2010-06-23: Late Night Meetings


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Summary: On one shoulder, an angel; the other, a devil. In the middle: Lucas

Date: Junes 23, 2010

Log Title Late Night Meetings

Rating: R

//Xavier Mansion - James and Lucas's Room //

James and Lucas' room is at first glance, a typical boys' dorm room. There are small piles of clothes throughout the room in various stages of "clean." The left side of the room is Lucas', and the unmade bed sheets are in disarray, mingled around two science textbooks and a J.D. Salinger novel. The bookcase at the foot of the bed is mostly empty, except for a family portrait of Lucas' family taken when he was only ten years old and a complete collection of Salinger's work, including nine different printings of "The Catcher in the Rye." Leaning against the wall in the corner near the door is a kayak oar with a well-used life jacket hanging on it. James' side is somewhat more bare, but just as disorganized. On his desk are various books on engines, electronics, and other subjects of personal interest. The hyena's belongings seems somewhat more used than Lucas' items and a show signs of much harder use. Even his furniture looks beaten, as if it might have been tossed out the window a few times..

Lucas is sitting on his bed, shirtless wearing just his boxers. His hair is messy, and he has his guitar in his lap. Spread out on the bed in front of him are papers with his chicken scratch all over them, and an old, waterlogged notebook. He's strumming a tune, something that sound like it wants to be played harder, on something louder and more electric, but he manages it just the same. He's squinting to see the papers, his reading glasses on the bed beside him.

James, or the one calling himself that, opens the door and walks in, nodding over to the roommate, "Lucas." He goes right to his desk and starts picking through some one the textbooks, seemingly looking for something specific. "I don't believe I have asked which you preferred to be called," he asks over his shoulder, "Lucas? Luke? Heathe?" A notebook is pulled out and set on desk.

Lucas is quick to answer, "Lucas." He stops his playing, "Lucas… Not Luke." He makes a little disgruntle face, and looks down at the papers, "No one called me Luke but my dad…" He shrugs a little, looking at the hyena then. "Figure out how to get outta Jimmy yet?"

James turns around to face Lucas, leaning his rear against the desktop, "I've got my ideas—which I've started bringing to fruition. Speaking of, in the not-s0-distant future I will be running a team on Campus. I've volunteered your name to be part of that team. You will be my second in command."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Whoah whaoh whoah…" He sits the guitar down, standing. "Your second? Nuh uh. No one would buy that."

James grins, "Kenta did." He waves a hand, "Regardless, the wheels are in motion. Do you want to back out so soon because of a little detail involving credibility?" The hyena tilts his head, crossing his arms, "This, child, is how you get credibility."
Lucas looks a little surprised, and it's quickly washed away by disappointment of fragile ego. "Kenta… He believed it…?" He shakes his head, "Ah don't follow Jimmy. That's…" He huffs, and folds his arms. "Ah'm the leader. Not him." He tilts his head, "They bought this?"

James nods deftly, "He did enough to go to Scott about it—or will soon be doing so. I meet with Sam later this week…and Kenta will talk with the other squad leaders as he can. I'm supposed to have a danger room sequence description to him before the first session." James…or the thing inside…looks over, "What's the matter Lucas?"

Lucas slowly shakes his head, "…nothing…" His brow furrows a little, and he sits back down. "Um… so what now?"

James keeps his eyes on the boy, "Then make sure that it stays 'nothing.' I can't afford for you to get caught up in a detail so meaningless that it effects my plans. Or our deal." James' eyes narrow, "Do we have an understanding?"

Lucas looks back up at James, and meets the other's stare. "What's the Hellfire Club?" He asks it straightforward and confident, perhaps a little fearless even.

James smiles, "That's better." The hyena considers the question, "In basic high school terms it's organization with enough power and money to spare that it can have anything it wants." A head tilt, eyes tightly focused on Lucas, "Or offer the same to individuals worthy of it."

Lucas holds his stare on the hyena. "Is it a friendly club? One Professor Xavier would approve of? Is it a group of individuals doing right? Doing good? Or is it a rich kid version of the Brotherhood?" He folds his arms over his chest. "Ah ain't exactly relaxed by the name."

James shrugs, "It wasn't my name to pick, sadly. I would have offered something less…dramatic." The gaze never leaves the Hyena's roommate, "And does it matter, Lucas? I mean, we are talking about your mother, right? But, for the sake of honesty, if it matters…it's best not to ask. And the 'Club' will be doing whatever I tell it to." Or so the hyena would like to think.

Lucas tilts his head, "Would you prefer your club be filled with lames ass followers what don't even ask anything 'fore signin' away their life?" He unfolds his arms, "Ah think it DOES matter. Because you don't want your ranks filled with people so easily bought. So unquestioningly manipulated. You don't need to be worrying about someone like me bein' lured away by the next guy what makes the next better offer." He tilts his head a bit more, "Last time Ah sold my life to save my maw, Ah killed two dozen folks. One was a classmate." He shakes his head a little, "Ah ain't so stupid no mores. And Ah don't think you want me to be, neither."

James claps, once, twice, three times, "Well played. There may be hope for you yet. Just make sure you continue to ask questions for yourself, and not out of a need to play both sides, hmmm?" The hyena looks down at his claws and studies them for a moment, "Before I came to know it, the Club was little more than, as you put it, a rich-kid Brotherhood. However, one can possess power and have nothing more than have power itself. What it really takes is control and the ability to do what it takes to keep that control. My vision of the Club is just that. We take what we want because it is our right as powerful people." James looks up, serious, "And everyone who would have otherwise is laid to waste."

"And what am Ah?" Lucas asks. "The pity invite? The guy what gets asked solely because he's here and convenient in your hour of need?" He furrows his brow again, "You get outta his body, then what?" He tilts his head once more, "You lay me to waist as well?" He shakes his head, "Ah ain't playin' both sides… But Ah have to watch out for my own side."

James shakes his head, "Pity is somewhat below me, child." He walks over towards Lucas, the large creature closing the distance between the pair. Stopping at his bed, Spotty's body reaches down and puts a hand under the other boy's chin, "No, Lucas, right now you are the one who is helping me. Which makes you one of the most valuable people on the Earth. Continue to do so and you will continue to be so." There's a flex of the paw, James' claw tips now touching flesh ever so slightly, "Do otherwise…and you will discover just how far pity is below me."

Lucas furrows his brow just slightly. He doesn't flinch, it's not on his face, but that touch of the claws seals the deal and tells him all he needed to know. Lucas gives a little nod, "Ah have one last question then. Is James in the club?"

James continues to watch Lucas for a moment, the hand suddenly tightening as if responding to some unseen signal. There's no emotion in those eyes that watch the students, just something cold and equally dead. Then it happens. A wave of nausea mixed with fatigue will wash over Lucas as the creature inside the Hyena begins to pull some of the student's life force into it. Just a little 'off the top,' and nothing nearly enough to harm…but enough that Lucas will be left feeling tired and weak. Relaxing the grip, James walks away, "I'm sorry…you were asking about James?" There's a sated sigh, the body suddenly feeling so much better than a moment ago, "Yes, I believe so. I always have need of someone with his skills."

Lucas sighs, and slouches back onto the bed. "…heh…" He swallows, rubbing his eyes, and shaking off the sudden exhaustion. "Um… Does he…" He furrows his brow, trying to regain his train of thought. It doesn't catch back up, and he just nods. "Sure… Okay…" He swallows again, nodding.

Retaking his seat on the desk, the hyena looks over, "As things progress, you will find out more. But, for now, that is the best I have to offer. Prove yourself to me, and I will offer more." James looks at the door, "Until then, I need to check up on a rumor. A very troubling rumor."

Lucas nods, "Sure… Ah'm gonna… Ah have a test in the morning. Ah should prolly hit the hay." He nods again, and watches the other 'boy' go.

James nods, deep in thought. The door opens, then shuts, leaving Lucas one less roommate and a lot less energy. He'll recover. But maybe not in time for the test. Or weekend.

Lucas waits for James to be gone, and then he reaches over to the phone. He pauses a moment, and then dials…

Several minutes after Lucas makes his call…

Lucas is laying in his bed, wearing only his boxers. His acoustic guitar is beside him, and he's spralled out atop pages of lyrics and guitar tabs all written in his handwriting, along with an old water logged notebook and his reading glasses. It doesn't look like he's taking a planned nap, but he's asleep nonetheless. He's alone, but the light is on.

There's a knock on the door before Kenta comes in with a McDonalds back and the requested Strawberry Milkshake. He spots Lucas sleeping on the bed and can't resist going upto him and resting the cup on his bare back hoping to startle him out of his sleep. "Room service?" He jokes. Hey, he got Kenta to come up here from his home in Salem and stop at McDonalds and drop Armande off in his room here so he woudn't be alone.

Lucas jumps half out of his skin, his arm jerking out and knocking the guitar to the floor as a short burst of superhot air vents from the cuff of his gloves from the startling. "Christ Almighty fuckin' shit the sam hell dya think y'all are doin'?!?!?" he shouts, though it comes out nearly as a single word. He has dark bags beneath his eyes, looking extremely tired.

Before the guitar can fall, Kenta reaches out with his dark force and catches it, the area around him getting a bit cool. He can't help but chuckle. "Sorry Lucas, I couldn't resist. You wanted a strawberry milkshake I wanted to make sure it didn't melt on you. You look tired…sorry for waking you." He says handing the drink to Lucas before sitting down. "So what's up, cause if you called me back here just for a milkshake I'm not going easy on your ass in the D.R."

Lucas reaches out and takes the shake, sitting up in the bed. He sort of stacks the lyrics all up over on the side, quietly tucking them so Kenta can't judge them. "Ah'm… When Ah was a kid… Whenever Ah was sick an' stayed home from school, my maw… She'd get me a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds." He shrugs a little, "Ah crave them when Ah don't feel so hot, or… Or when Ah just miss her." He sighs, "Stupid?

Kenta shakes his head and smiles. "No, not stupid at all Lucas. I miss Daphne something crazy so I understand. Potato chips and cherry coke…that was her food of choice." He says pushing his hair back. "So you feeling okay there? Anything I can help with? You don't feel so hot is it like sick ill or something buggin' ya ill?"

Lucas shakes his head, "Ah ain't sick. Ah'm just real… tired." He sighs, and takes another drink, not pointing out if he's not sick, he must be missing his mother. "Ah heard your helpin' Jimmy get his own team around her?" he asks.

Kenta moves so he sits next to Lucas and puts an arm around him. "Alright well if you need another place to crash that's more quiet…without a roommate or even away from here to get some real sleep, let me know. I gotta cough at my place in Greenwich Village." Kenta would do anything for any of the Paragons, he feels responsible for them in a way, a good way. Like he wants to see them grow up right, and happy. "Yeah, it's not going to be like go out and do field work but it's gonna be training a few steps up. More intense, and you guys will also be staffs eyes and ears around here. He wants to prove he's a leader, maybe he should get a chance. What do you think about it?"

Lucas shrugs. He's been trying to tell Kenta something for a few days. He showed up in the music room in the middle of the night to do it and backed out. He's still not ready. "Ah think… Ah dunnow." He sighs, "Ah'm supposed to be his second in command." He furrows his brow, looking at Kenta, "Is that me? Is that what Ah am?"

Kenta shrugs. "I dunno, that's for you to decide Lucas. What do you think?" He can't answer that question for Lucas but he does lean back. "There's nothing wrong with following someone you trust. I've followed others quite a bit, I know I'm not leader material. Too much in here." He says patting his chest. "I'd die to protect someone I love even if it endangered others or myself. Which…isn't always good, but here's two questions. One, do you think you'd make a good leader? Two, do you trust James enough to follow him?"

Lucas nods, "Yeah, Ah mean, Ah feel like all of a sudden Ah'm findin' maybe Ah ain't what Ah think Ah am. Ah think Ah'm…" He sighs, and shakes his head, realizing he's letting his ego now get in the way of what he is trying to tell Kenta. "Yeah. Ah think James is someone Ah trust, an Ah reckon if'n Ah had to, yeah, Ah'd follow James." He puts just a tiny bit extra emphasis on James' name when he says it. "Doesn't it seem…" He stops, to yawn. "…sorry… Doesn't it seem strange James didn't really ever wanna lead before this week? Ah dunnow… It just seems… unlike him…"

"I would normally agree Lucas but….he had a close brush with death there for a bit. I dunno, he might have had some realization. It's amazing the thing that'll change a guy." Kenta says smiling slightly with a chuckle. "Like a girl can do that too. But anyway, sometimes people grow as things happen. Being a mutant…it really is a rough life. But tell me, what is it that you think makes it so unlike him?" He wants to hear Lucas's thoughts, not go on about his own after all he knows Lucas needs to have someone to just be honest with.

Lucas nods, "Yeah, that's it. It's almost like he's been a different person since he was stabbed…" He slowly raises his brow, trying to make the point. "Anyway, Ah was just thinkin' about my maw… And how when the demon things came they used her to get me to do shit and follow their lead…"

As the conversation turns to Lucas's Maw Kenta pulls him in tight to a one armed hug. "Yeah…sometimes they take our worst fears and turn them against us. It's cause you care a lot about your Mom Lucas….and that's a good thing. Don't ever stop caring for her." He says as it's nice to see someone who has such love for their family. "But why's this coming about now? Cause of the graduation pictures? you know my offers still stands.

Lucas stares at Kenta for a long moment, and then he sighs. The man missed it. "Nevermind, forget it. Ah was just… you know… talkin', Ah guess." He purses his lip, frustrated. "Thanks… For the milkshake, Ah mean."

Kenta is thinking this is all about Lucas being worried about his mother and maybe a bit of homesicknesses thrown in there. "Hey, don't worry about it. Anytime you wanna talk, or want a milkshake, I'm here for ya Lucas. You guys are more than just students to me, you're my Paragons. I gotta watch out for you guys right?" He says messing up Lucas's blond locks. "And ya know, with you being so headstrong and such, I can't help but like ya."

Lucas nods a little, not hiding the bit of worry on his face. "…thanks." He swallows, and sits the shake on the table. "Just… keep an eye on the hyena." He lays his head back down, "Ah'm so fuckin' tired… Ah been totally drained since Ah saw James earlier…" He closes his eyes, and sighs.

"Will do Lucas, now get some rest." Fatherly instinct kicks in as Lucas closes his eyes and lies down, actually pulling a blanket over Lucas and tucking him in. He then looks at Lucas for one more second before turning to leave, shutting the lights off as he goes and making sure to shut the door quietly.

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