2009-06-28: Late Night On The Quad


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Summary: Some students head out to the Quad to relax after a hard weekend of chores.

Date: June 28, 2009

Log Title Late Night On the Quad

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It's later at night and it's cooled off a bit so Robyns outside in the quad laying on the grass just gazing up at the stars. He didn't get a view of the stars out in Brooklyn like this. His powers are back, Jordan is back and things feel like they're back to normal to him. Robyn sits out there dressed in his usual black jeans while wearing a Coraline tshirt. He sticks his hands out and front of him and concentrates on them, like he's trying to do something.

Ebony Turns the corner of the school and walks in the cooler night air. She spent the day working thanks to her punishment. She did good but she got punished for it it seems not fair to her but she did not argue with the headmaster about it she just do it and deal. It's not all bad since she teamed up with July. She Spots someone laying on the grass and walks over. She bends over and looks at the guy smiling, "hey there whatch'a doooing?"

July arrives to the quad bouncing like a beach ball… maybe because she's shaped like a beach ball. Nightly exercise? Whatever. She comes bouncing, and then she makes a bigger jumps and then splats herself on the ground, before reforming herself, "Hey, Robyn. Ebony." the girl says, grinning.

A loud of inky black darkness appears not to far from Robyn and out steps a fuzzy teenager. It's Owen and his shirt seems to be missing. Sighing, the fanged teen with the glowing eyes vanishes a moment later. He reappears, pulling his shirt back on. Looking around, he spots Robyn and Ebony and blinks. "Howdy," he greets, still dirty from work on the Blackbird. When July comes bouncing along, Owen just blinks. "Alright then…"

Looking up at Ebony, Robyn just shrugs. "Relaxing, glad we don't have to go through another weekend of that again. Every muscle in my body hurts from cleaning the boathouse." Robyn says and Ebony would have seen him sruggle a bit with the physical labor. "I've never had to work that hard in my life." He smiles up at Owen and waves. "Hey Owen, how'd your day of physical labor go?

Ebony nods and smiles, "yah I know what you mean. Why do we have that thing anyway it so run down it's not funny." She looks over seeing the bouncing girl and giggles some glad July enjoying her powers again. She blinks as she splat, "July you okay?" She walks over to her love and kneels down next to her. She does not touch her in truth she would not know where to at this moment.

July grins, "I'm doing great!" she says, flexing her arms, "The chores are a bummer, but… my powers are back, that's what counts." She says, nodding, and then she waves to Owen, "Hey, Owen."

The fuzzy Owen offers a smile and a shrug. "They gave me a job workin' on a machine. Made it easy. An' it was a machine Ah wanted tah get mah hands on so it was even better," he laughs. He's still got polish and paint on his clothes and fur but doesn't seem to mind. "Howdy, July. Jus' about time for your month tah be comin' up."

"It's not suppose to be funny Ebony, we broke the rules, we did stuff we weren't supposed to do." Robyn says with a shrug. "It was worth it, I wanted to do something to get my powers back. And also Jordan's back so I'm pretty content right now. I hated cleaning the boat house but the price was worth what we did." He looks over at July and smiles. "You don't have to worry about me being Mr. Miserable now. And I agree our powers being back what counts."

Ebony nods and smiles, "still going get used to seeing you do that." She looks at Owen and smiles, "I didn't know you were into machines." She nods, "I know we broke the rules but we did good we she be praised not punished. I mean if we stoped a mugger on the road the cops would of thanked up not taken us in. I should know my dad is a cop" She stand back up and stretches some, "but in the end I helped my class mates and more so July I guess that is reward in it's self."

July smiles softly, "I'm re-painting the garage along with Leo, but it's fun. Painting is fun. Especially when you can hold eight pain brushes at the same time." she says, grinning widely.

Owen quirks an eyebrow. "What? Teleportin'?" he asks. "And yeah, Ah've always been intah machines. Used tah fix 'em up on the farm all the time," he chimes. "Ah dunno. The week groundin' and weekend of work seems fine tah me…it's the month of extra work that makes me think someone got a bit too powerhappy. They wanted tah get the message across, they shoulda just given out a good paddlin' or two. How mah Grandpa always did thin's and it kept us mostly in line back home," he remarks with a shrug. There's another pause and Owen nods. "Ah'm gonna have tah ask one of the teachers for a day off for me an' Leo sometime soon. Ah'm gettin' close tah overloadin'," he says. "An' Ah'll be sure tah ask for a camera tah get pictures of the Bat for ya, Robyn."

Ebony nods, "well the month work will not be bad we have to clean the girls room I control paper I can sit back and make the paper towel do the work." She grins some then shivers, "Paddling no thanks I not bending over to let someone I don't know beat me." She smiles at July and hugs her, "oh how do you hold 8 brushes?"

Robyn's eyes go wide at the mention of a good paddling. "I'll take the month of chores over a paddling. And why would they praise us for breaking the rules? That's just lame." He says with a sigh. He looks at Owen and then grins. "Thanks, cause I'd really like to make a scupture based on that. And yeah, I've been having my morning meetins with Mr. Falk too." He says with a nod as it helps his psychic vampirism. "Cleaning the cafeteria isn't too bad."

Ebony shrugs, "well we broke the rules but for a good reason. In this time I think the ends are greater then the means. Even more so that no one got hurt." She shrugs, "Doesn't matter I doubt they will change there mind." She tiles her head, " sculpture based on what?"

July chuckles softly, smiling softly, and then she moves to hug Ebony gently, leaning against her gently, remaining silent for now as she relaxes a bit, letting the others tal.

Owen shrugs off everyone's reactions to the punishments he grew up with and peers to the sky. "Ah still thin' the extra month cleanin' was too much," he sighs. He then nods to Robyn. "No problem. Figured that if someone wanted tah see it, Ah might as well let 'em," he explains.

"The Bat, It's Owen's other form, part of his mutation." Robyn explains to Owen as he smiles. "Thanks, I just think it'd be neat to scuplt something like that still. I can let you have it when I'm done if you like, after all I'm using you for reference. I'm also excited schools pretty much done. I'm going to be going hom to my parents for a week next month."

Robin walks out onto the quad with Blank floating in tow, a book under her arm as she heads off to find a sitting place. She wears a long skirt and a blouse, so she looks unambiguously female at the moment. She veers from her course when she sees the other students, heading towards them, and raises a hand in greeting. She says, her voice still has that androgynous quality to it, "Oh, hey everyone. What's going on out here?"

Ebony nods, "I guess it from memory since I doubt it would hold still to model." She looks at July as she feels her wrap her arms around her and smiles at her. She wraps her own arms around her rubber love in her arms, "Well the month seems a little lot for just the fighting but if you place in we stole the jet then it more clear why we got so much." She blinks hearing the new voice and looks over seeing the two of them and waves back, "hey there!"

July decides to be a bit weird, and she lets go of Ebony, only to stretch her torso longer a bit and wrap it around Ebony's waist, before hugging her with her arms again, and she giggles softly. Hey, she just got her powers back. She's enjoying herself. :) "I'm getting good at sculpting. The sculpting classes are really helping me with my powers. It's interesting how it works."

Owen waves it off quickly. "Don' worry 'bout it, Robyn. Ah…well, no offense tah your art but Ah don' think' Ah need tah see the Bat all the time," he says. The fuzzy teen frowns and looks away as parents are mentioned, still not able to go see his. He offers Robin and the puppet a quick wave. "Howdy," the southern teen offers. "Hey, Ah didn' steal the jet. That Lightnin' Chick did," he chuckles. Letting out a breath, the Dark Force user looks up. "Ah should get goin', hit the showers."

Robyn isn't just good at sculping, he practically excels at it but then Robyn's been doing it since he was a kid and it's he's main love when it comes to a hobby. He still lies on the ground not bothering to get up. He looks at Robin for a bit with some confusion. "Hey, how's it going…" He's not sure if they've met or not since the glasses look so familar but they were on a male Robin. Robyn looks over at Owen and sticks his tounge out at him with a chuckle. "I understand and hey, I was the one who was easedropping on Mr. Summers. I…was just trying to see if I could find out anything where Jordan went and heard the AIM location instead."

Ebony smiles and giggles at July wraps around her body with her own and hugs her. She kisses July on the lips and hugs her back, "I not the best at it I can make snakes and worms well but anything that takes skill comes out lopsided of looking real bad." She nods, "I can see that working with your powers." She giggles some now your splinting hair I mean we did go along with it."

Robin smiles at everyone and adjusts her glasses slightly, pausing to rub at the obscured eye for a moment. Her mannerisms are certainly exactly the same as the ones that were presented by male Robin. She tilts her head listening to the other students and notes, "You're talking about… sculpting? That sounds really cool. I'm not really all that good at stuff like that."

July smiles and shrugs, after the kiss, "Well, considering what my powers are, knowing pottery and sculpting come really handy." she says, snuggling with Ebony for now.

Owen laughs. "Who went alon' with it? Ah jus' took a nap in a nice chair then went for a walk before playin' laser tag with a few men in yellow jumpsuits and a giant face in a hover chair," he jokes. "See ya later everyone," he says. "Ah'll be in the showers if Ah'm needed," he says before vanishing in a cloud of Dark Force. When it clears, Owen's shorts and t-shirt are on the ground. Owen reappears a second later in his boxers and a sheepish smile. He scoops up his clothes and vanishes again.

Robyn looks at Robin as he notices Puppet for a while before shaking his head. He'll ask her/him later about his change in dress if he has the chance. He nods and smiles to Robin. "Yeah, I love scuplting, both my parents are artsy types so they encouraged it and it's just fun working with clay." He says as he loves it. "Well I gotta get going too, I'll see you guys later okay?" Robyn says pushing himself up off the ground and dusting off to loose grass before heading inside.

Robin smiles and waves to both Owen and Robyn quickly, saying, "Okay, I will see you later." Blank mimes the waving motion. Robin turns towards July and Ebony and then asks July, head slightly tilted, "So clearly I guess your power is that your body is kind've stretchy and bendy, right? I forgot to ask. Mine's pretty obvious too." She turns her attention towards Ebony and asks curiously, "What's your mutant ability?"

July turns her head to look at Robin with a smile, "Ah, well, it's not much being 'stretchy' and 'bendy' as in being an amorphous fleshy goo." she giggles softly, "I can even turn into liquid." And she squeezes around Ebony a bit.

Ebony smiles and watches as Owen ports away only to come back in his boxers. She giggles and waves good bye to him. She then nod as her partner to day leaves as well, "night." She kisses July again before remember they are not alone. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. She unfolds it and it foat in the air. It starts to fold into a flower. She then touches it and the paper change color to red and green. The paper floats over to Robin, "I control paper. I can make it fold any way I want and change it's make up some making it sticky or changing it's color." She the hugs July again, "I think I like your real powers it like being hugged all over."

Robin tilts her head at the flower and comments, "Oh, that's really pretty neat," before reaching out to grab it. She smiles and comments to July and Ebony, "You two make a cute couple." At least she assumes they're a couple, with all the kissing and hugging.

Ebony smiles and nods, "thanks. I like what you are wearing where did you buy it?" She kisses July some more. She leans over and kisses July's neck some. She then looks back at Robin again, "so who is your roommate?"

July kisses Ebony back, and giggles softly, rubbing her cheek against Ebony's, before looking back at Robin's outfit, "Yeah, that's really nice. Was it too expensive?" she asks, snuggling more into Ebony's embrace, before stopping, looking at Robin, "We're not making you uncomfortable, are we?"

Robin shakes her head and says to July's last question, "Um, no, you're not making me uncomfortable or anything…" She shrugs and notes about her clothes, "I'm just borrowing this. I need to head to the mall and get some clothes. I didn't really have, well, anything on coming here." She rubs lightly at her obscured eye, trying to answer the only question she hasn't yet answered. Her voice gets quieter the further the sentence goes on, "Well, um, it's, well I haven't talked to my roommate much I just know his name, Joshua Guthrie…"

Ebony nods and smiles, "good I hate to have to stop this" she giggles and there is a teasing tone to her. She then nod at the clothes comment and her eyes light up at the part about the mall, "oh cool maybe we can come with you I love shopping. Yes she had said we meaning she going drag July along with her or at lease part of her f she refuses. It's fun having a stretchy girlfriend. She kisses July again and then blink, "Your roommate is a boy? That wrong Robin I mean you shouldn't have a guy for a roommate. Sure you have the right room number?"

July blinks softly as she hears the name of Robin's roommate. "Wait. They put you with a guy?" she blinks softly, tilting her head softly, reaching the same conclusion as Ebony, "That's wrong! You need to talk to management, they can't pair guys and girls in the same room!"

Robin bites her bottom lip lightly and says, "Well, I mean, I plan on talking to people to maybe get a room on my own with no roommate…" She rubs lightly at her eye some more, a bit nervously, and Blank looks to be miming out that she's pretty uncomfortable. "I'm… I'm born a boy but I don't feel like a boy and I don't want to be one anymore… So I mean technically they aren't in the wrong, I dunno if I can actually get things changed…" She crosses her arms and looks down at her feet.

Ebony watches Robin become uncountable she listens to Robin about her getting things changed and getting her own room and was about to speak when Blink cuts in. She listens and blink at the puppets comments, "Your a boy?" her voice is soft and shows no ill will but it's soft and sound of wonder in it. It's a good thing she wraped up in July or she would run over and hug the boy in girls clothing and most likely crush him in hugs and praise at how cute he looks but in stead she smile and speaks, "Ah your so cute! Look at you I would over never guest you were a boy. You could fool anyone into thinking your a girl." She grin brightly.

July blinks softly as she hears Robin's confession, "You're a guy?" She blinks, and then she tilts her head softly, looking at her. Well, now this school has everything. Literally. She then smiles as well, "Heheh, you're cute! I never thought you were a guy!" she says, grinning, and, still wrapped around Ebony, she stretches her torso longer to wrap around Robin's as well, and kiss Robin's cheek gently. "You're alright, don't worry. I'm sure the management can work out something acceptable."

Robin returns July's hug and says, "Um, well, it's not that I'm a guy, just, I mean, physically, yes. And thanks…" She smiles and looks down at herself and says, "I really like how I look right now. I would just prefer nobody think of me as a guy. I'm not trying to fool anyone. I really am a girl, just… my body isn't…" She bites her lip and then shrugs. "It's hard to explain."

Ebony smiles and wiggles out of July's wrap body. Not a easy thing and she almost lost her shirt a few times but she did it as Robin talking. She walks over and almost tackle hugs the poor confuse boy. She giggles some and nods, "I understand I knew a few gay guys back home and one of them had a few transgender friends so I got to ask allot of question. It's not that different from being born gay but instead of sexually it's gender. How I understand it all babies in there mothers wombs start off female and it takes a while for the genes to make the baby male take effect and sometimes while the body turns male the genes do not make it to the brain and the brain stays female. Well that's how it works for boys who feel there born in the wrong body." She giggles some, "sorry to go all teacher on you." She hugs Robin again and then July.

July giggles softly and wraps her body around both 'girls', while the two hug, "It's okay, Robin." she says, grinning, "You're one of us for Ebony and myself." she nods, kissing Robin's cheek softly while holding the two in that coiling embrace, "Heh, I bet you'd love to have shape-shifting powers. So you'd be able to be the girl ou want to be." She grins.

Robin smiles at Ebony, "Something like that. I did a lot of reading on the internet… I've always felt like I do, so sometimes I'd try to go there and gather up courage." She nods when July mentions the shapeshifting powers, "Actually, when I was a kid, I would pray that I was a mutant and I would just change. I… I didn't. When I manifested I got her." She gestures with her head towards Blank, who looks ashamed. Robin adds, "I am so jealous of shapeshifters. So very jealous."

Ebony nods and smiles at Robin, "Yep your a full girl in my eyes." She then snaps her finger, "how about one of those image things that some of the students have that mutations make them look different maybe you can get one that makes you look like a full girl?"

July smiles, giggling and she lightly bops Ebony on the noggin', while squeezing both girls with her torso gently, "Robin wants to be a full girl, not just look like one, Ebony dear." she says, giggling again.

Robin smiles at Ebony and says, "Well, I can pass pretty well as a girl already, apparently… Besides, the only identifying things are beneath my clothes, and I'm hoping nobody looks there." She brushes some of her hair away from her eyes and notes in response to July, "And yeah, I want to be a full girl. I want to get the hormones and everything like that… I just dunno how to do that here…"

Ebony epps at the bop and makes a cute face at July, "I know but it….it could help her until she can become a full girl." She looks at Robin and in a clueless moment ask, "really what's under your clothes?" She thinks for a moment, "well we have a med bay and stuff maybe someone works there can get some for you."

July giggles softly, and she hmmms softly, resting her chin on Ebony's shoulder as she thinks, "I heard of a lot of shape shifters, but none that can change other people's shapes." She thinks, before just shrugging, smiling, "Well, considering the world we're in, it must not be hard."

Robin shakes her head and says, "I dunno. There's probably mutants out there who can do it, but I'd rather not wait and hold out for a miracle cure… Everyone here seems so okay with stuff like this. Not at all like at home." She adjusts her glasses, feeling the painted lens idly with one of her fingers and answers Ebony, "Um. Er. A penis, I guess. It's kind've the big identifier."

Ebony blinks and giggles, "right" She bops her self in the head and sticks out her tongue, "Yah we are pretty cool about this stuff I mean just look around us my girlfriend wrapped us up with her body like if she made out of taffy or something." She pokes July and giggles, "we are both girls and mutant there many groups that will shun us for just one of them so who are we to judge someone else. Your no more off then the guy cover in fur or the girl who can fold paper with her mind." She smiles, "I doubt anyone here will reject you."

July giggles and nods to Ebony's words, "And if someone do reject you, we'll beat him or her up." she says, grinning widely at that. She's kidding, or isn't she? Anyways, "But I'm curious about something, Robin:" The elastic brunette asks, smiling softly, "Being who you are, who do you like more? Guys? Girls? Both?"

Robin nods at Ebony, "Yeah, that's what I was told. This campus seems to be, ah, a little bit on the gay side compared to where I was before. I got beat up all the time 'cause people thought I was gay." She glances over at Blank and then both she and the puppet shrug. Robin says to July's question, "Well, I really… I don't even know. It's really hard for me to think about sexuality at all, I guess."

Ebony laughs and nods, "she tie them up and I give them a mean paper cut." she giggles some and then falls quite at the question. She listens and nods, "I guess that would be confusing to some in your shoes" She looks down at Robin's feet, "which in fact I love who lent them to you?" She then shrugs, "the gay thing I don't get I wondering if all mutants are gay." she smiles some, "In truth I think it happen that way there was no mater plan unless they had that computer that finds mutants to gay mutant." she giggles some.

July chuckles softly, "Yeah… I guess I'd be confused too." she says, nodding, and squeezing the girls a bit more, for a moment. "Well, I'm sure that, now that you're in a no-hate environment, you'll be able to develop your sexuality." She nods, smiling.

Ebony nods, "but no stealing July she all my." She hugs July and giggles and hugs Robin and speaks in a stage whisper, "I might be willing to share her from time to time." there a teasing tone to her world.

Robin smiles and says, "Well, yeah, for sure. I think if there's no threat of being beaten up or bullied, I'll actually have some time to think about stuff like that…" She looks down at her feet and says, answering Ebony, "And the shoes are mine. I always carried around an extra pair when I was on the street just in case the ones I was wearing broke, and these were the newest ones. They were really cheap." The shoes are pretty gender neutral high top shoes. They look comfortable and a little bit worn, but still in relatively good shape.

July arches one eyebrow at Ebony at the 'sharing' bit, "You try that." she says, smirking playfully, "And I'll hang you from the school flag mast by your panties." she says, giggling.

Ebony looks looks at July and giggles, "oh did you hear that?" she sticks out her tongue and hugs July again, "like I would do that to you" She wiggles some, "that be uncountable." She giggles some and then looks back to the shoes they still cute."

Smiling, Robin says, looking down at the shoes, "Well, thanks. I do like these shoes. I was glad that they were in my price range." Not that her price range was really all that great at the time. She had to save her panhandling money for even the cheapest of shoes.

July smiles, "Oh, don't worry now. Some of our friends came from difficult situations, not unlike you." she says, nodding, "And we're all living nice and happy together. There's the usual teen drama, but I guess there's inevitable in a house filled with hormone-filled teenagers." seh grins.

Ebony smiles and nods, "yah and from time to time we have go out and kick some big head's butt and then we get punished but it's par for the course" She giggle some and kisses July.

Robin nods her head a couple of times, "Yeah, that's true, I guess. I mean, this place is probably here to help those most in need, so I guess most people come from tougher places in life than me. And drama is drama. It'll be nice actually being able to be involved in some drama, even if that sounds weird." She adjusts her glasses slightly and notes to Ebony, "Ah, I hear about people here talking about that. It sounds like there's a lot of excitement around here."

July giggles softly, "There is. But most of the time not of the good kind." the elastic girl says, shrugging her shoulders lightly as she rests her head against Ebony's, while looking at Robin, "Though we manage to have our fun, too."

Ebony smiles and thinks about it, "true it's not everyday we get to kick butt for real but the danger room is fun." she takes out some paper and it folds into a swan and floats around in the air, "do you have a code name?"

Robin shakes her head, "Nope, no codename. I never really thought about it, I guess." She glances over to Blank and then comments, brushing her hair away from her eyes casually, "I mean, my power doesn't really lend itself to a neat name or anything…"

July smiles, "Puppeteer sounds good, I think." she says, grinning, "I'm Elastica." she bows softly, as if introducing herself.

Ebony think for a moment, "I bet I can come up with some cool ones. Lets see…..mmmm…..Oh hey how Mistress Puppet or Blank Girl or Mistress Blank" She grins proud of her ideas. She looks at July, "oh right and I'm Paper."

Robin tilts her head at Ebony and says, "Well, I would hate to have Blank's name in my codename, just because it's kind've her name and not mine. Even if she is just me, or a projection of me…" She furrows her eyebrows for a moment and shrugs. "I think Puppeteer sounds really good, it rings nice." She nods and says, "And you have pretty neat codenames."

July giggles softly, "Puppeteer fits you, because of what you can do." she says, grinning, before nodding, "As for my codename… I couldn't thikn of anything better, because stretching myself isn't all I can do. I can do some limited shape shifting, taking the forms of simple objects. I can't do details, though." she shrugs.

Ebony looks at July, "you can shape shift?" She giggles some, "I didn't know you can do that." She then shrugs, "my power is base off paper there not much I can do with that name wise I was thinking paper girl but what happens when I get older so I picked just paper."

"Ah. Hmmm. Well, I can't really think of any kind've name involving paper…" Robin looks up in thought and says, "I think Elastica is probably the best I'd come up with. Or I would go with something like Fluidity or something that sounds kind've hippy." She brushes her cheek lightly and then bites her lip in irritation at a realization, "Um, I should be going. I've gotta go take care of something."

July hmmms at that, "Fluidity. Sounds interesting, but it's too complicated a name, I think." she shrugs softly, smiling, "Aw you goota go? Alright." she says, and she uncoils from around the two girls, returning to a normal shape now. "Alright, Robin. Thanks for the chat. It was very nice." she says, nodding.

Ebony nods, "I think she should be Rubber Girl" She giggles some and kisses her. She then looks at Robin and nods, "well it was nice to talk you you finally it's nice to have another girl around to many guy around here." She watches as her girlfriend un coil and return to her shape. She hugs Robbin and kisses her check, "we will go shopping soon."

Robin smiles widely at July and Ebony, saying about the suggestion of a shopping trip, "I would love to. And it was nice talking to you both." She rubs her jawline lightly, frowns and waves. Blank waves too, and Robin sets off in a hurried pace with the puppet floating in the air behind her.

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