2011-03-08: Laughter And Exercise


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Summary: Chloe, Heather, Quill and Patrick hit the gym for some exercise and goofing off.

Date: March 8, 2011

Log Title: Laughter and Exercise

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Having come down to the gym for her usual solo exercise routines (which she mostly does to pass the time), Heather is currently holding a dodgeball in her hands, and throwing it against the wall, always at an obtuse angle, and trying to arrive at the point where the ball will rebound to, before it hits the ground. Occasionally, she misses, having thrown the ball too hard so that she could not catch it quite in time. This is more of an exercise in slowness and tossing at a reasonable rate rather than actually working on her speed.

There's a ruffling in the closet followed by a lot of noice, a few crashes, a curse word and then Quill appears dragging a back of dodge balls almost as big as him. Looking at Heather, the porcupine grins and waves. "Looks like I'm not the only one playing with balls today." He says with a snicker. Once he gets to an area of the rec room where he's not interfering, he digs around in the sack and pulls out a red ball, bouncing it on the ground a few times. "Sorry Goofy Goggles but I'm sure this school has a decent dodge ball budget" He bounces the ball really hard on the ground towards the wall and lets it bounce off before he sends a volly of quills at the moving target.

Chloe rarely ever walks when she could run. Especially not when she was supposed to be down in the gym to work on perfecting some of the Bushido forms before her next class. Which is why she hurtles into the room at a little over a hundred miles an hour, dressed in running shorts and a black t-shirt with a clock face in silhouette on it. At her native fast world speed she sings "Trawling the night sky, drinking the bars dry…." evidently in time to whatever is playing on her inbuilt mp3 player.

"My goggles are actually fairly stylish," plays Heather on her tape recorder, "which is in stark contrast, I'm told, to the rest of my wardrobe. I am not terribly surprised that you enjoy playing with balls, though you seem to play a bit… rough." She blinks a few times quickly, her flat expression not changing as her recorder played, before she turns towards Chloe. To her, Chloe's run only seems a little faster than her own sprint, so she seems to barely notice as she says (without playing), "Oh, hello, you seem to be in a bit of a rush. What are you rushing about today?" She bounces the ball once on the ground.

Quill stops and turns around looking at Heather for a second quite oddly. The punched dodge ball lands on the ground with four quills sticking out of it, not grouped well at all. "Huh? Oh! You're not goofy goggles. That's Cyclops. You're Heather Brown codename: Timeslip!" He says cheerfully. "And those goggles are amazingly stylish." He turns adn grabs the ball and frowns. "Oh well that was just take one! Gotta get better on grouping with a moving target so I can be Awesome Porcupiiiiine!" He then spots Chloe and waves at her. "Chloe! What is up speedster babe?!"

Patrick floats at a walking pace into the gym. The tall kid's legs drag slightly behind him, he is about half a foot off of the ground. Seeing those already in the gym, he pauses and seems, perhaps, conflicted on continuing in or not. Then he notices Heather and an ever so slight smile appears on his lips, heading over her way at the same almost seemingly lazy pace.

"I've got an out of school martial arts class tomorrow evening and I haven't had much time to work on my stances," Chloe replies, repeating herself at normal speed for Quills benefit. "If you're working on your aim then you should use a smaller ball. Like one of those ultra bouncy rubber ones, which would also make great projectile weapons for pranking people!"

"Oh, you were apologizing to someone who isn't present. Okay. I suppose that makes sense." It doesn't make sense. Heather notes, "If you would like to improve your marksmanship, I could aid you on that front. A fast moving target should be more difficult to hit than a slow one, right?" The girl nods quickly and continues playing from her tape recorder, "What martial arts class is that? Not savate, I'm guessing," mostly for everyone else's benefit. She only turns towards Patrick, but there is no pause in her message, "Hello, Patrick. I'm guessing it just happens to be a good kind of day to be in the gym."

"Not aim but grouping. Seeing if I can hit the same spot of a moving target. My aim is already beyond amazing!" Quill boasts throwing his arms out wide in a clear exaggeration. He then looks to Heather and nods. "Of course is makes sense!" He declairs and tosses another ball and fires another volly of quills, but this time taking more time to try to hit it. "Yo!" He calls to Patrick! "Thanks for interupting my girl time!" He jokes with a laugh.

Patrick comes to a stop as he is addressed by Quill and looks a little defeated, floating a bit higher off of the ground as he is still. The Irish-Italian kid that looks like he benchpresses cars for fun sighs then offers, "I could come back another time?" Here Patrick quickly looks over to Heather, then back to Quill.

"Stick around," Chloe says cheerfully, pulling a face at Quill. "Or else he'll ask us to braid his 'hair' and we'll end up repainting the gym in blood with finger cuts." She shrugs and adds "Bushido, it's all about stances and forms right now. But I want to advance quickly so I can try the more advanced classes before my free lessons run out."

"You're already here, now. If you are planning on leaving as a courtesy for Maxwell Jordan, Codename: Quill, though, don't," says Heather, crossing her arms as her recorder plays. She bounces the ball quickly a few more times on the ground and then shrugs.

Quill bats his eyes at Chloe lovingly with a big grin. "Yay! I can have my hair braided. Yippee!" He says jumping up to click his heels together, a skill he's been practicing for just such occassions. He then waves a hand at Patrick. "No, no, stick around. There will be tea and dancing and pillow fights." He looks to Heather and Chloe, "That's what girls do at sleepovers right?" He runs over and picks up his second ball and makes a whooping noise. "I got two within a half inch!" He says looking around the ball before frowning. "Oh Dingleberries! I missed with my third quill, watch out for falling quills so you don't prick your feets. But that guy is cool, he floats! He doesn't have to worry about the Quill Zone!"

Patrick waits for the others speak to him before making a move. The enouragement to stick around… combined with something else that is almost perceivably affecting the kid, causes a proper smile to form on his face. He floats down till he is almost touching the wood floor and nods his head. "Alright. Thanks!" Suddenly, Patrick's tone is almost cheerful, a massive departure from the defeated sigh of just a few moments ago. "Sleepovers?" He is confused for a moment, but shakes that off quickly and continues, "I was just coming to practice some stuff. I could help you guys out too?"

Chloe tilts her head at Quill. "Why not buy a dart board?" she wonders. "Considering this is a boarding school everyday is a sleepover silly. And usually we talk about how we wish the school had some cooler boys to date. Plus the odd masterplan for taking over the world and having pink frosted cupcakes served for every school meal. The kind with edible glitter sprinkles on."

"I do not think we have pillows durable enough to endure that kind of a pillow fight," plays Heather, "Between speed and spike, well, it would be more of a pile of fluff fight than anything." She glances over towards Chloe and then nods rapidly, "Actually, that is a pretty good summary of the topics we cover." In faster speak, which is just squeaking and chirping to those without speed, she says to Chloe, "Speaking of that, I spoke to Theo the other day. About what, I cannot say."

Quill shrugs at Patrick. "You can help if you want to become a human pincushion but I think there's only room enough for one human pincushion in this school." He says with a grin and a bit of a pause. "….And that's my roommate Mason Steele!" He lets out a giggle at that. Quill then points a finger at Chole before speaking, "That! Would be a good idea if I could get someone to throw Dartbards around. Hrmmmm.." It's like he's actually pondering it. "Yeah I know Chloe, this school does need cooler boys to date. I get loney at night knowing Mason has Justin Bieber." He looks at Heather and nods slowly. "That's why we need steel pillows." He says it in a completely serious tone. "We are super heroes after all, we should be able to fight with big hunks of metal." He sagenods as if it's a brilliant idea.

Patrick gives a laugh at the dramatic 'reveal' from Quill, then after a moment of thought he floats up off the ground a good two feet, a sense of power coming off of him. He then gives Quill a wry smile and says simply, "Gimme a fast one. Right at the chest." Patrick's confidence in his own power apparently quite strong in regard to this act.

Chloe rolls her eyes and fastworld mouths 'boys' to Heather. "If you want hard to hit dartboards me and Heather could run around with them, then you'd have to really focus on your aim. Or else find yourself subject to our most fearsome wrath. So, been a student long Patrick? I haven't really seen you about much before."

"I feel uncomfortable about running with a dartboard in front of me, when I've already seen him miss a dodgeball," plays Heather, raising her eyebrow slightly at Chloe. She takes a step away from Patrick when he offers Quill a target and then shakes her head. She mouths the same thing back to Chloe and sighs, which is a short squeak to anyone else.

The short teen looks up at Patrick and raises a quilly eyebrow at him. "Um…dispite my jokes about my roommate I am not going to be flinging my quills at my classmates. Jokes are fun but actually hurting people…" Quill trails off before grining. "Ooo fearsome wrath! I like that Chloe!" He then laughs again before shaking his head. "Again though, I don't like human targets for my quills. For bags of flour and water ballons human targets are the best though!"

Patrick looks a little annoyed at the apparent lack of faith in him, but after a few seconds of this he seems to be able to shrug it off easily enough. "Ok then." Here he reaches out towards a dodgeball on the ground about four feet away and raising his arm, it lifts from the ground and is floating out away from him at his chest level, which of course includes the two feet he is already floating up from the ground. "How about helping me out and using that for a target?"

"It would work a lot better if I had a cape on, with a dramatic breeze blowing and while I was standing on a ledge," Chloe admits waving her hand, then starting on some light warm up stretches. "Some kind of telekinetic huh? Is everything always so far away from you and if so then how on earth do you handle pants?" Stretches done in no time at all (well to everyone but Heather and Chloe) she begins running a few moderately fast laps of the gym. Easy pushing eighty miles an hour without seeming to even be trying.

Heather watches Chloe running for just a moment, if only because that's about as long as her attention for this kind of thing actually lasts. "I would not want to hurt anyone here, either," she says to Quill, nodding, "which is why I find the Danger Room simulations so helpful. They allow me a more full use of my abilities without having to put kid gloves on with everyone. How do you find them?"

Quill raises his hand to fire at Patrick and squints as if he's aiming. His quills bristle up a bit before he shouts out "BANG!" He then chuckles as two quills are fired at the speed equivilent to a .22 one right after the other aiming at the same spot. Once fired he nods to Heather. "Like Heather said, that is why the Danger is room is Ah-Maz-za-ziiiiiiing!" He kinda sings. He then turns to Heather and puts his hands up to frame her face the best he can. "You need to be a Chipmunk for Halloween. Alvin I think. You're not pudgey enough for Theodore or geeky enough for Simon."

Patrick flashes out his hand at the first quill, which is deflected in it's trajectory enough to miss the ball wide. He then immediately flicks his fingers at the second one but only succeeds in pushing it to the side enough to rip a hole in the ball down the side rather than puncture it straight on. Here Patrick grins and shrugs, dropping the ball to the ground and floating down about a foot himself. "Not bad, considering!" He seems rather ok with the results. Then towards Chloe he offers, "Very carefully." Here he laughs good naturedly, then continues, "My power, at least for now… seems to only work when I try to use it. So I can bring my pants to me rather than go to them. Tricky, but it is good practice… especially first thing in the morning." Towards Heather now, Patrick seems to watch to girl, curious perhaps at her response to Quill's humor.

"They /did/ have girl Chipmunks you know," Chloe points out while zooming around the room. "Personally I hate the danger room. The whole kid gloves thing is /exactly/ what I don't like. You never get a true test of what you can do because it always refrains from anything serious. Plus it gives people confidence when they really shouldn't have it."

"I am also not chipmunk or male enough for Alvin," notes Heather, mildly, "But I will give it some thought. This last Halloween, I was dressed as a gravedigger in Hello Kitty pyjamas who carried a pickaxe. Which I also thought not characteristic of me." She turns towards Chloe and blinks a few times, noting, "I'm sorry you feel that way. But you know the kind of person I am. My confidence is not falsely inflated by anything presented."

"Show Off!" Quill teases Patrick but that might be his new nickname to Quill. He likes giving nicknames. "Patrick, I just think Chloe wants to know aaaaaaaall about your pants." He then looks at Chloe and sticks his tounge out. "The girl chipmunks were stupid. And fine, you can be a party pooper. The Danger Room is awesome. You can go to Rome in the danger room having never left the school." He then frowns at Heather. "That's right you guys went demension hopping. Lucky. I still like my idea that you were stuck in the Disney Land dimension."

Patrick gives a short laugh and retorts with, "Hey, you still killed the ball!" As for the comment on his pants, Patrick doesn't say anything, but does look at Chloe for a few moments before finally turning his attention over at Heather. "Disney Land?"

"You just sound jealus Quill," Chloe teases, sticking out her tongue as she zooms past. "But no, for the record your pants are of no interest to me. It was some kind of fear demon realm where everything wanted to murder you or turn you into a bug eating monster. Not very fun and way more grave digging than I ever hoped to do in my life."

"I was okay with the grave digging," plays Heather, shrugging, "It was really not the worst setting I've ever encountered. It was decent. The only unfortunate thing was dealing with Robyn and Connor. I was so personally invested." She shrugs and says, "But it's hard to explain exactly how I felt about the entire experience."

Quill puts his hand over his heart and feigns being hurt. "Oh yes Chloe, I'm so jealous I weep on my steel pillow every night going "Why isn't she interested in my pants." He sticks out his tounge back at her before frowning. "You guys still got to go on a…" Quill pauses to put a hand on his hips and the other finger pointing in the air. "ADVENTURE! TUre! Ture! ture! But while everyone was crying over your loss I was hoping you guys were having fun with Mickey Mouse."

Patrick at first just raises an eyebrow at Heather, then by the time she is finished he seems genuinely at a loss for words. Of course, Quill more than makes up for that. Patrick does give a short lived laugh at Quill's echoing then looks back to Heather. "That kind of stuff happen a lot? It isn't really why I'm here, ya know? I just wanted to learn to control my shi…stuff and not hurt anyone."

"It happens /all the time/," Chloe says solemnly, shaking her head. "The last school trip ended up with some people getting kidnapped and dragged into a warzone. Students get dragged into every horrible thing you can imagine. Worst of all? Listening to Quills singing."

"I think I have encountered more settings than the average student, and most previous to my experience here," says Heather, frowning for a moment and offering Patrick a shrug. "Sometimes things occur. This is New York, after all. It is inevitable. It would be inevitable if you were or were not here." She glances back at Quill and says, "Well, I found my own skeleton there. That was really cool. I regret not having brought it through. I could have crafted it into scary armour. And I know I'd be fine with that. But that was kind of adventurous."

Quill gapes at Chloe and gives her an accusing look. "I /knew/ someone was spying on me in the shower!" He then turns to Patrick and shrugs. "Happens to some more than others. I haven't been lucky yet." He fake kicks the ground in disappointment. "All of us want to learn control Patty McGee." Why he decided on that name, who knows. It's better left unasked. He then looks at Heather and is quiet for a bit before speaking. "That." He pauses. "Is awesome. And now on that seriously jealous note, I must be off! To the Quill Mobile!" He proclaims. "See ya later awesome peoples!" He says as he makes a vroooom noise as he leaves the gym.

Patrick simply watches Quill as he leaves, a lazy quarter of a grin appearing on his face. "So… strange." He offers to no one in particular before looking back to the two girls. "So I guess I should just continue to lay low. The world outside sounds like it just gets needlessly complicated."

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