2012-03-26: Lack Of Trust


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Summary: Index catches Jeremy playing the violin which leads to some awkward conversation.

Date: March 26, 2012

Log Title: Lack of Trust

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Auditorium

Dark blue curtains hang from the walls of the small auditorium with sconces placed at even intervals along the walls to create a dim lighting. Rows of blue and white seats angle down until enough space is given for the stage. There are closets back stage for props and costumes with a few podiums with SHIELD logos on them stored away. In the back of the auditorium there is a glass window and a door that leads into the sound and lighting booth. The blue carpet has the SHIELD logo strategically placed in the back and front of the auditorium. The wooden stage is kept in pristine condition and can be used for speeches, orientations, plays, music classes and more.

It's early evening at Barnes and most people are still eating their dinner. Jeremy though has chosen to stick in the Auditorium for now, the empty room being welcome to him. Though he's not just sitting around doing nothing, standing on the stage Jeremy plays the violin. He barely has to read the sheet music on the stand in front of him as he plays something he plays Vivaldi's Summer from 'Four Seasons'. His fingers move with skill over the finger board and there's a certain passion rarely seen from the teen. For once he's not wearing his gloves.

Index enters the auditorium from the very back of the room, and when he notices the sounds coming from the violin, the Barnes teacher takes a seat to just watch Jeremy play. He folds his hands together and seems quite happy to listen to the music for a time, waiting until the teen has completed the song to take any kind of action. Once the music stops playing, Jeremy receives a bit of applause.

The music doesn't stop playing because the song ends but because Jeremy spots Index and immediately messes up his fingering and stops playing. He looks around a bit flustered and before saying anything he hurries over to his violin case and exchanges the stringed instrument for his gloves. He looks over at Index and opens his mouth to speak but no sound comes out.

Index returns to his feet, adjusting his tie slightly and walking towards the stage. "You play really well," comments the man, keeping his steps relaxed and slow as he approaches, almost the way some people will approach a scared animal.

It takes a bit before Jeremy actually manages to get his words to actually leave his mouth. "I…was second violin at my old school." He says quietly, still frozen to the spot. Though it's the first time he's said anything at Barnes since the incident. "It's the only thing I'm not horrible at."

"Being not horrible at something is a good start," says Index, chuckling softly, "It's something to build off of." The man leans back on one of the front row seats, "It's too bad we don't really have a real music program at this school. You could probably be first violin here if your playing's any indication… You looked like you were really into it. It's a good thing to have passion for…"

Jeremy shrugs and doesn't really look all that convinced. "It's 'cause I'm the only one who plays violin here. I don't know if I have passion about it, I just play." Though it's a lie, even if he doesn't know it is one. "I don't like being in my room so I come here and play."

"You don't know if you have a passion for it?" repeats Index, lips twitching up slightly at the comment and says, "But the look on your face while you were playing, you coulda had me fooled. But I'll take your word for it." The man considers for a moment and says, "Does something about your room bother you?"

Jeremy sits down on the stage and crosses his arms over his chest and looks off the side of the stage. His eyes move to glance at Index briefly before glancing back off stage. "You try sleeping in the place where your roommate tried to kill you."

Index nods his head and says, "I know… it can be hard feeling safe again after something like that. Especially when it's someone you trust." He purses his lips for a few moments and then says, "I'm not going to ask you if you're doing okay, 'cause after that kind of thing… it's hard to do okay. I can respect that."

Jeremy tenses up and looks away with a tense expression on his face. In a voice that can barely be heard he speaks. "I never trusted him."

"No?" says Index, considering that for a moment, "You fell asleep with him in the room. I think that's close enough to trust in my books. Maybe not yours, though…" The man frowns and says, "But either way, I get that it's hard. I've been there."

"I didn't choose to be roommates with him." Jeremy says trying to keep the frustration out of his voice. "It was assigned and I know the school wanted to keep an eye on me so I wouldn't relapse." Or at least that's what he believes. "I don't think there's anyone I trust."

"Everyone gets roommates here, it wasn't a matter of keeping an eye on you," says Index, shaking his head at that, "It's a tough time when you can't trust anyone at all, though. Makes the world a scary place."

"It's because the world is messed up that I don't trust anyone." Jeremy says the frustration in his voice becoming clearer. "Twice, -twice-, I've been targeted to be killed because I'm a mutant. A power that I don't even want. And when you see how people really are…" His voice trails off and he turns to face away from Index, going to carefully packing away his violin from when he laid it in the case earlier.

Index nods at Jeremy and says, "If I'm gonna be honest, yeah, the world is pretty messed up. That's why people trust at all. 'cause it's easier to soldier through it all when you know that someone out there's got your back." The man shakes his head and says, "It's hard to build that after being attacked for reasons like… well, like being a mutant, for example. Because you see that some people are bad. But not everyone. There are people out there who'll have your back, if you let 'em."

Jeremy finishes packing up his violin and walks to the side to the stage and down the stairs. He looks over at Index and frowns at him. "No one wants to have the back of someone like me." He says before walking towards the back of the room to leave.

Index watches as Jeremy starts to walk away and shakes his head, "I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one. My number's on the staff list. If there's anything on your mind, feel free to call it." He nods once and then gets up to climb up onto the stage, rearranging things there.

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