2009-05-18: Lemon Lime


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Summary: Weird things happen in Mutant Town

Date: May 18, 2009

Log Title: Lemon-Lime

Rating: R

Mutant Town - NYC

"Lemon! Lime! Lemon! Lime! LEMON-LIME!"

It's certainly an interesting sight. Two men dressed in giant, foam fruit. One lemon, one lime. Jumping around and singing. Each has a matching color gem stuck in their costume above their head and they seem to be attracting a small crowd of confused mutants.

Sitting on a bunch not too far from them is a mutant by the name of Paul. He's sitting on a bench and staring towards the show while sipping a drink of some kind. "Kas…would hate these guys," he concludes.

Pallaton seems to be finally getting used to Mutant Town and having gotten over his unease over it, too. Currently, he's out and about in his usual clothes (the pants. Nothing but the pants) and looking around, taking in the other mutants around. The Lemon and Lime guys certainly catch his attention and he's tilting his head as he moves in for a closer look. They're… strange, but amusing at the same time. His ear flicks a bit as the wind catches it, but it's more mild irritation at the wind than picking anything up.

When Pallaton comes into his line of sight, Paul perks up slightly. A smile appears as he tosses his empty cup into a trashbin with a bolt of gravity and gets up. Also dressed as usual, he strides over to Pallaton taps him. "Hi," he greets. "You a shifter or always like this?"

Lemon and Lime continue their little show, spinning around and jumping with surprising agility for guys in those suits. They seem to be taking note of all the people there, counting them and trying to ID the most dangerous looking mutants. They smell very off though.

Pallaton looks over at the person tapping him and blinks. Well… kind of. He does look past him first, but then remembers he's taller than most people and looks down to Paul after remembering. "Hmm? Oh, uuh… no, sorry. I've been like this since I was a pup… erm, baby."

Paul floats up so Pallaton doesn't need to look down. He's a big guy so it's not a far trip. "Really? That's cool. I like youre fur. It's all soft," he says, apparently not caring that he's invading personal space when he places his hand on Pallaton's arm to rub the fur.

As the show winds down, Lemon and Lime get sinister little smiles on their faces. And suddenly, they each punch a bystander. The mutants go flying and the others in the crowd start running. "Time to kick their asses, Lime!" "You got it, Lemon!"

Pallaton doesn't even seem to mind, chuckling a bit. At least until Lemon and Lime get nasty, when his attention turns back to them. He blinks, before stepping back and lowering himself a bit. That was a rather sudden change from the harmless entertainers to nasy thugs. "Hey! Why did you do that?" he shouts to the two. Even though he's confused, he still gears himself for a fight, just in case.

Paul blinks at the sudden nastiness, turning and tilting his head. "Hey…" he frowns.

Lemon and Lime look at Pallaton and laugh. "Big puppy wants to play!" Lemon laughs. "C'mon, make our day!" Lime adds, both men lifting their hands. From thier sleeves, small nozzles extend and focus before spraying streams of sticky, lemon-lime soda at Pallaton.

Pallaton raises an arm to protect himself, a very thin layer of rock rising from the ground to shield that damaging bla- wait… soda? Pallaton blinks, having expected some sort of high-pressure blast, not soda-dispenser stuff. But he does drop his guard, looking to Paul with a bemused look. "Is… Is this for real? Are these guys serious?"

Paul makes a face at the soda, his own invisible barrier keeping him safe. "I dunno. They're annoying though," he says. He starts to say something else only for Lime to smack into him like a cannonball. He goes flying through his bench and gets up with a growl. "Gonna pay for that…" he trails off.

Lemon meanwhile starts flinging actual lemons at Pallaton. They're normal lemons but thrown hard enough to have a slight sting on impact before going squish against whatever they hit.

Pallaton looks over as Paul is knocked back, but his own shield doesn't to seem to be all too resilient to lemons thrown at it. Of course, it is REALLY thin stone, so it's probably brittle too. One lemon ends up squishing against the side of his nose, resulting in the rock shield breaking into nothing and Pallaton springing back with a yelp, rubbing at his nose and whimpering a bit. Lemon juice in the sensitive nose… "Ow… Okay, you asked for it!" Pallaton heads over to grab a hold of the nearby bench, lifting it and swinging it at Lemon like a bat. If he's lucky, Pallaton will miss or the suit will take most of the blow. If not? Well, maybe Team Citrus Fruit will be blasting off again.

Lemon laughs crazily, continuing to throw the fruit. When the bench gets swung, the man in the yellow costume yelps and ducks. His costume does indeed take the brunt of the blow, sending him against a light-post. The man laughs as he bounces, rocketing back at Pallaton like a cannonball.

Paul meanwhile has his barrier holding off a barrage of limes. "Gonna smash you!"

Pallaton drops the bench as Lemon rebounds into Pallaton, being knocked off his feet and onto his back with another yelp. He's quick at rolling back onto his feet, keeping onto all fours and growling quite angrily at the bouncy Lemon. "Grr! What is with you!" he barks at Lemon as he runs in for a powerful punch.

"LEMON!" the man with the matching name yells in reply as he lands on his feet. The punch connects with a squishy substance and LEmon falls back. He flails, bouncing straight up into the air. And suddenly, Lime hits the ground in front of Pallaton. He seems to be stuck, struggling to get up. "Hey, big wolfy guy, when they hit, smash 'em!" Paul calls.

Pallaton blinks at the scene before him. It's just… bizzarre. At Paul's call, he nods, dipping back and away from the two, but fists raised just in case. "It's Talli." he says as he waits for the fruits to make their move. Though the fist that squished Lemon does get shaken a bit to get the juices out of his fur. Ewww…

Paul walks over, lifting a hand to add some gravity to Lemon's fall. The man in yellow lets out an 'erk' before rocketing downwards. He smacks into Lime and another 'erk' is produced. "Hit 'em!" Paul laughs.

Pallaton nods, leaping forward to do just that, raising both fists to bash them into one, then the other, with a loud shout. It's… probably the most violent juicing session ever.

At the point of contact, there's a flash of light. Green and Yellow. With a yelp, there's a WHOOSHING noise. Lemon-Lime soda explodes out as the costumes pop, covering Paul and Pallton in the sticky liquid. When the light clears, there are two unconcious men on the sidewalk. The two gems suddenly rocket up into the sky and vanish.

Meanwhile, somewhere off is space, there is a room. In this room, a single yellow candle with a matching flame and a single green candle with a matching flame suddenly goes out.

Paul blinks, brushing hair out of his eyes. "Well…uh…"

Pallaton yelps as the two explode, resulting in a muzzle-full of soda. He coughs and splutters as he stumbles back, soaked almost entirely and dripping wet. This is definitely going to cause some matted fur. "Yeuch… That was mad… Just what was going on with these two?"

Paul stumbles next to Pallaton, wiping his face as he tries to flick some lime peels off his shoe. "I hate lemon-lime soda," he remarks, kicking the two men. He looks at Pallaton and sighs. "I'm Paul," he offers his hand. "Leave 'em here. Someone called the cops already I bet," he says.

Pallaton nods, slapping his huge, fuzzy, sticky hand against Pauls, shaking it with a smile. "Pallaton. Or Talli, but Pallaton first." He'd shake his fur, buuut… probably not best considering it'd just spread it more.

Paul chuckles at the shaking, reaching up to give the wolf-man a scratch behind the ears. He doesn't know if it'll get him bit but he doesn't seem concerned. "C'mom. we'd better get outta here. Trust me…" he trails off, gesturing for Pallaton to follow.

Pallaton nods, but the scratching gets him ticklish, it seems, his leg sort of spasming a bit as he holds in laughter. As soon as he stops however, he calms down and heads off with Paul, nodding.

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