2010-01-23: Later, the Same Day


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Summary: Back in the kitchen, new students meet usedolder students. Evan debut scene.

Date: January 23, 2010

Log Title Later, the Same Day

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Daisuke walks into the kitchen gibbering away on his cell phone in Japanese. He's in the middle of a conversation with his Grandmother. He has a pair of drumsticks under one arm and goes to the fridge to grab a bottle of water before going to sit on one of the counters while gabbing away. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with ripped knees, a blue shirt, tie and checkered vest.

Nathaniel is dressed in a classic black teeshirt and jeans, a fairly lowkey outfit, and he fiddles absentmindedly with something in his pocket as he wanders in. He gets a soda instead of water, dropping down to sit across from Daisuke with a faintly amused look. He cracks the soda open, taking a sip and listening to Daisuke gibber in Japanese.

Rashmi, still sitting at the table in back, has refreshed her tea, her Government book laid open to one side, an essay in progress. Now and again, she leafs through the chapter, pausing to compose her statements in her head, by all accounts appearing to be completely immersed in her homework.

Daisuke offers a shy sort of wave to Rashmi and Nathaniel before he finishes up his conversation and hangs up the phone. "Hey, Nathaniel, how's it going?" He says opening up the bottle of water. "Sorry, my Grandmother was on the phone and wanted to make sure I was okay. All the demon reports in New York City are getting back to her in Japan and she's worried."

Nathaniel shrugs slightly, shaking his head, "It's all right, I guess… how're you, Dai?" He takes a drink from his soda, looking in Rashmi's direction before he calls over, "Rashmi. Hey." He waits to see if she recognizes other people are there before he'll tack on, "How're you?"

Rashmi looks up from her work, giving Nathaniel a gentle smile. "Nathaniel, hi! Um… How've you been? I just haven't seen you around school all that much…"

Daisuke shrugs at Nathaniel and runs a hand through his hair. "I guess I'm okay, I havent' heard from Eddie in a bit and all this craziness is…well crazy. I'm just surprised I haven't been in the heart of it this time, and it's nice." He looks over and Rashmi and pushes hismelf off to the counter to offer a hand. "I'm Daisuke, or just Dai."

"Yeah, I got to be this time," Nathan says idly, though he smiles faintly in Rashmi's direction and shrugs at her question, "I've been spending time in my room." He glances at Daisuke, then shifts the soda in circles on the counter, "Robyn came to talk to me. It went about as well as you might expect."

Rashmi nods slowly, sparing a tiny moment to examine the hand, before shaking. Not seeing any strange electrical arcs, she takes hold, shaking once. "Rashmi," she says by way of reply, looking back at Nathaniel and frowning slightly. "Yeah… I wouldn't be surprised. But," she says, pointing her pen ceilingward, "it means a lot that you two talked. It's a start, right…?"

Evan was wanting maybe a small snack to go with doing her school work. Math, YUCK! She's also new to the place. She really hasn't interacted with any of the other students much. Still trying to get use to even finding out she was a mutant. She hears voices coming from the kitchen, so she pokes her nose in. "Umm. Hello."

Daisuke looks between Nathaniel and Rashmi listening to their conversation. "Wait..what happened. What happened Nathaniel?" He says sounding a bit concerned for his roommate, after all they've known eachother for quite some time. "I feel like I've missed a lot…"

Nathaniel shrugs once more, smiling at Rashmi in that same faint way, then shakes his head at Daisuke, straightening up, "Nothing, Dai. I'll tell you about it later. I don't feel like going over it right now." He picks up his soda in time for Evan to appear, blinking at her once, "Hi."

Rashmi lowers her pen, nodding faintly at Nathaniel. The entrance of the new girl brings a bright, welcoming smile to her face. "Hi! You must be new here, I guess?"

Evan nods towards the girl. "I am new. I arrived a couple of days ago. Settling in and all. I'm Evan Dale."
Daisuke nods to Nathaniel and understands not wanting to talk to things. "Welcome to Xavier's, I'm Daisuke but most people just call me Dai." He looks to Nathaniel and shakes his head. "I go away for a week and I come back to so many new faces I'm going to have trouble keeping them all straight."

The roommate rejected his cupcake. Quel fromage. Wait, that's not right. Oh well.
Mike has found a single radio station in upstate Connecticut broadcasting on the HD protocol … it's playing this happy little tune, utterly nothing to do with the demonstuff that has been drowning the airwaves, and really, there's only so long you can listen to the exorcisms and the same recording of the same mass on the Catholic radio. The oddly Czech sounding accent, "I'm a new soul I came to this strange world Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take.."
Mike comes into the kitchen, metal chassis gleaming but he has found his shirt which he lost in the gym, days ago.
Seeing Rashmi talking with three people he doesn't know, he stops, looks around. The song is turned down to low background, and he waves, holding up his "HI, My Name Is MIKE" card.

Nathaniel nods his head in sympathetic agreement with his roommate, quirking a faint grin in the meantime before he looks to Evan and waves slightly, "I'm Nathan… and nice to meet you both, Mike and Evan." His eyes turn to Mike when the other, er, boy enters, grinning a bit more in response to the more cheerful song that carboy is playing before he turns it down.

Rashmi bobs her head. "I'm Rashmi," she replies, setting her homework aside. "Rashmi Franklin…" Her smile quirks a bit, aware that her name is rather incongruous at first blush. As Mike enters, she lifts a hand in greeting, settling back in her chair and taking a sip of her tea. "How's the school treating you, then?"

Evan grins, though she HAS had to do a double take of Mike. Not often comes across someone like him. She replies to Rashmi. "Do ok. Doing the same as in a usual school. Ok in English class, suck in math. Never was good in math. Been focusing on school work mostly, just to get caught up>"

Daisuke looks at Mike and blinks, it's part that he's Robot looking kid and part that he's /another/ new student. "Woah…yeah..did Mr. Summers put out another wanted add? Hi, like I just told Evan and Rashmi, I'm Daisuke, or just Dai. Nice to meet you." He says to Mike. "Well, welcome to Xavier's. If you ever need help with classes, let me know. I'm kind of the tutor around here."

Mike nods. He's stuck with the mona-freaking-lisa smirk, but it's probably better than an inane grin or an evil set of fangs. Oh well. He offers to shake hands with whoever's willing, because some people squick a little when they feel that his palms are made out of car tyre rubber, and it's amusing for some reason. But he doesn't speak. Instead, after any handshake might be exchanged, he pulls out a small pad of post-its and starts to write.

Nathaniel doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by Mike, offering him his hand in order to shake and not looking remotely surprised by the sensation of rubber. He motions towards one of the free counter chairs, inviting Mike to sit down, before he looks at Daisuke and lifts a brow, "He put out a wanted ad?"

"I, um… think it's more about all the new people," Rashmi offers, peering at her book again. "And I know it took a long time for my parents to learn about this place…" Shrugging, she looks back up eyebrows raised. "Probably just coincidence, really."

The note to Dai reads, "The home-ec teacher is out sick or something, and the substute doesn't seem to know shes at a school for mutants. She insists I gotta taste my own cupcake, but I just cant. Would ruin my engine."
Of course once an official county substitute teacher gets it in her mind that some kid is malingering, there's nothing short of the return of the normal teacher to fix it. And this is only Mike's first week already!

Nathaniel leans forward to read the note, declaring, idly, "Tell her she can shove the cupcake up her exhaust pipe." He takes a drink of his soda again, looking curiously at Rashmi before he shrugs, "I woke up here after an… event. Was pretty easy to find."

Evan nods in almost in agreement with Rashmi. "For the last year or so, it was thought I has some sort of muscle disorder. I've been through so many tests.." she shudders, "And even medicated with muscle relaxants. Then a couple of weeks ago, someone came and talked to my folks and I'm now here."

Rashmi blinks, eyebrows drawing together, puzzled. "…Muscle disorder…?" Her eyes flick over Evan's arms and legs briefly, head tilting to one side. "Why would they think that?"

Daisuke nods and is about to say something and then lets out a snicker at Nathaniel's comment. "Well yeah, Eddie and Jared's dad….he kind of went….missing." Meaning he went over to the demon side, he knows cause Jared's his signifacant other. "I just…I just got here through…recruting means." He looks very uncomfortable about saying how he found out about his powers and got here.

Mike tilts his head to the side. Already did this story today, but he's game for a quick rewrite. So he does, very quickly drawing and sketching. "Mutant Mike, Age 13, Merges W/Mom's Car" Cartoonish picture of car with thought bubble coming out containing picture of stick figure kid.
"Mutant Mike, Age 14, Joyriding." 3 panels, bottom wide. Cartoonish picture of a stick figure kid and other stick figure kid, by stick figure motorcyle. NExt picture, stick figure motorcycle with thought bubble, per previous.
Bottom panel, stick figure motorcycle wheelie going ZOOM, and both stick figure kids with expressions of glee.
"Mutant Mike Age 14, Stupid Accident." A zoomy looking cartoon car, and a mean growling cartoon train pouncing it.

Nathaniel nods his head in response to Daisuke, scratching the back of his neck as he explains, "Yeah, I went… missing for a little while, too." He shrugs helplessly, then focuses on the story being told by Mike, his eyebrows lifting, "…trains are bad, man."

Rashmi shakes her head. "…I was mugged, last summer," is all she offers of her own emergence. As Mike begins to draw out the comic, she pats his arm, still looking curiously Evan's way.

Daisuke looks at Nathaniel and nods before looking at Mike's drawings. He studies them slowly and looks up at Mike. "Dude, sorry about that." He says kind of winces at the idea of being hit by a train.

Evan looks for something small. She spots a pop tab. She holds it in her hands. "It was first thought that maybe it was a due to changes in body chemistry. The fact I was dropping things. Only I wasn't, but even I thought something was going on. But I started to 'drop' things more often. Then items seem to be flicked out of my hands, which made my parents and even doctors think maybe it was tightening of the muscles in my hands or arms." She open her hand that held the tab. The tab flew up out of her hand a good foot or so into the air and then landed in her hand. Even she was amazed. "Wow. It worked this time." She looks at the others. "A form of kinetises I was told."

Daisuke looks at Nathaniel and nods before looking at Mike's drawings. He studies them slowly and looks up at Mike. "Dude, sorry about that." He says kind of winces at the idea of being hit by a train. "I just have sonics, they came ond day and now I'm here." Can he get more vague?

Mike nods, continuing to the next drawing quickly:
"Mutant Mike, Age 14, Wrecking Yard." stick figure towtruck pulling bent-in-half stick figure cartoon car with thought bubble of stick figure kid with x x eyes.
Hearing Dai and Nathan, he notes the ominously ellipsised 'went missing', and decides to interrogate a bit more in private some time, cause even though Mama is in Seattle, Papa still has to deal with the Church Ladies telling him that New York is hell and why did he send his son to a military school in such a depraved place.
OK, next cartoon. "Mutant Mike, Age 14, Found By Papa" - the stick figure of a big guy (v-shaped upper body, muscle bumps) finds a little cube with the stick figure thought bubble with the kid with the x x eyes. Panel two, he yanks on the thought bubble and the kid falls out.
If he could have his tongue sticking slightly out the corner of his mouth he probably would. However, the popping pop tab makes him stop. His eyes light up (headlight on high beam in miniature scale) and shine brightly on Evan's hand.

Rashmi watches the display, rather impressed. "Well… definitely it's a good thing you're here then… Powers training is weekends, so it probably won't be long before you won't have to worry about anything flying out of your hands…" Leaning over Mike's shoulder as he finishes the drawing, she pats his shoulder. "You should think about doing comics more, Mike."

Daisuke stands up and nod. "Well, good to have you here Mike, like with you two, Rashmi and Evan. Like you said if you need help with classe, I'm kind a tutor here. Right now thought, I gotta get some sleep. Welcome and g'night."

Mike waves to Dai.
Cartoon: "Robot Mike, Age 14, the Wages of Stupid" The stick figure boy is now a stick figure robot. stick figure father speech bubble: "GROUNDED FOR LIFE!"
Mike nods to Rashmi. Of course he can draw - one has to be able to draw to design that next big automotive look, right? but for a living? Cranking out pictures like some kind of machine, getting flabby… oh wait. Maybe he should listen to her advice.
Last cartoon. "Mutant Robot Mike, Age 15 Off to School" Somewhat accurate slight elevation showing very sketchy Xavier Institute on one side, not to scale floating New York City with storm clouds and surrounded by little stick figure demons. A big fat direction arrow goes INTO the school and a second going to the city ahas a big X through it.

fade to black. We were all zzzz. Also? Mike is NOT telling that story again for a month.

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