2010-10-04: Last Stop Who Knows


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Summary: More are found lost in a strange world.

Date: October 4, 2010

Log Title: Last Stop Who Knows

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Abandoned Train Station

The windows and doors are all boarded up on the dilapidated old train station. The roof has caved in on the small building and there is broken glass from the windows littering the ground. The wooden platform extends about thirty feet and bends as it's walked upon. The single track has been over grown and it doesn't seem like a train has been down the rusted metal tracks in a long time. Inside the station house the floor is filled with holes, old train schedules and prices still hang on the walls and there are a few broken benches. On the other side of the ticket booth blank tickets fill the little cubbyholes.

Exploration and connecting with other people is what's important to Heather: in her mental world, a change of setting always has a significance to it. Assessing what the world is like is therefore her priority. She's left the farm with Hosea, who she is walking with, because those staying there seem to be operating on the buddy system. This mostly causes Heather some impatience, since she possesses no recording device. Her Hello Kitty pyjamas contrast pretty sharply with the current setting, her footsteps echoing down the station and she explores. The slate she has tucked under her arm is shown to Hosea, and the words -Call for people please- are scrawled on it. Heather's squeaky little voice doesn't really have much power behind it.

Hosea seems unafraid of the area he finds himself, but still on his guard. "Yes, I will do da calling," he agrees. "Hello! We are friends, you do not need to be worried, we will not hurt you!" His voice echoes. He himself is wearing a pair of old blue jeans and a worn out sweater. He fortunately hadn't changed for the evening when he was taken. "I wondah if all of da school is heah," he suggests. "We have already found many school membas." He points at the train station. "Maybe we will find more in dere, yes?"

There's a rustle of leaves and snapping of twigs coming from down the train tracks. After a bit Kenta emerges wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a sleevless black tshirt. There are a few cuts on him from wandering through the bramble. He's been alone since he's gotten here but that doesn't bother the music teacher. What bothers him is that he doesn't know if his son got yanked into this mess or not. He hears the voices and hurries over seeing two students Hosea and Heather. "Hello, shit..there are more people here. You kids okay?"

Since waking up out on the Moors Kisha hasn't had an especially good time. Having lost every item of technology she was carrying the gadget obsessed girl has gone back to basics, having improvised herself a fire hardened stick sharpened into a spear and a small flint hand axe. Dressed in her usual clothing, if more ragged than normal, she prowls through the Railway station itself. Occasionally pausing to scoop up bits of junk before slinging them into a bag made out of a dirty labcoat. "With some glass I could tip spears and make an atlatl…" she mumbles to herself resentfully.

As Hosea suggests that the whole school is here, Heather just shrugs and squeaks, "Mebe." On the chalkboard, Heather writes, -Okay. Exploring. Connecting.- before zipping up and showing it to Kenta once he makes his presence known. She moves her hand through her tangled hair, in thought for a moment, pulling the strands apart and then gestures for Hosea and Kenta to continue talking to one another. She's spotted something, a feint line of colour a ways away. She zips over to Kisha's location, actually going so far as to superspeed sprint there, and writes on her chalkboard, -Come with.-

Hosea steps up onto the entrance steps when Kenta speaks. "Mr. Kenta! It is good to see you, yes? We are fine, do not worry." He reaches back for the door, but then Heather with her great speed goes ahead of him. "Hah, I tink it is good dat you are heah," he says, turning back to Kenta. "We have seen none of da teachers yet, but do not worry. We have many students heah. We have found a house to make our home, and it is away from da rest of da town." He points around suspiciously. "Dere is someting evil heah I think. We must be careful."

Walking along with Heather, and reading her chalkboard, he nods. "Right..hey..many other students here? How many?" He asks brushing his hair out of his face as he takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and counting how many remain. "I know we must be careful but evil Hosea, honestly I don't know. Something's going on though. Just gotta find out what." He then looks around and nervously. "You guys haven't seen my son around, I don't know if he got sucked into this or not."

"Why?" Kisha says flatly, using a train ticket to scoop up a few of the more functional bits of glass. "I'm scavenging. If I don't I can't build anything and if I can't do that…" She squeezes the handle of her spear until her knuckles go white. "Then I shall most likely go violently insane."

-Suggestion: Temporal translation device?- scrawls Heather, not really keen on actually convincing anyone to come with, only to gain them as potential resources. Also, chalk is not the greatest way to convince people. She glances back at the others and then towards Kisha, adding another point on the chalkboard: -Come with when done?-

Hosea shakes his head. "I am not certain," he says. "Wit you and Kisha, I think that makes twelve of us, unless others have found more dis morning. We are trying to gather everyone to one place, and den maybe we can figure out what is going on." He knits his brow at the mention of Armande. "We have not seen him. But we will keep looking. If da whole school is heah, den he is surely heah somewhere, and we need to find him quickly."

Kenta nods. "So, so far tweleve are here." He sighs and looks around a bit seeming a bit on edge. "I don't know if I'm gonna stay with you guys, but I'll see where you're holing up. I just..I need to find out more about this place and where we are. What's going on." He's not in teacher mode right now. "What's this temporal translation device?" Kenta asks before looking at Kisha. "Scaving..good, just..make sure you stay with the group when you can."

"Context? Make one, the chalkboard is one, have I got one and so on," Kisha says in response to Heathers note about temporal translation devices. "Does /anyone/ have a phone or maybe a watch. /Anything/ made in the last fifty fucking years would do. You don't understand how badly I need it. As for the group… Which group? And why would I stay with them when I have a project to undertake. Someone has interupted my work and they are going to pay." She scowls and adds "And if you see a man called Alaric Blackmoore please neuter him for causing all this."

In response to Kenta's question, Heather writes, -Chalk: suboptimal. Speed/slow voices. Direct communication. Need.- She shows her piece of chalk, which is wearing down pretty quickly even with her economic speech patterns, just to explain why she's not writing more detail. She seems frustrated for a moment and then speaks to Kisha vocally, "TUndstaWtPiplRSainNComunctImprtn." Back towards Hosea and Kenta, she says, tucking the board back under her arm, "BlckmoorHrdThNmeFrmCnr GrpVStdnts."

Hosea isn't in student mode any more than Kenta is in teacher mode. "No, we will stay together as a whole," he answers, but he says it also to Kisha and Heather. "We must find your son, Kenta, and any others who are out heah." His tone is not a polite suggestion. "I will not have on my conscience dat you become hurt because I let you wander alone." The old military mindset is surfacing with him. "I will go back to da house to inform those dere dat you have been found, and dat we must look for Armande. Heather can show you how to get back." He doesn't wait for a return argument, but rather takes a step forward, and with a couple of quick teleports, he is back at the farmhouse relaying the information to the others.

"Blackmoore, heard the name from Connor. Group of Students?" Kenta asks Heather making sure she got it correct before looking at Kisha. "Kisha, sorry I got nothing really. I wasn't carrying my cellphone when I woke up here. I was at the school, in the music room then I woke up in some bar, tavern type place. If you guys find any cigarettes…let me know." He says sighing at the last five in his pack that he's been trying to save. "Okay, I'll stay with Heather till she's back there. And at least we got a name, Alaric Blackmoore. And I think I can understand how badly you need it Kisha as I'm going through nicotine withdrawal right now and worring about my kid."

Kisha rolls her eyes, then hands Heather a railroad spike. "Use the ground. You can write in the soil with this and then rub it out," she suggests. "Unless people have the means for me to begin work on a generator. In which case I'll be able to make you something better in about six months. After I've re-invented electricity, plastics and magnetic tape." She shrugs. "I'll be setting up here in the middle of town. There must be a forge here and other things I can use."

Heather rolls her eyes in return at Kisha, but takes the railroad spike and taps it against the solid floor of the train area. "WlMkeSmthnMselfThn." This is halfway an idle threat. Heather doesn't have great inventing prowess, though she knows a little bit more about science and mechanics now than she used to. Nothing she makes will be much better than the chalkboard, even if she decides to devote the time. Even though the rules of science are often quite clear, she simply doesn't have the tinkering experience. Back to Kenta, on the chalkboard, -Searching for persons. Can cover lots of ground.- She gestures to herself to specify the subject of the sentence. -If son is here, will find.- She nods once, in an attempt to reassure Kenta.

Kenta is a bit surprised he can actually make out a bit of what Heather says. "If I find more chalk or something easier to write with, I'll bring it to you." He assures her. "Actually, there might be some paper and ink back here." He says walking over to the old ticket booth. "I'll get you a kite string and a key Kisha." Kenta says with unintentional sarcasim as she mentions re-inventing electricity. "I'm gonna take the air soon just there's so many trees it's hard to see through them. Lucky for me I can see in the dark and the cold does't bother me." He then nods to Heather. "Thank you."

"Any idea what kind of trees? I could use ash or yew," Kisha asks hopefully, still clutching at her stone headed axe. "If you really want me to help Heather then if you could collect any cellphones or other modern electronics people might still have. Along with copper. With that I /might/ be able to improvise a generator that can recharge the battery and I /might/ be able to convert a smartphone into something you can use. Providing physics works as I expect, someone actually has a phone and nothing kills me in the process. Happy?

Heather stares as Kisha says all those words. Just so /many words/. She has difficulty understanding them, so has to concentrate pretty hard in order to interpret. She nods at Kisha and says, "WsNfortntlySlepnWinSetinChng." She gestures towards her own pyjamas and then nods at Kenta, dashing off to check the ticket booth as well, just to see if there's more translation supplies available.

"I know music, not trees." Kenta admits as he just knows they are trees and then there are some Christmas type trees too. "I'm sure you might be able to find some clothes around here, there's a bit to scavange Heather." Kenta says before looking at Chloe. "This place is pretty dead, electricity wise. I dunno, it seems like we've stepped back in time to, who knows what days. So Alaric Blackmoore, that's the only name we know. And don't kill yourself trying to reinvent the wheel Kisha."

Kisha humpfs. "No. I intend to kill our host by re-inventing a Chinese repeating crossbow /or/ if I can find sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate I'll build a small cannon to do it," she assures with a slightly icy smile. "I think I saw some wheels on a cart. So that at least is pre-done."

Heather glances between Kenta and Kisha before noting, "IWlScvngSumThinsYs." She starts shuffling through the toll booth, trying to get anything that she or any other students might be able to use. She does look up and say, "IWntToNoWyWeReEvnHer."

"One thing I want to find too, is food. I haven't really eatten much." Kenta admits as he's found a few vegetables earlier but that was about it. "Yeah well, I'm gonna agree with Heather. I want some answers and to know why we're here. And even who our 'host' is, if there is one." Which there probably is one. "Now we just have to wait for Vincent Price to step out from the curtain and narriate the next step of the story I guess." He says sounding a bit snippish.

"You both might want to watch out for skeletal hands grasping your legs," Kisha warns, idly carving grooves in the end of her spear into which she might slot some broken glass. "Before we got taken skeletons seemed like the weapon of choice. Accompanied by mist. I'd show you the bruises but they're hard to make out from all the places where I smacked myself with a wrench trying to get them to let go."

Tilting her head slightly, Heather wonders out loud, "MebeThSwmpMunstrHdSomthinTDoWitZis?" The strange beast would certainly have fit in to this setting, and Heather is trying to link the setting change with her own past. She gets out of the booth, a few sheets scavenged as well as a bottle of ink. "WeHavTBeVryCarful."

"Swamp Monster?" Kenta asks and then remembers. "That's right, you were talking about that a while ago. I don't know." He then nods to Kisha. "I haven't seen anything here yet, just..it's weird." He takes a few steps around the train station and looks around. "There's a scheduel here but it's blank. Nothing's filled out. I was hoping to get some land marks but..I guess not."

Kisha ponders the theory, then ducks down and removes her other boot lace and begins securing the glass in place. "It seems statistically unlikely for both events to occur so close together. Perhaps the mage in question summoned the swamp monster as a 'trial run' of his abilities, moved onto a more powerful creation when it was defeated and lost control."

"IKiltItPrtyBad," notes Heather helpfully on the subject of the swamp monster, "AndItIsPsibl." She scratches her head lightly and gives a little squeak of a sigh, "IWanTLukAtThSylmButWeReNtGongTherYit." Most conspiratorially, if her weird chipmunk voice can sound properly conspiratorial, "IThnkItHasAnsrs."

As a ghostly vision in white comes around the corner, and for a moment remains somewhat ethereal in the haze of the area around the group… it resolves into the form of one Emma Frost. Despite the general dirt and grime of the world around, she somehow remains immaculate to the hair as she says, "I hardly think so… but I am sure such can be investigated once we return home, Miss Dorogoi. And Miss Brown… caution is still advisable at this juncture. We've no clue how many of us are here… or what is here with us. Hello Kenta." Stating the man's name crisply as she walks past the group and looks inside, "I've detected a small group of minds, mostly sleeping on the outskirts of town, most likely from the smoke is coming from. Have you gone yet to see if any of the other students are there?"

"The Slim?" Kenta asks as he doesn't quite get what she's talking about. He finally gives in and takes out a cigarette and lights it with a wooden match from a small box he found earlier. "How about you and I get a small group to go check this Slim out since you think it has answers." And Kenta shrugs at Chloe. "Who knows, right now we just have a name and swamp monsters and skeletons and nothing. A whole lot of nothing." He looks at her with a smile, like he's grateful to see her. "I'm on the only adult here!"

"Asylum?" Kisha suggests with a shrug. "Heather mentioned some of the students had relocated to a farm outside of town, perhaps they're who you sense?" She glances at Emma suspiciously, then adds "Do you have any inactive technology I could borrow? Only I'm struggling to maintain any degree of sanity without my tech handy. Knapped flint doesn't fill the void."

"YsWeReStyinTher," says Heather to the appearing Emma, nodding at Kisha's suggestion. She actually picks up her board and writes out -Asylum- on the chalk board. Finding an optimal way to integrate it into her speech is difficult, but even though she has paper, it's the best clarification tool she has. She nods a couple of times and says, "SmsLikMosDangrisPlcSoPrblyMstPortnt."

Emma simply arches a brow at the things going back and forth and there's a deep sigh from her that causes that perfect, paid-for bosom to bounce slightly in the corset-piece worn under her suit jacket, "Miss Dorogoi, I am not going to simply hand my personal data device over to you just so you'll have a teddy bear. I do not need you peeking into my personal life on the ground of sparing your sanity. I can do that all on my own." To Heather she then replies, "You are correct, Miss Brown… it may very well be important… which is why WE…" Motioning towards Kenta, "Will investigate, and the rest of you will rejoin the other students. And before you even consider disobeying me… which you already have twice now… I will knock you senseless… with a load-bearing pillar if needs be."

Kenta looks at Ms. Frost and takes a long drag off of one of his limited supply of cigarettes. "I'm gonna be going airborne and looking around, I gotta see if Aramande got dragged into this or not. If he's out there, I gotta find him, and if he isn't, well I have to make sure he isn't. Some of us appeared around people, I know I woke up in a pub and have been on my own since then." He'll investigate the Aslyum at some point but right now his family is his concern. "And I guess according to Heather and Hosea the nubmer is now up to thirteen people who are here. How far can you do a telepathic scan of the place Emma?" He asks as he looks at Heather. "YOu're probably right about that Heather, and honestly, had no clue there was an Aslyum here. So Kisha, what kind of dependancy do you have on technology?" Trying to figure out how bad she is.

"IDsbeyedZroTms!" objects Heather, placing her hands on her hips. She narrows her eyes slightly and notes, "IWilGoBkNw MySlipCyclIsStrtnSon. YGoHed. FYouNedMeYNoWherTFindMe." To Kenta, she adds for his benefit, "IWilKepLokinWenIWake." That having been said, Heather dashes off where she came from in the first place. Since Emma knows where the mind cluster is, she will likely be able to guide the others without her.

Kisha fixes Emma with a glare of crushing indifference. "Details of your personal life rank so low on my priorities that I'm more likely to count the blades of grass in the school lawn before seeing them out," she informs. "I asked for a modern piece of technology because my power makes it /agony/ to be without any. But it appears you didn't pick teaching as a vocation through any degree of compassion for your students." She begins work adding another sliver of broken glass to her spear. "Enough that if this was a chemical probablem I would be in rehab strapped to a table."

That infamous gaze casts itself on Kisha for a moment, and then there's a tension in the air around the girl before there is an almost bubble-like mental burst for the young Russian girl. She has the sudden feeling like there is a cell-phone in her pocket, and a computer at her side… the comforting mental 'presence' of technology… all the help her calm as Emma loops some memories for her from her long-term to her short-term… like a waking daydream. It's not the real thing, but enough to take the worst of the edge off her power's demands for a few hours. Then Emma hits the endorphins button for the young lady, flooding her with 'feel good' so she can calm down a bit more. All in the space of seconds, before she turns on Kenta, "I understand your needs, and I can respect them… I've detected at least twenty, if not more minds in various states around the town… along with some distant mental echoes I cannot fully attune to."

At the gaze Kenta wonders if he's gonna have to step inbetween the two women. "Kisha, I know I'm not one to talk, I'm getting snippy cause I've been going through cigarette withdrawal and trying to make them last if we're stuck here for a bit, but we gotta keep it together. Or try to. I mean, we don't know shit right now, and this whole thing has us all turned upside down. The less we fight with eachother, the better. I dunno about Emma here, but right now, I don't feel like a teacher. I'm just a guy trying to figure out what the fuck is going on and how to live through it and trying to hold onto myself so I don't turn into what I once was."

Kisha glares for a moment longer, then relaxes her white knuckle grip on the spear. "I apologize if I came across overly rude. I haven't slept since I got here because of the aforementioned problem," she says quietly. "I'm going to resume my efforts to set up an infastructure. Permission to, on a tempory basis, construct potentially offensive items for self defense?" She glances at the spear and axe and begins whistling innocently.

Her voice returns, a bit more gently this time, "If you must… there is in fact a blacksmithy in the town proper where you might procure some of the things you need, Miss Dorogoi." As Emma walks over and puts a hand on Kenta, her glove resting there for a long moment, "I am not without compassion, nor without patience… however… this is the exact situation where the school has been told that mistrust was born from. And I find it counterproductive that despite our presence… you children will go off and do as you please. Perhaps at the farm the others are at you may find more tools from which to work. If not, if some are willing to stay with you, you may set up in town. A secondary rally point may be needed." While she speaks though, Kenta hears in his mind. «I will not let that occur, Kenta. You will be fine, and if your son is here… he WILL be found. This is not wishful thinking, this is inevitability. I refuse to let whoever did this to us have the satisfaction of seeing you bend to their whims.»

Humming can be heard outside the old Train Station, if you look through what was the semblence of a window, you will see a tall young African-American male dressed in a ratty old trenchcoat and sweats with various X's on them. The humming would be recognizable to Kenta as he has heard it before in a similar style. The mental thoughts familiar to Emma as it is one of Xavier's alum. The language of the humming familiar to Kisha as it draws closer to the train station it is in Russian. Holding a dead rabbit, the not-so-clean mutant makes his way towards the train station having sensed familiar skills. His trademark cybershades not on his face, for the moment, but in a pocket. He carries the dead rabbit towards the train station and yells out, "Hello?"

A few years ago Kenta was trapped on another dimension for ten years and became a hardend fighter to survive and he's wondering what will happen here. He doesn't answer Emma back mentally but outloud. "I know but I have to make sure he's safe, I can't lose him like I did his Mother." He then looks up at Kisha and nods. "Thanks Kisha and right now, I'll give an okay and hope Emma here does too. Things are…weird here." There's no better way to put it. "Hey David, good to see another face. At least all the faces we've seen are alive so far."

"Mistrust also occurs when your security system doesn't actually secure anything and no staff respond before the shambling dead begin clawing at people," Kisha offers with a weary sigh. "Your accent is /dire/ Mr Alleyne and if you're thinking of saying you're getting it from me, then yes because mine is dire too. To my fathers eternal shame." She glances around the railway station, then nods. "A blacksmith might be suitable for my needs. If I can obtain coal I can melt down sections of the railway. If you find a mind that claims to be Alaric Blackmoore he's responsable indirectly, plus he knew superheroes lived at the school. Which you might want to look into given it's supposed to be a secret."

There's actually a smirk on Emma's face, "That would be Charles' fault… between himself and Doctor McCoy, we have the unfortunate burden of being an open secret… and unfortunately… what is called the 'tights and capes' community is rather small, and uniquely aware of us." Shaking her head, she sighs, "Greetings, David. I am glad one of Ms. Moonstar's students is here… she has a tendency to instill a better sense of judgement than most." Motioning for the other young man to join them she ends up shaking her head once more, "Alaric Blackmoore… the name does not bring anything specific to mind, but that is neither here nor there for the moment. But the appearance left little time for anyone to react. Whoever was on Cerebra duty at the time did not have time to fully alert security."

Making his way in, "Hello all." He gives each a personalized greeting, <Hello, Kenta> in Japanese. <Kisha, no troubles and it is understandable. I will speak in English now> in Russian and a nod to Ms. Frost telepathically sent, «Ms. Frost…Oh I thought you should know, my cybershades are working but the power is low. I have turned them off until I ran into someone higher up on the staff.» He holds on the rabbit, "I have some food…" He himself does not look that appetized by the rabbit.

"As for not reacting Kisha, as a teacher I don't remember much. I just remember being in the music room and waking up here. Somethings going on and I can't really say what." Who knows what happened outside but then some might have more memory than Kenta. "What's up David? So how's the land been treating you. You haven't seen a six year old at all have you?" Blind hope. "Well rabbit…who here knows how to skin it?"

The look Emma shoots David is better language than any telepathy or spoken word can muster. She obviously either has no talent or no interest in skinning a rabbit, then then says rather bitterly, "The one time we could have used Logan, and he had to go off on another one of his Hell's Angels self-discovery jaunts." Shaking her head, she says a bit more loudly, "Perhaps at the farm where many of the students have taken refuge, one of them will know how to remove the… fur… from the poor beast. However… it looks sickly. I am not sure if the meat will be palatable unless boiled thoroughly."

"You didn't notice all those gun turrets popping out of the lawn and the alarms going off?" Kisha asks curiously. "Ah. The music room? I wonder if Professor Forge did the sound-proofing… It might be worth improving the targeting protocols for the defense systems then, but anyway another time…" She studies the rabbit and then smiles. "It may well have fleas. And you /did/ remove the internal organs after you killed it? Because otherwise it'll go bad quite quickly. Personally I intend on going without food for the duration. I should last at least twenty days before starvation begins to become a problem.."

Holding the rabbit far from him, David looks over everyone and then responds in an appropriate order, "No, I'm sorry, Kenta. I haven't seen Armande." He looks to Emma and Kisha, "I removed the internal organs. I must have been near one of the students who is a good hunter, when I killed the poor thing. I have been feeling random echoes of skills here and there upon exploring this place." He looks off in the direction of the farmhouse, "So, Ms. Frost, as the most senior person here, what's the plan for now? Other than survival, of course!"

Kenta nods at David and then Emma. "Well all the kids are supposivly hanging out at the farm. I'll fly over there and check it out and then I'll continue my search of the area. I'll also see what I can bring the kids to help them out." Kenta then looks at Kisha and gives her a nod. "Keep your cool and stay positive, that's how we're gonna survive this." He says with a wave and final drag of his cigarette, waiting till he's outside to put it out throughly so no chance of a fire. "See ya soon!" He says as a pair of black, bat-like wings made from dark force errupt from his back and he takes to the skies.

Emma watches Kenta depart with a slight shake of her head as she looks back at the others, "David, your technological items should remain off for the meantime, and I would also recommend removing the power source in order to preserve battery life until or unless we need them." And then she turns and begins walking back towards the town, "I am going to the other side of town to do another scan and see if there are any other mental presences I detect. I would suggest for the meantime to stick to the town, or to the farmhouse where you can see the smoke. Any place else may be dangerous. That will also keep all in range so I can attempt to act as something of a security system. Once we have a good handle on how many are here, we can begin looking for information on a means of returning home."

Kisha rolls her eyes and giggles. "Just cut it in half, skin it with a knife and put it on sticks in front of a fire," she suggests, shouldering her spear and heading towards the stations platform. "I'll be at the blacksmith if anyone needs me. If anyone finds copper send it my way and I'll try and get electricity up and running…. With luck I'll have enough work to do that I'll be able to keep myself sane."

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