2010-02-26: Last Stop Sinisterville


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Summary: Mr. Sinister sends out a calling for Jono, Jordan is in the wrong place a the wrong time.

Date: February 26, 2010

Log Title Last Stop Sinisterville

Rating: R

Westchester - Train Station

In a small red building is the Salem train station. Inside the wood floors creak with age, and there are few benches for those waiting for a train. An old man sits behind the ticket counter for those wishing to purchase tickets inside. Outside the cement platform raises about four feet off the ground so passengers can get on and off the train to New York City. There is a covered area of the platform for when it's raining.

"Next stop, Croton Falls. Last Call." Calls a voice over the speakers at the train station right before there is a dinging sound as the train doors close and the train pulls away, leaving the train station fairly empty except a bored looking man behind the glass of the ticket booth. Jono has a reason to be here tonight, somewhere, in his mind, he knows that youngest Beverly, John, is somewhere in trouble and that the train station will give him direction to get to him quicker. If it's true or not, doesn't matter, it's just a nagging sense in Jono's mind.

As for why Jordan's here? He's just… here. Of late, he's gotten to where he wanders, thinking about things. And that wandering has brought him to the train station. Sure, he doesn't really know Mr. Starsmore, but he's seen him around campus, and he sees him here. Quietly, he walks along, just observing the area. It's… strange. He's been needing more 'me' time ever since the demon thing.

Small bag hanging from a shoulder, Jonothon stands near the edge of the rails, waiting. Hasn't been thinking about why he's here. No, just that he needs to get to where John is. The urge is so strong he even left his X-comm behind to make sure that it wouldn't be that easy to follow him. Jono isn't much paying attention to things either. Standing there, lost in his thoughts, a dead man standing.

The man behind the ticket counter looks up a Jordan then Jono and gets up. He puts down whatever magazine he was flipping through and walks over to Jono, a slow but purposeful gait. "Excuse me, I think you need a ticket, to the Beverly's." As if the Beverly's was a stop on the train line. Jordan would be able to hear this all, as for Jono, something seems so right, but yet there's the nagging that something is so wrong with the asking about a train ticket.

"Mr. Starsmore. Ya going somewhere? Robyn's gonna be upset." Jordan calls out, thinking about things. Of course, teachers come and go. It's not that big of a deal. He wanders over, moving to see Jono a little closer. That, and because something is just twitching his offness. He's never seen any of the teachers THIS quiet. Of course, it could just be that his 'me' time has been interrupted by seeing ateacher somewhere he should be alone. Probably.

Jerked out of his revere, Jonothon blinks at Jordan. His reaction is slow as he looks over, and a furrow forms between eyebrows. What? Huh.. Oh. «…» Who is Jordan? Can't place the face, but the Brit does remember Robyn. «I…» Trailing off, he doesn't finish answering thanks to the man from the ticket counter. Caught between Jordan and the man, Jono hesitates a long moment. «I have to see John.» It's almost a question though. Confused and just uncertain enough not to accept it totally. There's another glance to Jordan as Jono attempts to figure out what he's doing here.

The ticket sales men looks at Jordan for a bit, as if Jordan stepped on his shoe or something. "No one is going to be upset when he's gone." And the words kind of hit Jono, like a harsh truth. It's bits of telepathy, working his way into Jono's mind to make him believe things. "Yes you have to see John, Jonothon, he's in trouble, you have to get to him."

Jonothon pages, "Does he want Jono to do something about Jordan? I'm not too clear on the 'upset when he's gone' line. :)" to you.

"Robyn will be upset." Jordan reiterates. But then, he looks at the old man. "Dude, I happen to KNOW the people he knows. There will be people upset. My boyfriend is one of them, so kindly shut up." This is all striking him as very odd. Especially the way that the man behind the counter is talking. "Mr. Starsmore, did you even tell Robyn you were leaving? You know… Robyn? That you brought back when he ran away? He'd be mad at me if I didn't get you to at least call him. Here. I have a phone." He says, pulling his out of his pocket. Oh. Shit. Jono can't talk. "Tell me what to tell him and I will."

The words settle on his mind like a blanket, and those brown eyes are strangely blank as he continues looking at Jordan. Boyfriend? Robyn's.. Oh! A recognition dawns and that frown resumes. «Robyn's upset at me.» For the teen was when they last parted. «He'll be glad I'm gone.» Looks back to the man, shaking his head. «The train?» Yes, Jono, what about the train. «When will it get here? John's in trouble. I can't wait long.» Jordan's phone is ignored for the moment.

The man looks at Jordan and sighs. "Can you please leave him alone, can't you see you're bothering the man?" He turns back to Jono and puts a hand on his shoulder, and as soon as that hand touches him the mark flares up and it /hurts/. "You know exactly where you need to go Jono, I can take you to the Beverly's, make sure they're okay. Especially little, deaf, John."

"You don't know Robyn like I do. He may get mad at you, but he still cares about you and would want to know." Jordan says clearly and cleanly to Jono before he turns to the man behind the ticket counter. "Look, old man. I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you're messing in shit that you don't have a clue about. He's one of my teachers and a close friend to my boyfriend. That means I have a right to talk to him and try to get him to say something before he fucks up the relationship he has. You? You're just some nobody who hasn't got a place in this conversation. So see your way out." He turns back to Jono, "Please, sir. Just tell me what to say to him, so he'll know you're ok."

Something of what Jordan talks about tugs at Jonothon hard. People will be upset, won't they? He even begins to lift his head, to straighten up a little, but then that hand drops to his shoulder. «AHHH!» The pain hits, and it hits hard. Shoving at the old man, Jono doubles over. He grabs for his right shoulder, and it allows that pack to hit the floor - forgotten. It's not long before he drops down to his knees as well. There's nothing to support him here. «This is wrong.» It's a breathless sound, for all it's mental. «I shouldn't be here.» Jono should be in the medical bay!

The ticket salesmen smiles at Jono reacts. "You're right, you shouldn't be here." He says, almost amused before looking at Jordan. "Just a nobody? I'm sorry Jordan, but you are the nobody." He says as he shifts into his normal form, pale skin, dark hair, black costume, matching red diamond on his chest and forehead. "I am not 'just a nobody' and you are in /my/ business." He says as he puts out a hand to send one of his energy blasts at Jordan.

As the shift begins, Jordan stares for a split second. "Oh fuck." He states, reaching for the panic button in his pocket and dropping his cellphone. As he does so, he tries to force himself to go insubstantial, hitting the button as he does so. Unfortunately, the blast is not ineffective to his non-corporeal form. Right after growing to his nine-foot size, he suddenly locks up, biting his tongue to not show any pain if he can avoid it. But it hurts. It hurts like hell. Especially as it forces him back to his normal size, and density. His face is a rictus of annoyance. And pain.

Jonothon finds himself looking up at Sinister in spite of the agony he feels. Brown eyes widen, and as they do they shift to the red and orange of flames. Jordan is blasted, and Jono blasts too. Only at Sinister. Psy-fire flares to life a breath before he lets loose. After all, it's actually harder to hold back than it is to let the energy fly. «I shouldn't be here.» Can't say much else, sorry. Caught between too much right now.

The blast hits Sinister but his rengeration kicks in and Mr. Sinister is rapidly healing. "No Jonothon, you shouldn't be here, but you are." Thanks to him. He looks over at Jordan and smiles. "But I will thank you Jono, for bringing me an addition." A sort of..two for one deal if you will. He reaches out to try to grab Jono, hoping to pick him up. "I've always loved that you are such raw power." He turns to Jordan and grins, the shark-toothed grin of his. "Care to test your luck any further?"

As the pain finally works into manageable levels, Jordan grits his teeth and hits the panic button again before shrinking down to his smallest size and blasting as hard as he can at Sinister. Jordan may not be a heroic person, but he's not going to just let Sinister walk off with a teacher. Robyn would never let him hear the end of it. He's making himself as tight and compact a Bullet as he can. "I always care to try." But then, his voice is very… petite at the moment.

Trying again, Jonothon ends up blasting the ground as pain breathes new life and he can't stop himself from doubling down. The Brit is curled in on himself, kneeling there, so he's fairly easy to pick up. There's a mental call of frustration and pain, before he can manage, «Run!» Psy-fire spreads wildly as the man attempts to help Jordan. At least a little. Held, he twists and tries to get a hand on Sinister's face. Hell, fingers up the nose, or jabbed into eyes, will at least be super annoying, right? «Run! You can't fight him alone!» Not that Jordan can likely run either, but Jono tries.

Still holding Jono, Mr. Sinister tightens his grip. "He can try to run." Sinister says moving his head back as a Jono tries to fight him, so instead of getting a finger up the noise, he just tosses Jono to the ground as he attempts to paralyze him using his telepathy. He doesn't want Jono to move from that spot but he wants him to be aware of what happens to Jordan next, and that's when he gets hit by Jordan, he goes in one side and out the other. There's a grunt of pain from Sinister followed by a growl, though again, he's regenerating in rapid fashion.

It worked. He did something that worked. At least, that's how Jordan's feeling right now. Turning himself around, he gets ready to do the same thing again. Sure, he sees the regenerating, but he's just trying to get Jono out of there. "Go, you're weak. I can do something to hold him." He says. He's been captured, enslaved, and other things before. If he lived through it once, he can do it again if need be. And, Jono's more powerful than he is. So… he's the more important one to get away.

Tossed down, Jonothon sprawls as he lands hard. Can't tuck and roll during times like that. He'll be feeling it later to be sure. If the Brit is anything, he's stubborn. While not actually able to go anywhere, Jono fights that telepathic lock down and struggles to rise. Fingers scrabble against the pavement, each movement painful and awkward to extremes. «Run, you wanker…» If he can manage he turns and blasts at Sinister's legs during that recovery moment. «I can't move.» Well, he is technically moving, but so not going anywhere. That was the last blast he's going to be able to manage as well.

Since Jono is frozen in place, Sinister doesn't expect the telekinetic blast and is knocked back but before he is knocked to the ground, he resorts to flying so that he can stay somewhat upright. "Yes Jordan, prove that you're a hero trained by the mighty X-Men, one of Cyclops's army." He says obviously taunting him. As for Jono though, he can't let him move around anymore so he telekinetically rips away part of the roof on top of Jono so that he can drop it down on top of him.

Taunting, unfortunately, works on Jordan often. "Please. I'm not part of his army. I'm just there to get my size under control." He growls. He seems to have gotten that pretty well in hand, anyway. "And, I could keep myself sane better than a lot of them could." During the demonic invasion, yes, he could. He's blasting too much too quickly, though, and has slightly disoriented himself.

«….Christ.» That is a quiet word just before the roof drops on top of him. The impact stuns Jonothon quite well, leaving him unable to do anything in the aftermath. Yeah, he's gonna lay there and hurt. Poor, little John. Not going to be able to help him now.

Mr. Sinister wants Jono to watch, but he had to resort to the roof dropping to quiet him. He lets Jordan hit him again, this time more prepared, but as soon as Jordan's through, he turns and reaches out mentally towards him, reaching into his brain to try to turn off Jordan's powers. Let him be normal for a bit. "I'm done playing around."

AS Jordan loses his blast, he lets out another curse, sufficiently heated to blister any nearby paint or varnish. He can't blast at this size. So, instead, he falls to the ground. However, he does look over his shoulder and give a quick snarl. "I pushed the panic button. Someone should be here in a moment."

This cement is lovely and cool, did you know that? Nope, Jonothon still isn't doing anything.

"Good, that means I should get out of here now." Mr. Sinister says keeping the physical and mental lock on Jono and then putting the same thing on Jordan as well. He picks up one and then the other. "I'm sure you two will be missed." He says going to fly off with the pair and bringing them to their new life.

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