2009-02-20: Lesson In Control


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Summary: Dmitri teaches Kaden a lesson in controlling his power.

Date: February 20, 2009

Log Title 2009-02-20: Lesson in Control

Rating: PG-13 (Language and Mild Violence)

Secret Cave

Dmitri stays silent for most of the walk to Central Park, and once there takes a long moment to make sure n one is watching before he reaches out a hand and makes the ground open up creating a set of earthen stairs that lead to his cave. Instead of the main area, the staair lead into a a dimly lit room that appears to have a stone arch with a dirt wall instead of a door at the far side. Roughly 40 feet from one side to the other the room is circular with 4 bronze braizers spaced equial distance from each other around a large circle imprinted in the floor, and a fifth one hanging from the ceiling above. Walking downt he stairs Dmitri starts to take his shirt off and throw it across the room seemingly not caring where it lands. "Are group is a family, I hav3e wodnered what place in the family is sine I am..unable to join you in Keith's pent house. Now I think I have found at least a small thing I can do to be part of it."

Kaden has stayed quite too but is obviously still ticked off. His body is tense and his hands are shoved in his pockets. He looks around as he goes underground with Dmitri and he can't help but think this place is creepy. "I know Drew really wants to find a way to get you with us." Kaden admits but then he just can't keep it in any longer. "Fuck! Seriously, I didn't want to pick a fight with the fucker but god fucking damnit. I'm trying to tolerate his ass but it isn't fucking easy."

Dmitri stops to lean against a wall while he pulls off his wooden leg…and the wall moves to replace it with one made of the same stone his wall is made of. "Life is not easy, life is not soft, and life is not simple." With a wave of the hand the sairs melt back into the wall and the hole out into the park closes leaving the room barly lit from some unseen light bulb. "You build up anger like a volcano under pressure. You hold onto it till it is too much and let it take you over, the anger does not care who is hurt but you do. What you need is to learn focus, at least enough to control your anger and let it out another way. I understand that you have difficulty controling your power as well, perhaps that will help with it as well. I am told the best way to learn focus and control is meditation, since that is something I do not think would work for you I say we go with the second best choice…" No longer limping slightly Dmitri walks with the stone leg as if it were a real one over to Kaden and suddenly punches out ward with his right hand, intending to just barelly miss Kaden's face and slam his fist into the wall.

Kaden scowls at Dmitri's first words, that's all stuff Kaden has realized. As the stairs close up, Kaden starts to look around seeing if there is some other way out. He's about to say something when Dmitri walks over and punches the wall right next to his face. "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?!" He yells as he takes a few steps backwards. "Fuck it, this was probably just another fucking bad idea. What the fuck are you trying to do, seriously?"

Dmitri would be the first to admit his home is a little creepy, given that he was born not far from where Dracula lived and died he does not see creep as that bad a thing. "Perhaps it will be a bad Idea, perhaps not. The next punch I will not miss on purpose." That said Dmitri goes for a snap kick, pulled so he does not bowl Kaden over compleatly if he hits, aimed at he solar plexis. "You need to learn control, learnign to fight will teach that as well as how to avoid punches and kicks."

Kaden really isn't sure what Dmitri is going for. "Next punch?" He asks and before he can get what the Earth Spirit is hinting at, he's hit in the solar plexis and Kaden winces, doubling over for a bit. "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!" He yells out as his temper has gotten the best of him and starts to try to fight back, throwing a punch at Dmitri in return, aiming right for his cheek. Kaden's not a learned fighter, he's just got the knowledge from being in numerous brawls in the facility he was raised in and in Juvie.

Punching Dmitri is like hitting a brick wall, it will hurt the person throwing the punch more than it will Dmitri. "Good, your angery! Now use that anger, let it power you but don;t let it control you." That said the Earth Mover trys for a one two punch, a left to the face and a right to the stomach. "Come on boy, I knew an 80 year old gypsie woman that hit arder than you do." Taunting a living poweder keg may not be the smartist thing in the world, but Dmitri is hoping if he can get Kaden mad enough that his powers start kicking in in some way he can change directions at the last second to get him to control it instead of just exploding.

Kaden is stopped short and stunned for a second as his hand meets that 'brick wall' and then he's punched twice. He would have tried to move out of the way but it just took him off guard that hitting Dmitri didn't hurt the earth spirit but his hand instead. The problem is his anger is already starting to control him instead of him using it. His face hurts and he's doubled over in pain but he doesn't stop. "Who was that, your last girlfriend." Kaden snaps back as he touches his face where Dmitri punched it. "And I'm gonna fucking kill you." He growls out as he straightens up so he can try to charge Dmitri full on, slaming his shoulder into him.

Dmitri raises and eyebrow as Kaden shouts out his insult, and simply side steps and turns to avoid the rush. "You can insult so your mind does work, but you are not using it. I did not feel your pucn, what good do you think rushing at me would do?" Dmitri shakes his head while he puts a little space between him and Kaden so he can watch the boy. "Anger can give you power, yes, but you must use your brain. You have seen that physical attacks are useless so find another way to fight, use your mind."

Kaden just gets more pissed as he misses Dmitri. "Just shut the fuck up already!" He yells, the problem is Kaden isn't bright at all so he doesn't know what Dmitri is getting at. "What the fuck am I supposed to do then? Talk you to fucking death like you're fucking doing with me?" He doesn't know what's better, being trapped here with the earth spirit or being stuck in an apartment with Xane. Since Dmitri doesn't come at him this time, Kaden desides to try to move in to grab Dmitri and just knee him in the stomach, still not understanding.

Dmitri lets out a single sharp laugh at Kaden. "Why? You are all talk anyway. If you want me to stop talking, then make me stop!" Dmitri does not move while Kaden comes straight at him, lets him knee him in the stomach. "Your supposed to control your anger, fight smart instead of like an idiot! Fight like fire does, move when they expect yout to stand, hide when they are not looking, appear when least expected. You can not hurt me by hitting me, that you should know by now."

Kaden winces when his knee hits Dmitri and most of what Dmitri says doesn't register in his brain but he does look up at Dmitri and there is almost a hatred in his eyes. His hands start to heat up and burst into flames if he's trying to do it or not. "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He shouts at him taking a stance but not moving in quite yet. He's really not sure how to hurt the earth spirit.

Dmitri does go quiet as Kaden's hands burst into flames, this time instead of just standing there his legs move to a stable stance and his hands move so that he is in an actual fighting stance. While he is sure Kaden is not looking he reaches out with his powers to make the floor move to try and hold Kaden's feet in place before he speaks, "If you want me to shut up, then use that fire to lite the coal in my brazers. Give us light, and heat and I will sit here as quiet as you want. Don't do it and the lessons in pain get to continue."

"What the fuck's a brazier?" Kaden asks honestly not knowing what it is, after all his education level is quite behind for someone his age. He tries to fight against the floor holding his feet in place but he's quite stuck. He lets out a roar of frustraction as he bends down to try to get a foot out but finds it's quite stuck. "I'm not here for your fucking lighting and heating convienience."

Dmitri shakes his head and points at the big bronze bowls filled with coal. "That is a brazer, a holder for coal and wood to burn. No, you are not here for me, your here for You! You have to learn to control yourself or your just going to hurt people you don't want to see in pain. So just gather that fire up in your hands, throw it into the nearest brazer, and then make it jump form there to the others before I get pissed and just open up a path between this room and the resivour and drown us o=both."

Kaden just glares at Dmitri for close to a minute but he doesn't say anything. He doesn't believe that the earth spirit is doing this for him. "I'm only doing this so I can get the fuck out of here." He mutter as he goes to reach a flamey hand up and try to get the flame to shoot over there but it doesn't work. He tries over and over, scrunch up his face, grunting, trying to thrust his arms forward, and other such methods but he's just trying too hard.

Dmitri shakes his head. "Pansy ass, pointless to try and do this. You can't learn can you? Don't try, don't strain yourself just fucking do it." Dmitri waves a hand and makes the coal in the nearest brazer shudder and then change till it has his face. "You want to get out of here? You want to shut me up? Well there I am just set me on fucking fire!"

Kaden doesn't say anything but right now Dmitri is hitting too many soft spots on the teen. He does flinch as Dmitri says that he can't learn. He just glares at Dmitri and then juts out his hand and contrates, trying to will the fucking thing to lit on fire. He gives Dmitri one last glare before just closing his eyes and exhaling and he's finally able to get the fire to go from his hand to the brazier. "I hate you." He mutters to Dmitri, his hands still on fire, the flames licking up his arms.

Dmitri quirks an eeybrow at Kaden as he releases the teen's feet. "Why? Is it because I was mean to you? Or maybe because you can not hurt? Ir is it because in less than ten minutes I have done what you have not been able to do, and shown you how to control your powers? Now that you set one on fire, remember what you did what it felt like and lite the rest."

Kaden doesn't answer the question, more becaue he doesn't have any answer but Dmitri pretty much nailed it on the head. He's quite tempted to tell Dmitri no but he doesn't want to be stuck in the ground the rest of the night. He glares at Dmitri again before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Again he reaches out to try to light the other brazier, it takes a few tries but on the fourth of fifth he finally gets it. "There you have fucking heat and light now."

Dmitri nods and walks to the center of the room, the ground under him raising up into the form of a chair so he can sit down while he also frees Kaden. "What do I need with light? Or heat for that matter. Rocks do not care if it is day or night, summer or winter. You on the other hand will feel better with the heat though since my caves tend to be chilly." Dmitri waves a hand, and the earth blocking the stone arch on the far side of the room from where they entered falls away. "I have done what I set out to do, just remember how you feel now. If you really and truly hate me you can leave if you want, or you can go grab a soft cushion out of the abandonded subway car in the other chamber and we can do what ever you want too next."

Kaden sighs and rolls his eyes. He's not sure what to do, he could leave or spend the night here. Xane or Dmitri, he decides that he just doesn't want to go back to the penthouse just yet. Instead Kaden goes over to the wall and sits down on the ground, leaning against the wall. He's still mad but he doesn't say anything.

Dmitri just sits there, staring at Kaden for a long time before the ground and wall start to move. Slowly at first so as not to scare Kaden they move to form into a nice comfortable bench…well comfortable as stone can be without any padding. "I am the master of my domain, if you need or want anything ask."

Kaden just lets the bench form but he still doesn't say anything. He's just in a foul mood. He shifts so he's laying down on the bench. The fire spirit curls up and rests his head on his arm for a pillow and slowly drifts off.

Dmitri sits quietly for a long time before he stands. Surprisingly quiet for a man with a stone leg he walks out through the door way. After a few minutes he returns, with a soft round pillow, a brightly colored hand made wool blanket and a bottle of water. Watching to see if Kaden has really fallen asleep, Dmitri gently reaches down to place the pillow under his hea dinplace of his arm before throwing the blanket over the boy. That done he simply goes back to his stone chair at the center of the room and just sits quiet thinking to himself for now.

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