2010-08-24: Let Bygones Be Bygones


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Summary: Connor and Robyn decide that their friendship matters more than a silly fight.

Date: August 24, 2010

Log Title: Let Bygones be Bygones

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Connor and Robyn's Room

Robyn's side of the room is cluttered but not messy and has a bit of a creepy feel to it. His bed has black sheets with a Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and comforter. On the wall is a Nightmare Before Christmas poster and a poster showing the art of Edward Gorey. On his end table is a collection of little figures that seem to have a deamonish quality to him. On his desk are more little figures like a tree that instead of leaves has hands and a snake eating someone holding a 'help me' sign. He's got a few art books on his desk along with his regular schoolbooks. A cased cello sits in the corner of his side of the room.

After a work out and a shower this morning, which is surprising cause Robyn usually doesn't work out, he's sitting on his bed with a pair of jeans on and a towel around his shoulders as his hair is still wet and a bit drippy. He's currently trying to put some lotion on his new tattoo but like usual, he's having some difficulty. He's got a small hand mirror on the bed as he tries to get it on his back since the new ink is on his upper left shoulder. There is also music playing in the room, Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits from the sound of it.

One thing Robyn might have noted is that some of Connor's things have been missing since he got back, along with his roommate himself. But that all seems to change as the door opens, and in comes the young man himself, dressed in one of the subdued but outlandish training uniforms of the school. Stoppng and looking around for a moment, he seems surprised to see Robyn sacked out on his bed. After a moment of waiting, a thin smile that does not look forced cracks that visage as Connor says loud enough to be heard over the music, "Hey."

There's a smile back at Connor but it's not really forced. "Okay, to just go ahead and state the obvious you and I need to talk, and need to talk now, before things just become unbearable for us. I just wanna say, I'm sorry for everything that happened between us but you are my friend Connor and I want us to stay friends. I care a great deal about you and I'm sorry if you felt betrayed by me, I didn't mean to do that. Things got rough there for a bit but I'm moving past that and..I want us to move past that too so that we can stay the friends we are not become two people who barly tolerate eachother."

Strangely enough, Connor lets the verbal jetstream wash over him with ease, and gives it a moment before he points to the player, and taps his ear. Then moving over to his bed and sitting down, the other young man replies, "I…" Stopping and starting once again loud enough to be heard, "Robyn, seriously… turn it down a moment? If you want to talk, the music isn't helping."

Robyn wasn't blasting it or anything, just kinda using it as background noise dso he didn't notice. "Sorry about the music." He says as he gets up and turns it off before sitting back down. "But you're one of my best friends Connor, I don't want that to end between us when we've been there for eachother quite often before."

Connor holds up a hand to stop Robyn from going any further, "Look… I was being stupid. I was letting my own problems overshadow the fact that I wasn't being a good friend, allright? You've had to deal with a ton more stuff that I did while I was here… I mean hell… I was freaking out over hitting a guy. That's chump change compared to what you had. I think it was those visions of my other self that were getting to me. I was scared, no one was helping, I tried to talk to you, but you were trying to deal too. And unfortunately, part of me went selfish, and stupid." Shrugging once, he then frowns, "And it wasn't very friendly of me. I'm sorry.:

Robyn gets up, walks over to Connor and gives him a hug, which is something he doesn't usually initate. "Thanks, from now on we're gonna move on okay?" He says with a grin. "Also, I did tell the future you that I'd make sure you didn't end up like that so…I'm gonna make sure you don't." He then goes back and sits on his own bed. "And yeah, I've been trying to ignore the flashes of myself from the future they just..bugged me and I'm not going to be that guy." Sure it's not that simple for Robyn but it's the only why he can't let it bother him. "Oh god I think I'm on a team full of crazy people Connor." Changing the subject a bit.

Connor laughs a bit as he returns the hug, "I don't want to talk about the future anymore… at least not that future, okay? Makes my knuckles ache." But then he sits back a bit and tilts his head, "Trade you… I've got team disorder. Heather's synesthaesia, my compulsive disorder, Max's ADHD… I heard the new guy is like a germophobe or something… then we get Cam and Chez… I only have one person I know how to work with, and she tends to be so quiet… you barely get to know anything about her."

"I have Kisha the mad scentists and she's batshit. I swear, nice but completely crazy. Cloud is…well we found out he was dropped on his head too many times as a kid. Then Star, she's nice but apparently she's Ms. Bossy and then I don't know Moniqa or Jadiee yet, I'm kinda afraid to meet them." Robyn says as he lies down on his stomach, it's obvious he's happy that him and Connor are on good terms again. "Max is at least fun and Heather. I like Heather."

Connor rolls his eyes once and then replies, "At least I don't look like an orange creamsicle anymore, right? So… what do you think? I had it tailored up this morning after Mister Guthrie dropped off the standard one." Taking off the jacket top to show off his 'style', he settles it to one side, and clasps his hands together, "None of them are bad people, Robyn… it's just a matter of looking past the problems and seeing the person there. I mean… Cloud can be allright sometimes… when he can pull his head out of his butt to see the sunshine."

"Looks good Connor, I know I'm gonna be taking the sleeves off of mine and going sleevless and then I'm gonna figure out gloves of some sort. I just am afraid of how many kids are down there right now I'm gonna wait for it to die." Robyn says as he looks at Connor's uniform even closer. "Really, it looks good. And I do like Kisha even if she's crazy. I'm just curious who the rest of the team is and what they do. Yeah, you get blue and black which is nice. I'm so happy there is no more white!"

Connor suddenly starts chuckling, "Right… here we are talking about our UNIFORMS… okay seriously… I pray no one ever hears this conversation. Ever… Anyways…" He stands up and goes behind his bed, where his things were hidden, and comes up with a bag. Unwrapping something inside, he takes out an old-school designed lunchbox, a Nightmare Before Christmas one, and passes it over to Robyn, "There's a bunch of decals in there for decoration if you like. A lunchbox seems kinda silly in a place like this, but I figured you could store some of your art supplies in it for coming and going to the art room?"

"What..it's not that embarassing of a conversation." But then Robyn is gay so talking about clothing, even if he usually doesn't and it isn't something he's usually into, wouldn't seem that odd. "Oh wow Connor." He says as he unwraps it. "This is awesome, I love it. Kinda fits with my new tattoo." He says chuckling. "And oh! This kinda reminds me, I wanna oragnize a picnic at the reseviour soon. You, me, James, Lucas, Jinx and Rashmi to get together and just have fun before school starts. You interested?"

Connor looks down and away for a moment, before moving over to his closet as he swipes up the jacket to start hanging the uniform up and away, "I… dunno. Maybe you should invite James and Jinx instead of me… it's not that I don't want to go… but I've caused a lot of tension with everyone lately, and I'd rather not contribute to it anymore. I think I've got some things to sort out anyways privately before things get into a more public setting." Pulling the top and gloves off, he adds them to the closet collection, "I'm not saying no… but… I think I make people uncomfortable."

Robyn frowns at the decline. "Connor…James already knows I want to invite you along to and he didn't protest or anything. I think a lot of that tension is gone with some of us as we all had a hard time." He starts looking through all the decals in the box and smiles at a few of them. "Besides, would it make a difference if I said I want you there?"

Connor seems to ponder a few moments, and then relents, "Allright, allright… I suppose I'm just nervous being around all of them after everything that went down… I'll go, okay? Because you asked me to come. Besides… I've only gotten to see Rashmi a few times since she left… and most of those were while I was in bed. And speaking Russian."

"This is pretty much just as much for us to hang out with Rashmi since she's at a new school and I think a ton of us miss her like crazy." Robyn has to admit. "Though, Lucas might be the tough one but we'll see. So how was your week here last week? Anything eventful happen, I was told by Lucas it was pretty much the same old stuff here."

Connor slips out of the pants and boots, revealing a form-fitting swimsuit bottom on under it all. Once the uniform is away, he pulls out a pair of running shorts, and drags them on as he replies, "I travelled for a bit, honestly… took off after realizing how much of a dick I was being. I didn't go home except for dinner… I actually went to Sea World in San Diego for a bit. Free admission and all…" Getting a smirk towards the end, "Ended up back home after a couple of days, and just talked with a couple people. Got it all out."

Robyn smiles at what Connor says a stretches out on the bed, grabbing his vampire teddy bear while still lying on his stomach. "Cool! I think we all just needed to get away from here, and probably eachother, for a bit. I mean we don't really get much of a break from the shit that happens here, but I think just relaxing did a bunch of us some good. How's your family and Uncle Yuri doing?" After all he's heard Connor talk about his uncle quite a bit.

Connor grabs a shirt and tugs it on to complete the ensemble, "I gave my dad a blow up of a pic I got of me with Tony Stark… Tony… Stark. He was jealous as all hell. I had to tell him about how he's apparently friends with a friend of mine's boss, and all of that… it was great though. Guy's totally cool. Mom was ticked that I didn't call for two weeks, and Ms. Frost wasn't forthcoming as to why. Yuri… well… he says I'm getting sloppy without a proper sparring partner, so we did some workout time, and he sorta let me beat some anger out on him." But then his cheeks color a bit, "More like I tried to and he kept putting me on the mat until I was too frustrated to not talk anymore."

Robyn nods. "Yeah, Lucas just showed me to throw a proper punch the other day since him and I were joking that if you and I were still going through a rough time I should just clock you. Mainly because it worked okay for Lucas and I, got he used to piss me off so badly." Robyn says as he really wouldn't punch Connor but he doesn't mind joking about it now that things seem all good. "But I wouldn't be a good sparring partner. And Tony Stark…that's pretty awesome. I'd love to meet Captain America some day honestly."

Connor gives a dismissive wave towards Robyn, but still grins, "EVERYONE wants to meet Captain America… he's like… well… he's Captain America. And as for Lucas… for all he can talk the talk, he's never been down in the sparring room with me." A little gleam in his eye for saying that, "Not that I wouldn't have deserved it… at the time. So hey… heard any good school gossip since you got back? I've just been to my usual haunts, which means I've seen next to no one."

Rolling onto his side, Robyn grins. "I know, it's just I've never been much into superheroes but him….that'd be awesome." Then he answers the last question Connor asks. "School gossip? I've been back for like two days. Only thing I know is James is back and I guess Jinx went on vacation. Though with Lucas, I dunno, I've never really gotten into a fight fight with him but then you know me and fights."

Connor lays back finally, and stares at the ceiling for a moment, "You should get some aikido lessons, Seriously. It'd suit you perfectly. You're not fighting… you're just helping the other guy along his way." Turning his head to wink at Robyn, "Seriously, while they can teach great basic self-defense here, what it boils down to is what fits your needs and style. But that's fighting… you'd rather be sculpting. I don't know how it ended up that way, but I'm the scrapper here." Another pause for thought, "Senior year… god, does it sound weird that I kinda miss my old school?"

"I'm learning self defense from Forge, that's going well. I don't really know what Aikido is." Robyn figures it's some kind of martial arts but not really sure about the details. "Yeah, I really would rather be sculpting. Would you believe I didn't do any of it while on vacation." There just wasn't much time for it while hanging out with his parents. "I kinda do too, but not the people. I just miss a school where it isn't attacked every three months."

Connor rocks back on his bed a moment, and then closes his eyes, "You were with family, Robyn… it's kind of a big thing to have parents that are accepting of you. I suppose in that we're both luckier than most. I mean seriously… coming out of the closet is one thing these days, but if you've suddenly got purple skin and the ability fart lightning bolts, the world goes sideways on you." A slow exhale comes from him as he says, "I'm gonna try and get to know people this year… not like… listen… but really try and get to know people. Maybe earn a little real trust. After that, who knows… but one thing's for sure… I need to get back to my own stuff too. Haven't really written much since I got here."

Robyn nods. "I know, my Mom wasn't…of the mutant thing. I mean no one expects their adopted son to be…well…a mutant. I over heard my Mom, right before I came where when I was still in the hospital, telling my Dad that she didn't sign up for 'this'. That she didn't know how to handle having a mutant son basically. It took her a while but eventually, she got passed it and I was just happy she did." He doesn't know how he'd take his Mom basically disowning him. "That's a good idea Connor, and you really should get some writing done. Don't let this school make you give up what you love."

Connor sniffs once, and then gulps, "I never really loved it, Robyn… I was good at it, but it was my only escape from myself. At least in the characters in stories I wrote, it wasn't me anymore with the problem, it was someone else. So sometimes I tend to get really out there. But…" He turns his head and finally pushes himself to sitting up, "I went back and read a bunch of my old stuff after Rashmi made a few comments on it… and I do kinda love it now. Not so much in what was written… but because I finally knew someone else really appreciated it, and didn't use it as some kind of tool to gauge how crazy I was. I guess I sorta envy you and your art… you get to express yourself and give that little bit to others to hold onto… like a trust."

Robyn sits up and looks Connor in his eyes. "Maybe having a form of escape isn't a bad thing, I don't really have one and I end up just kinda closing myself off and just wallowing in misery for a bit. I don't like who I become when I'm dealing with crap but…I don't know any other way, maybe having that escape is better than becoming an emo bastard? I dunno. Yeah, I can express myself and get out these crazy ideas and I love it. I don't think I'd want to do anything else really well I mean, hobby wise. I mean I like the cello too but sculpting, I dunno, it's me. Anyway I'm rambling." He then gives a smile to Connor. "Honestly, I never found you crazy."

Connor eyerolls again, "Oh please, we're both nuts… we're just our own particular brand." Chuckling a bit, he fishes under his bed, and cracks open a Dr. Pepper from his stash, getting a second and offering it over to the other young man, "Look… I'm really sorry about the Jordan thing… especially in the middle of all of this. It wasn't right of him, anymore than it wasn't right of me to flip my shit when you'd already lost it. If he really cared, he'd have tried to listen and understand. Life was really not fair to you, and no one seemed to be helping. But that's done with." Holding up the can, "Clean slate, new year?"

Robyn takes the Doctor Pepper and stays quiet. "He…Jordan never fully recovered from the Sinister thing. I don't know, we're still together and we still talk so it's not like it was the end. I'm fine now and the whole thing is over and done with and I'm ready to move past what happened." Which pretty much means he doesn't really want to talk about it. Robyn's afraid if he focuses on it, he'll fee like shit again. "And yes, clean slate for the new year. Though I'm already noticing a lot of new faces around here."

Connor taps his can against Robyn's and then takes a drink, "I know bringing up some of this isn't doing you any good… but I guess I have a point. I -DO- listen, and I -DO- give a damn… even if sometimes I get freaked out by it all. That I'll continue to listen, and be another shoulder when you need it, allright? Because… well… that's the whole friend thing, right there."

Robyn smiles at Connor and taps his can back against his. "I care about you too Connor, and I give a damn about you as well. I'll work on dealing with my emotions better so that I can be there for you when you need it in return." He says taking a drink before running his hand through his hair. "You're one of my best friends Connor, I've always meant it when I've said that. You, James and Rashmi are my best friends."

Connor takes another drink and then decides to kick back the whole can, gulping it down with barely a breath. Settling the empty can in his hands, there's a soft burp from the outgas, and the can goes from can to perfectly crushed marble in his hand. He floats that aluminum sphere over to Robyn's nightstand, "Well… I think I'm gonna go and take a walk. Not a jog, but actually see the stuff around here again. Wanna come with? Maybe we'll pop down to Cold Stone before they close… on me?"

Robyn stands up and grabs a sleeveless shirt to throw on so that he's not covering his new tattoo too much. "Sounds great, I could use the walk and ice cream is always a plus." He says chuckling as he puts on his sneakers and gets ready to go. "And this is gonna be interesting, walking instead of teleporting…let's go then!"

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