2009-04-30 Lazin' with the Dyvil


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Summary: Two Corsairs take the day to rest on the beach, not too long before the Twins crshland on the sand and then vanish, leaving the two Sairs talking.

Date: April 30, 2009

Log Title Lazin' with the Dyvil

Rating: PG

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

A bright and sunny day at Xaviers! It's cooler than it has been this evening and the fresh scent in the air has drawn a student out after classes. Finally free of the medical bay and still riding a bit of the high from what happened down there, Owen Folger's out down on the beach today. Just in baggy shorts, he's laying on the sand and soaking up some sun. His shirt's folded and under his arms under his head. "Good tah be out…"

Exploration of the entire ground could take a while. Or at least to Kael it seems like it could. AT least he's outside this time, as he heads out onto the beach. The wind controller's hair is tipped white as a light breeze follows and circles around him. Carrying the heat of the sand up and around him. He spots Owen and smiles brightly. "Hey, Owen!" calls the Areokinetic as he starts to head over there.

Beaches are wonderful things, sand, surf, sun, and not to mention a good open space to test out experamental upgrades to equipment. At least, thats the way Pryce and Vincent Von Gregory see things. As the Areokinetic spots Owen a small sound starts to grow. Starting from across the lake, but growing closer it is the high pitched hum from several high powered electromagnetic fields playing off each other. Soon two figues can be seen streaking twords the beach flying about a foot over the water on what appear to be wheelless skateboards leaving wakes criss crossing behind them.

Owen blinks a few times when someone calls his name and sits up. Looking around, he spots Kael and blinks again. "Howdy!" he calls, trying to remember the name that goes to Kael's face. Then there's the hum, the shirtless teen covering his ears for a moment before looking around. Gritting his teeth, Owen lets out some DarkForce and goes all fuzzy as he gets up into a crouch. He's prepared for a fight until he sees Pryce and Vincent. "What the…?"

Kael rubs at an ear as he looks out over the lake, and he just… stands there for a moment as he watches this. He echoes Owen with a "What the…?" Then he starts to move backwards on the beach; moving towards to stand behind Owen just to feel a bit safer.

Pryce has no idea why someone would be afraid of him, jsut because he and his twin are moving at high speed across the lake on hand made hover boards with no outwardly visable means of control. The two figures do not drop speeds, in fact the seem to speed up as they spot someone on the beach heading for a point off to the side of them just in case the transition from water to sand does not go smoothly…which turns out to be a good idea. The first figure to hit the beach has no problems at all, slowing quickly once on land and stepping off his board, the second on on the other hand seems to suddenly loose control and ends up rolling across the beach as he crashes. The two figures, of course are the resident technopathic twins for the mansion, currently wearing only dark green swim trunks and mirrored sunglasses.

Owen glances back at Kael, wondering if he should just grab the kid and teleport away. When he sees that it's Pryce and Vincent and then witnesses the crash, Owen jumps. "Woah!" he yelps. Getting up, he moves over to the crashed twin to check on. "Ya'll okay?"

Kael just watches this play out in front of him. Then the crash happens, and it slightly jolts him out of his daze before he just stays put. He doesn't know what to do! He's so confused about it that the wind around him stops, and his hair turns back to it's normal brown.

Laying face first in the gorund where he landed VIncent raises a hand where it can be seen in a thumbs up before he rolls himself over. "I'm fine, only thing broken is my pride. Damn thing did not compensate right for the change from water to sand. Gonna have to find that glitch before I try it again." The twin that managed not to crash his hover board walks over to the one that ended up sticking straigh up and down out of the sand to pul it free while his brother talks. "What do you think Vincent, mechanical or software failure?" The uninjured twin asks looking the machine over before looking at the other two there. "Hello, hope we did not interupt anything…just testing out some new design features."

Owen blinks and then lets out a breath. "Well, glad ya'll are okay," he says, stretching. "Howdy, not interruptin' anythin'," he says, smiling. "Ah was jus' enjoyin' the air and the sun when Kael here showed up," he says, gesturing for the younger mutant to come over.

Kael looks between Vincent and Pryce, obviously confused and he blinks over at Owen before he starts to make his way over. "Was just… exploring really." He rubs at his forehead; brushing his bangs away before he looks at Vincent and Pryce once more. "You two are strange…" Understatment? Maybe.

Pryce laughs and grins at Kael, he closes his eyes for a second then opens them grinning at the other teen. "Kael, new student, Aerokenetic. Cool, and you do not know the half of it handsome." Pulling himself up to a sitting position the other twin makes a groaning sound, "Brother dear, can it. Maybe not every boy in this school is gay, or even if he is interested in you." Both boys grin as Vincent gets to his feet. "You will have to forgive him, he has a libido almost as big as his ego."

Owen just chuckles a bit as Pryce flirts. It becomes a bit more as Vincent speaks to his twin. Reaching over, the DarkForce user ruffles Kael's hair and then grins. "We're -all= strange."

Kael lets out a grunt at the hair ruffling and he lets out a soft laugh before muttering, "I guess you're right." He blinks a bit and looks up at the twins. "… What's Aerokinetic mean… "

Pryce rolls his eyes and sticks a tongue out at his twin before turning a smile on Kael. "It means you control air, or at least thats what your file in the computer system says. A bit of an interesting power if you think aobut it, although I would never trade in my powers." Vincent gives his twin a matching face, and then turns his nice bright knee melting grin on Kael and Owen. "Frankly almost all of American culture is strnge to us, but given how our homeland and its leader tends to be villafiled we do our best not to say too much about it."

The fuzzy Owen gives Kael a pat on the shoulder then heads to pick up his shirt. "Really now? Where you two from?" he asks the twins.

Kael ohs softly. He rubs the back of his head as he smiles slightly. "I can't do much with it yet though." His hair bleeds white on the tips as the slightly wind rushes up around him once more; bringing the heat from the sand to blow up around him. He looks over at Owen and smiles a bit before he looks back at the Twins. The aerokinetic putting his hands in his pockets as he relaxes visibly in the center of his wind.
In perfect unison the twins draw themselves up to perfect posture and almost perfect attention as they say, "Latveria." Thats right, the twins are from that small country ruled by the crazy man with the metal face and they sound proud of it too. "Still, it is not like you would start out being able to do everything you have the potential to learn. Even we did not have half the skill we have with machines when our powers first grew in."

Owen's fur fades away as he puts his shirt back on. "Latveria? That in Europe?" he asks. Owen doesn't know much about other countries of the super-community. "Don' worry 'bout it, Kael. We all gotta start out somewhere and build up from that."

Kael grins a bit, letting the wind swirl upwards in a rather wide circle. Though the speed is more like a breeze now. "I can't wait see what I can do with some training. Maybe like make blades of wind or something. That'd be sweet." A childish glint in his eyes before he looks back the Twins. "Latawhata?"

Pryce grins and nods at Owen, "Yes, it is in the eastern part of Europe. Despite its greatness Latveria is a small nation physicaly." Vincent nods at Kael and grins, "That is one of the things I would look into trying, also think about trying to use your power to create vacumes, or since we are on the beach like a sand blaster."

Owen nods as he makes his way back over. "Ah. Well…welcome tah here," he jokes. "Ah've never been outta the country. Heck…that train ride up here was the first time Ah was away from home," he says with a shrug. "Ya'll might be able tah fly," he adds for Kael.

Kael looks over at the Twins, arching a brow as the wind dies down. "Sand blaster? Vacuum?" He looks at his hands and then at the sand on the ground next to him before he looks back at Owen with a smile. "Well, I can float now. I think flyin' is the next step." He smiles brightly at that prospect.

Pryce nods, "And flight, nothing is better than the ground rushing past under you as you swoop and dive throught hte clouds…well almost nothing." The smile on Pryc's face is decidedly…naughty as he thinks about those things that he counts as more fun than flying. Vincent of course rolls his eyes again, and nods at Kael. "Yes, vacume as in a void where there is a distinct lack of air. Put one of those aorund a person's head and in a few seconds they pass out."

Owen shoots Pryce a 'do not corrupt the younger students!' look as the naughty smile is seen. "Maybe ya'll can talk tah other air-controllers in the school," he suggests to Kael. "If there are any. Ah dunno…"

Kael looks over at Owen with a smile. "I already asked Storm, and she said that she'd help me." He looks over at Pryce softly, a soft flush swarming over his cheeks before he says, "I… don't think I can try that vacume… sounds like it needs a /ton/ of control."

Owen starts to say something, only to blink a Pryce and Vincent rush off after some kind of excited babbling about something technological that he doesn't understand. The sometimes fuzzy teen shrugs and looks to Kael. "Ya'll learn control then. We're all learnin' control."

Kael looks at the twins leave with a blink as well before he looks back at Owen with a smile. "Yeah… at most, I can just direct the wind. Like this." A gust of wind blows past the two over the lake; his hair streaking white at that moment, then it goes back to brown slightly as the gust around him slowly picks up. "But, I dunno how to… well… just blast wind at things."

Owen lifts his hand to cover his eyes for a moment as the wind blows. "Well, ya'll are youn'. And ya jus' got here so ya got a lot of work tah do. And it's not like Ah have complete control over mah powers…"

Kael hms a bit, scratching at the back of his head as he mutters, "Wonder if Ororo would have an idea…" He looks back at Owen and laughs softly. "Yeah… I've just been mainly trying to keep it under wraps for the past three years… Haven't tried to make it better… just control it."

Owen quirks an eyebrow. "Have an idea 'bout what?" he asks. The DarkForce user peers out at the water and lets out a little whistle. "Ah tried tah do the same but it kinda got better on its own and Ah had tah try controlling it harder."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "How to use wind in defense… like blasting winds instead of just speeding them up. Or something along those lines, I dunno." He looks back over at Owen and blinks. "Really?"

Owen nods. "Well, Ah'm sure she'll know. She is one of the teachers here," he flashes a smile. The sometimes fuzzy teen then nods. "Yep. Then again, mah power is some kinda weird energy from another dimension so it's probably different…"

Kael tilts his head at the last part. "From another dimension? Say what?" He moves closer to Owen before he just sits down on the sand, looking out over the water for the moment.

Owen nods. "Dark Force. Teachers told me it comes from another dimension," he explains. "Lets me do all sorts of things," he says, flopping down next to Kael.

Kael ahs a bit, leaning back on the sands as he looks over at Owen. "Like what? Besides turnings all fuzzy and stuff. And the bat thing…" He hms a bit before he looks back out at the lake.

Owen shrugs. "Teleportin', shootin' stuff, makin' it really dark…" he trails off. "The thin' on the computer they let me read said there was -a lot- more Ah could learn but don' have yet."

Kael looks over at Owen. "That's… more interesting than what I think I can do. And where'd ya read that? I wanna see that so I can see what /I/ can do. Might help me think of things to try."

"Library," Owen remarks. "Ah typed in 'DarkForce' and it gave me a list with pictures and stuff."

Ask a stupid question, and ya get a straightforward answer. Kael blinks once more. "Ah… I should try and go in there one of these days. I never really did like libraries…"

Owen shrugs. "One of mah classes was in there and the teacher had tah leave so she told us tah jus' research our powers in the school computers," he says. "Sounds like a good idea tah learn though."

Kael laughs softly. "I don't really know my teachers. Other than their last names. Though, from what I've seen… everyone seems pretty close here."

Owen smiles. "Ah don' really know mah teachers either. Jus' Mr. Glowy Chef and Mr. Summers," he remarks. "Yeah…Ah noticed it too. That kinda close takes time…"

Kael leans back onto his arms with a grin. "Though… we are on the same team. And seems like that most teammates of the other squads seem rather close." He lets out a soft sigh. "I hate being the new kid."

"Everyone had tah be the new kid sometime," Owen points out, staring up at the sky. "Yep…Corsairs in our horrible yellah an' white uniforms. Least Mr. Summers is the best teacher in the school so we got the best Squad Leader."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Oh yeah… the colors." He looks up at the sky as well, reaching up with a hand as he 'grasps' at the clouds. "He seems like an awesome guy… though very boring at the same time…"

Owen lets out a breath. "Ah dunno. Ah'm guessin' it's an act or somethin'…guys in charge or places usually have tah put on acts like that tah keep thin's goin'," he says. "Course, Ah could be wron'."

Kael lays down on the sand, looking up at the sky with a soft hum. "True… but Storm is just completely awesome." He grins wide, he's just hooked on her.

Owen nods, also laying down on the sound. "True, she is pretty awesome from when Ah met her," he muses.

Kael looks over at Owen with a grin. "What's it like when you teleport? It must be pretty awesome."

Owen lets out a thoughtful noise. "It's…strange. Like…imagine ya're a Monopoly piece. It's like Ah'm steppin' off the board and suddenly movin' tah another space and Ah can see thin's alon' the way."

Kael looks back up at the sky. "That's a neat way to put it." He chuckles softly and says, "Wish I could teleport. That'd be awesome. Could sleep in and then just go to class."

Owen chuckles. "As temptin' as that is tah do…Ah have tah know where Ah'm goin'," he chimes. "And sometime…when Ah teleport Ah lose stuff Ah'm holdin'…sometimes even mah clothes. Showin' up naked in close once is enough."

Kael blinks a bit lets out a bright bout of laughter before he covers his mouth. "Sorry. That was just too funny not to laugh at." He blushes afterwards and looks back over at Owen. "And I can imagine that is true."

Owen flashes a smile. "Don' worry 'bout it. Ah've teleported naked so many times Ah stopped mindin' people seein' it all," he says. "'Sides, Ah work out tah make sure Ah look good."

Kael flushes red at that comment before he just looks back up at the sky. He lets loose a small snicker before he says, "So… I see…"

Owen looks down to make sure he's still got his clothing. Finding it all still in place, the Dark Force user smirks. "If ya'll wanna look, look. Like Ah said…Ah don' mind."

Kael shakes his head furiously. "I'd rather not. I mean… Gah." He brings his hands up; covering his eyes with them as he lets out a soft laugh. "God… I was hoping that I wouldn't have to let it out… at least not this soon."

Owen blinks a few times then looks over at Kael with a concerned and confused expression. "What's wron'?"

Kael crosses his arms over his forehead; sighing loudly as he looks up at the sky. "I kept this hidden from my parents, but… I'm almost absolutely one hundred percent positive that I'm gay." Eyes are stayin' on the clouds.

Owen stays quiet for a few momens. "Okay," he eventually says. "Ah'm intah guys an' girls. No big deal."

Kael blinks, pushing himself up onto his arms. He wasn't expecting that. "I was seriously expecting you to say something different." Kael, you did grow up in Texas.

Owen glances over and smiles. "Ah don' always do the expected," he chimes. "Plenty of other guys intah other guys around from what Ah hear. No need tah hide it here."

Kael falls back against the warm sand, looking up at the sky as he lets out a soft laugh. "So I've heard from Max. My roommate and his are a couple, or so he's told me."

Owen blinks a few times at this. "Ya know the Lil' Snow Cone?" he asks with a smile. "Ya're roomin' with Leo?"

Kael nods. "Yup. Met him when I was wondering around the second night I was here. He's real nice." A bright smile before he continues. "That's what my room listing says. Though I haven't met him yet."

Owen smiles. "Max's a great kid. Reminds me of mah little brother…" he trails off. Owen's very protective of Max. "Don' worry, Leo's a great guy too. He glows…got powers that are the exact opposite of mahne."

Kael laughs softly. "Yeah, and cute too," chimes the aerokinetic before he looks over at Owen. "Exact opposite of your's? Then it might be interesting meeting him then. I don't think he's been at the room lately."

Owen arches both eyebrows at the cute comment but says nothing of it. "Yeah. He uses Livin' Light. It's the opposite force tah mah DarkForce," he explains. "Ah haven' seen him either."

Kael nods a bit as he looks back up at the sky for a moment. He stays silent for a bit before he asks, "Living Light? Who comes up with names for this stuff…" He shakes his head for a moment before looking back up at the clouds.

Owen shrugs. "Dunno. They were both around before either of us so someone else named 'em…"

Kael hms softly. "It's like the people who named fruit. What the heck were they smoking." He sits up, only to be silenced by a growl from his stomach. "And I reckon it's dinner time."

Owen laughs a bit. "Yeah. Sounds about right," he says. "Ya'll head back. Ah'm gonna stick out here for a bit more."

Kael grins a bit. "Sure." He starts to head off towards the cafeteria when he turns back and says to Owen, "Don't tell Max that I think he's cute, please? I don't want him to know yet…"

Owen chuckles, sitting up. "Don' worry 'bout it, Kael. Ah won' tell him," he says.

Kael smiles softly. "Thanks, Owen." With that, he starts to sprint towards the cafeteria. Food? Yes please!

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