2011-05-05: Learning Is Good


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Summary: Travis learns that Franky isn't the most educated of people and offers to help.

Date: May 5, 2011

Log Title: Learning Is Good

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It's a beautiful morning in mutant town, people have stands set up outside of shops selling goods, residents are milling around and everything seems fairly relaxed, well for New York City. Travis doesn't have classes this morning so he's been doing some book shopping on carpentry. As he exits the small mom and pop bookstore to Avenue A, he adjusts his Colorado Rockies jacket so it hides his extra arms before checking his watch to see that he still has time to grab some lunch.

Franky is currently hard at work, the homeless man having been doing odd jobs around town for the local shopowners. There's a grunt as a pickup truck rises into the air and is carried several feet by the large figure before being placed back down onto the street. A man walking up and hands Franky a shopping bag and a few dollars. "Thanks man, can't believe I got parked in like that. Was gonna be late for work." Franky gives that usual dopey smile as he takes the items and waves to the man before moving back to where he left his shopping cart. "Hy iz alvays happy to helpz out, tank hyu for der food." He begins pushing the cart back up the sidwalk looking for a place to sit and eat.

The sight of someone lifting a pick up truck is one of those things that gets Travis to just stop and stare. Sure he goes to a school with super powered individuals, and sure he has six arms, but seeing someone lift a pick up truck by themselves is always an impressive site. Once Franky starts walking down the street Travis recognizes him and his accent. "Hey!" He says in a friendly tone. "I think we met a while back, how are things going?"

Franky looks towards Travis at the greeting and waves with a big grin. "Hi dere! Hy rememberz hyu Traviz, hazn't zeen hyu in avile. Hy am doin'k Hokay." He holds up the shopping bag with a grin "Hy gotz Donutz!" He seems rather proud of that fact. A few of the sidwalk vendors give the large figure a wary gaze but for the most part Mutant town has gotten used to him being on the streets by now.

"Yup, I'm Travis. And you're Franky." Travis says and it's hard to forget his name since he's named after the fictional monster he looks like. "Donuts are always good man. I like the glazed ones." He says. "It's good to hear you're doing okay and yeah, I've been busy with school so I don't come down to Mutant Town that often but when I get up to the city I like to come here."

Franky finds the porch for one of the small apartment buildings and plops down on the stairs so he can open the bag. "Skool must be good yah? Alvays good to be learningz. Hy been reading vat hy ken, mabye I get Schmotter zum day?" He reachs into the bag and pulls out two boxs of Krispy Kremes "Oooooo luv deez…"

"I like it enough. Still not sure what I am going to do when I get older so I'm just doing a kind of general study while working on my carpentry." Travis says. "And it's always good to be learning about things you like. Sometimes the boring stuff like English isn't always fun. I hate writing." Travis says as he grins at Franky's excitement over the donuts. "Krispy Kreme has awesome donuts."

Franky takes one of the donuts from the box and downs it in 3 bites. Polishing off another one before speaking again. "Hy tink hy knowz vhat hy vant to be, Hyu iz not sure how to do it though." He pulls his shopping cart over and rummages through one of the bags in it, pulling out a few worn and tattered comic books. "Hy vant to be a Hero.." He smiles wide, completely sincere in what he's saying as he holds up an old Issue of 'Captain Supreme, the Man of Steel!'

"That's a good thing to want to be Franky. A really good thing." Travis says not finding it silly at all. "Well, I think to be a hero you just have to do the right thing. Use your abilities to help those who don't have your amazing strength. Defend the public against threats and all that. Being a hero would be cool though but I know I still have a lot to learn with my powers before I become a hero."

Franky nods and grins "Hy iz verry stronk like der Captin, verry tuff. Ken't fly though, but ken jump verry high!" He puts the comic book back in the bag. "Ken't read all ze vords in der book, but tink I understandz enuff." He turns his attention back to the donuts, going through another six before somthing seems to dawn on him. "Hy iz zorry, hy haz been verry rude. Hyu vant von?" He offers the box with the four remaining donuts in Travis's direction.

Travis puts up a hand and shakes his head. "No thanks, enjoy your donuts." He says. "I'm not strong but one of my favourite powers is that I can heal people. I really want to practice with that so that I can help people with my healing. Each of my six hands has a different power." Travis explains forgetting the four of his arms are hidden at the moment. "Well if you need help with any of the words maybe I can help you."

Franky cocks his head to one side "Mebbe hy not being verry schmott but ken count, only zee two armz. Funny man on der TV showz me how to count." He points at each arm he can see. "Vone, two. Two armz, ah ah ah." He smiles wide, again looking proud of himself.

Travis opens up his jacket revealing that he has four arms hidden under there. "Sorry, I tend to keep them hidden when I'm out in public. Not because I'm ashamed of them but for other reasons." He says waving with one of the hidden hands. "I take it you're a fan of The Count from Sesasme Street?"

Franky blinks amd smiles "Dat iz verry neat, muzt be lot uf fun havink dat many yah? Do all kindz uf neat shtuff." He nods at the question "Oh yah, hy vatch der TV every morning at der shelter. Helpinz me vit my countinz und readinz. Likez der count, Likez der grouch in da trash can. Elmoz.. not zo much. Iz goot show. Vatch der sezame street, vatch da show vit der leetle spanic girl vit der monkey.. but hy doz not vant to hog der TV, so letz dem change afters dat, come back outzide."

Travis nods to Franky and as he talks it seems like his mind is focusing on something else. "I used to watch Sesame Street as a kid. I liked Snuffalupagus and Kermit the Frog but when it comes to TV I mostly watch Baseball." He says before saying what's on his mind. "You know my Mom is a teacher, for kids. She helps them learn how to count and read. If I could get some workbooks from her to give them to you, would you like that? Or see if she can help you with learning?"

Franky nods enthusiastically "Ho yez, new bookz would be verry goot. Alvays like bookz, would like zum new vones verry much. Tank hyu." He finishes off the first box of donuts but puts the second box back in the bag. "Take da rest back to der shelter, pipples dere vill like dem verry much. Donutz make pipple happy."

"I'll see what I can get from my Mom to help you out." Travis says. "Where is the shelter so maybe I can find you there, and if you're not there I can always look around Mutant Town for you." He then nods. "That's very nice of you Franky and yes, Donuts can make people happy. They're like breakfast cakes."

Franky smiles and points down the street. "Go two signz down, den go dat vay" He points left. "Nize lady named Sizter Liza runz da shelter." He stands and stretchs slowly. "Iz nize to zee hyu again Traviz but hy needz to go. Need to take theze donuts back to da Shelter. Zee hyu again zometime yah?"

"Definately." Travis says as he extends a hand out of his coat to Franky. "Take care and I'll be sure to be back with those books for you." He says. "And I'll remember that. Sister Liza, two blocks down and to the left." He says with a nod. "Have a good day."

Franky shakes the hand in that same loose grip he always uses so as not to risk hurting someone. He puts the bag back into the cart and gives another wave to Travis before heading off down the street.

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