2009-03-31: Late Night


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Summary: Julian walks in on Owen musing on his birthday

Date: March 31, 2009

Log Title: Late Night

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

It's late night, technically early morning on the 31st of March. Later today, many residents of the Xavier Mansion will be flying off for the final battle of the invasion. It's not the only event of the day however. Owen Folger, the newest student at Xavier's is in the kitchen right now. In shorts and a tank top, he's seated at the counter in his human appearance. In front of him is a cupcake snagged from a plate of cupcakes. This one's different from the others though, it's got a lit candle in it. "Ah'd sin' but Ah'm really bad at it," he jokes to himself as he just watches the flame for a few moments.

Julian is still up, a bit pumped for the action tomorrow. He's in need of some hydration, but as he comes into the kitchen, he notices another teen in there, with a cupcake with a candle… "Yo, man, what's the occasion?" He asks, being friendly, a bit of a shocker if this would have been Julian two years ago.

Owen jumps, startled by the sudden appearance of the other mutant. This causes him to accidentally blow out the candle but he doesn't mind. Looking Julian over once then grinning, Owen nods. "Birthday," he replies. "Ah'd make a crack 'bout wishes bein' granted but Ah jus' can' think of one that doesn' sound like corny flirtin'," he laughs.

Julian gives a bit of a chortle at the flirting crack. "Well, you could always ask the old 'money' wish." His parents did, and guess what happened? GASP! Though he doesn't know that part of his family's history yet. And yes, he did hear Owen's words wrong.

Owen shrugs. "Ah got enough money," he muses. "Don' need that much tah begin with," he smiles. "Name's Owen," he finally introduces himself, offering a hand.

Julian fills a glass with water. The telekinetic shrugs. "Alright then." He reaches to shake Owen's hand. "Julian Keller." He takes a drink of water from the glass.

Owen smiles. "Nice tah meet ya," he replies. "Ah'm jus' a farm-kid. Wouldn' know what tah do with more money than Ah already have," he murmurs. "Ya know…considerin' all Ah've been learnin' about bein' a mutant and thin's like magic bein' real, Ah'm wonderin' if anyone wishin' on a birthday candle actually got thier wish granted."

Julian looks to Owen. Offering up a little bit of inspirational thoughts. "I did." He takes another drink of water.

Owen pauses, looking up at Julian with an arched eyebrow. "Ya did?" he asks. "Whatcha wish for? Tah be the hottest guy on campus?" he inquires with a smirk. He's a bit skeptical.

"No, that came naturally." Julian looks into the glass of water. "It was to be rich." He refrains from telling Owen about his extremely meager early childhood.

Owen chuckles a little. "Well, best Ah've seen so far but Ah've not been here all that lon'," he muses. "Ya wished on a cake tah be rich and what? Cut the cake and money fell out?"

"No, that came later. About a month." He says, looking to Owen. "We started earning more and more money, and then we moved to Beverly Hills. Now, I have enough money to never work a day in my life." But he will work, he wants to be a hero after all.

Owen stares. "Dude…" he pauses. "Okay, you're actually serious 'bout that?" he asks. "Next someone's gonna tell me Ah'm gonna meet some aliens or Ah dunno…a vampire."

"Done that farmboy. Aliens hit the school a year ago, took some students with them. THat one alien was an asshole, tried to plant something in my body, like thorns that grew inside." Julian's seen a
lot of things though a vampire is not on that list.

Owen stares again. "So…ya'll got probed?" he couldn't resist the bad joke. Holding a serious face for a moment, he laughs slightly and shakes his head.

"Hell no. I made that alien whimper back to the mothership. Wasn't gonna let that fucker take me like those others." Julian says, a bit matter-of-factly.

Owen blinks a few times. "So you were the one doin' the probin' then?" he snickers. "Sorry, sorry…couldn' resist," he says, waving a hand. Plucking the candle out of his cupcake, he sets it aside. "So what happened? Someone rescue the students the got taken?"

"Uhh." Shaking his head the telekinetic looks to Owen from the glass. "No, they found their way back here, took them ten years alien time, and they returned in three weeks Earth time."

Owen shakes his head slowly. "Damn," he says quietly. "That jus' sucks. How often that kinda stuff happen 'round here?" he asks. "Cause if it's a common thin' maybe Ah better actually pay attention tah those combat classes Ah heard Ah'll be in."

Julian looks up at the ceiling, trying to remember just exactly how many times the school had been attacked while he's been there. "It happens around four times a year. Sometimes less, but you should pay attention to the combat class anyway, Summers can be a real ass if you don't follow rules or pay attention."

Owen winces. "Summers…that guy with the glasses that wouldn' let me leave the creepy-as-hell infirmary?" he asks. "Man, he seemed nice too…" he sighs. "Ah don' plan tah be goin' outta mah way tah break any rules but Ah didn' think Ah'd actually need tah learn how tah use mah powers tah fight," he pauses. "Hey…what kinda power you got?"

Julian gives a nod. "When I was a student, he had it out for me. If he seemed nice to you, then you haven't done anything to piss him off yet." He looks to the glass again. "Telekinesis." Plain and simple, though he does start to float in air around that time.

Owen blinks then nods. "Nice," he says, watching the floating. "Flyin' must be nice…" he trails off. After a moment, he shakes his head. "Between that, the Livin' Light guy Ah met, and the squeaky fella Ah saw take a header down the stairs and get up like it was nothin'…three most interestin' powers Ah've seen so far," he says with a nod. "Ah jus' control this Dark Force stuff," he says, letting out some of the inky blackness. As he does, he becomes covered in a short coat of fine red-brown fur, his eyes go all green and start to glow and his canine teeth become fangs.

Julian watches the Dark Force user do his thing, and not really taken aback by the physical change. "I dunno what that dark stu…" He says yawning. "That means it's time to go to bed. I'll see ya around Owen." He says, needing rest before the big fight.

"Trus' me. It's a pain in the rear and not any kinda enjoyablr kind," Owen remakes, watching the wisps fade away. He yawns after Julian and shakes his head. "Sure thin'. Have a good night, Julian. We should hang out sometime…get in some football or somethin'," he suggests. Picking up his cupcake he hops off the stool and takes a step before vanishing into a cloud of inky darkness. Teleportation go!

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