2009-04-12: Learning To Expand


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Summary: Kaden helps Xane to open up and realize he can do more.

Date: April 12, 2009

Log Title Learning to Expand

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

After a long week of working at the restaurant, Xane just wants to relax this Sunday. On the couch the chef sits looking at the outside, a drink in his hand. He is currently dressed in some jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing too fancy today.

There's a loud crash from Kaden's room and an orange kitten runs out and runs right to Xane, his little claws pulling himself up so he can cling to Xane's chest. It seems like some little kitty got into to trouble, knocked something over and scared himself. Coming from a different area of the penthouse is Kaden, in just a pair of boxer shorts as he was getting ready to take a shower. "Was that Dexter getting into trouble again?" It looks like he's finally settled on a name.

Xane was about to take a drink when the kitten starts to climb up to Xane's chest. The claws just a little scratchy on his chest. Xane's free hand reaches up to support the cat. "Dexter? You chose Dexter?" He asks, his nose starting to cringe up, not out of dislike, but he's a bit allergic to cats.

"I don't know it's better than some food I couldn't remember. And I like it." Kaden says walking over to get the kitten and scratch him on the head. "What trouble did you get into this time huh?" He asks as the caring voice that comes out of him is something that would have never escaped his lips a few months back. "So what are you up to today Xane?"

"Hey, it made perfect sense for a cat. But whatever." Xane lets the cat go as Kaden comes over and grabs him. Why Kaden couldn't have found a puppy, he has no clue. "I'm not doing a single thing today." He responds as he's asked.

"It made perfect sense for a chef." Kaden teases as he plops down next to Xane and srtiches Dexter. Him and the cat seem to adore eachother. "Wow, I think that's a first for you Xane. Nothing to do. Are you okay, are you going crazy with bordom yet?" Kaden says as he teases the fellow spirit with a grin.

"Not yet. But it's early, plenty of time to be bored out of my mind." He takes a drink from the glass and lets out a sigh. Xane likes to move, likes to be active, and unfortunately, that means that the spirit is usually not in the penthouse. "I almost went and cooked for the homeless shelter today, but they said they had too many volunteers."

"Good, you probably need to relax anyway." Kaden says leaning against Xane. "And maybe give us a chance to actually see you." He knows the older spirit is older than him by quite a bit but he's one of the few people in this world he feels comfortable around so he's going to lean against him. "You should do more with us Xane instead of always running off."

The chef gives a bit of a sigh, looking back to the leaning Kaden. "I don't remember the last time I saw you guys leaving this place. I love being around people, Kaden. Out there, I can feel their energy, and it makes me feel wonderful." Xane is the oldest of the spirits, but if they are truly like family, then leaning up against a family member isn't bad.

"I don't leave often, I'll admit that." Kaden says a bit grumpily. "But I don't like people, I don't like being around lots of people, I like being around you guys. You four at the only ones I trust." Kaden says and he means it. He doesn't trust anyone out there and it's harder for him to even begin to as he doesn't have that connection with them. "You say we don't leave and you always leave.

"I wasn't holding it against you. I can deal with it." Xane informs Kaden. "But I've got the restaurant to look after. So I'm gonna be gone a lot." He had told Keith that when he first offered up the penthouse. "What do you want me to do?" He knows he should spend more time around the penthouse, but he also hates being inside for long periods of time.

"I want you to open up to us more Xane, if they've gotten me to open up and actually give a damn about them and you…" Kaden says brushing his hair back. "I mean, I know Drew needs the water, I need the fire, Keith nees the air and Dmitri needs the earth but what do you need?"

"I the chef, or I the…whatever we are?" He asks before he starts to ask himself. "I don't know…" He says, maybe he whole reason he hasn't opened up, is cause he hasn't opened up to himself. "What if what I need is not tangible?"

"You the spirit and you the Xane." Kaden says shaking his head. "Damn, Drew or Keith would be so much better at this but I don't know. I don't even know much about what you do other than the food thing. We're all learning here Xane."

Looking back to Kaden. The chef answers. "Me the Xane? I've done well so far. Even I have no clue what I do past the food thing." He takes another drink from the glass. "I wish someone knew. Something that could just tell me. That way I'd know."

"It's not that easy Xane. You know as well as I do that we don't come with instructions." Kaden says shaking his head while petting the napping kitten in his lap. "Drew and Dmitri helped me figure out how to control it. I can do this now." Kaden says opening up his hand as a rush of flame springs from it. When he closes his fist, the flame is gone. "Maybe we have to figure out a way to push you to figure it out."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Too bad though." He comments. The chef looks at the flame and nods. "But that's the thing, you can see what you do, I don't." Xane shakes his head, not knowing what to think. "I dunno, maybe that would work."

"No but you can feel what you can do. You know you can put your emotion into food maybe try something else?" Kaden offers and he knows he's really not the one to help Xane with this but he'll try like the other's helped him. "I'd offer to help you the way Drew helped me but I really don't think that would work on you." Kaden says with a teasing chuckle.

"But what to try, that's the thing." Xane questions a little bit. "Should I be wondering what he did to help you out?" He asks, mainly to himself. Xane gives a questioning look to Kaden. "Yeah… it'd probably not work."

"Well what do you feel when you cook food?" Kaden asks before grining with a bit of a blush. "Well with Drew, it was him kissing me that helped me learn how to head up my body temperature and with Dmitri he just got me really pissed off. I'm not going to start punching you unless you think that will help?"

"What do I feel? It feels like I'm riding a rollercoaster. Adrenaline going, cause I'm under pressure, and when it's all over, satisfaction." The chef looks over to the fire wielder. "Yeah, I don't think either of those'd work. As much as I enjoy a good fight." Bar fight! Oh, wait, not here.

"Well how about trying to replicate that feeling. I promise I won't be mad at you if you do this but think about that feeling and try to alter my emotion, or shove your emotion on me or whatever it is you do." Kaden says turning to Xane and taking his hand. "Close your eyes and just picture it and then try to pour it into me like you would the food, lets see if it works."

Xane looks to Kaden, and to the hand extended to him. "If you aren't gonna be pissed off, I'll give it a try." The chef closes his eyes and concentrates, picturing making a chocolate dish, he's trying to put a bit of lighthearted laughter in Kaden, though he's not sure if it's going to work or not.

After a bit Kaden lets out a little giggle as his mouth forms into a grin as a second giggle escapes him. The feeling only lasts for a few seconds but Kaden can feel the difference. He grins at Xane and leaps on him with a hug, actually giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I think it worked Xane."

As Kaden makes his giggles, Xane opens his eyes. Grunting as he's leaped on. "I think it did too…" He says, from underneath the Fire spirit. "Okay, so I guess the food thing is just convenient, then."

Kaden doesn't move from ontop of Xane and just grins at him. "It's your crutch like anger was mine for so many years. You're more than just super chef Xane, we just have to dig it all out of you some how." He says poking Xane in the ribs. "Food is what you love and it's what your pour your heart into, now you have to pour your heart into other things too Xane.

Xane chuckles as Kaden pokes him in the ribs. "Yeah… I guess so." He's only felt like this once before, when he found out that he could not just put feelings in food, but see people's auras. "You're right though, the food was a crutch. But I'm gonna keep on using that at Nolita."

Thanks to Drew and Keith, Kaden's becomne fairly affetionate and he doesn't move from his place as he grins at Xane. "Good, you shouldn't have to stop putting it into food but you'll have to practice more, use more than just your food to lean to. I lean on all of you, we gotta lean on eachother and learn together. I mean, we're all we've got."

Xane looks to Kaden still on top of him. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Cause that restaurant is my living, it's what I didn't think I wanted to do, but ever since I got it. I've been having a great time here in the city."

"I know the resturant is your living and I know you love it and I'm not asking you to give it up." Kaden begins, snuggling against Xane. "But we're also you're life too, we're all connected and we all need eachother. Just take a day off and spend it with us sometime."

"Okay, I promise. To take a day off and spend the day with you guys." He says, allowing Kaden to snuggle up to him. "Or you guys could sit at the chef's table in the kitchen again. I told you that'd be okay, even free."

Kaden looks up at Xane and grins at him. "We'll visit you for dinner and you take off from work and we'll go do something fun together? Deal?" Kaden says putting out a hand not to far from Xane's chest since he doesn't reach out much at all.

Xane gives a hand to Kaden's. "Agreed." He says, they'll come up with the terms later. "Okay then. Well since I'm gonna be here today. We could do something with the five of us later." He says, though he is looking forward to a drink or two with Dmitri downstairs.

Kaden takes Xane's hand and grins before leaning in to give him a kiss on the lips, a quick peck. "Deal." He says as he just snuggle against Xane seeming comfortable. "How about we just watch some tv for now." He says as he seems to be quite comfortable where he is and to top it off, Dexter the kitten is happily asleep on his back.

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