2009-09-13: Late Night Swimming


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Summary: Sam and Erik go for a late night swim and find Lily already at the pool.

Date: September 13, 2009

Log Title Late Night Swimming

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Lily was, for once, not in the water. Though she had been recently, by the wet tiles beneath her. She was stretched out on one of the pool chairs, relaxing, beach towel draped over her as much for modesty's sake as to help sponge off some of the moisture.

Even though the season for swimming is quickly coming to a close, Sam decides that tonightt's a good night to abuse the fact that water lets go of heat slower than air, also the pool being heated a bit helps. He gets to the pool and starts to take off his shirt and shorts so he's just down to his knee lenght trunks when he spots Lily. "Howdy there, Ah hope ya don't mind me takin' a late night swim." He says with his friendly southern twang.

Erik doesn't normally swim that much, but apparently he too had the desire to get some conditioning in as he comes in in black and red trunks (gee, a motif). He raises an eyebrow at the attendance in the pool, chuckling. "Hello, Lily." He greets the student he recognizes, and nods to the other man. He too is wearing regulation Cyclops approved length trunks, but he never was a speedo man.

Lily grins when the two men walk in. "Hello Mr. Anderson." She says, then cocks her head at Sam. "You're one of the Guthries, aren't you?" Either the accent or the looks are a dead giveaway.

Sam nods in return to Erik with a smile. "Howdy Erik, fancy a swim too this evenin'?" He asks the teacher. It's hard not to know someone when you've lived in the same building for several months. "That's right, Ah'm Sam also known as Cannonball. And Ah guess us Guthries are a bit common 'round here. Who might you be?" He says with a smile before diving into the pool. No Cannonball for him.

Erik chuckles. "Yeah, figured I'd come down here and work a little bit. Get over that natural aversion to the water that I seem to have." He says amusedly, grinning to Lily. They have, perhaps, discussed the problems of water?

"I'm Lily." Lily says once Sam's surfaced again. She grins at Erik. "We could have lightning rods installed if it'd help." She teases. After a moment, she pulls off the towel, revealing that she is in a pair of Speedos before she dives into the water to join the two men, traversing the entire length of the pool before she comes up for air, grinning impudently.

Sam pushes the hair back that's fell in his face and looks over at Erik. "Ain't nothin' wrong with water, at least in a pool like this." He says with a nod. "Ah ain't here tah work out but more cool off and relax a bit. Ah swear Scott programs the toughet Danger Room sessions, well next tah Logan." He says with a shake of his head.

"Well, nothing wrong with water, just wrong with /me/ in the water, at least when I was young." He says before he moves towards the pool to hop in. "Yeah, well Logan is used to running ones that would be interesting to /him/, and frankly I'm happy when he's bored."

"They can't be /that/ bad … can they?" Lily wants to know, looking curious. Not like she's ever been in an X-Men level training session, after all. Then she grins. "I thought it was supposed to be a /bad/ thing when he got bored, 'cause then he started looking for some entertainment?" At least, that's the rumor.

"Nah Logan ain't that bad. It's more he does it his way in which he thinks people 'll learn." Sam says with a nod as him and Logan have spent their fair amount of time together. "Actually Logan's a good guy when he's relaxed, fair too." Sam says as relaxes in the water so that just the tops of his shoulders are exposed. "Nah it ain't a bad thing when he gets bored. And they ain't that bad, Ah mean after what we've done out there, but they ain't easy either. Ah think sometimes we're supposed tah fail."

"You learn as much from failure as you do from success, or so they say." Erik says with a chuckle. "Logan is a man who has had a very hard life, and has been taught some very hard lessons about trusting people and loss. As, for that matter, has Scott. They're more alike then they'd like to think. And I generally meant I much prefer a /fight/ where Logan is bored."

Lily grins. "Never said I /believed/ the rumors." She points out. "Logan's never seemed all that scary to me. Growly and a bit temperamental, yeah. Scary, no." Then she grins. "Right. Fight where Logan's bored is a good thing. I can definitely see that."

"Ah like Logan a lot. He was the first tah really treat me as an equal when Ah first joined the XMEn, didn't treat me like a kid." Sam says as that was a really awkward part of his life. Being the youngest XMen is never a pleasant thing. "But that's a whole nother story. Ah wouldn't call him scary, just gruff at times." Sam says with a chuckle. "So what Squad are ya on Lily?"

"I seem to understand Logan treating you like an equal is the first step of many a young student to feeling like a part of the team." Erik says, with a chuckle and a nostalgic look for a moment before he banishes it. "Logan isn't scary until you are trying to kill him or someone he cares about. Beyond that he's much more social than he'd like to think he is."

Lily grins. "I've noticed that." Stick around the mansion long enough, and that facade of Logan's doesn't stand up well to scrutiny. "Though I think both he and Scott would cheerfully kill you for saying they have things in common." Then, to Sam. "Not in one yet, though I think they'll be putting me in one for the new school year.

"Ah'm sure you'll git one soon with classes startin' up and everythin'." Sam says with a nod. "Ah'm in charge of tha New Mutants, which is no big surprise there." He says with a smile, after all it is his first team. "Ah don't teach anything else but a squad here. Ah ain't exactly English teacher material."

Erik laughs. "Well, you could always teach something eas…wait, you said English already." He says with a grin, before he shakes his head. "I'm sure you'll do great in a squad, Lily."

Lily snorted at Sam. "Please. Accents do not make one stupid." She points out. "And if you try to tell me you're dumb, I'll laugh at you."

Sam laughs. "Ah ain't talkin' about mah accent. Though Paige likes tah tease 'bout how she lost hers and Ah didn't." It's just Sam never cared to and didn't try to get rid of it like his sister. "Ah was just sayin any subject. It'd be the same with History or Math, Ah ain't the teachin' type unless it's with powers, which Ah don't mind."

Lily grins. "Ah, ok, gotcha." She says, then grins. "Hey, it's a little sister's duty and privilege to give an older brother as much hell as she can get away with. Call it revenge for the overprotective act when boys come into the picutre."

Erik grumbles and hops out of the water to go answer a phone call and not electrocute himself.

"Well Ah got nine younger siblings and they're all good at givin' me, and each other, hell." Sam says with a shake of his head, smiling the entire time. "Ah do feel bad Ah can't see 'em all the time though. And Ah was away from home before Ah could do the over protective act."

"I have two older brothers myself." Lily says. "So I know how that goes. Actually, I think one of them's right around your age. I miss 'em something fierce whenever I'm not home. Them and my sister, too."

"Ah miss mah siblin's too Lily." Sam says hoisting himself out of the pool. "Ah'll see ya around the school later on Lily, right now Ah gotta get back in. Don't stay out here too late, ya don't want Scott on ya fer that." HE says with a nod as he grabs his towel before heading back to the school.

Lily grins. "See you around, Sam!" She calls as he heads out.

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