2009-04-21: Lessons Of The Mind


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Summary: Robyn asks Addison to help him learn more about his abilities.

Date: April 21, 2009

Log Title Lessons of the Mind

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

There's been a request for Addison's presence in the DAnger Room. Making his way there, he waits to see who he's supposed to meet. This time, he wasn't warned at all about what's going on, so he's not sure just what TO expect.

The last few days have been getting worse and worse for Robyn. He feels bad draining the phsyic energy off of people when he touches them, which has been happening more and more often, and has been making an effort not to. The only problem is, it's been leaving him with constant headaches and last night he actually passed out. He's been in the danger room about five minutes, sitting on the floor, against one of the walls, near the door waiting.

It takes a moment before Addison notices the kid in the room. "Did you call for me?" He asks, tilting his head as he looks at Robyn. "Is there something I can help you with?" He doesn't know the kid at all, so he's unsure of what this is really about.

Robyn looks up and takes a deep breath. "Hi, you're Addison right? I was told you might be able to help me. I don't know anything about my powers and I can't seem to control them." He voice sounds a bit strained as he's dealing with one of his head aches right now. "My powers are physic stuff and I was told I should talk to you." He really hopes Addison can help.

"Ah, then, I suppose I AM the one you need." Addison says with a nod and a smile. "Since Emma isn't around. Is it telepathic or telekinetic? What do you do?" He asks, placing shielding around the room as he moves into a cross-legged seating position.

"Neither, I don't think." Robyn says as he barely knows the basics of his power. "I can drain phychic energy from people and I've been trying not to lately but I've been getting horrible headaches. I also can possess people, I don't know how I do it but I jumped into the Wolfman once and another kid in my language class." That's about the extent of it and Robyn doesn't even know what the psychic weapon he manifested was that one time.

"Alright. Relax for a few minutes. Clear your mind." Addison says, reaching out mentally to touch Robyn's mind, to see what's inside and how things work on a mental level. At least, from what he's able to see.

Taking a deep breath Robyn tries to relax, closing his eyes and letting Addison do his thing. Robyn's mind has a lot of untouched and untrained potential. Right now he's only accessing the very basics of his power, if not less than the basics. Addison would see how his mind works, how it can bend his own psychic energy to form weapons, how he can astrally project himself and even jump into peoples minds. Addison would also be able to sense that Robyn's a pyschic vampire and not only does he drain others energy but he needs it to mentally function and fuel his abilities. There's a lot to what he can do that is untapped.

"Interesting. Beta level telepathic abilities. They would be Alpha except for the fact that you need external fuel. Here." Addison says, sending tendrils of his own massive psi-energy into the pit of the vortex that the teenager calls a mind. "You really have a LOT of ability in there. Some of what I see… huh. I've never thought of attempting."

As Addison sends his own psi-energy into Robyn he takes a deep breath as his headache is gone and he feels recharged in a sense. Like there isn't a mental strain on him anymore. "What did you do? Cause it helped, well my headaches." He says as he can't help but smile. "Beta level? Alpha level?" He doesn't understand all that. "Never thought of attemtpting? Sorry I'm still new to all this super power stuff."

"There are levels of mutant power. Omega is the strongest. Those that can destroy a city without much effort. Those that can do things that are beyond the level of others. Alpha are the most powerful in the standard sense. Beta is like an alpha, but with a major flaw of some kind. You have a LOT of power, but you have to drain the psychic energy from others in order to do it. Lucky for you, I have enough to give." Addison explains softly.

"So I really do need to drain peoples psychic energy to get by." Robyn says as at first the Vampire jokes were kind of funny and amusing but now it's hitting a bit closer to home and he just feels bad about having to do that to people. He doesn't know how to feel about the fact that he's considered that level of power yet. "So, can you help me learn how to use my powers?"

"I can help with those I know. I can attempt with the ones I don't know. The draining, if I'm around, I'll gladly spare some. I have a lot of psychic energy to spare. You know how I mentioned Omegas?" Addison says, with a bit of red on his cheek. "I work with a few students already."

Robyn smiles at Addison and nods. "Thanks, or I can come find you when I start getting headaches. I just feel bad giving the other kids headaches in return." He doesn't say anything about Omegas but he does notice the blush and it actually helps him to feel a bit more comfortable around Addison since he doesn't seem like he's bragging. "I just don't want to accidentally jump into someone's head again. That was strange when next thing I knew I was big and furry."

"The first thing you're going to want to learn is how to keep yourself separate from others. Mental shielding. It'll help you focus on doing what you want WHEN you want. I used to be able to, but lost a lot. Now, I hear everything around me." Addison says with a bit of a sigh. "Someone took away my protective abilities."

"Metal Shielding?" Robyn asks sounding a bit concerned but he finds it a lot easier to focus and concentrate now that he's 'full' so to speak. "I don't have the problem with thoughts or anything just various times when I touch people I'd just absorb their psi-energy. Pissed a few people off but I can't control it. I wish I could. That's why I talked or am talking to you. So someone took away your protective abilities?"

"Right. But, if you learn to protect your own mind, you can use that protection to not only keep things out, but to keep yourself in." Addison explains, with a grin. Sure, the kid's no telepath, but he has mental abilities, and that in itself will help a lot. "Yes. He controlled me within and without, purposefully taking away my defenses."

If possible, Robyn's big eyes go wider as Addison mentions that. "Oh man that sounds horrible.' And Robyn sounds sincere about it. Sure the kid has a taste for things on the darker side but he knows what's fiction and what's reality and can seperate the two. "I want to learn how to protect it. And protect myself from others. And also how it is that I can jump into someone else mind, I mean it might be useful at the right moment." Robyn is the type of person who has no intention of abusing his powers though.

Too bad Xi'an isn't here. That would be her specialty. Of course, she can still move independently while doing it. "We'll work more on that in the future. For now… I want you to let me into your mind for a moment. I'm going to show you a shield as -I- see it. It won't be the same for you, most likely. But I'm going to show you what it means to me." He CAN do it. He just has to actively be shielding, rather than having it natural.

Robyn nods to Addison and he doesn't have to do anything to let Addison into his mind since even though he's a mentalist he doesn't have any sort of sheilding, which is what Addison is teaching him. "Okay." Robyn says as he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, who knows why, he just thinks it'll help.

Addison nods to himself as he reaches out and shows RObyn exactly how he sees things. First from his point of view seeing Robyn himself, then how he feels himself and how he feels a mental shield. A solid wall of steel around his mind. "Now that I have that up, try to reach out for me. I know, you don't remember how you took over someone, but try. SEe if you hit that steel."

Robyn sees it all and it's just weird to him but he's taking it all seriously. "Wh-what?" He doesn't even know how to start he doesn't even remember how it happened. "Okay..hold on…um.." He trys to think back on how it happened the first time and seeing if he remembers anything. He starts muttering to himself to hopefully help. "Okay, I was talking to Pallaton, focusing on him, and hrm.." He concentrates on Addison. "Okay, I need to jump into you, jump into Addison." He says trying to coax himself on and he feels a draw towards Addison, almost like a magnet being drawn to metal but he can't complete the connection, not because of Addison's sheild but because he can't force himself over there.

"You're not hitting your activation. It's being stubborn." ADdison says, thinking about it as he ponders things. "Maybe you're just tired. OR have been too long without getting a little bit of mental fuel." He offers. Maybe they both just need a little more rest. Who knows?

"I don't know, maybe I just need to practice it." Robyn says but on who? It's not exactly a nice power to practice. "I dont' know, you know more than I do." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Thanks for helping me, and if I start getting um..needing mental fuel? I can come see you?"

"Certainly. I'm sure there are others that wouldn't mind sharing, as long as you told them exactly what it was, and that it's actually necessary for your survival." ADdison says with a nod, grinning.

Robyn nods with a smile as he pushes himself up. "I have to get going for homework but I'd really like to practice with you again. I really appricate the help. And honestly at first I thought saying the vampire thing was kind of neat but now that's it's a reality and I know I need it to survie, it's kind of creepy." Robyn just shurgs and is still smiling. "Thanks again Addison!" He says as he's heads off in a positive mood.

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