2010-10-12: Leo=Troy?

Players: David and Troy/Leo

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Summary: David meets with Leo or is it Troy or is it Leo? Troy?

Date: October 12, 2010

Log Title: Leo=Troy?

Rating: PG-13

Tegu-Haaz - Salem (Old Dirt Road)

The dirt road is a few miles long and circles around to meet itself again. There are several farms that have been run down, burned and abandoned along the way. Fences and stonewalls run along side the road in the over grown grass to mark where properties begin. A few old wooden wheels sit among the over run grass and are half sunken into the earth. Hoof prints dent the old dirt road leaving it a bit uneven. Trees blow in the breeze as they sporadically line the road. There's a small ditch on each side of the dirt road for water draining.

Despite the dour nature of the area they're in, Leo has found himself outside, happily walking on his hands across the beams connecting old wooden fences. The thing that may seem odd to some, but completely normal to others, is that he is… sparkly. Very sparkly. It's like there are tiny flecks of glitter reflecting any ambient light, even when there is none. Along with that, there's a bright cheerful smile on his face. He's even singing, though a little bit off-key.

Keeping to himself, David, still dressed in the period clothes from this hellish place and time, kicks up some stones as he finds himself actually bored, which is better than scared or annoyed. He peers about as he notices the glowing sparkly body of Leo and hears the bad singing. He hmphs to himself as he approaches whistling and then joining in the off-key singing. He watches the walking on hands and then finally speaks, "Seems like you have changed since I last saw you, Troy…or Leo….or Agent?"

Leo has also gotten dressed in local clothing, as the suit is useless to him. "huh? Oh, I'm not Troy. I'm Leo." The young man laughs as he does a flip, landing on the fence on his feet. He takes a moment before doing a triple somersault to land on the ground in a perfect dismount. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Leo Osborne. I don't have a clue what I'm doing here, but there's gotta be some reason." Perhaps a little too cheerful is the Leo.

David sighs and rolls his eyes, "Oh you've got to be kidding me." He does a double take and pats his head like something out of a Three Stooges episode. "Well, Leo Osborne, nice flip and dismount." He extends his hand, "I'm David Alleyne and welcome to Hell." He laughs a bit, "I'm kidding about the hell part."

As soon as hands touch, David's going to get the Leo-Booster. It's like five espresso shots, but without the jitter. It's all about massive good energy. And, any cuts or scrapes he may have gotten are healed. "So, what IS the place anyway, and who else is here?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. "Oh, and sorry about that. I can't keep the energy from leaking out. I'm on low-power right now, though, so it'll only last about ten or fifteen minutes."

Blinking and then suddenly forming a smile on his face, David takes in the Leo-booster with a surprising sense of joy. He exhales and then takes his hand back, "That is quite the effect you have on people, Leo. And not a problem, that felt really good." He relaxes a bit and feels a bit better, "Well, I'm not quite sure where we are. It is some kinda horror version of Salem Center, complete with scary looking asylum in place of the mansion." He pauses, "As for who is here, some of the students and staff. Too hard to keep track of everyone, but some of us are here. Oh and I graduated from the school, came back to help out, and ended up here with you and the others."

Nodding along to all that Leo says, David pauses and then thinks, "Did you ever know Troy? Grumpy guy. Had a sour attitude and some kind of battle suit. He was with SHIELD, I think. Do you remember him?" He looks around, "I think he is around here somewhere. Sometimes, he is hard to miss. He could be standing right in front of you and you'd never know." He half-smiles.

"Oh yeah. I've run into him. We chat on occasion. Powersuit? No, he doesn't have one of those. He doesn't need them. He has his own powers." Leo nods quickly. "Me, well, it's Living Light. Same stuff Dagger uses. We're the only two known to control it." Of course, he hasn't met the Barnes teacher that has a touch of it.

"Ok then." David nods and thinks this is yet another thing he will be sure to tell Ms. Frost and Mr. Summers about this. He nods, "I think you may have run into Robyn also. And let's see Cloud and Star are here. Chloe, James and Jinx are staying in the asylum." He starts to count with his fingers, "Hosea is here…and Robin…and Heather…And staffwise, I'm here. Mr. Gilpatrick, Ms. Frost, and Mr. Summers. If anyone else is here, I haven't seen them, but people seem to pop up. Hopefully we've found everyone."

"Ooh, Robyn, I know. And Heather. And Kenta. And the headmastertypes. Ok, I know a few people. I'll be fine, then." Leo says with a bright nod. "I don't really know the others. James… if it's the hyena guy, I knew him a little. He was all demonic during the Inferno, when I lost my powers to turn my ex-boyfriend back into a person." He sighs. "I miss Nathaniel, but I know that he's gone."

Scratching his head, "I'll be sure to have check the files when we return." he mumbles under his breath, "I'm sorry about Nathaniel." He pauses and then asks, "So Leo, do you remember where you were before waking up here? I''ve been asking everyone we've found, just to see if there is some sort of pattern."

"Honestly, the last thing I remember is the plane crash. And then I woke up here. I mean, it couldn't have been too long. But it's oddly warm compared to what it was then. I mean, typical chilly February." Leo explains with a shrug. "I mean, it is creepy, but I've only been here for a couple of hours."

"Trust that feeling. This place is creepy. I suggest you don't stay by yourself and there are a few places we have commandeered." David points to the Old Farm, "That is our main base and where most of the students are and Ms. Frost is there. She is checking on everyone, so I suggest you meet up with her soon." He points down the road towards the square, "A bit further is the Slaughtered Lamb, a tavern that Kenta and Mike are primarily using and we also have access to the smithy." He looks about, "The rules are to always be with someone else and don't go exploring. We've already explored most of this…..'place'"

"I'll be fine. Unless something can run as fast as I can." Leo laughs. "But, I've never been the loner type anyway." He considers. I wonder if I'll have my powers when we go home…" He says softly with a sigh. "But even if not, I'll be ok. I just hope my emotions stay in check this time."

David exhales, "This time? I'm relatively new to helping out at the mansion, so I haven't read up on all the previous students and unfortunately, I don't have the same level of access here that I do there. So if you don't mind, can you tell me what happened last time your emotions went out of check?"

"My powers grant me access to the Living Light. It floods my body with pure life and positivity. When my powers were all forced into Nathaniel to cure him of his demonhood, I no longer had any positivity in me. My body couldn't accept the low levels of natural hormones, and I turned all dark and moody." Leo says. "I was a total downer. Dragging everyone with me. That's why I left. That, and with the hopes that I could go back to my Olympic training."

David crosses his arms and strokes the bottom of his chin in a very academic like stance, "I see. Purging your boyfriend of his demonic possession took away your light to end his darkness. Without your light, you were depressed and temperamental like an addict without his drugs." He hmphs, "So the plane crash…". o O (Then SHIELD and Troy…Ok.) He shakes his head in the affirmative, "Not to be a downer myself but what happened to Nathaniel?"

"We broke up after I gave up my light. He didn't like depressing me, and he always had a problem with my bond with Owen. Which is only natural. Most Living Lighters have a Dark Forcer they're close to, and that's how it was. And rather than talk to me about problems, he'd talk to Owen. I couldn't deal with it. It made me feel untrusted. But then, I left, the plane crashed, and I don't know. I know he said he was leaving, but…" Leo shrugs lightly. I haven't seen either one since a few nights before I left."

David hmmmns, "Owen? Was he also a student at the institute?"He asks as he tries his best to remember all the names of everyone so that he can cross reference all the names of the people that have been mentioned so far, "Well I only know Kenta as the only dark force manipulator…which reminds me of something to ask him later….but the bond would be similar to that of Cloak and Dagger." He remembers reading about them in the files.

"Similar. Owen got a life hunger, and I got a life overload. So, we'd have to go away for a little while every few weeks, and I'd shunt all of my excesses into him. If I didn't, I'd explode, sending my light in every direction and stunning anyone near me, and… Owen… would turn into a monster and go try to eat someone." Leo nods. "Kenta… I don't think his Darkforce works quite the same. It hurt Owen, but not too bad. It would help him in the long run. I kinda remember Kenta saying it might do different to him. And it felt different when I had Kenta's powers and Lorna had mine." He offers. "That… was an interesting couple of weeks."

Smiling, ""It seems every week is an odd week at the Institute. So you took your flight in February? Where were you going? and do you know what month it is now?" David asks as he fishes for something in his pocket. "Oh and are you hungry?" He looks persistent in finding something in the pocket.

"I could use food. At least I won't need to sleep for a while. I only sleep about two hours a day. And it's February, isn't it?" Time hasn't passed for Leo. "I was going home to my rents. And to see if I could test as not being a mutant and go back to competing."

"Well, sorry but you're a mutant." David pulls out an apple from his pocket, "Here is an apple. I saved it from when the bird attacked you before." He holds out the apple, "Oh and it's October."

Leo makes an Oooh sound as the apple comes at him. "Well, if my powers are inactive, they may let me compete. I mean, I was training for the 2012 even before my powers awakened. Though, my powers DID add to my ability." He grins impishly. He grips the apple and takes a bite out with a grin afterwards. "October? No shit. My parents have to be worried!"

"Well with regard to the Olympics you should talk to Jean-Paul. He was a teacher at the institute when I was a student. He was an Olympic skier while having a super-speed power. He would know more." He watches you eat and pulls out one for himself to eat, "And yeah, October…though there is no way to reach your parents from here. Once we get home, you can call them….So…you've been asleep from February until October?"

"He was a teacher for a while while I was there, too. But he left for a while again. But, he couldn't compete after they found out his mutation." Leo points out. "Asleep? I dunno. I just woke up, I don't feel like anything's missing, but I do wonder how my powers got back." He says with a shrug. "Don't really care, because I missed them."

"Well they say getting your powers back is like waking up in a warm blanket." David grins, "Well, we'll figure out what happened and help you acclimate to life again, once we get home." He says to himself hopeful, "And we WILL get home." . o O (Yes, we will!)

There's a dark voice from Leo, "Good luck with that." Followed by a menacing laugh. Leo just looks over his shoulder. "Oh, stop it, Troy. We'll be fine." He rolls his eyes. "Such a negative nancy." He grins.

"You know…why I am not surprised. Hi Troy." David waves in Leo's face, "So does that usually happen to you too? Dark voices and sharing a body with Troy, the SHIELD agent with a powersuit?" He chomps on more of his apple.

"That voice came from you, Leo." However, David does turn over his shoulder…I mean really…you never know in this place….Not seeing Troy, "Why would your powers affect my vision….Plus I don't sense Troy. I can pick up people's skills. I've met Troy and I've met you. And while things appear to be different." David blinks and realizes this place may now have gotten to him, "No….I am sane….Leo, Troy is not here. You are Troy."

"No, I'm not Troy. I'm Leo. I have Living Light powers. Troy has friction powers and strength. He can fly, I can leap. I can fire an energy burst, he can't. We're different people." Leo laughs, turning over his shoulder to look at 'Troy'. "No, NO you will not. If you do that, I'll throw you over the barn." he says, laughing.

David blinks and hopes Ms. Frost is catching all this telepathically, "Leo, you have been asleep since February and woke up here. How is that possible? You were in a plane going home and suddenly wake up here talking to Troy and me…but Troy is not here. Do you think maybe that's a little weird?" He pauses, "Wait what does Troy want to do?"

"You said everyone fell asleep and woke up here. There have been MUCH stranger things that I've dealt with since being a member of Xavier's Academy. This… is not anything any weirder than the demon invasion of New York. Or than the alternate universe invading and taking over New York, Memphis, and somewhere in New York." Leo says with a shrug. "Oh, he said he'll MAKE you see him, and made a few little threats. But it's ok. I can keep him in check. If anyone can control Troy, it's me. He's just a big ole teddy bear inside."

As Leo lists the different things that have happened and David cannot help but agree, "True, well I am here for this one, but unless Troy has an invisibility power or is REALLY good at hide-and-go-seek, then 'he' is not here or 'he' is you." David offers, "and how is it that you can control him, unless he is you?"

"I know his soft spots." Leo says. "That's all. And, I have a light burst that can stun him. I move faster than he does. The worst he can do is stick me in place or make everything slippery around me. That won't block my Hadoken." He explains. "I think you're just not seeing him is all. He may have developed invisibility. No telling with him. He's got such an odd powerset." He shrugs. "But anyway, I think I'm gonna go wash up. I just feel… ew. I'm not used to being very dirty." He shakes his head.

"Hey Troy if you are here, why don't you tap me on my shoulder?" David says aloud as he looks about…while Leo and Troy are the same or Troy admitted as such the other day. This place is just crazy enough that maybe Leo is not insane and could be telling the truth, or maybe David is insane too.

"He doesn't feel like it right now. It would hurt you." Leo says with a shrug as he stands and starts to walk towards the farmhouse. "Dude's stronger than I am. I mean, I'm only at about a ton. He's got like… 30something." He shrugs.

David watches Leo walk off and looks about to see if maybe Troy is around. David thinks about following Leo, but does not, "I need sanity for tonight. Hopefully Emma can handle this." He takes another bite of his apple and walks in the opposite direction to the lamb. "Some wine might be nice now."

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