talk about old baggage, considering rumor was James was over that issue years ago, onto another set of luggage and even that has been turned in while he looks for an upgrade.

" Cheese and crackers a person! " Deadpool paused ducking low as something whipped by over head and he almost crawled forward on his stomach to spring back up with a yip. " Since when did that lovely redhead sprout enough hair for an italian swim team? I said Wuhl-vah-reen genius! Ack…" He lunges to his left twirling only to swallow heavily, " I know that voice? I do wait, Puddletar? Couldn't be. Wanna shut this anti-UPS-guy-doohickie off!? " His voice rising and falling in half shouts

Sigh, James turns to look for a camera to show himself out in the courtyard as well so that hopefully the person on the other end gets the idea that someone is out to help perhaps. Finally he turns back to the dodging and weaving masked man. "If I could get Logan for you, I'd do it just to shut you up. Looks like were at an impasse then, unless you can talk with Proudstar." He offers a correction of the name.
Jinx is curious by the sounds of the alarms. New at the academy, she is ever curious as to the sites and wonders that alarms may bring, and perhaps just a little foolhardy. The dark furred girl pauses at the doors no longer fitting quite right, and edges past them with a careful step, her bookbag strapped across her shoulder and her tail furled behind her like an elaborate striped plume. She eyes the two men. "You all doing alright and all?" At least one wears spandex. This could be bad.

Deadpool " When did you guys decide you didn't like visitors I mean do you realize how dangerous this is!? What about all those missed girl scout cookies… seriously, we on a diet here? " A kip-up was followed by a foreward spring as he remained a red and black dash across the Mansion's lawn, his overly flamboyant dodging about had him prancing erratically around in a repeated area trying to out-manuever the security. " Come on, I promise I'll stay out of Marvel Girl's underoos this time! Holy jumpin' Trump wigs I think I just lost my favorite toe. "

"I don't think its this friendly with everyone," responds Proudstar, "Afterall, I need my supply of thin mints." Oi, no, now he's locked in this banter, the eyeroll suggesting as much as he catches himself (I can't believe it, you got me monologing …). Then he folds his arms over his chest, "Look, they're powering down. Despense with the purpose other than you want to ask Logan out to the prom, because you already know the answer to that one …" Then he turns to the latest arrival, and ponders at her, "I'm not sure just yet on this one, I don't even know what's going on myself yet."

After hearing the alarms go off, Kenta lept out of the nearest window and took to the sky. He's a good twenty feet in the air before he starts to decend to the Courtyard, black wings disappaiting behind him as he lands. The solid black eyes just just stare at Deadpool for a bit. "Is this what triggered the security here?" He asks James as he does recognize the red and black character before him.

There's a roar in the distance (not the sound of another piece of ordnance going off) as a motorcycle approaches the Mansion grounds at doppler-warbling speeds, braking suddenly as the off-track gate doesnt quite open right. The motorcycle does something that bends the laws of physics as it jinks up the side of the gatepost and flips over the top, landing on the other side in a classic donut spin.

The driver pulls off his helmet, revealing a silver-flake white-painted robotic face (so why the helmet? It's the law!) and stares at the man in the spandex, and at the giant guy with the eagle buckle… and doesn't quite take in the rest yet, because the remark about Wolverine and Prom makes him boggle. Still green.

Jinx watches the man dash around the lawn. A brow raises and her tail flicks behind her before curling passively in a looping arc against the ground. Leaning on one hip, she is startled by the figure with the dark wings, but hey… life is always exciting here at school. Then the metal guy shows up, and she does a long, slow blink. A soft huff of a snort. "This is awesome, " she exclaims, to no one and everyone all at once.

Deadpool " Whew, yeesh heck no can you imagine those legs in a dress? " One of his hands reaches behind himself tugging at the full body suit he wore. " Wedgie. " He said quietly, " Really rides up there when you get moving, I know you know what I'm saying. " He chuckles as he gives a wink tongue click finger pointy action off towards Darkstar. " So seriously, what gives? Came to see my *cough* good buddy Logan for a drink, maybe have a slumber party and… then yeah… " Not answering the question directly as was his usual manner.

Because of course, James was hoping he would be blunt, honest, and upfront as he knows from personal experience. "Its a little old school, donthca think? This arriving in person on the front lawn, you come a calling like this." Leaning some to put his weight more on his left side, he returns, "We use phones now adays, I'll forgive you it yours is attached to the wall even, some don't have the luxury of cell phones. The slumber party won't fly, we don't need the students all scared when you put on your nightie - as for Logan, if you want we can see if someone knows where he is for you?"

Kenta just watches a bit, amused at how James is handing the situation, he figures his two cents isn't needed as it looks like Warpath has it handled…for now. The only thing he says to Deadpool is, "Well, last I heard Logan as off somewhere doing his…Logan thing. I haven't seen him around here in a bit." He looks back at Jinx and Mike. "Just keep back for now, I don't think there's gonna be too much of a problem. Don't worry, class won't be cancelled for much longer." He says knowing that the kids won't want to hear that.

Oh geez, he DID come to take Logan to the prom, Mike-the-Bike thinks. Fortunately not out loud. He gets his first look at Kenta-with-wings — wow, they look just like expensive special effects, no way Hollywood would ever pull that off — and sees Jinx at the edge of the courtyard, ahright, Rashmi's new roomie. Avoid the confrontation! So, engine at a low grumbling purr, he pulls over next to the girl, and says, "Hi, I'm Mike. You must be Rashmi's new roomie, since there's no 'Skyler' name tag, and you meet the description. What's going on? Why is the gate busted? I nearly wiped out there."

Jinx sticks out her tongue. Class can be cancelled for the next century and it'd be too soon. She smiles at Kenta in that teenage condescending sort of grin that is all fake charm and no sincerity. "Thanks, sir," she chirps. Mike is talking to her then, and she looks towards the metal dude. With wheels. "Hi Mike. I am Jinx," she nods. Who is she to judge, after all. "Yeah, I don't know what a skyler is, but I am not it," a pause and a flick of her ears. "Nice wheels."

" Phones schmones, thats the problems with kids these days so lazy. " Humming he gave a skyward look, head tipping with a lean backwards on his heels as he mused towards Warpath. " Would do them some good to have a slumber party with Ole' Uncy Pool. Don't you think? Great idea really to be honest I mean… I could take some of them off your hands for a few, go hunting some pew pew here and there especially with Captain Clawpants not around. "
Looking over at Darkstar he thumbed his chin, noting down a new face in some sharp tights. Taking in the two who'd gathered in addition to the adults, " So young and wistful, I remember back in my day… " Suddenly he cranes his head back towards Darkstar and Warpath. " Look, I need a place to stay a night maybe? I've some business I'm doing, real hush hush stuff that doesn't AT ALL involve the X-Men I promise, pinky swear even. "

Its all good banter even, up until the mention of needing a place to stay. There is but the slightest wincing of Proudstar's face at that thought, no telling what the true length of time invovled in 'a night' might really be, not to mention the swearing that it didn't involve X-men. "Two things wade … the slumber party is definitely out - I'm sure you can imagine Scott's reaction at giving you the keys to the girls dorm." An aside to the black and white girl, "No offense." Then shifting weight to right foot and looking at the red/black masked fellow, "And, I almost believe you even. What say we come to a truce, we send word up to see about finding you a bed for the night. Who knows, you might get lucky, they may have room in the stables." Holding up a finger though as he's not done, "Accepting of course, I can't give that permission and my willingness to ask and even," sigh, "Vouch for you," He did help out X-Force that one time … and he did help Teresa specifically, "does not constitute a yes at this moment in time.""

Kenta does not like the idea of this guy spending a night at the mansion, too many kids might get too curious…in a bad way. It means they might get ideas…crazy ideas. "I dunno Warpath, if he's telling the truth about needing to hold up in a place for reasons that aren't X-Related, even if they were X-Related, do you really want whatever's followin' him to follow him here?" It's an honesty concern he thinks. Then Kenta looks back at Jinx, amused by her sacchrine smile. "Oh, I know how much you kids look forward to classes."

Mike blinks. It's about all the expression he can do at the moment, and it's enough to convey the sense of 'WTF' about leaving this … odd-sounding fellow in the stylish hide-me-spandex … alone with horses. Poor horses.
He looks over at Kenta, hoping that the music teacher might inject some sanity and stability into the situation. Or at least offer a safe off-campus place to stay. Yeah, X-Related reasons, he mutters in a very low voice, hopefully audible only to Jinx (HAH!) "yeah, X-Rated reasons for keeping him away, definitely…"

Jinx keeps an eye on the adult's conversation. "Oh, let him stay. Maybe James can keep an eye on him. He's pretty proud of being security, after all," Jinx suggests, mischief clear in her voice. She clears her throat slightly, and shakes out her tail in a quick floof. Who was it who told her not to trust the guy in spandex? Probably someone untrustworthy. She winks to Mike. "What's the worst that could happen?"

Deadpool's glare wasn't hopefully seen behind the mask as it zero'd on Proudstar a moment the quiet whispered 'Theresa stealing casino hording feather sporting… "Outloud rambled half thoughts cut-off by the man's words which he was about to exclaim happily at until his masked glower became targetted at the speaking Darkstar who destoyed his about to be moment of joy, " Aww puhlease whatsyournamefaceflyingperson! I seriously got no one following me, not at step seventeen yet so we're still golden. I'll be on my best X behaviour, scouts honor. A role model of modern times just like Rod Blagojevich! " Hearing Jinx speak up he looked over as both eyes widened, " YEAH! What she said James can… Oh… my… " voice trailing as he caught sight of her and Mike as if actually seeing them now.

"A different James," explain James, "I'm not on security here, you just got lucky in that I stepped out into your mess here." Then over his shoulder, "It'll only get X-rated if you leave him alone with the barbies." Taking a brath now, he turns towards Kenta, "I don't know, for all we know, whatever is following him may be worth knowing about in the end. And its only a matter of time, there's always something following him. He's next stop might be downstate and that trouble might be a bigger pain there than it is here. I know they've sequestered off the Danger Room before to help other unmentionables 'stay the night' …" Its just his standpoint, he's taking advice from the current teacher her, this role more new to him in this aspect.
Kenta shrugs to James. "Well it's ultimately Scott's call so I'll leave it on him." Real responsible there, shrug it off on someone higher up. He walks over towards Jinx and Mike, letting James and Deadpool talk. "Hey, James, do you think it's safe to do a security overide, since there's no real threat? And I also imagine some of the kids might be panicing inside right now after the last time."

At Jinx's remark, Mike winces. Doesn't show on the surface, thank you robot body, but he definitely winces. "You really don't want to know the answer to that question," he says, but then something tells him that he and Jinx are being Regarded. Oh joy. It may not be obvious at first glance, but Mike's feet are actually a part of the motorcycle rather than separate things. He looks up and stares back at … how DO you meet someone's eyes when they have SpiderMan Lenses on their mask?

"I didn't think they allowed us to keep pets," Mike says again to Jinx, still quiet enough to pretend the others won't hear, "also, thanks, about the wheels. I designed them myself."

A little louder, he says, "Hey, Kenta. What's with the gate?"

"If I am a barbie, you're a Ken," Jinx responds as an aside to the metal guy next to her, which she assumes to be a peer… though she supposes that there is no real firm definition of age in a guy that looks to be made of hot-rod scrap. Being under the gaze of the masked troublemaker, Jinx shows her fearlessness and lifts a clawed hand to wave. "Hi!" she smiles, all pointy teeth and black and white fuzziness. "Welcome to Xaviers."

" You really do like me! " He said loudly and suddenly his shoulders slinging back as his arms came out wide, " Air hug, air kiss , smooch. " The appropriate sound escaping." Danger room… can't I just have a room like all my other fellow X-Mates? Surely someone needs a roomate who has great fashion sense." .o0(Maybe he is serious about this truce thing, spooky) just as quickly as his attention had been on Proudstar again it snapped off back towards the duo of students Jinx and Mike" Is… that Pepita Le Pew and Kid-Tron? That is all sorts of neat… " His view obscured by Darkstar causing him to release a huff through his mask, waving frantically with one hand at Jinx, spinning back on his toes towards James. " Isn't she sweet see kids like me. So… Chief… whats next? Really going to put in a good word with Nate's daddy for me? " Almost hoping closer to Proudstar he whispers near his shoulder, " Not related to Squirrel Girl is she? " A tug at his own collar had him squinting one comical eye.

"Allright, I'll get that override, put things back to normal so to speak," responds James to Kenta, "And I'll speak with Scott." Then back to the masked man de jour, he unfolds his arms from his chest. Holding up two fingers and mimics the peremiter of the courtyard, "This is the Sandbox, you can play here until you steal the other kids toys. I'll speak with Summers." He avoids going into the confusing mess of the old man's younger father and all that, just goes with the lst name even. "We'll see if we can get you a room, again no promises. We'll find someone who's up on TeenBeat for you, you can swap romance stories and how to keep your lovers." That said, he turns back to the off kilter front doors, but not before turning to the metal man and the fuzzy girl. "Careful, if your female and you talk, he's likes … and we aren't allowed to keep pets - I wouldn't include Wade in that group though. He's not furry, or house broken. More like a seamonkey." That said he pushes front door open a
Proudstar walks into Xavier's Mansion.

Kenta nods to James and walks over to take a seat on the bench so he can light up a cigarette. He just watches Deadpool for a bit. "So really, the reason you came here was to crash for night? That's the honest to god reason that you set off the alarm system?" Kenta has a hard time believing that's the only answer but then, who knows what the crazy have plans for. "Honestly Mike…and you know, the Kid-Tron might stick…I don't know. It was like that when I came down."

Mike shrugs elaborately at Kenta's reply. "It's better than 'Meck' for sure."

A bit of earlier conversation, derailed by the Deadpool Stare, returns from the stack. "You're hardly Barbie, they haven't dared to do Mutant Furry Barbie yet. And despite appearances to the contrary, I'm not Ken. Not Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken, not Earring Magic Ken even."
He looks back at the allaged seamonkey. "At least the front gate is back on its track."

Jinx's ears flick backwards as she is likened to several things she doesn't particularly find flattering. "Hmph," she sniffs, and takes Proudstar's advice as he exits. Her arms rise to slowly cross over her chest, claws sliding into her fur. "Well, I better go alert the media, and have all the girlies hide their shorts," she smirks. She turns on a heel. "See ya later, Mike. Sir," and pausing, she regards Deadpool. "Mr. Seamonkey."

Both pistols whipped up into his hands and pointed at the departing man's back, " Bang! " He said loudly then through gritted teeth he smiled back over at Kenta the weapons reholstering. " What a swell guy that James. " His stride carrying him in a pace back and forth before he reaches down and begins peeling up his shirt then down with his pants revealing his cancer scarred body. " Time to catch some sun since I got this big ole' yard to myself. " Underneath the blacks and reds he was apparently wearing some black frilly womens underwear. " I'll be over yonder if you want to do some crime-fighting stuff or something or other. Maybe we can go bust up bucket-head Magneto, just consider this yard SAFE from all intruders while Wades here. Yep, no danger on my watch. " He hums as he wanders off towards the far side of the lawn.

Kenta actually gets a bit naseous at that sight. "Oh god." He says turning his head away. "Yeah, I'll let James and Scott deal with the issue." He's gotta go teach class anyway. He looks to Mike and nods. "See ya later Mike." He says as he takes to the air, so he can finish is cigarette on the roof and then fly into the music room for class.

NOT ENOUGH BRAIN BLEACH. Brain bleach wouldn't work anyway. Mike considers telling his subconscious to simply erase that image, but … that probably won't work, it'll just put it into the Nightmare Fuel Tank. Instead, he doesn't wave — don't attract its attention! — and instead quietly moves towards the garage. Not even revving his motor. Maybe also to warn the other students, do NOT go into the courtyard. Just don't.

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