2013-03-31: Learning Some Common Sense


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Summary: Logan rubs a few students the wrong way.

Date: March 31, 2013

Log Title: Learning Some Common Sense

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

After realizing the refrigerator wasn't stocked with his necessities Logan went out grocery shopping and what he came back with was beer, lots of beer. Four cases of Molson sit on the table, each filled with 24 bottles. Logan sits at the table wearing jeans and a white sleeveless shirt labeling the boxes with black permeant marker. 'Logan's Beer - Do Not Touch'. "Damn these things stink." He grumbles in regards to the marker but he needs claim his beverages. Logan stops part way through to open as many windows as possible in the kitchen for some air to hopefully lessen the strong odor of the marker.

The kitchen door bumps open, followed by the heavy footsteps of large, armored boots, as Shane makes her way into the kitchen. Freshly-applied bubblegum pink hair dye is swiftly added to the smell of marker, as the slight young mutant in the black jeans, utilitarian-gray T-shirt, and hooded red windbreaker enters fully. Pausing to lift an eyebrow at the cases of beer, she moves on to the fridge without comment.

Again having to play delivery boy Cloud is dropping off stuff to his sister, his folks have had a big ol' clear out and he's just driven back from Boston with some of his and Star's old stuff that they gotta sort into 'keep' or 'goodwill' boxes. Dressed in faded black jeans, sneakers and a dark grey shirt Cloud wanders into the kitchen too looking for some tape, "Oh, hey" is given in greeting to Shane and Sophie, spotting the beer hoarder down the end, "Are you Wolverine?"

Logan looks up at Shane and sniffs a few times. "Stupid fucking piece of shit markers!" He lets out an irritated sounding grunt before looking back at Shane. "Didn't ya have different hair yesterday?" He remembers it not being pink. Looking up at Cloud at his question, he just stares at him for a bit. "What do ya want?"

"'S temporary," Shane says, not looking up from the fridge. "Washes out'n water. Had gym t'day, so." Emerging from the fridge, she carries a bottle of pop in one hand, a box of hot-pockets from the freezer in the other, and moves to the microwave to cook up the pizzas. "Sup, Cloud."

After a talk with Addison a few years back Cloud ended up doing a LOT of research into well known mutants, hence his guess with Logan, "I was looking for some tape, need to close up some boxes", well that explains Shane, he figured the hair was a power thing.

Logan gives Shane a raised eyebrow look that shows he doesn't really understand the need to change your hair colour everyday. He finishes labeling the boxes and goes to the fridge to make room for one of them, pushing it the best he can towards the box. "If any of you kids steal what's mine, I take a limb." He threatens before looking back over at Cloud. "So are you asking if I'm Wolverine so you can ask me about tape? What the hell is Emma teaching these kids."

"Dude, it's beer," Shane shoots back, wrinkling her nose. "Rather drink diet Coke than that crap," Leaning against the counter as the microwave works on her preassembled budget calzones, she glances from Logan to Cloud, pink eyebrow rising.

"Drinking beer in this place has never gone well for me here, so I'll leave your beer alone and you leave all my appendages intact yeah?", Cloud shakes his head, "I was asking because I thought you were and then you asked what I wanted, tape".

"Good." Logan says to both before turning around to lean against the fridge with his arms crossed over his chest. He looks over at Cloud and looks up at him with an unamused expression. "So there's nothing you want from me. You go to school here and you had to ask who I was? Guess I gotta start making sure my reputation sticks around here again."

Shane snorts her amusement at Logan's comment, unclipping her iPod from her belt and poking idly at the screen as she waits for her dinnersnack to finish cooking.

It's at about this point that Kaylee comes wandering into the kitchen, not really paying attention to much of anything. Food. Tummy rumble. Foood! She hangs around the door to the refridgerator, looking first at Logan and then back to her fellow students, and then back at Logan again, pointedly, shoving her hands into the pockets of her cat-ear hoody.

"I don't go to school here, I'm just dropping of some old boxes for my sister", Cloud is busy with absolute FA while waiting to hear from school which has translated to his family as Mr. Fetch and Carry, "I reckognised you because I've read about you", he gives Kaylee a nod in greeting.

Logan glances up at Cale and his hoodie and stares at him for a bit. "Something I can help you with Ears?" He then looks over at Cloud and nods. "Congratulations, you learn anything interesting?" He asks before letting out a bit of a grunt. "Damnit, where's the Icecube when you need him, Bobby's still around right or did he go off to do some Math crap or something?"

Kaylee clears her throat, "I'd like to use the fridge please," she announces, folding her arms across her chest. "If it's not TOO much trouble?" she nods, in an uncharacteristically bitchy tone for her. But then, being hungry /does/ do that to some people, right? "I haven't seen him lately, either," she nods. In fact, she's only ever really seen Bobby in passing; never actually met him. On account of well, hiding out in her room all the time and such.

"Icecube?" Glancing at the refrigerator next to her, deciding in the next heartbeat that a trip to the icemaker simply won't do, she lifts a shoulder. "'F y'mean Mr. Drake, he's 'round here somewhere. Don't see'm much outta classes, but." Popping the cap on her soda, she adds a syrupy bite to the fresh-dye smell hanging around her.

"Bobby as in Drake? I think he still works here but like I said, I'm not a student", Cloud shrugs, "Beyond the serious violance and that my sisters powers might be a worry for your moveset, the unbreakable metal thing is intreguing", he leans against the table, "What do you need him for? Maybe on of us can help?"

Logan stares at Kaylee for several seconds. "I didn't hear ya say 'Please' there Ears." He says before moving out of the way. "Unless you can chill a beer in a matter of seconds like he can, I doubt you'd be much use." He walks over to the table and turns a chair around backwards to sit on it, resting his arms on the top of the back. "My moveset, what's that supposed to mean? What is a move set?"

The pair of conversations, vastly amusing to Shane, by the look in her eyes. Though also, not something she seems to feel the need to contribute to. Instead, she simply waits for the beep, pulls her plate of hot pockets out of the microwave, and takes her dinner to the table, to better spectate from a minimum safe distance.

Kaylee rummages around in the fridge for a couple seconds and comes out with some cold pizza and milk, which she begins to dig into, before she pauses for a moment, "Mmf," she wolfs down the remains of a piece of pizza, pulling it into her mouth with her elongated tongue. Super-tongue. "Well, my name's not Ears, either, so I guess that makes us even, huh?" Typical teenager… "Why not just put them in the freezer for a few minutes, then?"

"I can try", Cloud lets his eyes go out of focus and they flash white before fading to a bright green irises, "By moveset I ment your powers, you've got like super senses right? my sister messes with pheromones", he reaches for whichever beer it was that Logan was gonna drink and focus on 'seeing' the heat energy it puts out and absorbing it to try and lower the tempreture.

"You're right, it's not Ears. It's Toad Junior." Logan says to Kaylee none to amused with the attitude he's receiving. "There is no making us 'even' Toad Junior, I'm your teacher, you should treat me as one. If not, we might have some problems." He gives a simple warning in regards to Kaylee's attitude. "Just be glad you can't do the same cause if you tried using something like that on me, you'd have a hard time breathing for a month, bub."

"Hey Kaylee," Shane speaks up, letting her food cool as she fiddles with her music player a bit more, eyes on her screen. "Just outta curiosity, would y'ever give a Marine static? Cos, dude you're lippin' off at, kinda like that but more. Just sayin', might wanna chill."

"If you're a teacher, then you should /act/ like one," retorts Kaylee, "Whatever. I'm sorry, I'm in a bad mood," huffs the girl, putting the rest of the pizza on a plate, and, with her glass of milk, marching over to the other end of the the counter. Where she glowers. GLOWER.

Speaking of 'chill', the glass of the bottle has frosted over and the heat signiture of the bottle has switched to the cold setting so Cloud pushes it towards Logan, hopefully it's cheer the guy up, he's not exactly a ray of sunshine, "Better?"

The kitchen door opens, just enough to admit one blond haired girl, clad in borrowed jeans and a t-shirt that says 'Rammstein' across the front; very definitely something that does not belong to Sophie, and evident enough to anyone who has met her more than once. "I hear Shane, and Cloud, and Profess— Mist— Senor Logan," she murmurs. "Is that everyone who is here?" She moves around to the side, where the toaster and breadbox are kept; the latter she opens, and reaches inside. She pats about a couple of times, before slapping her hand hard inside of it. "Is it… truely so hard," she grates, "To put the bread back into the breadbox, when one is finished with it?"

Logan follows Kaylee and stands right in front of her. *SKNIT!* Three claws emerge from his right hand which he moves right in front of her face. "Listen up little boy." He says in a deep throaty growl. "You're lucky I am acting like you're teacher. There are a whole lotta people out there who ain't gonna be nice to ya, my job is to toughen you up, got it Toad Junior?" With Cloud presenting him with a cold beer, two claws go away and he takes it. "You're lucky this Kid just proved himself useful." He uses the remaining claw to pry the top off of the bottle before sheathing it. "You at you seem like you have some common sense Half-Pint." He says to Shane then takes a long drink of his beer. "Great, I'm Senor Logan now."

Common sense is one thing, physically threatening a student, especially one as terminally wibbly as Kaylee, quite another, and Shane's head snaps up at Logan shows his claws. "…Yeah, well, 's just smart. Smarter'n pullin' knives on a kid, anyway. …Hey Kaylee. C'mere an' have a listen." Her headphones, pulled off her head entirely, playlist queued up to something random and probably hard on the ears.

Kaylee shuts her eyes as Logan flashes his claws in front of them, skin flashing 'invisble' as in an instant she dives under the table half way through his speech, clinging to the bottom of it momentarily before peeking out from under it at the sound of Shane's voice. "N-no I'm good. Here. Under the table," she stammers, "It's uh, nice. By the way, I found that gum you lost the other day."

Sophie gives up searching for the bread, and slowly turns around. She clasps her cane in both hands, and might look like a teacher from some eighteenth century school, about to whack someone with a cane, for a brief moment, though her expression is considerably more concerned than angry. The blind girl stares sightlessly into the kitchen for a long moment, before one eyebrow perks upwards. "Could… someone please explain to me what I have walked into?"

While Cloud far from appriechiates being called 'Kid' he avoids commenting as he's just a guest at the mansion so antagonizing teachers can lead to him being removed. He crouches down to offer Kaylee a hand out from under the table, "Wolverine is living up to his rep Sophie and Kaylee has decided to play at being angsty spice", "You can't stay under the table".

"The Kitchen, there's a counter to your left and a table a few feet in front of you." Logan says to Sophie, the lesson was learned it's not important to really explain what happened. "Get on out of there, I'm not going to stab you. Unless we're in the Danger Room." He takes another drink off his beer and looks at all the kids in the room. "Put the cane down Kid. You're gonna hurt someone." He shakes his head. "Damn you kids need a lot of work, at least some of you look out for each other."

Shane grunts sourly, slipping out of her chair. "Yeah, well. Someone's got to, 'f we're gonna hafta walk scared o' th' teachers." While the smell of fear is slowly beginning to seep into the cloud of hair dye, soda, and cut-rate food hanging around her, the slight young mutant draws in a breath and pushes on. "…Kaylee's been scared long enough. She's s'posed t'bere here t'be safe. 'N 'f you're gonna be a hardass, that's fine. Next time y'pull on her an' I'm around, she ain't gonna be th'one riskin' her neck. Can't take a punch f'shit, but I'm used t'hospitals by now, so I give *zero fucks* 'bout bein' put back in."

Cale peers at Cloud, from her spot hanging upside down from the bottom of the table, "That's what they all say! And then they stab you! And put you in a lab!" she says, peering back out at Shane. "Don't get angry! It's okay. It was my fault. I think that's probably a bad idea. Those things looked pretty sharp, you know?" though as Shane draws somewhat nearer she does finally crawl out from under the table, slithering up over the edge and into a sitting position on top of it. As her skin goes back to normal, it's clear that she looks pretty shaken. "Besides, I kind of like the kitchen not being in a million little charred pieces," she jokes.

"I have no intention of charring the kitchen," Sophie murmurs quite serenely, "And I am sure that Shane doesn't either." She grips her cane a little more tightly, as if preparing for someone to actually take it from her. "Asking me to put down the cane is like asking any other person to pluck out their eyes and leave them on the table. The cane is not convenient, or 'nice', it is necessary." She sweeps it across the floor around her, as she turns around to face the countertops again, and starts patting around with her free hand. "Shane, if you are hurt, then I will heal you and you need not spend time in any hospital. I promise. …Now, does anyone have *any* idea where the bread, that should be in the breadbox but is not, might be hidden?"

The sound of sofvt footsteps make their way down the hall, and to the kitchen. Amunet makes her way in with a phone to her ear, "Yes. I understand. No. No. You go where you need to go mum. I'll make sure the headmistress has access to the account for my things then. Mmhmm." Coming to a screeching halt not because of the amount of people, but because she notices someone in particular and squeeks happily, "Miss Sophie! Oh sorry mum I'll call ya tomorrow ok? Uh huh.. later." Hanging up the cellphone.

"Weird, I was put in the lab then stabbed not the other way round", Cloud frowns and as a precaution reaches out to the magnetic field covering the Earth and absorbs, "No one is going to the hospital, what has been going on in this place?", did he miss something or have the teachers been attacking the students, "Sorry Sophie, not sure where it is".

Logan looks over at Shane. "I take it back about you havin' some common sense." Beer is keeping him from doing something threatening again, besides he made his point with Kaylee. "Did I attack the boy, did I hurt him, no, so you can get your undies out of a bunch." He watches Kaylee crawl out from under the table and growls. "I'm the last person that's gonna be puttin' anyone in a lab." There's quite a bit of anger in his voice at that sentence. "When you're holding it like someone ready to attack with it, I'm askin' ya to put the cane down. And stop over reacting, all of you." He then finishes off his beer and promptly grabs two more and hands them to Cloud. "If you don't mind, I'm gonna need it." His eyes glance over the new girl in the room, Amunet, then Logan sniffs a few times and looks around the room. "Bread's in cabinet to your right."

"…Jus' sick 'o seein' kids don't deserve it get threatened," Shane mutters, crossing her arms over her chest. "Mebbe's stupid, but smart's just hurt other people worse. …Sorry." And with that, she slides back into her chair, hunching her shoulders and picking up her iPod. "…Sup roomie," she grunts as Amunet walks in.

"Yeah well…" Kaylee trails off, shrugging and scooting over to sit closer to Shane. Not too close. Just. Nearer. "Also, hi Sophie!" she calls out, "The bread is on top of the fridge… someone tall keeps putting it up there. I dunno who." Or someone who could climb on a ceiling. Maybe. <_< >_> "Anyway."

Sophie reaches for the cupboard… then pauses, as there are conflicting reports being given. She shakes her hea,d and as she is right beside the cupboard already, she opens it and pats about inside. A loaf of bread is withdrawn, triumphanatly, and she opens it up for a quick sniff. "…Good, it is not white bread," she murmurs. "Thank you, Both of you." She plops a couple of slices into the toaster, adjusts teh knob, and turns around. "Amunet! It is good to hear you again, si? How are you liking Xaviers, thus far?" She beams, literally as well as figuratively as her skin takes on a definite, luminous quality for a moment; and then she turns back to the cupboard. She pulls out a jar and opens it, to sniff the contents thereof. "…Not marmalade," she murmurs. Three more are thus examined, before she finally seems satisfied. Marmalade indeed.

Cloud sighs and straightens back up taking the beers and mimicing the same trick he did previously before sliding them back towards Wolverine, showing off a little he also uses magnetism to pop the caps off aswell, "What's wrong with white bread?"

Amunet's eyes lock on Logan now and for a moment she just … stares. Her gloved hands clutching on to the rather over sized leather she wears. The look almost as if she's looking right rthrough him before then giving the smallest dipping like move, "Hello. Are you a new teacher?" She asks and gives a bright smile, complete with dimples. "Heya Shane… I passed my test. Thanks for the tutoring session last week. It helped loads." Glancing over to Kaylee, she waves and smiles a bit. "Heya Mr. Cloud." Old habits die hard apparently, no matter how many times people tell her not to. Her gaze flicking towards Logan again momentarily before looking away rather quickly and back to Sophie, "I'm doing good. Headmistress is teaching me a lot, and Shane's been a good tutor for my computer issues." before muttering, "there's no flavor in white bread and nothing nutritional."

"If you're gonna say something Half-Pint, stick to your guns. Don't apologize." Logan says to Shane. "Thanks." Logan says to Cloud, finishing off his first beer so he can start on his second. "Who knows, bread is bread to me. Put some meat on it and who cares." He looks over at Amunet. "No, I'm an old teacher returned. Name's Logan."

The admonition has Shane, quite visibly, wishing she was reading instead of fiddling with a music player… at least then she'd have something to slouch behind. "…Fine," she mumbles, cheeks heating up. "*Next* time I'll put y'through a window. 'R somethin'. Iunno. Anyway. Welcome, Amunet."

"White bread gets stuck in your teeth," Kaylee licks at them, shrugging again, looking a bit more calmed down, "But it's whatever. Anyway. Hi," she gives the new girl a wave. "We met, right? I dunno, you were pretty, like. Out of it then. I'm Kaylee, if you don't remember," she pulls her hood up, hooking her fingers around the ears, and then glances over at Logan momentarily. "You drink like my uncle."

Sophie nods her head sagely, "Indeed, white bread is bland. Bad for the tongue, and bad for the body, as the Mother Superior likes to say." She waits for her toast to pop, and when it does she plops it on a plate and starts smothering it with marmalde. "Would anyone else like some toast, while I am making it?" She tilts her head, to gaze sightlessly over her shoulder. "I am glad to hear that things are going well for you, Amunet." She pauses, and turns to face the group once more, plate of toast in hand. "Sen-…" she sighs, and shakes her head. "Logan, when should I next come and meet you in the Danger Room, now that you are returned?"

"Hey Amunet", Cloud doesn't remind her just to call him Cloud again, last he spoke to Nick he figured if calling people Mr. gives Amunet a sence of normalcy he can ignore it, to Logan, "No problem, you sure Frost is gonna let you keep those here? I got in real trouble when I did it and I'm half convinced it was more the poor quality beers than it was the underage thing".

Amunet just looks at Logan again for a long moment before asking, "You sticking around then?" Skirting around the group a small bit before then heading into the kitchen part, letting her arm brush Sophie's a small bit in her typical hello before moving to find a seat. After a moment, and deciding there's too many people and none of the chairs she likes, she hops up on a far corner and just sits there, her feet kicking idly out in front of her. Then blinks at Kaylee and grins, "You came into the hospital wing… I remember." Watches Sophie and Logan now rather curiously though her gaze stays mostly on Logan, now and again reaching up to play with a small bit of her hair.

Logan lets out a soft chuckle. "You're welcome to try Half-Pint." He looks over at Kaylee. "A few beers isn't going to get me drunk, ain't even gonna get me a buzz. If I wanted to feel anything I'd have to drink that entire case in there. If I was lucky, then I'd get buzzed. As for you, I'd be thankin' this beer here from keeping me from teaching you another lesson." He looks over at Cloud. "First this here is Molson, it's from Canada so you know it's not crap beer. It's a shame it's not as good down here though. Second of all, I'm not underage. Third, if anyone touches my beer they'll have to answer to me which if they have any common sense, they won't. But if the bunch of you is any indication, there might not be much of that around here. As for trainin' Kid, give me more than a day to figure out what I'll be doin' around here. I'll let you know. And yeah, I plan on stickin' around." Though who knows what might be waiting for him in the future.

"Next time y'teach Danger Room, then," Shane mutters, clearing her throat and ending any need for her to keep taking with a mouthful of pizza-pocket.

"Danger room…" Kaylee trails off, rubbing the back of her neck… the last time she went there… well it was okay actually. Go figure. She shrugs.

The blind girl shrugs, and nods her head. "As you wish," she murmurs, "I will wait to hear from you." She moves to the table, pats about to make sure a seat is free before she sits in it, and starts to enjoy her toast. "I do not think I managed to survive several months in Mutant Town without common sense," she adds, quietly. "Though it is entirely likely that it is because Rashmi has a good deal more 'street smarts' than I do. Or at least, that I used to."

Cloud shrugs, "That may be but for what I lack in common sense I make up for in impulsiveness, which while stupid and risky, I'm pretty darn proud of", he leans against the wall, "Though I did think of an inventinve way to use my powers to meet your need".

Amunet glances around and sighs, "Wish I was good enough to even think about going in there. Headmistress tests some things in there, but I'm no where a fighter." Frowning a small bit to herself while her feet start clunking lightly on the cupboard doors while she seems in thought. "You did just fine Miss Sophie, if it wasn't for you AND Miss Rashmi I wouldn't have made it here, so don't sell yourself short." Starting to mutter under her breath in what sounds like arabic, starting to pull scraps of paper out of her pockets one by one.

"Great, a bunch of Kids who are scared of the Danger Room." Well it's mostly Kaylee and Amunet that seem nervous to Logan but he translate that as 'everyone'. "It's also entirely likely that luck was on your side too." He looks over to Cloud and gives a nod. "Thanks, and you're inventiveness was slick. I gotta get going, stuff to do." He turns and leaves the kitchen, raising a hand in an attempt at a wave good bye once his back turned is to the group.

Shane waits for the door to shut behind Logan, and then waits for a good deal longer, before letting out a breath. "Holy *shit,* what crawled up your ass back there, Kaylee? 'Mean I know sometimes y'just have shit days, but c'mon you *gotta* know that guy!"

Kaylee shrugs, watching Logan go. "I'm not /scared/ of the Danger Room. It's just a big video game." she mumbles at his back before turning to Shane, "I know who he is. I just," she shrugs helplessly. "I don't know what got into me… He just reminded me of my uncle, I guess. I hate my uncle. He'd do that /exact/ same thing. Come visit our house and sit around like he owned the place and talk crap to me, drink all my dad's beer. Or my high school gym teacher. Or WHOEVER. I should've killed him when we had the chance," she lashes her tongue out quickly, probably imagining someting terrible. "GRR. That is totes NOT COOL, okay?"

"KAYLEE!" Sophie's shocked tone rings out throughout the kitchen, as the blind girl sits bolt upright, and turns her head to face in Kaylee's direction. "Murder is a most serious sin! And an equally serious crime, no less. You should not even *joke* about such a thing. I am shocked. Please, Kaylee, as I care for you, I pray you not say such a thing again." The blind girl turns back to her toast, and brushes her fingers through her hair, taking a nervous moment to smooth herself out. "I think you give me too much credit, Amunet," she adds at last, "But I thank you for it, nonetheless."

"Kaylee wasn't in any danger, they wouldn't let the guy teach here if he'd hurt anyone, I've read about the guy's rep for beig dangerous but he's also an X-Man, dunno where he gets off calling me a kid but he's staff, you gotta know when to chill" and like Sophie said, killing is no small thing, it stays with you", Cloud sighs, "Actually ignore me, I'm not staff here and I've got no place lecturing you like this, sorry".

Amunet shrugs and says, "No problem Miss Sophie" Pulling out a folded up piece of paper an then starts muttering whats probably arabic explatives. Hopping down from the counter top she says, "I'll see you all later, I have a paper I have due tomorrow afternoon and I totally forgot!" Squeezing Sophie's sleeve covered arm with her own gloved hand, "i'll see around mr. Cloud." Flasyhing him a smile, "See ya Kaylee… " Waving easily and waving too to shane. Before dashing out of the kitchen.

"Ease up, guys," Shane says, taking the last bit of pizza pocket out of her mouth. "Mebbe you're too good t'be true, Sophie, but you can't tell me *you* never wished someone'd get hurt, 'r killed, cos they jus' hurt you too fuckin' bad t'take. Well, what I saw, Kaylee's gotta right t' *want* her uncle t'keel over like the fat sack 'a shit he is. Don't mean you'd do it 'f you had th'chance, Kaylee, does it?" The chameleon girl is fixed with a bland, considering stare as she asks her question.

'Gecko' seems to ponder the question for entirely too long. "I don't know… I hate him, a lot. Some days, I feel that - but sometimes, I don't… even feel anything at all. I had this dream, where I…" she glances down at the floor, then back over at Shane, putting her hand around her neck in a strangling motion, "But I always wake up before anything actually happens." She shrugs helplessly. "All my life I've been helpless, and then suddenly I have something special and… That's what I dream of doing with it…" she shakes her head.

Sophie looks up and smiles towards Amunet as the other girl squeezes her arm and makes her exit. "E-mail it to me and I will proofread," she calls after her, before returning her attention to the conversation at hand. She sucks in her breath, and sighs softly. "Shane, you are right, I cannot claim never to have wished to see the vengeance of God brought down upon someone. Every time my mind has strayed thus, I have admitted to in confession, and performed whatever penance the priest has prescribed." She shakes her head slowly, and turns to face in Kaylee's direction. "Kaylee, revenge is a great sorrow, that poisons the mind, heart, and soul alike. I am not saying that you should allow yourself to be hurt, nor that you should not seek to right what wrongs have been committed; I only urge you to act from a sense of justive, si? Not vengeance."

Cloud keeps quiet, he's not going to lecture the students on whats right and wrong, he has issues with that at times himself so has no right to expect them to listen to him, they're better off getting their moral lessons elsewhere.

"Welcome t'th'club, Kaylee," Shane says quietly, once Sophie's mild sermonizing is done. "'S hard, innit? Y'get used t'bein' shit all over, 'n suddenly… Y'c'n do somethin' 'bout it. 'N y'start t'wonder why you should ever hafta take it, ever again. Make it so *nobody* 'll even *dare* look at y'funny." One hand curls into a tight fist, clenches, then releases as she looks down at her food. "…That's a real hard want t'hold onto. Cos we saw what happens at th'end, ain't we?"

"But I wouldn't do that. /EVER./ I'm not just some lizard," Kaylee sighs, shaking her head. "I wouldn't. And I /don't/ want everyone to be afraid of me. Not that, I think, people probably would be. I'm not that terrifying. But I wouldn't wanna be," she pauses, looking up at Shane thoughtfully. "If I ever do something like that, just, punch me or something. I don't. I dunno. I see a lot of people that get walked all over, they turn bitter, and, then they do terrible stuff. Like the Brotherhood. You know that's how they started…"

"That is good to hear, Kaylee," Sophie murmurs. "I am sorry for snapping at you, si? It was not with malice, I was… simply concerned, for you. I am glad to hear that my worry was misplaced." She settles back a bit in her chair, and pushes the plate, now devoid of toast, away from herself. "I spoke to someone like that the other day," she admits. "I was on the train, and when I got off at Salem Station there were some young men being rude to me, for being a mutant. Another woman, who called herself Envy, saw it; she told me I ought to have used my powers to *melt flesh from bone* and teach them a lesson. Needless to say, I did not agree with her."

Cloud sighs, "Things aren't that black and white, the Brotherhood are flawed but they're not just about 'we have powers so don't mess with us', they want what the X-Men do, they just go a different way around it", he frowns at Sophie, "Sophie, next time you come across Envy, hit your panic button ok? she is the kind of person who uses her powers just 'cause she can".

"Mebbe," Shane says to Cloud, "but it don't really matter. Got what I was lookin' for." Loking to Kaylee, the pink-haired girl nods slowly. "Wantin', ain't no law 'gainst. Doin', 's when shit goes wrong. Wantin' I c'n live with."

"Envy… bleh… I met her once. I think," Kaylee shakes her head. "Nothin wrong with using your powers. But not like that. But the Brotherhood? Equality? I don't think so. They're just like my uncle, but with powers. Same diff. They may have some good people, but they're misguided at the very least. I guess," she nods, sliding down off the table. "I think I'm calmed now, mostly. I guess things are gonna get rocky if /he's/ a teacher though…"

Sophie tilts her head, and nods. "Si, I will," she replies to Cloud. "I really don't know anything about Envy, except that I met her once before, and she does seem… well… bloodthirsty. But I spoke to her for at least a quarter of an hour and she did not actually threaten me, just do her best to encourage me to use my powers to hurt people." She pauses, and sighs softly. "It will be fine, Kaylee, si? If you have trouble, speak to someone you feel comfortable with about what bothers you, any one of us will help."

Cloud shrugs, "We're all going to be told a lot of different things but a lot of different people but for whatever reason we're the special ones but what you do with that is in that moment of choice up to you, no one can decide for you, my only advice? don't rely on the consept of good and evil you learned as a kid, it doesn't really exist, not how you'd think they would".

Shane grunts, pushing her empty plate away and getting out of her chair. "Learned that lesson way too long ago, Cloud," she mutters sourly, taking her plate to the sink. "ANyway… gonna stop gloomin' up th'place, an' catch some sleep. Later."

"Me too, I think… I've got an appointment with an electric blanket," laughs Kaylee, yawning and following Shane out the door.

Sophie waves to the pair of retreating young ladies. "Sleep well," she murmurs. "I will be following suit in a few minutes, myself."

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