2010-07-08: Lakeside Lunatics


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Summary: Alexander and Wade have a brief encounter in the park.

Date: July 8th. 2010

Log Title Lakeside Lunatics

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

Sunny, blazingly hot, these would be a good few words in describing the weather in New York. The heat is only made worse by the humidity in the air. Despite this, some people seem to move on with their daily lives without looking utterly miserable from the heat. Alex is one of those people, he even dares to wear leather gloves and a long sleeve shirt, despite it being light cloth. Pretty carefree, he walks along long enough to take shelter under the shade of tree.

With his most recent TV hosting a large exposed wound a remote had gone through Wade was on the side of bored. With the recent heatwave going on right now had it's own perks though - Girls in less clothing, a fan of this he was lakeside. His body obscured (thanks to Image Inducer) in the disguise of a well-tanned blonde man with striking blue eyes and possibly some serious colorblindness sporting a bright yellow shirt and some pale blue shorts. In one hand was a slurpee the other he was spinning around a Frisbee; not his originally, he stole this in the park when a kid threw it in his general direction. The frisbee would continue a flip around on his fingertip before he zinged it off mid walk, gliding through the air towards the form seeking refuge under a shady tree.

Alexander is now leaning against the trunk of the tree, his eyes looking towards the blue sky with some sort of smile plastered across his face. At glance, he looks like he's stupidly disconnected from the world, zoned out in his own thoughts, it's a pretty amusing thing. Absent-mindedly, he crosses his arms over his chest as he imagines there being clouds in the sky to actually try to perceive shapes out of. Once Deadpool is in his vicinity, he immediately says, "I think that cloud looks like a porcupine." Maybe. If there were clouds to begin with.

The slurp sound of the straw escapes Wade as he follows the voice to it's source, that same form who almost become target of his frisbee. Debating as Alexander spoke on whether it was worth picking up that plastic disc or not. One eye squints as the disguised Mercenary looks up, the sun blotch was all he seen. Clouds, no, none. "I think thats called a robin. "Indicating a bird that was passing by. "Mebbe." It was just a damn bird, who knew what kind. Unless he was hallucinating along with this guy. "Think you need your eyes checked. Theres no clouds out."

"…Is that so.." Alexander replies silently. His arms unfold and he looks as though he's about to step away from the tree before he stumbles a little bit, then collapses. Oh, wow, this is awkward. "Aggh.." He says weakly. He could be playing it, but if he is, this is a convincing act. The heck is wrong with this guy?

"Gravity is a cruel mistress." Wade remarks,"But then walking while blind could also prove dangerous." Apparently he was assuming this guy had some sort of sight issue going on. Another straw slurp was heard - the tube bashed around inside the cup as he curiously observed Alexander. Two joggers running by distracted the blonde man who could have just given himself whiplash with the way his head followed them, a small song escaping him,"~Who loves short shorts, Wade loves short shorts…~"

"I think I'm going to die..~ So hungry." Well, this plan isn't going completely right. How's a guy supposed to get a free meal around here?

"Recessions rough ain't it, bad times when a healthy you buck like you is starving." Wade's head was swiveling back towards Alexander one brow quirked upwards, "I feel you though,"His own hand fishes his shirt up and he slaps his stomach which he was intentionally pushing out, "I just got back from iHops, had one of them Big Steak Omelets, those just ain't as big as they used to be. I'm still hungry, listen listen… hear it?" The bright clothed man said his voice dropping into a whisper. "Listen it's growling again, oh wait… nope, thats just gas."

Alexander rolls over on to his back, "I sure picked a weirdo. Are you always like this?" He seems to be amused at this, silently tapping his fingers on the ground.. Obviously, the guy was faking, as evident now.

"No, sometimes I'm mean. Are you always such a snappy dresser? Your mom should get with mine, teach you how a real man dresses, pink is in buddy oh shit, I ain't wearing pink, scratch that yellow next best step anyways. But see, if you'd kept trying I was going to have my girlfriend make you some food." More straw sounds, it was obvious the slurpee had been empty for a few minutes now. "Okay, thats a lie, I don't have a girlfriend." Another set of joggers moving by had his head craning, his thumb coming out to point at a man with a baby worn in a satchel around his neck,"Thats serious bling, hes wearing his own baby. How gangster is that?"

"Are you proposing to me? I'm flattered but I'm not interested. Also I don't think we have the right equipment to make baby bling." This guy knows how to talk. "What about wrist calculators, totally the sexiest thing you can wear to get women. The quiet ones are the really kinky ones." Despite being on the ground, Alex is quite comfortable. The ground in the shade is cool, like the other side of a pillow.

This guys nuts. "Yeah he is." Wade replies to himself, confused on where he got the proposed retort but what was new in the world of confusion."Are you trying to mug people? Is that your schtick? Because this is New York, noones going to give you two blinks. There is an acting class in town though, Jean-Claude Van Damme is teaching it I hear - you could get some lessons! I'll give you money for that. Just had to ask."

Alexander raises his hand, "I don't know what you mean! I haven't eaten in days. I'm a wanderer, just arrived in New York. Do I look like I'm from around here?" He sort of doesn't, maybe. "I've come to New York looking for a college, but I don't have any money."

"Sad sad story gotcha, vespa got stolen, mom died, dog got ran over, Winky the gerbil suffocated in a condom, violins playing, gotcha sob whine." Wade said looking away from Alexander as he was 'birdwatching' again eyeballing various women along the lake. "Ruh roh, attention span drifting, you just got boring my new hobo buddy!" Wade lifts up the cup and tosses it at Alexander,"Now you got something to keep the buttons people give you in." His legs begin pumping and he does a fast stretch before he is then sprinting off after a crowd of jogging females. Yelling behind him,"Now go find a job you damn hippy!!!"

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