2009-10-25 Learnin' Somethin' New


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Summary: Kael met Kaden, and then Keith saves the day before the aerokinetic pissed off the pyro.

Date: 10/25/09

Log Title Learnin' Somethin' New

Rating: PG-13 for Language

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's a Sunday evenng and Kaden has his GED class tomorrow, not that he wants to go but he knows his GED is somethign he has to get. That means that the fire spirit has homework that needs to get done. His kitten sits next to him on the couch watching Kaden's pencil move, looking like he wants to attack the pencil, as Kaden works. Like usual when the red head is home, he's not wearing much in the way of clothes, just a pair of boxers at the moment.

As per usual on the weekends, Kael has headed to Keith's house for help on his powers. He took the bus today as he didn't feel like waiting for the car to come pick him up; in hindsight that would've been quicker. The aerokinetic knocks on the door and waits for an answer from the inside .

Hearing the knock on the door, Kaden figures it's just Dmitri coming up for a visit, or maybe Xane fort his keys. "Hold on hold on." Kaden says pushing himself up and making his way to the door. He doesn't bother getting decent since he figures it's one of the other spirits. He opens the door and when it's not someone he knows Kaden just stares at Kael for a few seconds without saying anything. "What the hell do you want?"

Kael blinks as he's faced with someone that he doesn't know, and he looks in either direction; making sure that this is the right door. "Uh… I came here to see Keith. Is… he here?" He looks at the other man with a bit of a blush. Thankfully, they're eye level.

"I think he steped out, he should be back in a bit." Kaden says eyeing Kael suspiciously. He doesn't offer for Kael to come in and wait for Keith. The orange kitten comes up to the door to see what's going on there in that curious cat way. "What do you want with Keith?"

Kael lets out a nervous laugh. "He… uh… helps me with my school work." Not too sure if Kaden knows or not. He gnaws on his lower lip a bit as he looks down the hallway before he looks back at Kaden.

Kaden crosses his arms and looks at Kael. "What the fuck kind of school work can he help you with? He barely helps me with mine." He continues to look at Kael suspicously. "How old are you?" He asks bluntly. He figures if Kael is around the same age as him, maybe 'school work' is code for something else Keith known for enjoying.

Kael gulps just a bit. "Seventeen…?" He gnaws on his lower lip a bit more before he says, "He helps me with…" He looks down the hallway once more, trying to think of something, "my science classwork. We're studying weather patterns now, and Keith offered to help me."

"You're full of shit." Kaden outright says. "I know Keith, he's not the type to study weather patterns or do anything that he would see as boring." Kaden says looking at Kael with a frown. "I'm one of Keith's roomates, so what the fuck are you really here for kid?" Even though Kael's probably not much older than him, since they're both seventeen.

Kael just blinks and he sighs. "Fine. Fine. He helps me control my powers, alright? I'm an aerokinetic." He runs a hand through his hair and says, "I just… couldn't be too sure and everything." Habit from Xavier's.

Kaden looks at Kael a long while before steping aside. "Fine, come in, you can wait for him here. You should have said that at first cause I thought you were someone Keith just had sex with. Hell for all I know you could be another person Keith fucks." Kaden says not having much tact as he walks into the room.

Kael just blinks, his jaw dropping before he shakes his head and steps into the penthouse. He looks down at the kitten on the ground, and looks around for something that could be used as a toy for it. Or his shoelaces might be good for it. No comment to what Kaden said. Lookit the kitty.

Kaden stops and looks at Kael and takes his lack of silence for a 'yes'. "So you're this kid protoge he's mentioned to us before." He says as he flops back onto the couch and starts to put his books away. The kitten watches Kael like he knows he's about to get some attention. "So what kind of stuff is Fancy Pants teaching you?"

Kael lifts up a shoe, untying a shoe real quick before he starts to walk around a bit; letting the laces just drag along the ground. "Like I said. To control my powers. He's been trying to get me to learn how to fly. But progress on that has been slow." He shrugs a bit before he looks over at Kaden, "And he hasn't done anything of /that/ sort to me."

As Kael says the last part Kaden just nods and looks at the orange Kitten. "He likes to play." Kaden says shrugging. "I still need to learn how to fly but I don't have anyone to teach me that." Kaden says as he has heard that the Human Torch can fly so why can't he.

Kael glances down at the kitten and laughs a bit as he walks around a bit more. "So I see." He glances up at Kaden and blinks a bit before he asks, "If you don't mind me asking, what do you have for a power?"

"I'm fire, like Keith is wind." Kaden answers curtly watching Kael and the kitten play. "I'm still learning like you are but I don't have a teacher or anything, except for the others."

Kael ahs softly before he says, "I dunno anyone that controls fire, well besides you now." He looks down at the kitten, crouching down to pet at it for a bit before he looks back up at Kaden. "Sorry, but I'm Kael. And you are?"

There's a sudden opening of the door, Keith entering the room while dressed normally for him. "Hey, K-man. Has anyone come by looking for…" a pause as the air-spirit sees Kael. He blinks a few times before ruffling the kid's hair. "Thought you were waiting for the car," he says. Walking over to Kaden, he leans down to give the fire spirit a kiss. "Sorry he interrupted your studying, K-man. When we finish for the day, I'll help ya if ya need anything and then we can get some dinner somewhere," he offers, giving Kaden a ruffle too. "C'mon you," he says, moving to physically pick Kael up and carry him out the door in a hurry today for some reason.

"Kaden." He answers as the red head walks over to Kael and sits down to scritch the top of the cats head. "You're lucky you have someone like Keith to teach you." Kaden answers, still never smiling once with Kael around. "Fancy Pants is pretty cool." He says right as Keith comes in. He smiles and returns the kiss and nods. "Sure, see you later Fancy Pants." Watching Keith and Kael leave, feeling a sort of sad as he's left there alone to his homework. "Come cat, it's back to the studying bullshit."

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