2011-03-11: Late Night At Xavier's


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Summary: Robyn and Sophie chat for a bit late on a Friday Night.

Date: March 11, 2011

Log Title: Late Night at Xavier's.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

It's mid evening, and the Ramsey Dormitories are relatively quiet. It's the evening before a weekend, and most students are either hanging out in the rec room, playing night time basketball on the court, or otherwise shirking their homework for as long as possible. Sophie is sitting on a ledge under one of the large windows; her cane dangles loosely from the loop around her wrist, as her fingertips brush over the page of a book. She humms tunelessly as she reads; head bowed, and golden hair tumbling down about her face.

Coming into the rec room from outside with a big yawn is Robyn. He's got clay covering his clothes, face, hair and some still on his hands as he's been in the art room for the last few hours. "Is it too late for dinner?" He yawns a second time as he's not sure if there is any food left in the cafeteria at this time of night.

Sophie's attention piques, and she tilts her head up as her fingers hold their position in her book. "Robyn?" She sets the ribbon to mark her place and closes her book, tucking it neatly under her arm as she stands up. She flicks her cane out to probe the ground around her, before she moves slowly towards where she heard the voice. "I am sure there is food left," she adds, "I am sure I could smell chilli earlier."

"Yup that's me." Robyn says plopping down on one of the couches. "I lost track of time up in the art room. I get absorbed in projects and forget to eat and sleep. My roommate is good at being a parent and making sure I get my daily cookie fix." He says, picking some of the red clay off his hands. "And I'll have to get some chili in a bit. So how are you setting in here at Xavier's?"

The blind girl pauses for a moment just as Robyn plops into the couch; she changes course to move in that direction. "Cookies do not a meal make," she replies, with mirth in her voice. "But I am a poor cook, I am afraid, so I am sure I'd be of little help." Sophie shrugs her shoulders, just as her cane hits the back of a chair. Her hands alight on the seat, and she feels her way around it before sitting down herself. "Xaviers is a marvelous place," she adds. "Si, everyone is helpful and understanding. And the library has books in it in braille; I supose it is because I am not the first blind person to come, si?"

"Says you." Robyn says in regards to cookies not making a meal. "Have you ever had a Oatmeal Raisin Cookie dinner, it's the best." He says being half serious. "I don't cook, not my thing. I can make a sandwich. Rashmi's the good cook. Her curry is amazing." He says resting taking his shoes off to curl up on the couch. "Xavier's has it's really great moments just it's better for some then others. Some people don't like that we're a target."

Sophie shakes her head, golden hair cascading over her shoulders as she moves. "I cannot say that I have," she replies. "I was excused from cooking duties at the convent where I grew up… pretty well permanently, after I lost my sight. I think they were afraid I would cut my fingers off just peeling potatoes." She giggles softly. "I have been fortunate enough to try Senora Rashmi's chicken tika masala, the other day; and it was amazing!" She pauses, and her hands clasp over her book and the top of her cane. "But, what are we a target for?"

"I heard Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the cooking teacher here, was teaching Tara how to cook." Robyn says as apparently cooking for the blind is taught at Xavier's. "I miss it, usually if we see each other we're out somewhere so we're not having home cooked food." He says with a bit of longing in his voice. "Well, we're mutants Sophie. A bunch of super powered teens."

The blind girl ahhs softly, "Well, yes, there is that. I was hoping it was some other sort of… target." She shifts a bit in her seat, and draws her legs up under neath of her as if she'd prefer to hug them protectively against herself. "Back home in Spain, the Mother Superior arranged to have me sent here in a hurry after a man came and asked me a lot of questions about my ability. So I suppose it is not so different over there, as it is here."

"Here you get a lot of people who are quite vocal about disliking us." Robyn says as he pulls his legs up onto the couch. "My Mom actually hates super powered folk. Me, my boyfriend and my friends are the few exceptions I think. Growing up in Brooklyn and seeing super hero fights and being late to school cause Ironman and villain of the month are fighting over the Williamsburg Bridge, she finds it a nuisance."

Sophie nods ehr head as she listens. She rests her cane across her lap, and frees her wrist from the loop for the time being. "In Santa Margarita, when I found out that I can heal people of their wounds and illnesses… it was like people could not agree. Some people thought I was a saint." Her cheeks color deep red after those words, and she bows her head. "Other people insisted I was a dangerous threat. I suppose that is what happens when you live in a small place, and news travels quickly. I have trouble imagining New York." She smiles softly. "It is too big!"

"Yeah it's huge. I haven't even been everywhere in New York City even though I grew up there." Robyn says. "It's like five cities in one. Manhattan is the one most people know though." He's fine with the size. "People don't always understand what they don't know. It's why Rashmi does what she does and I'm so happy her rally went well."

"It is much bigger than Madrid," she agrees. "Or at least, bigger than I remember Madrid being; the last time I was there when I could see I was only a few years old." She holds her hands up in a dismissive gesture, before dropping them down to her legs. "Senora Rashmi is a woman I think I admire. She is strong and confident, but doesn't let herself go to arrogance or anything like that." The blind girl smiles softly. "What is her power? If it is not… considered rude to ask such questions. I was never around other mutants until I came here."

"I've never been to Madrid so I can't compare." Robyn has never even left the country. "Rashmi's my best friend. Her and Connor." He says of his fellow Musketeers. "She creates these psionic spheres that she can fire at people with some pretty crazy force behind them. And a lot of people seem to look up to her. She's awesome and she's seen me at my best and worst. If I was straight, I'd have a crush on her."

Sophie ohs? "A Senor Connor? Him, I have not met nor heard of before," she replies. Her eyebrows rise, and she tilts her head to one side. "You prefer… other men, then? I am not sure quite how you say it in English." She blushes softly. "I am sorry, I do not mean to offend, of course."

"Connor, he's my other best friend and my roommate." Robyn says. "Connor's great and kinda like a big brother even though we're a few days apart." He can't help but chuckle at her question. "Gay, yes, I am attracted to men and not women. Just the way I was born. Like yesterday my boyfriend called me, that's why I ran off for a bit."

Sophie ahhs softly. "I understand," she replies. "You do not need to justify your feelings to me, Robyn. I am Catholic, it is true; but unlike some who claim to be such, I am a devout Catholic, and I take my scripture seriously. Right now I am thinking of the part that says 'Thou shalt not judge'." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "If you ever should hold a rally for the right for a man to be with another man, such as Rashmi held for mutant rights… please, tell me; I shall attend and support you."

Robyn shakes his head. "No no, I won't be holding any rallies anytime soon. That's not my thing." He says giving a bit of a laugh. "Hey, I'm happy with who I am so don't worry I don't feel the need to justify anything. As my parents taught me, as long as you're true to who you are and happy with who you are, that's what matters. The rest of the world can rot. So it's just who I am." He purposefully doesn't say anything about religion.

Sophie gives a sage nod of her head. "Your parents are wise in this advice," she replies. "The only person you truely need to be comfortable with, all the time, is yourself; si?" She smiles fleetingly, before shifting in her seat to get comfortable once more. "I have to say, though… I wish there was not so much trouble around what we are. I understand that sometimes people are afraid… but, Santo Dios, we are still human beings."

Robyn stands up and nods. "Yup, my parents are pretty awesome. But unfortunately someone people view us as mutants. Not everyone has the same view point, for better or for worse." He says as he stands up and streches. "wEll nice talking to you Sophie, I'm gonna hit the cafeteria and see if there's any food let."

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