2010-03-23: Life At Barnes?


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Summary: Danny, Misha and Teddy meet up in the hallway.

Date: March 23, 2010

Life At Barnes?

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Boys' Foyer

A large workstation/desk is in the center of this room. The man behind it is usually larger. Dressed in a full S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform and carrying a blaster pistol, these dour-faced resident guards and hall monitors change from day to day but none look thrilled to be here. Rumor has it that Dorm duty is a punishment for the agents. Several passages lead to various housing units and the ports show only the dim green light of the illuminated water outside.

Laptop in hand, a black haired, plain young man pushes his way into the foyer from the main living area. He'd been working late trying to catch up on some classes, and so is only now getting in from school. It's not that college is all that hard, but that he's missed the beginning of the semester while he running for his life from warborgs. The slight limp he had when he arrived is gone, and all thanks to the meds Angelo gave him. All in all he's looking a little more relaxed, and no where near as paranoid, as he did when he first arrived. Stopping at the station, Mikhail shows his ID to the monitor. Yep, he has permission to be out at this hour! Honest.

The moderately tall, lightly-green-skinned lad with the blond hair and the absolutly styling ear-cuffs, who was leaning against one wall reading a comic, glances up at the incoming stranger. He puts on a curious but open grin, and waves one hand in a casual "Hiya" gesture at the incoming stranger. "Hey, new guy. I'm Teddy. Finally got my stuff moved in, you seen anyone else around?"
He's impervious to any hint of a late hour. It always feels late down here in the Life Aquatic.

Coming home now from the bar he works at, Danny looks a bit tired. He's got his back pack slung over one shoulder as he trudges into the boys foyer with a yawn. In his hand is his cowboy hat as it's his 'gimmick' at the bar. "Ah guess Ah'm someone whose 'round." Danny says as he hears Teddy's voice. "Howdy Misha, how y'all doin' tahnight?" He says addressing both gentlemen.

A bit startled in being addressed, Mikhail frowns as he looks over at Teddy. It's a puzzled, yet curious, expression, and doesn't indicate anger. Doesn't answer though, for Danny is arriving. Means that there's a motion to Danny. Yep, he's seem someone. Right over there. "Danny." The name given in way of greeting, but he doesn't lift his voice. No wonder considering how bad it is. Gravelly and harsh. "I am being okay." Said only once Danny is closer. Then his gaze shifts to Teddy. There's a discomfort in Misha, but the whys won't be obvious. "I am Mikhail." Yep, that accent is European. Polish as a matter of fact, and his English.. it's not so great. Accepting his id back from the guard, he tucks it away in a jacket pocket.

The green guy steps away from the wall, as standard loiter position #2 was mostly being used to keep him in the view of the guard. Poor guard. Teddy's been trying to figure out a way to make the horrible prospect of watching doors seem less horrible, but the guy can't even read comics on duty.

"My normal-senses tell me that you're from Europe, probably… Poland or maybe Transylvania… and you're from Tennessee," Teddy says, indicating the wrong person each time. Probably intentionally. He glances at the laptop, "Classwork huh?"

"Virgina, well till Ah was twelve then New Jersey then New York. Ah never could git rid of the accent." Danny says as he hated it when he was younger but now, he doesn't even try to hide it. "Ah'm Danny, Danny Oda. Pleasure tah meet ya….green Martian from planets unknown?" Of course Danny is joking there and he really doesn't know the truth behind that. "Misha, how's classes treatin' ya. They ain't givin' ya too hard'a time yet?"

Normal senses? A sarcastic shift of expression brings Mikhail to say, "I am being amazed." Yeah, and he has pixy wings too. Right. "Such senses." Still, he doesn't mean to be cruel and merely shakes his head. No, he has no idea who Teddy is, so thinks nothing of it. "Mikhail Androv." Since full names are given. A shrug to Danny about classes, and he shifts the laptop to his other side. "Is not being bad. Catch up is being hard. I must do all work for semester that was missed." Slumps a little to express how he feels about that, but soon straightens. He eyes the guard and the nods to the suite he and Danny share. "Move? I am having food. Share?" This offer is to both, yes.

Food? Sure! Teddy nods sagely to Danny, "That must be it… Virginia + New Joisey equals Tennessee. Has to be."
He says, "Food sounds wonderful. My boyfriend's folks snuck microwave popcorn into my book bag when I moved the last of my stuff yesterday, but we don't have a microwave in our suite yet."
He pauses and offers handshakes at some point. Except for being green and vaguely mint-scented, there's nothing unusual about his handshake. He lets Misha or Danny lead the way.

Danny nods. "Sounds good, Ah am hungry after work." Danny admits as most of what he's eaten is 'liquid'. He goes to open the door and has to push back his cat, Mr. Cat, before grabbing the orange tabby and letting them in. "Sorry Mr. Cat used tah be good at mah apartment but down here, he just wants tah get out." Maybe it's the no windows. Once in the suite though, it's obvious someone painted, kind of poorly, windows on the wall. "Yeah, Ah'm strugglin' a bit with mah studies too."

Inside the suite Mikhail walks to his room and disappears. (Hand shakes were given.) No special effects or anything, he's just gone. A second later he's unlocking the door from the inside and allowing people in. Strangely enough his room doesn't have a bed. Instead it's set up with a nice computer desk, then a lounging area complete with tv, a couple chairs, and game consoles. So totally a college dorm room. Complete with mini fridge and microwave. "Don't be standing there." Points at an empty spot and vanishes again. A rolling cart with big plastic drawers appears as Misha does again, his fingers touching it, and inside it is non perishable foods. Lots of good snacks. "Help yourself." Offered with not a smile, but certainly a kindness. The fridge is stocked too.

He goes to plug in his laptop. That laptop is a bit weird, but only because it's one of those specialized, can be dropped without damage, types. Costly, but no where near Stark's top of the line. "Oh? Are you needing help, Danny?" About studies.

=Barnes Academy - Danny, Misha, and Troy's Suite

The room is a living room and kitchen combined, separated by a counter which also serves as the table since it's a small kitchen area on the left with all the necessities. For the most part the dimly lit kitchen area is fairly clean.As for the living room area, everything thing seems to be shoved in the area. A large 'L couch wraps around the back wall and underneath the windows. On the wall above the couch is are two Halo posters tacked on the all without frames along with a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back poster. On the other wall an entertainment center housing a TV, DVD player an various videogame systems. There are dvd's and magazines and cd's sitting on top of the entertainment center and on the coffee table in-between the TV and couch. In one corner of the living room two guitar hero guitars and Rock Band equipment sits. Next to the Entertainment center is a Piano with various piano books and sheet music on top.

The windows are the first thing to catch Teddy's eye, and he just grins wide. "OK, I have to do that too. We need windows. This place is like living in Atlantis without it. And no Namor to make it more decorative."

Teddy thinks about that for a moment then decides, nah, more fun to get to know them as the martian dude first.
He glances at the game systems. "Do you have any networked games? I heard we can get out onto the real web but they use some kind of proxy that makes games with off-campus run slow."

"Ah'll be fine, it's just been a while since Ah've been tah mah last class. Ah mean, Ah went tah bar tendin' school before this." Danny says with a smile as he goes to the fridge in the main room of the suite and grabs a water. A lot of his old furniture form his old place was moved in here when it was just him and Troy. "Yeah, we hadta paint the windows, it's just to depressin' down here without them. Feels like you're livin' in a bomb shelter or something. "Ah got some of the Halo games. Ah ain't played any video games in a while."

"We do live in bomb shelter." Misha doesn't sound too pleased about it as he emerges from his room. He's shed his jacket somewhere during that. "No network games for me. Not since.." An uncomfortable little pause, "before leaving Poland. Must finish other things before having games again. Have systems, but not online." A shrug as he's not that concerned about it. Too many classes that need work before he can play. He's a kid. Of course he got all the 'good' stuff when he set up here. "Why are you being at Barnes, Teddy?" Still, Mikhail never raises his voice. Might make him hard to hear. Never mind the heavy accent.

Teddy grins, "Well, we've been trying to get the Avengers to actually _train_ us for a while, and we got some help but no direct training. But this is a compromise. I can get college credit, at my own pace, and still do the stuff we always did. If Billy wants to … and Jonas. And I think Cody is here too, we keep missing each other's notes."
There. Clue bomb dropped. Teddy is a little curious about just how infamous the Young Avengers really are outside of the internet special interest groups.

Danny really doesn't have a clue what Teddy is talking about, and even though he was in a Superhero team he didn't know much about the Young Avengers. "Ah'm here studyin' tah be a teacher. Like Troy Ah'm a student-teacher." Danny says as he flops down on the couch and his cat curls up next to him. "And this here is mah cat, Mr. Cat. If Ah ain't said earlier. And Mikahil, with us bein' roommates, Ah might have tah get ya for some game time tah relax."

There's a confused look for that. "Avengers? There are being Avengers here?" Nope, has no clue about the young team. Misha has been a little busy the last year or two. He knows the main teams fairly well, but not the more obscure stuff. He gives Danni the same look. Know anything about this. As he asks, Misha sinks into a chair, a bit more carefully than he normally might, so that he can pull off his boots. Stupid zillion miles of laces on these things. "I could be using relaxing." He sighs in agreement as a boot is lobbed roughly towards his room. Kind of makes it. Mostly. The second boot soon follows. "Chop this block. Teleport. Do whole years class book tomorrow please.." He flops back, arms extended a little.

"Teleport? Excellent! I have no clue!" Teddy laughs to himself a little bit. "OK, Danny, I totally fail at semi-secretive hinting, or you're just not a fanboy. Without telling me who you are, could you describe your power, if you indeed have one? Maybe I can redeem myself by figuring out who you are." Teddy meshes his fingers together, turns his hands around forward and stretches, knuckles popping slightly.

"Oh Ah'm sorry, Ah'm a bit tired from work. Ah turn intah stone. Ah used tah be on a team called Freedom Force before here. That's how Ah got recruited here." Danny says with a chuckle as he drinks more of his water. "Ah'm really not famous or anything, Ah'm just a bartender with superpowers." And that's really what it is to Danny. "Yeah, Ah heard there are Avengers that will be helpin' out sometimes, but Ah ain't meetin' any of them yet.

In not being famous, and not wanting to be, Mikhail stretches out his legs as he looks between Teddy and Danny. Name the famous person! Now if only he could. "..I was not being aware it was guess secret identity day." There's some sarcasm for that. "Is not applying to me. I am not super hero. I am being here to keep me from being made dead. This is good." Nope, not here for the powers training.

Teddy facepalms, "AH! too much information, you said Freedom Force, that means you have to be Sandstone!"
He sighs melodramatically, and opens the chips, "Ooh, chips!" and starts eating, his momentary discouragement clearly a total fraud.
"I'm also called Hulkling. Young Avengers. You probably never heard of us in Poland."

"Ah okay, Ah've seen ya about Hulkling." Danny says thoroughly shocked that someone knows who he is. "And yeah, Ah'm Sandstone. Ah wasn't either Mikhail but Ah guess we were." Danny says chuckling. "Well Ah gotta take a shower, it was nice meetin' ya Teddy." Danny says as he dips into his room go grab his shower stuffs.

Mikhail thinks, and frowns as he thinks. Rubs at his temple a little, over that scar of his. "As in big, green Hulk?" A pause, "That is explaining green." The tinge. Then he snaps his fingers. "No, I have been hearing of you. Patriot, Wiccan too?" Confirm and he nods. It makes him smirk after a moment, "Avengers not wanting to train you?" Of course he means to tease and not be cruel. "Is being Avenger tough? My experience with adventure made me want normal again. Good night, Danny." Lifts a hand, but remains in his chair.

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