2010-07-22: Let the Door Hit You


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Summary: Kenta gives James bad new; James give Kenta a hard time

Date: July 22, 2010

Log Title: Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It’s evening and James is 5 Sobe No Fears deep and working on his 6th energy drink of the hour. With his foot bouncing wildly amidst empty cans—and a few unopened ones—the gnoll laughs wildly for no reason at all…his fur suddenly standing on end as he grows an 8th in size in sheer fuzz alone.

There's a knock on the door as Kenta has come by to let Lucas know about the new room arrangement. He's dressed in his usual jeans and sleeveless t-shirt as he doesn't really have much else that he wears. "Lucas..you in right now?"

With a cry, James JUMPS off the rock he had so firmly planted himself on, "Great Caesars Ghost!" Being in the quad he'd forgotten about the door. Or that he had even dragged one outside. Or where he got it. "Yessss…?" the grassy gnoll asks, eyes on the large piece of lumber. He hops over, looking through the key hole at the bottom, "Fee Fi Fo Fum….that's not the crotch of an English Mom!" He leans around the right side of the door and frowns, "Sign says no girls allowed." And it DOES too.

Stepping -around- door, Kenta smiles at James. "Hey there James, I'd ask about the door, but I don't want to know whose doorless. I'm sure I'll hear someone scream about it later on. So…have you seen Lucas around? I want to talk to him about something…actually I should talk to you about it too." He says looking at the door and nodding almost impressivly.

James STARES at Kenta, looks at the can in his paw, then back at Kenta, "Fuck dude…you just walked through a wall. Did you even know you could do that?! I didn't! And I've been working with you for…" He counts it out on his claws…3 and 3/4th and 2/8 th months!" Of course there was no wall…just a door, suspended by some 2X4s in the middle of the quad. Retaking his seat at the rock, his foot starts bouncing again, "Lucas?! Lucas?! No…he's ‘in’. I dunnnnno where either! He's like….everywhere…and no where. Yet, never in. Strange thing that…YEP! Heeeeeeeeee!" He smiles showing a mouth full of teeth, eyes bright and large.

Kenta looks at the can and then looks at the Hyena and shakes his head. "Okay, how much have you drank? I swear you're worse then me when I used to drink." He says teasing his student. "Well, if you can remember this James…I do walk through walls. It's a secret I keep to myself for those… emergencies to throw you guys off guard. But anyway, you're going to be missing a roommate for a bit James."

James eyes widen, "6…here…in the quad. 3 more…elsewhere…somewhere. I think." He throws up his arms as if proclaiming a touchdown, "Why?!" At the news of a missing Lucas, James frowns, "I did NOT eat him…this time. Go ask Selene. I hear she's into Veal." Nodding deftly, he reaches down, trying to find a full can. "You're not going to make me retake history are you. I'll be oh-so cross if you do." His ears pic backwards, teeth exposing.

Kenta motions his head to James to walk towards the right path. "Come on, lets walk for a bit. You've had way to much caffeine." Kenta would normal light up a cigarette being outside but he's holding back his nic fit for his students sensitive nose. "So..Lucas, he's gonna be staff here next year so he's getting moved into the next building. For now, you're gonna have your own room until there's a new student, or until you eat that new student." Kenta says with a grin.

James' sticks out his lower jaw, eyes doing huge, "Whaaaaaaats?!" he pauses for a millisecond, "WhatDo YouMeanHe'sNotInMyRoomAnymore?!" The hyena gives Kenta a rather disapproving look and raises a paw, a finger held up like a warning. He walks off, walks back…grabs the door, and walks off again. "Goddamned meatloaf-headed…" He heads towards the dorms, door haphazardly tucked under his arm.

Kenta follows James as he grabs the door and goes to hold the door open to the dorms so he can get in. "It's just, Lucas graduated. I know you two worked really well as roommates, he's not leaving the school either, but as staff, he's going to be moved into the staff dorms." Hey, at least Lucas gets his own bathroom now? "You're not losing your friend James. Just…try not to eat your next roommate?

James stops inside the hallway of the dorms rather abruptly. He turns, the door turning with him and nearly taking out a couple passing students with it. Giving Kenta another of the same disappointing looks, he puts the door vertical once more. Handing it to the teacher, he says, "Here…do something useful. Pretend to be a wall." Shoving the large piece of wood at the squad leader, he adds, "Or…just act like I shut the door, and you're locked out for a bit. You can do that Right here." He waves a paw in a flourish, "Just…keep knocking. I might answer eventually." He walk off towards his room.

"James!" The word is sharp and said with authority as Kenta crosses his arms over his chest, ignoring the door. "You better knock this shit off right now. I've been lenient with you but if this shit continues, you better believe I won't be. Now, you're going to quit acting like a damn five year old and talk to me." He says as he doesn't want to give James a punishment for the door, but he sure as will do it if he has to.

Because authority has always had suck a positive influence on this one, James ears flatten out, never giving Kenta the courtesy of a face-to-face, "Bite me!" He reaches the stairs and starts walking up, unwilling to give the squad leader any more time than he already has, "Paragons are dead.
Rashmi left, Lucas got 'promoted.' I'm not sticking around with the rest of the do-nothings while you teach a dead team the facts of life."

This time Kenta does follow James and he sighs. "What are you talking about, this isn't like you James. God damnit, your sulking like a five year old. Yes James, cause that's all I've done with you is teach you the facts of life. Because I didn't take a person interest in your training when you wanted 'X-Force' level training. I was going to tell you who they were thinking of putting on the team now that most the team is gone, but I guess it's a 'dead' team and it doesn't matter to you."

Having come up the fire exit, James reaches the next floor a few steps before Kenta, given the small head start he had. Pulling the door shut, he braces a foot on the frame and keeps pulling until the door starts to wedge itself in place. Giving the handle a final hard yank, he pulls it off and smiles at Kenta through the safety glass, "Yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever. But, you’re on that side and I'm on this side. And by the time you get on this side I’ll be on a different side." He turns and runs, leaving the teacher a wonderful view of his backside…and ass which he gives a smack for show.

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