2010-04-08: Late Night Interrogation


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Summary: Lucas demands Jono stop forcing Addison to rape James' mind. Jono points out Addison doesn't think of him like that…

Date: April 8, 2010

Late Night Interrogation

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

Lucas knocks on Jono's door. He's wearing a pair of Xavier's sweats and a wifebeater. He's barefoot and his arms are folded over his chest as he waits.

The door opens soon enough to show Jonothon with a pair of headphones around his throat. Wearing all black of course, for all the jacket is hanging off his desk chair instead of his thin frame. He's a bit surprised to find Lucas here. «…» There's a pause and he peels off the headphones. «Yes?» The room behind him is pretty much wall to wall music storage, with allowances for bed and desk of course.

Lucas swallows, and then says, "We need to talk." He exhales, like he's not happy to be standing at Jono's door. "Can Ah come in? It's kinda… private an' all…" He looks around to see if anyone in the hall sees him before looking back at Jono for a response.

An easy shrug and the man swings the door open fully. «Sure.» Headphones are tossed to desk as he sinks down to his desk chair. Been working on his own school work, for he squeezes in some classes when he can. Missed several college years, so there's a lot of having to make it up. Jonothon doesn't much see why it's important to check the hall, but adds, «What's up?» For all that he really does think he already knows.

Lucas shuts the door behind him, and he remains standing in the center of the room when Jono sits. "Okay… Look, Ah'm not… you know, liked an' shit… And that's okay, it ain't why Ah'm here, but you an' Ah don't really much like each other, an' that's fine too, Ah just… Ah wanna lay that out here first so's we ain't lettin' it get all in the way of why Ah AM here, okay?"

Jonothon tilts his head for all that. «I don't like you?» That was news to him. «Just spit it out, Lucas.» For some reason this has the man smiling softly. Idly he fingers the comm that's laying on his desk, but it really is just because it's in easy reach of the hand he rests there.

Lucas sighs, "Fine. You like me, but Ah don't much like you, whatever. The point is, Ah'm tryin' really hard here to be all understandin' and askin' 'fore Ah react, you know?" He swallows, "So, here's the deal. And, understand, this is the way James sees it, not necessarily how it is, right? But, James is sayin' you're forcin' him to have Addison mind rape him every so often because James doesn't want to talk to you about all the fucked up shit in his head." He swallows again, tilting his head a bit. "Is that true? Or, least, is it true from James' fucked up perspective?"

The man actually facepalms for all that. Lifts a hand, smacks to face, and drags down. (It's so nice having a face!) Jonothon didn't interrupt any of that, and doesn't much care that he isn't liked. «Lucas, are you a telepath?» But because the answer is no, Jono doesn't wait long for a reply. «Because I am, and no matter what James says, no matter how many lies he spins about it, there's something wrong inside his head. There's /someone else/, who isn't James, in there making James do things. Problem is I don't know enough to remove that someone without hurting James, so I asked Addison to do something about it. Then because James was hurting himself, I put him where he couldn't do that anymore.»

«So no, there's no mind rape involved. Unless you could removing that arsehole who's using James as a puppet. See, I'd rather James be in control of himself, and not hurt himself. I am glad you at least came to ask though. Instead of assuming that I was just doing this for fun, like the wanker controlling James is saying. And yes, that's what this is, Lucas. Someone is controlling James.» And he's sorely tempted to kick Sam's ass for letting James out.

Lucas sighs again. "No, Ah ain't a telepath." He shrugs, "But Ah DO know, that James is talking to me. And he's sharin' stuff with me. So, if any of this is like, just based on him bein' better psychologically, because he's NOT talking to you, know he's talking to someone, okay?" Lucas seems a little frustrated as he says it, like that was his whole argument and he never saw Jono's explanation coming, so he's just sort of agreeing and moving on.

«You aren't getting this, are you?» Jonothon shakes his head. «So what if James isn't talking to me? I'm not his age, nor am I his best mate.. I'm a teacher here. Of /course/ he doesn't tell me everything.» There's the motion of a sigh. «I did what I did because I've seen someone else inside his head. There's something wrong and I'm worried. What you are hearing from James are lies. Lucas, don't you remember being possessed? This may be a hold over from when James was. The demon working to gain hold again. It's the one telling you things. Not James.»

Lucas furrows his brow, opens his mouth to disagree about something, but then pauses, and thinks better of it. Instead, he sighs again. "James is my… roommate. So… Ah just wanna fix him." He shakes his head, and turns to walk to the door. "Lemme know if Ah can help," he mumbles.

Want to help? «If you can, pretend I didn't tell you. Shouldn't be hard to pretend to be angry with me.» Jonothon smiles for that. «He needs Addison to look at him. I'd help if I could, but it'd be like putting a sledge hammer to fine crystal.» And he doesn't want James hurt. «Just try not to let him hurt himself? I'm worried about him.»

Lucas turns back to face Jono. "Tell you what… Jean-Paul gave me a demerit this afternoon because he was bein' a dick to me an' Ah wouldn't take it." He smirks, "Ah'll take up babysittin' Jimmy a lot closer, maybe ya'll could look into maybe gettin' that to go away?"

Jonothon's brows arch. «I'm not a teacher, Lucas. I can't promise anything. Nor should you be trading your friend for favors. That's kind of low.» His expression here is rather disbelieving. «You should go.» Before this conversation gets any worse.

Lucas furrows his brow a little, "You may not teach, but never fool yourself about bein' faculty." He sighs, "And Ah don't have any friends." He opens the door. "Sorry to have inconvenienced you."

Jonothon will look into it, but he doesn't say that. Jean-Paul is a jerk. «I'm part of the X-men, Lucas.» That's what he is, for all Lucas is right. «I said people could find me if they needed me, Lucas, and I mean that. You aren't an inconvenience.»

Lucas shrugs, "It's okay," he says, rather honestly. "Ah know Ah am." He gives a little nod, and then steps out the door. "Take it easy." He heads down the hall.

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