2009-03-24: Letting things out


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Summary: Daisuke, Eddie and Jared discuss taking a trip durning spring break.

Date: March 24, 2009

Log Title Letting Things Out

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Eddie's Bedroom

While it hasn't been really decorated yet, there is a very nice, fluffy bed, big enough for two, in the corner. Across from it, a small stand with a TV and a Playstation 3 on it. It's a 32 inch TV with three HDMI ports. Once again, it's hardly been decorated, but that's because it's being left for someone else.

"I'm gonna have to start hanging these on the ceiling…" Eddie Parker-Mayfair remarks to himself as he steps back from hanging up a brand new Captain America and the Avengers poster in his bedroom. He's dressed in jeans and a Fantastic Four t-shirt today at the Parker-Mayfair home. In his bedroom, with Nova sitting at the foot of his bed, Eddie's waiting for his friend and half-brother to show up after asking them both to hang out for awhile. "Just how do I get up there…" he asks himself, looking at the ceiling and Nova doing the same a moment later.

Even before Daisuke can knock on Eddie's door, Nova starts barking to let Eddie know someone's here. He has a catalouge of drum kits under one arm as he was looking at it on the bus ride over. He's wearing a blue hoodie over a white t-shirt over a pair of jeans with white and black designs on them. "Hey Eddie, it's me." He says as he waits for his friend to open up.

"A ladder would be the best bet." The words come from the bedroom door and a stealthier than advertised half/adopted/whatever brother. Jared was asked to come hang out with Eddie and Daisuke, and thankfully has a key so he did not have to inturupt Eddie while he was trying to figure out how to hang the posters. Jared grins at his room mate as he shows up and says, "Hey Dai."

Eddie jumps before quickly moving to open the door for Dai. He grins when he sees his friend and gives him a hug in greeting before turning to give one to Jared as well. "Hey guys," he says. "A ladder? I don't know if we have one…" he trails off in response to Jared.

"Ladder, what do you need a ladder for?" Daisuke asks curiously as he walks inside. There's a smile in Jared's direction. "Hey Jared." He walks in and finds a seat on Eddie's floor dropping the drum cateloge in front of him. "So what's up today?"

Jared shrugs at Eddie with a small grin. "There is bound to be one somewhere. Eddie was asking about getting up somewhere, I assume it had something to do with the poster." Jared decides to follow Daisuke's lead and take a seat on the floor to watch Eddie.

Eddie closes the door as Nova moves to sniff at Dai and Jared, trying to give both a few licks. "I'm running out of wall space so I'm gonna have to start hanging posters on the ceiling," Eddie explains moving to sit with Dai and Jared. "But since Doctor Dad's so tall and Dad can fly, I'm not sure we even have a ladder," he shrugs. "Anything really. I figured we should just hang out together for awhile. Maybe talk about Spring Break…"

"Well maybe your Dad, Mr. Parker-Mayfair, can let you copy his power so you can fly up there later?" Daisuke offers as therotically he could make a disc out of sonics and float Eddie up there but he just doesn't know how to do that yet. "Oh yeah, Spring Break, I don't think I mentioned anything to Jared about it yet.." He says turning to his roomate. "I wanted to go to Japan with a few friend for Spring Break, visit my Grandmother and just, have a relaxing time. Get away for a bit."

Jared scritches behind Nova's ears when he tries to sniff and lick him. "You never know, even as tall as Dad and I are there are still things we can't reach now and then. Spring break? With all the time off for the whole emergancy thing are we even going to get one of those still?" When Daisuke tells him about his plans to go to Japan an see family Jared nods and gives him a small smile. "Well, in that case I hope we do get one, I am sure you will have a lot of fun."

Eddie shrugs. "I think they may let us out for some free time outside the mansion. Since we're technically under lockdown," he shrugs. Jared and Eddie only get to go out to go here and Dai's a graduate resident. "Man, I wonder if we'll get to like…see the Silver Samurai or some Hand ninja or maybe even Sunfire if we get to go."

Daisuke isn't always the best at wording things even if he is supposed to be really smart. It's that social awkardness. "Well I was hoping that you could come with us, I wanted Eddie to come, maybe Leo and who knows, Ricky…" Daisuke looks down and looks up at Eddie a bit wideyed. "I hope not, I don't want to run into any trouble."

Jared snickers just a little at Eddie, of course when confronted with the idea of visiting another country his first thought is on the native heroes. "I don't know, Sunspot or Silver Samurai would be cool but I am pretty sure we don't want Daisuke having anything to do with the Hand." Jared would not want to run into the Foot either, at least not without any Ninja Turtle back up. He blinks a few times at Daisuke as his words sink in. "Wait, you want us to go wtih? That….would be pretty cool, although I don't have an up to date passport."

Eddie grins to Dai. "Don't worry. If all of us went together, there'd be no trouble. We'd kick butt of anything that attacked," he says confidently. "I'm gonna ask Ricky when he gets back and we'll ask Dads together," he explains. "Don't worry, Jared. Doctor Dad'll get ya one."

"Yeah, it's more fun to travel with people I mean, I love my grandmother but she gets kind of fussy." Daisuke says as his grandmother knows all the rough times he's been through. "Getting a passport isn't too hard if you're a citizen. And I just don't trust my luck into runing into anyone over there, that has super powers that is. I just got back home, I don't want anything to happen for at least a month." He says with a chuckle but a part of him is being serious.

Jared shrugs at Eddie, "Well I have one, left it backin Cali, its just out of date. We were going to get it updated by 2012, but after everything I figured I would never really need it." Jared nods at Daisuke with a small grin.

Eddie moves over to hug Dai. "Don't worry. As long as we're together it doesn't matter who we run into," he says. "And don't worry about it, Jared. Dad will either get a new one for ya or update it. He got me one afterall."

Daisuke returns the small grin to Jared and continues to talk. "I've had one since I was a kid, I was the first in my family born over here so we went back to Japan once in a while. I've been there about six times." Daisuke says as he likes going to visit he just wouldn't want to live over there. "My Grandmother lives in Kyoto and I can teach you guys the basics of Japanese and and some of the weird foods I like over there." He says with a chuckle as he returns the hug from Eddie.

Jared nods at Eddie and Daisuke. "Sounds like a lot of fun. Only time I have really been out of the country has been for competitions. Hmm, its been way too long since I had a decent tamago or inari…although I bet California rolls are less common there than back home."

Eddie shrugs. "I've never really been out of the country…" he trails off. "Well…except for when I was in space," he says, looking up. "That was crazy," he smiles. "Tamago? Inari? What?"

"Tamago it's an egg dish, it's good. I haven't had it in quite some time and Inara is a kind of fried tofu and rice, I guess that's the best way to explain it." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "I like raw horse, that's one of the weird things I love that you can't get over here. And I don't think many places have California rolls out there." Dai says with a chuckle.

Jared nods at Dai and grins a little at Eddie. "Sushi, one of those little treats I gave myself now and then." Jared makes a face at the thought of eating horse meat, raw or otherwise. "Horse…really? I mean I can almost understand prairie oysters, and tongue sandwiches but horse…?"

Eddie nods slowly, blinking a few times. He starts to say something but then Dai brings uo horse. Eddie pauses. He's usually very laid back about food but may have finally found one he won't want to try.

"I know it sounds really gross but it's good." Daisuke says as he always feels weird saying he likes it. "I first had it when I was little so I didn't think anything of it, if I've never eatten it I'd think it's gross too." He says with a chuckle. "I won't make you guys try it."

Eddie nods again, not quite sure what he'll bee trying over in Japan. "It's okay, Dai," he says with a smile. "It's gonna be a great trip!"

Daisuke nods. "Yeah I think it will be a lot of fun too." He says with a smile as he brushes his hair back with his hand. "I was also looking into getting my own Drum kit, I just don't know where I'd keep it." He says pointing to the catalouge.

Eddie looks at the catalouge as well. "Wow…I never knew there were so many different kinds," he says, smiling. "Do they have ones that fold up or something?"

"I have a drum pad in my room but I want a nice kit, not something that folds up. I don't know a lot about kits but it'd be my first one." Daisuke says with a smile. He'd probably look into keeping it in the music room since he doesn't want to annoy Jared with it.

Eddie nods. "I meant a full kit that folds up though," he says. "Does that even work?" he wonders. "Maybe something with Pym Particles but that'd be really expensive…"

"I don't think that would Eddie and a kit with Pym Particles, that's too fancy for me. I just want a normal, simple drum kit, in blue." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he like the colour blue. "I'll wait till we get back from Japan to look into one. And I know my Grandmother won't care if a bunch of us stay at her place, I think she likes knowing I have friends."

Eddie blushes and nods. "I hope she doesn't mind…" he trails off, feeling bad about taking up space in someone's house. "I mean, I won't mind finding a hotel if she doesn't want us taking up too much space."

Daisuke can't help but laugh. "My Grandmother would smack me if I didn't stay with her. I mean she was with me durning all the trials and then when my father died she came over to help me sort through all the legalities. She has no love for my father either, she's my Mother's mother." Daisuke explains as his grandmother is his only living relative. "I'll call her later tonight when it's morning for her."

Eddie smiles. "Awesome," he says. "I'll be sure not to make her mad," he says, holding back on the rest of the joke. "I just hope she's not too bothered by all of us showing up."

Daisuke gives Eddie a stubborn sort of look. "Yeah Eddie, like you can really make my Grandmother mad." He says with a chuckle. "Like I said, I'll talk to her tonight, I think if it's not more than four or five of us she should be fine. She liked Skyler when I brougth him…her along." He never knows which sex to refer to Skyler as.

Eddie squeaks and offers a sheepish smile. "Well, I dunno how different people will react to me. I'm not mimicking a precog right now," he teases slightly. "Alright, Dai. You call your grandmother, I'll talk to my Dads," he nods.

"Okay, so we'l talk when we know more. So! Drum kits, after the war is over, wanna go into the city with me to look around. I figured I'd do some research before actually buying a kit." Daisuke says shifting so he's lying on his stomach on Eddie's floor unsuspectiong on how that might be inviting for doggie kisses. "Your Dad's are cool, I'm sure they'll let you two go."

Nova moves right in for the Doggie-kisses, apparently having been waiting for a moment to strike. Eddie laughs a bit then nods. "Sure thing, Dai. I'll help ya research and learn stuff about drums," he nods.

Daisuke squenches up his face as Nova starts licking his face and he starts to laugh and ends up getting a puppy tounge in the mouth. Pulling back Daisuke makes a face. "Dog tonge in my mouth, yick." But he's still chuckling. "Thanks Eddie, it's more fun to go with someone then by myself. And also anytime I head out by myself I get into trouble."

Eddie reaches out to pull Nova away from Dai to end the dog-tongue assault, chuckling. He gets some of the puppy-kisses too before Nova settles down to lay next to Eddie. "You don't have to thank me, Dai. You're my best friend so ofcourse I'm gonna go with ya."

Daisuke grins and reaches out to pet Nova. "I know, but just, I dunno, I'm still just happy to have friends and just have a place to belong so I guess I just thank people a lot." He says with a chuckle as he just likes hanging out with Eddie.

Eddie chuckles as Nova revels in the attention he's getting. "I know what ya mean, Dai," he says. "Feel the same way sometimes," he says. He likes to hang out with Dai too.

Daisuke goes to lie back down now that he's safe from puppy attacks and plays with a piece of the carpeting on the floor idly. "So last night I woke your brother up with one of my nightmares. I should have warned him before hand. He was cool about it but I still feel back waking him up." Daisuke admits with a frown.

Eddie gives Dai a concerned look, laying down as well. "Are you okay?" he asks quietly.

Daisuke smiles at Eddie and nods. "Yeah, I'm fine, you know me, I'm like you. I've been through worse." Though Eddie might be able to tell that Dai's been keeping a lot of stuff bottled inside. He doesn't want to worry anyone and he knows he's just being stuipd. "I just get nightmares still, I can't stop them. Just everything that's happened."

Eddie frowns. "Dai…I know you're holding it in…" he trails off. "We're too alike to fool one another," he says. "Tell me what's bothering you? Please?" he asks. "I might help to get it out…"

"No, I just don't want to worry anyone or sound like a broken record." Daisuke begins but he knows he can't hold it in. "I just, I get so tired of it Eddie, all the time. It's like Skyler's said I have a cosmic kick me sign on my back. And you know what the worst of it is? I don't want to remember my brothers face as that guy! I just wish I was stronger or something."

Eddie moves to wrap Dai in a tight hug. "Then don't. He may look like him but he wasn't your brother, never was, and never will be," he says firmly. "And you are strong. Way stronger than me."

Daisuke clings to Eddie and it's obvious he's trying not to cry. "But I'm not Eddie, I spent two weeks tied up on a floor and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't warn anyone of the attack on the school. I was helpless, I have power but he was better. I need to get better Eddie, I need to." He says as he doesn't want to keep having shit happen to him.

Eddie squeezes Daisuke a bit tighter. "Being tied up would stop almost all of us so don't think that makes you weak. It's not like you've got adamantium blades in your arms you could've used," he says. "Don't blame yourself cause it wasn't your fault. And you'll get better. That's what we're all training for. To get better."

"He did stuff with sonics that I didn't even know how to do, I couldn't breath so I couldn't use my power." Daisuke says as it was just weird knowing he was against himself. "I have to get better Eddie, I can't keep ending up like this, I don't know how much more I can take it." He admits.

Eddie keeps his hold on Dai. After a moment, he pulls back enough to smile at his friend. "You will. Now you know it can be done so you can train to do stuff and be even better than you already are."

Daisuke smiles back and leans against back against Eddie with a sigh. "I'm sorry, I hate just being a down note sometimes. I don't always want to be upset or depressed, I over all like my life and I like how things have gotten so much better and I'm beyond grateful that I have friends like you and Skyler and Leo and Brian and Jared."

Eddie gives Dai a squeeze and chuckles a bit. "Who are ya talkin' to about being upset and depressing, Dai?" he asks, teasing lightly. "We both have out moments like that…but we get through 'em," he concludes. "C'mon, lets get something to eat," he says, getting up and helping Dai up as well.

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