2012-01-18: Late Night Chat


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Summary: Nigel and Warlock are up late, start chatting.

Date: January 18, 2012

Log Title: Late Night Chat

Rating: R (Foul Language)

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Nigel sits on the couch, from the looks of things he's been up all night if the empty soda bottles are any indication. Most of the lights are off with the TV giving most of the room's illumination as he absently flips channels.

Hoping to sneak down and have a go on one of the rec room games consoles before anyone else gets up Warlock has set his alarm good and early. Dressed in grey shorts, blue long sleeved shirt, black socks, steam-punk style goggles on his forehead and with a video game in his hand, he very quietly steps into the rec room only stopping when he sees someone beat him to it, "Bugger".

Nigel sighs and sets the remote down, "God I hate early morning TV.. nothing but religious crap, infomercials, and garbage they can't get away with showing any other time of the day." He perks up a little as he hears Warlock and looks back over his shoulder, he gives a wave. "Hey there, problem?"

Warlock shakes his head, "Nope, no problem, i didn't think anyone would be up this early", spotting the empty soda bottles he frowns, "Have you been here all night mate?, or just aiming for a massive sugar high?", are they allowed to stay down here this late?, cos if so he may have another idea for a time to play his game.

Nigel stretches a moment "Little of both, just couldn't sleep earlier and really not in the mood to now. Just got a bit on my mind is all. As for if I can be down here I'm not sure, haven't gotten any mental messages telling me to get the hell to bed yet so I'm guessing the headmistress doesn't care, and no alarms have gone off yet so I figure I'm good." He motions to the TV "If you wanted to do something feel free, not crap on right now."

Warlock grins, "Cool thanks", he quickly heads over to the games consoles and starts fiddling with setting his game up, "The headmistress really talks into your mind?, that sounds a little invasive, is she like constantly reading our minds?", his thoughts are his, rather not have anyone crowding them up.

Nigel shakes his head "I don't think so, but I've gotten a couple of mental summons since I've been here, mostly from professor Xorn. I think if she was watching all of our minds all the time she'd have killed herself long ago, let's face it we're one big mass of Dysfunctional jagoffs."

"I haven't had a message from either, which is probably good right?", Warlock grabs the console controller and switches the tv over to the right channel, "Not even really sure how much longer I'll be here, it's been over a month since my powers last made an appearance, so maybe the whole mutant thing ran out, would they kick me out for that?"

Nigel shrugs "Well I've had a few… episodes. So they tend to keep an eye on me. I don't think Mutant abilities can run out, you just need to learn how to tap into them. None of us develop the same way."

Warlock shrugs, "Shame, every time i did accidentally tap into them it resulted in random property damage, still don't think the art teacher likes me", clicking the cloud setting he loads up his save file, "I've been asked to sign up for extra DR sessions cos i missed a few, something might happen then".

Nigel nods "Well the first time I changed fully I blew up half my high school Gym. I'm sure they've got some idea of how to get you in control."

Nigel nods "Well the first time I changed fully I blew up half my high school Gym. I'm sure they've got some idea of how to get you in control."

Warlock shrugs, "I'll be happy if they can just fix my defective on/off switch, from there i think I'll be pretty much ok, my powers when they're working aren't that complicated"

Nigel nods "Well that's good, but yeah if anyone can figure out how to help you this place can. It's pretty much what they do around here." He sits back a bit a yawns "Gah this place can definitely drive you crazy though."

Warlock nods, "Things here can get a little on the angsty side but it doesn't seem that bad here, this place is made high tech too, though having a roommate is a little weird after having my own room for years", all is said though severe concentration on the game.

Nigel nods "Yeah Amen to that, at least I didn't get stuck with someone like Quenton or Nicholas.. I think I'd have gone further off the deep end than I already have if I had to deal with either of those two on that level."

"I've given up on trying to talk to Nicholas, every time i do it's like he's trying his best to take what i say the wrong way and i'm annoying him by just existing", Warlock groans as his character dies, "Quenton is similarly very glass half-emptyish but at least he doesn't treat you like you've wronged him in some way".

Nigel nods "Well Nicholas I can understand some of.. but it's been long enough that I don't accept it as an excuse anymore. Quenton.. well he's been an ass from day 1 and likely always will be."

Warlock nods, "Yeah i get what you mean, if something bad happened to you before coming here that sucks and I'm truly sorry for whatever happened, but it doesn't give you an excuse to be a dick to everyone, put the blame where it belongs, leave other people out of it".

Nigel nods in return "Yeah, I think we're all damaged goods in some fashion. We're not all at the level of having our family wiped out, but we've all got some issues. I just try and make the best of this, figure once I have a handle on things maybe I'll try and become an avenger or something I dunno. Give that whole costumed hero shtick a try."

"That's the best way to look at it, what happens happens, all you can really do is make the best out of it", Warlock grins as he takes out an opponent he's been fighting for a few minutes now, "So an Avenger huh?, not an X-Man?, any idea what your costume is going to be like, I'm still working on editing my squad uniform".

Nigel shrugs "Somehow I doubt the X-men have a spot on the roster for Wildcard.. besides it doesn't matter what the costume looks like when transformed Wildcard can change his appearance at will, he just always looks like a cartoon."

Warlock grins, "Well when you're a famous superhero, cartoonists won't have to work too hard to make your cartoon", that'll be something interesting to see in the DR sometime Wildcard, "So you've got you career planned out, pretty good going for someone our age".

Nigel sighs "Looking forward is all I can do really.. there's no going back. Just gotta see how things work out around here."

Warlock pauses the game, "Sorry mate that wasn't supposed to be a downer, if you want things to work out here you just gotta make it happen, you seem like a nice guy and you will get what you deserve, just wait it out, things always get better, things are always darkest before the dawn".

Nigel smiles "Eh it's ok, was just a bit of a shock this last holiday season when your folks are so terrified of you that the Christmas card has a key to the storage locker they put all your stuff in and the message is more or less "Happy Holidays, don't come back." I do what I can and I'll get by, no point in getting bent out of shape about it."

Warlock sighs, "Sorry man, that's cold", wow nice one Nigel, takes some willpower to remain chipper after such a harsh holiday, you gotta admire that, "So how'd you come up with the codename wildcard? or did Wildcard you pick it for you?"

Nigel chuckles "Wildcard existed a long time before my powers ever fully manifested actually. Probably best if I showed you." He reaches around to the side of the couch and produces his laptop, powering it up. "Back when I was 13 or so my powers started to pop up now and then and something weird would happen. Ever have a dream where you're flying? When I had it I woke up on the roof of my house." He taps a few keys and brings up a web-comic, the title is 'The looking Glass is cracked'. "I started this web-comic as an outlet for all the weird crap that was going on in my life.. my folks thought I was exaggerating, no one took it seriously. So this was how I dealt with it." The very first comic is brought up, the character on the page looks almost exactly like Wildcard. "Now keep in mind, I drew this 4 years before my first transformation.."

Listening to Nigel Warlock looks at the page shown to him, "Huh, so your powers are at least partly effected by your imagination?", wow Nigel has sort of had his powers for four years?, he only got his like four months ago, "Nice drawing skills".

Nigel nods "Art has always been a talent, but yeah it seems that whatever it is that I do is limited or shaped somewhat by who I've grown up to be. Technically my power is some kind of Molecular manipulation, so I should be doing stuff like walking through walls or turning lead into gold or something. But somehow my powers got twisted around and I turn into Wildcard instead. Which explains why I seem to be limited by Cartoon Physics."

Warlock chuckles, "I'm not even gonna pretend i have the slightest idea how that works but your powers sounds weird and really cool at the same time, worlds only live action cartoon".

Nigel nods "Yeah now if I only had a bit more control.. still got the whole Jekyll and Hyde thing going."

Warlock hmms, "The headmistress can control minds right?, why not ask her if she can make you and Wildcard have some sort of mental sit down where you can work out your issues?"

Nigel chuckles "Well first the idea of her rooting around in my head is just creepy.. and secondly Wildcard isn't a separate personality.. he's what happens to me when I transform. Apparently having your brain turn into unstable molecules loosens a few screws."

Warlock nods, "Well I'm sure you'll work out the kinks eventually, learn to think around the loose screws or figure out some sort of handy mental screw driver when you transform, like in Doctor Who but less sonicy, that must feel like having your teeth drilled".

Nigel nods "Here's hoping I gain a little more control. Wildcard kinda freaks folks out."

Warlock grins, "I'd drink to that if i had beer and was well old enough to buy beer… mentally i'm drinking to that", he yawns, "I'm still half expecting a staff member to come and shoo us out for being up so early".

Nigel shrugs "As long as we don't pass out in class I don't think they'll mind all that much."

Warlock chuckles, "Hey you're an artist, you could draw eyes onto my eyelids and i could nap all i want in class, i don't usually get asked questions anyways", though sod's law would have it that in that situation, he would.

Nigel smirks "Thought about that once, not sure how well it would work."

Warlock yawns again, "To avoid the passing out thing i might head back to my room for a bit, nice talking to you Nigel", he walks over to get his game out of the console before heading out of the rec room.

Nigel nods and waves "Yeah guess I should too, have a good one Warlock." He stands and starts to clean up his mess.

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