2009-04-29: Late Night Picnic


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Summary: Jared brings out food to Daisuke and Vlad joins them for a late night meal.

Date: April 29, 2009

Log Title Late Night Picnic

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's about 8pm and it's already gotten dark outside. Daisuke was out in the gardens drawing earlier when it just got to the point where he couldn't see. Not wanting to go inside yet, the Japanese teen decided to lay down and just stare a the sky for a bit. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a light jacket over his tshirt. Dai shivers slightly from the chill in the air but he's not ready to go back insdie yet.

The skies seem to react and a breeze pulls away any clouds that would block Daisuke's view. Storm was also star gazing, white glowing eyes turned upwards as she hovers high above the gardens. White hair let free and the winds that she uses to keep herself aloft whip them around her figure. She had much to think about Scott was a mix of emotions and strain, but he refused to open up to her. She'd been gone too long. Jean was gone, most of the team was gone or so distracted it seemed true. Even Logan was gone.

Vladimir walks into the garden mostly following the white hair goddess in the sky. He had spotted her as he left the dorm. He has a crush for her since the first day he saw her and know he would love to be on her team over scotts.

Jared has not seen Daisuke all day, and has looked for him in all the ormal inside places, which leaves only a few outside ones left. Given that it is already 8pm, and no one saw him put in an appearance at supper Jared has had an idea that he at least counts as genius. Currently dressed in a pair of white cloth pants, and a white and red t-shirt and carring what appears to be a wicker basket the bare foot teen walks off the beaten path through the Xavier grounds headed for where Daisuke was the last time someone spotted him. Feeling, more than seeing or hearing, the others Jared stops for a moment just as he enters the gardens before just smiling and continueing his silent aproach to Daisuke. He does his best to sneak up on the sky watching teen before saing, "You missed Dinner."

Looking up as Jared speaks, Daisuke doesn't jump for once by smiles. "Hey Jar. I compeletly forgot, I was just kind of lost in thought out here." He says as he pushes himself up to give Jared a hug. "Thanks." He says smiling. He doesn't notice the weather witch or Vladimir out here for the moment as Jared's voice was what snapped him out of his daze.

Not entirely paying attention to the ground for a long while before her figure unfolds from the floating crouch. It would storm tonight. Brutal and wild and Storm herself would be at the heart of it. It had been too long since she danced amidst the lightning strikes and torrents of rain. With a look down and descending to land on her feet. It takes a few moments for the white glow to fade back to the soft blue of her normal eyes. It was often difficult to leave the sky for the ground. Looking towards the graveyard not far off for a moment before she turns to walk towards the mansion. Though pausing when she hears people speaking.

Vladimir walks up to where he saw Strom land and waves to her, "Hello miss Ororo" His tone is light and friendly. Um great flying I wish I could fly like you." He sighs and wish he did not say that and said something cooler. He looks at the teacher and speaks, "um how are you?"

Jared grins a little and hugs Daisuke back and gives him a small chaste kiss on the cheek given that there are others around, including a teacher. "Yeah, I had guesed that. Last sighting of you was in this area drawing, so I decided to pack up a few supplies and bring the mountain to Mohammad. That, and it was the only way I was going to have half a chance to bring you some of the dessert I made you. Sure most of the students here are nice, but bake a pan of brownies and they turn into frightening hoards." Jared grins a little at Dai, and then leans his head back and says much louder, "And if either of you missed dinner I probably have enough to share."

"Moutain to Mohammad?" Daisuke asks as he hasn't heard that. "And I kind of got into my drawing and was just night watching. It's nice and quiet out here with the right amount of light." Jared would know that Daisuke has a phobia of when it's too dark. "You made me dessert? Jared you're the best." He says griving Jared a big hug. While he's still hugging JAred he hears the two voices and looks to see who they belong too.

he looks to Vladimir and smiles warmly, chuckling softly as he seems to stumble around her, "I am quite good, Vladimir. Thank you." Her demeanor tends a bit towards motherly around the students as she looks to just how busy it was at this hour before smiling again. "It seems that I am not the only one who isn't very tired." She was thinking of enjoying a session in the Danger Room before the storm would hit. She looks to the two students and smiles at the loud offer, "I thank you for the offer, but I am alright." She nods in thanks to the pair of lovers.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "Well I am a night person I normally crash around three. Normally I would have the place to my self but this place there always someone up and doing something. She Um Miss. Ororo Do you have a team yet. I know some of the teacher have teams and I on Shades team but I rather be on your team. I don't care what color the outfit is as long as it not yellow." That's a powerful statements he already got into a argument one teacher over the color and planing to start another one with scott."

Jared nods at Daisuke, "Its an old saying, comes from some parable about Mohammad refusing to go to a mountain, so God brought it to him…or something like that. Your right about it being nice out, and incase we loose the light I have a nice little portable light here there will cover a good ten foot area.: JAred does know about Daisuke and the darkness, even if it does not bother him in the slightest. "Yes I made you dessert, and it will cost me more than aa comic book and a bottle of YooHoo if I don't get the cook book I borrowed from Chris home before he notices its gone. Lets hope he has no reason to make mousse tonight." Jared grins and turns in the direction of Storm and Vlad, "Are you sure? I have some great veggie stuff, some sandwich fixins, left over potatos…" Oddly, no mention of dessert to the others.

"Sorry Jared, I'll probably never be cooking for you but I can take you out for a nice Japanese dinner in the East Village anytime you want." Daisuke says chuckling. "And I doubt Mr. Parker Mayfair will mind that much if you borrowed one of his cookbooks. He's the culinary teacher here, I bet he has tons." Daisuke says as he as he reaches a hand out to squeeze Jared's. "Why don't you come join us, I don't mind the company." Dai offers to Vlad and Ororo.

Vladimir sighs as storm flies off after her cell phone goes off. He then hears voice one he knows as Jared and the other he does not know well but sounds familiar. He wonders over and spots his peers and calls out, "hey get your clothes back on you two!" he only messing around but should make them jump

Jared shrugs and in a quick smooth motion drops form a standing position into something that looks rather close to the lotus position. After plopping the basket in front of him and opening it up Jared looks up at Daisuke. "I know, not dating you for your cooking skills. I on the other hand am a decent enough cook, so enjoy it when you can. Especially when I had to bribe someone to help me make it without letting everyone in the school know just how much chocolate I had on me." At Vlad's comment Jared laughs and responds, "Don't be jealous, just because I have an awsome looking body that people enjoy looking at."

Daisuke laughs. "Well I'll eat anything you make you know that." He says as he gets ready to eat what Jared brought and made for him. "I appriate the bribe, I'm sure it's amazing." At the sound of the second voice, Daisuke does look over. "Like hell you'd find me naked in a spot wher emore than Jared can see."

Vladimir smiles and walks up to the two, "hey hope I not bothering anything" He looks down at the basket and smiles some, "sorry seems like you two are on a date maybe I should go."

Jared laughs and shakes his head. "Not really a date, just brought some food for Dai since he missed dinner while out here drawing and watching the stars. Your not inturupting anything." Jared pats the ground over next to them in an invitation to Vlad as he pulls some sandwichs, a container of veggie salad, and some left over potato dish out of his basket.

"I don't mind you joining us." Daisuke says with a smile as he shifts to make room for Vlad. "I kind of lose track of time when I'm drawing, then it got to dark to see what I was drawing so I just kind of relaxed out here for a bit. I didn't about dinner which is odd cause I usually eat a lot."

Vladimir nods and sits down next to the two, "I see so you draw that's cool I wish I had some kind of artistic skill." He sighs but smiles, "I get the same way when I playing a RTS or hacking into someplace I shouldn't be."

Jared nods and grins, "Which is why there is enough food here to share with another 2 or three people. I know how you feel Vlad, closest thing to artistic talent is my ability to make bland premade frozen dinners taste good. Although I never really get lost for time….could be a side effect of all my competitions, you have to keep an eye on the clock with those so you can get your whole rutine in before they cut you off."

"I got into drawing several years ago when I needed an escape. Art and drumming became my emotional output." Daisuke says as he brushes his hair back. "I can only cook five things that come out decently. Or should I say that are edibile. And I'd love to see one of your rouines one day Jared."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "I can cook if it come premade and is frozen." He laughs some, "yah frozen food was my life before I came to the school. Never had a home cooked meal before I came here."

Jared nods and reaches over to hug Daisuke a little. "Well I can break out the routine i was going to use to compeat in the tryouts to get to the Olympic team at some point for you. Its a shame that Mister Wagner is away, I still think the idea of setting up something for the school with him, me, and Leo would be awsome." Jared nods at Vlad and grins, "Same here, Mom couldn't cook for beans and was usualy on the strangest shifts possible at the hospital. I got used to frozen food, then to adding things to it and throwing away the instructions so I can make it eddible."

"Mine was the few things me or my Brother could cool. Shu was the better cook between us two." Daisuke says with a smile as she leans into Jared and start to eat a bit. "My dad never cooked, it was up to shu and I." He says as a sudden gust of wind comes and blows his art piee across the gardens. "Oh crap, I'll be back, gotta run and chase after it." He says getting up to find where it went.

Vladimir nods, "well moy mom was always to high to cook so I have no idea how she cooked. So you were on Olympic team? I didn't think they allowed mutants to compete in them?" He blinks as Daisuke jumps up and walks off, "okay then."

Jared shrugs a little at Vlad. "Not on the team, but in the runnings for it. Leo on the other hand was the one that was a sure win to be on the team…and that was before our powers kicked in. Now there is no way we are gonna be in the 2012 games but…well thats life." As the wind blows Jared makes sound rahter like Eddie's meep and moves to help Daisuke gather up his drawings.

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