2010-01-08: Language Differences


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Summary: Aleksey and Zack meet for the first time, there are some language problems.

Date: January 8, 2010

Log Title Language Differences

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Zack is walking down from the dorms, looking at a map of the campus, staring at it almost, adjusting it left and right with his headphones on. Bobbing his head a bit to the music as he looks to see what's what.

Walking in from the cafeteria with a glass of juice is Alexey. He really doesn't need to eat, his physiology is self sustaning but he still likes the taste of things. When he takes a drink though, the colour of the juice can be seen against his liquidy interrior before it just dissolves. He's wearing an Xavier's sweatshirt over a pair of jeans but what ever is exposed looks like it's just made of water. Spoting another student in the room, he waves. "Hello, how is you being today?" He asks in his thick Russian accent.

Zack huhs and looks up to find a water man…ok that's weird too..he takes his headphones off and takes a peer towards the teen in front of him, "Oh uh…hi." he says, "Ya I'm doing ok I think I'm just looking for stuff" he points at the informative brochure which really doesn't telly ou anything.

Aleksey got one of those brochures when he came here, which wasn't to long ago. "Dah, I being new student too. I being here few weeks." He says in his friendly way. "If you is needing helping, I is trying to see if I is able to be helping you. I knowing bit but still getting known with this school." It's obvious his English needs a bit of work.

Zack nods his head, "uh, ya man, true, I'm new too, just yesterday." he looks back aorund and tries to think, "So uh…how about…breakfast? Is the a cafeteria around?" he looks at the map and back towards the quad. "I'm Zack by the way"

"Dah, there being eating place over there. I be coming from there." Aleksey says as he points to the cafeteria. "I am Aleksey Zacharov. Thank you for coming to Xaiver's." He really means welcome to Xavier's but he's trying to break the language barrier. "You are being really tall."

Zack nods his head a little bit, "Oh really? Well that's good, I think I'm gonna go theer and get somthing to eat, right?" he asks with a nod of his head, music still lightly playing from his headphones, "Uh, ya I know…you're kinda…see through?" he says, wondering if that's the thing to do here, point out the obvious.

Aleksey holds up his hand and pulls down his sleeve. "Dah, I is being made of water. I is being my superpower. Is your superpower being tall?" Aleksey has been a state of awe over the last few weeks here, just trying to take everything in cause it's so different thatn what he's used to. "Mind if I be coming with you to eating place? I is not needing to eat but I still be liking flavour."

Zack nods his head, "Ya, guess that's my, uh, superpower…superpower?" he asks, boy THAT term sounds weird to him, giving a little sigh at the thought of it he nods to you, "Sure sure, we can go have somthing to eat I don't mind. More the merrier right?" teenager motioning and he'll walk towards the cafeteria to see what it's all about.

=Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria
There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

"So what is you thinking of school so far?" Aleksey asks as he's still in that friend making progress. "I is liking it, I never be beliving I be making home at base of X-Men. I not meeting any X-Men yet though, but I be liking to." He's a bit of a superhero fanboy.

Zack looks all over the place again, "Well it's ok, I mean I've only seen the quad, my room and the cafeteria now…" he says as he looks around and he'll step in line to get some food. "The X-Men?" he asks, "Yeah right…sure…" he says not beliving that as he helps himself to some carbs, and eggs, and bacon, and he begins to fill up his tray rather quickly, fruit, yougurt, not skimping on any of the groups but a lot of each of them.

Aleksey smiles and nods enthusatically. "Dah, X-Men, they being superhero team in America. You not be hearing of them? Cyclops is headmaster of school, I is hoping to being able to see Colossus. He is being Russian too." Aleksey's hero. "There is being second building where classes being taken. I is being…Fresh Man. I think because I new." He's not used to America's schooling levels. "Are you being assining to superhero training team yet?"

Zack nods his head, "Well I…wait he is? he asks you and kinda stares, "Are you supposed to be tellin me all of this?" he asks suddenly looking nervous, "Look I'm just a student, I came here cause I wasnt fitting in in high school, I just wanna learn is all, nothing else" he says as he takes his tray and moves over to the table to set down and start to eat.

Aleksey gives Zack a confused look as he's saying stuff differently than he means to say them. "It is being known to us that this is X-Men home. There are pictures and stuffs you can look at in..Li..Library." He seems pleased that he remembered that word. "We is all student here, I not be fitting in back home too. Is not we all being here to learn?"

Zack begins to eat and he chews slowly and watchs you, eating a little bit more if only to stave off having to answer for a little bit, but he swallows soon and sighs, "Well I havn't been up to the library so I don't know anything…and I don't think I want to know now either." he gives his head a nod and eats again.

Aleksey gives a confused look and tilts his head, he's not eatting anything at the moment, which is probably good since it might freak out Zack even more. "There aventures being fun to be reading. It is not good because I is not knowing much of what be.." He snaps his fingers a few times searching for the word he wants to say, even saying something in Russian while thinking. "written down? My English is not being good."

Zack just continues eating, plowing thorough an inordanant ammount of food really, not that he seems to notice, more focused on what you're telling him and feeling a growing sense of unease, "So what they're just…stories up in the library?" asking hesitantly, "All Right fair enough, and you're English reading isn't so good either." now wondering if somthing is just getting lost in translation, like the X-men being up in the lbirary means a book about them or somthing.

Aleksey nods. "In…" Again he serches for the right word he wants to use and he appears to be deep in thought while doing so. "What is you being calling…collection of books of things written down about past? They be having those for reading." Aleksey nods in agreement about the English reading not being so good. "I is taking English class here to be learning more. Since I be believing I be living here for while."

Zack nods, "It's a library you got that right. Ya." chosing to belive his version of reality, that they're just books and he's not understand the russian, so he loosens up, feeling much better and more comfotable that this might be a "normal" school, though he might just be in denail as he takes another bite, "COllection of books, ya, a Library." he nods again.

Aleksey shakes his head. "No Library, it being in libray. Like a collection of past stories." Archives is the word he wants to say but he doesn't know the word in English. "So is you being from the New York of State?" It's the only place he knows right now in America.

Zack nods as he finishes cleanining off the tray of food and he takes a napkin and whipes off his mouth, "ya, I crew up in the city, no problems there, nice place…though I guess this is gonna be all right, lot greener"

"I be in Moscow before. I not being going to city yet. I just stay here, too cold outside." Aleksey says as he's afraid to spend more time than just going from the Dorms to the Mansion outside. There's a strong chance he might freeze. "I be missing Moscow and family there."

Zack nods his head, "Ah, ya, I guess it is kinda cold this year…" he finishes up and thinks some more again, "Right uh…" he fiddles as he puts all the things he's going to throw out onto the tray and thinks, "So…" ya now he's reached an akward point.

"I is not doing good in cold, I be turning to ice." Aleksey says at those were not fun moments for him when it happened, espeically the first time. "So who is being your roomate? I am roomate with Mikhail." He hasn't gotten too much a chance to talk to him yet though.

Zack nods his head "Mikhail, he doesn't speak much either I don't think, or I've heard." he hms, "I thik it's Robyn, but I havn't met them yet, seen their stuff, but other then that I don't know, heard they were all right"

"Robyn, I heard he is frog boy." It's just something Aleksey heard him called when he first got here, he doesn't know why as he hasn't really met him. "I is not meeting him. I is meeting few other Paragons with me. Rashmi, she is being nice, Lucas, he is being…not understanding him, and Leighton. She is having bones." He doesn't really know much about them yet though.

Zack huhs, "A frog boy? What do you mean and…oh you're this Paragon thing too, heard it was like a sports team. So I guess we're gonna do activities together…" he stands and he tosses away his garbage.

Aleksey makes that confused look as if he's thinking to hard again. "I is not knowing, I be hearing people say Robyn and Frog Boy. He is not being in any of classes of mine. And dah, Paragons is like training. We be having coach, Northstar. I haven't been meeting him yet. It is training, with superpowers. To be better. You have to be training to get good. I did training in Russia."

Zack nods, "Well all right, was uh, nice to meet you,' still thinkin he really hasn't got the right and proper meanining from the Russian kid, "I'm gonna go back and see if my room mate is awake, or somthing." he says with a nod/

Nodding with a smile, Aleksey offer a hand to Zack. "It being nice meeting you. I be seeing you." He says not really aware that he made things odd for Zack. "I be having schooling to be going too. You be having good day!"

Zack nods his head, "Thank you, have a good day to Alex…" misprouncing the name but he takes your hand and shakes it, not sure exactly if he's going to feel squishy or not, but he'll certinally try.

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