2009-02-22: leftover tension


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Summary: There's still some leftover tension between Kaden and Xane, Keith though manages to clear it up.

Date: February 22, 2009

Log Title Leftover Tension

Rating: PG

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

After getting back from Dmitri's yesterday, Kaden's stayed in his room most the time, probably brooding over something. He's come out to eat and use the bathroom and that's pretty much it. It's later in the evening and Kaden's decided to head to the kitchen to make himself a sandwhich since it's pretty easy to slap some turkey on some bread. He's wearing just a t-shirt and jeans while still in his stocks as he stands at the counter to fix himself some dinner.

Xane's cooked his way out of utter anger, and things in the fridge say so, snide warnings over anything Xane's touched and cooked. 'PISSED OFF FOOD, DON'T EAT IF HAPPY.' and big Xes placed on the containers of food that he's touched as well. Just so Kaden doesn't have room to blame Xane for feeding him emotion laden food. The chef had been brooding longer in his own room, going there immediately and only coming out to work in the kitchen on his Food and Wine presentation. The chef comes out, looking for any signs of life, and finds Kaden. He says nothing, only grabbing the pissed off food. Hey, someone's gotta eat it.

As Xane walks in as well, Kaden just looks up at him with his black eye and doesn't say anything. Hey, he lives here too so he's gonna use the kitchen if he wants too. He also doesn't make any remark on the way Xane's labeled anything in the fridge. Once done making his sandwhich he takes out a bag of baby carrots and a bottle of water, sitting down at the table and begining to eat. After a while he does make a comment. "Are you cooking a feast for pirates?" It's hard to tell if he's being snarky or just joking in good humour.

Xane opens the pissed food, a ceviche. "Huh? Oh, cooking gets my aggression out. And I had to try and make something good for the presentation." Seems like the chef has abandoned his anger towards Kaden, at least for now.

Kaden nods and continues to eat his sandwhich. He's not really sure what to say to Xane but he's relieved that he's not blowing up at him this time. "Thanks…for everything…for Drew that night." Kaden says before going back to his sandwhich and carrot sticks.

Xane gives a nod to Kaden. "You're welcome, I'm just glad Drew had a good time." Xane takes a bite from the ceviche, the effects of it aren't affecting him quite yet. "I'm sorry I exploded at you yesterday."

"Where did I put those?" comes the voice of th wind spirit. Keith Flinn wanders his way into the room in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, looking around for something. He jumps when he spots Kaden and Xane then grins. "Hey! You guys haven't seen a pair of slippers around anywhere? Red ones?"

"He did." Kaden says inbetween bites of his sandwhich. It's a bit obvious Kaden's trying to be civil even if he isn't being friendly. He looks up at Xane and blinks as he apologizes. "Th-thanks. I wasn't trying to attack you or your food Xane. I just-" And before he can explain himself he looks up at Keith as he walks in. Black eye and all. "Hey Keith, no, haven't seen them."

Xane was paying attention to Kaden, but then Keith had to come in and take his attention away. "Umm, no, I haven't seen them." Xane wants to ask why Kaden's got a black eye, but that's for later.

Keith frowns when no one knows where the slippers are. "Man. How do they just van…" he pauses, brain catching up with his eyes. He moves across the room quickly and leans in to examine Kaden's eye. "What happened?" he asks simply.

"I don't know you probably left them under your bed or something." Kaden answers back before scowling as Keith moves in. "Dmitri was trying to teach me control of my powers." He says but he doesn't say that Dmitri kicked his ass pretty good in the process. He's still torn about how to feel about the earth spirit if he's neutral or hates him.

Xane's sure not a huge fan of Dmitri. "Like he knows enough about us. No one knows." Okay, so now the food is starting to kick in. "Yeah, or under mine, that one time." He mentions to the Air Spirit.

Keith stares at Kaden for a moment longer before leaning back and sighing. "Man…gonna have to talk to him…" he trails off qietly. He remains quiet for a moment before looking back up. "My bed doesn't have an -under-," he chuckles. "What a fun time it was, too," he winks to Xane.

"And like you know a thing about me either Xane, you just blew up at me the other night with out knowing why I was upset." Kaden says, okay, maybe he's still a bit annoyed by that. "And what will you talk to Dmitri about? Helping me learn a bit more control over my power? He didn't go easy on me but…I don't know if I hate that guy or not." He grumbles but then turns red with embarassesment at Keith and Xane's comments.

Xane starts to glare at Kaden. "Did I SAY I knew anything about you? No. But I do know that you backed me up into a corner. If you think all I do is put emotions into food, you're totally wrong, kid." Okay, so he's bullshitting knowing more about his power, or even if he does more than that.

Keith starts to say something about Dmitri, getting into his 'sagely' pose. Then he hears the anger start up and an eye cracks open. That vein in his forehead throbs a moment and he cracks his neck. "ENOUGH!" he calls out, a wind whipping by. He looks at the other two spirits and then at the written warning. "Oh you have got to be kiding me…"

Kaden opens his mouth to say something as Keith does his thing and he shuts it, just finishing off his sandwhich. He feels a bit bad about it after the fact and just sighs. "Xane cooked a feast for pirates." Kaden mutters quietly before shoving a baby carrot into his mouth. "Xane….I wasn't trying to back you in a corner, I was just trying to tell you I hate my emotions being altered. I was initally mad at you but I'm not…" It was just misguided anger initally.

Xane stops as well from saying more either, his hair blowing back a little. He holds up the warning lid. "Sorry! Alright, I should have just thrown it out!" He's shouting in anger, but not /real/ anger. He throws the ceviche in the sink, Gordon Ramsay style.

Keith jumps as the ceviche goes flying, reaching up to rub his temples. "Alright. The matter is hearby settled!" he declares. "If you're bothered by emotion altering food, Jon'll cook for you, K-man. And he didn't mean to attack you of offend. So! We should now do something fun!"

Kaden blinks as Xane just goes kind of nuts, he's about to blow up at Xane when Keith just declaires it settled. "Fuck man, I thought anger was my thing." He says kind of confused. "And that sounds fine, maybe Jon can teach me how to cook the basics." He'd ask Xane but he's pretty convinced Xane dislikes him. "Something fun?"

Xane starts to run the dispose-all. Tossing the ceviche in there. "Just make sure to throw out the pissed off food. I'm pretty sure no one would want to eat it." Especially cause it's majorly angry. "The other stuff is groovy, so it's good to eat. I'm not angry all the time, Kaden." His tone is still pissed, but it's coming down. Xane doesn't hate Kaden completely, just exploded.

Keith nods quickly. "Yes! Like skydiving! Or we could base jump off the building!" he suggests, all charged up. "Don't worry, Xane. I'll handle all that angry, angry food!" he says, nodding. "And Jon'll be happy to teach you stuff, K-man."

Kaden shakes his head. "Yeah, you can do that. I'll stay in here where it is warm and watch you fall. You can fly, I can't." Kaden says as his idea of fun isn't jumping off of a building. "I thought you were going to say something that wasn't so…crazy."

"I've never done base jumping. Something about purposely throwing yourself off of a building without intent to die gets me cringing." Xane continues to toss out the perfectly good ceviche, sadly it's not a good emotion. "I can show you some things too if you don't hate me completely." Xane says to Kaden, now that the food anger is at a comfortable level. He's really wanting to try hard at being okay with the fire-user.

Keith puts on a mock pout. "Alright then. How about I bust out that Wii thing I bought and we can play aroun with that?" he suggests. Yes, he bought it for Drew and Kaden to play with and doesn't even know what it is.

Kaden can't help but scowl at Xane. "Fuck, I don't hate you. That's why I was trying to fucking explain why I didn't like my emotions being tampered with." He just shakes his head and stands up to put the carrots back in the fridge. "And if you want Xane, just nothing fancy. Like I don't even know how to make box mac and cheese." He admits and then Keith gets a confused look. "Wii? I guess we can try it."

Giving a nod to Kaden, Xane looks over to Keith. "Oh one of those." He mentions, he does watch cartoons, but doesn't really play much video games. "Really? Box mac and cheese? Wow." Well, making a sandwich is easy, but Xane can help making simple foods.

Keith blinks. "One of what? I just asked the kid at the store to help me find something teenagers would like and that's what they gave me…" he trails off, not mentioning what else happened in that store. "And I had trouble with mac and cheese too. It's a tricky, tricky food," he declares.
Kaden gives Keith a confused look, he can't tell if he's joking or being serious. "I don't even know how a Wii works and honestly, I've never played a video game before." Kaden would probably find he likes them if he gave them a shot, especially the more violent ones like Call of Duty. He looks between the two as if saying, 'when are we going to do this'.

"One of those, the Wiis it's one of the most popular game systems right now. I don't know video games these days, but I could give it a shot. Where is it?" Xane asks Keith, he can tell that Kaden is interested in starting.

Keith nods. "Right! To the living room!" he declars, pointing and heading into the other room. The system is hooked up and sitting next to the TV with a pile of games and 4 Wii-motes sitting there. "Jon must've hooked it up for us," Keith chuckles.

"You just have to tell me how to use this thing since I really don't know." Kaden says looking through the games and not sure what any of them are about. "One of you guys choose." He says as he sits down and waits for the two of them to explain how it works. "Is Drew around, you think he'd want to join?"

"Okay, here's the wii-mote." He turns on the system, and waves around the controller in front of the TV. "Most games are point and click on the screen, I think." He's seen enough game commercials to know that much. "Umm, what do we have?" He starts looking over the games.

Keith digs through the games and then finally comes up with Super Smash Brothers Brawl. "This looks like it'll be fun," he says. A few moments later and he's putting the disc in and flopping onto the couch with a wii-mote.

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