2011-01-04: Life in Slow Motion


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Summary: Heather asks about her future.

Date: 1-4-11

Log Title: Life In Slow Motion

Rating: PG

Scott's Office

You see nothing out of place. Nothing.

Heather looks down her list of talking points before approaching the Headmaster's office, zipping down the hall way dodging the people and things around her as she passes. She's wearing her squad outfit at the moment, different from the one she formerly wore while she was in Scott's Corsairs squad, now that she's been transfered to another group. Additions include a pair of goggles over her eyes and a light jacket, as well as something like a utility belt. She raps her knuckles over the door quickly, but isn't patient enough for a response before peaking inside.

The knocking at the door calls Scott's attention, the headmaster approaching the door and opening it fully. "Heather, how are you?" He asks. Not knowing off-hand on what it is Heather needs, but he's always here for the students. Scott is at ease in a polo shirt and a clean, pressed pair of slacks.

Heather listens to Scott and then plays on her tape recorder, "Hello, Mr. Summers. I am doing well. I hope you are doing well also." She takes a few steps through the door and glances around. "I mean, I do not wish ill upon you. You're one of my preferred teachers here. That being said, I have been feeling nervous lately. Regarding some of my actions in the demon dimension." She adjusts her goggles slightly and squeaks something to herself which she must not deem worthy of translation.

Scott closes the door behind them. "What exactly are you feeling nervous about?" He asks, once there is privacy. He offers a chair next to the fireplace to Heather, himself taking the other one. "And it's my job to help out as much as I can."

Heather sits down as soon as the chair is put into place, following Scott with her eyes until he sits down. "I deliberately disobeyed staff on several occasions while there, and while I still maintain that all of the actions I took were for the best of the expedition, I understand the need to punish subversion. My expectations of punishment, however, have overshadowed." She scratches her head lightly and notes, "This is not to say that I would like to be punished, merely to know if I will be. If not, that will put my worries to rest on the issue, and we will move down the list. If so, I think I'd like to discuss what would be appropriate: I have different needs than some of the other students." While her tape recorder plays, she places it on whatever flat surface is nearest, and grabs a small notebook, writing in it.

Scott gives a nod. "I can understand where you're coming from. But, if we punished you, would it just make you callous towards me and the staff, or would it change the way you think and act in a situation where we need the students to listen to us?" The headmaster looks to the fire in the fireplace. "Either way, you seem to have been thinking bout it yourself, perhaps you've already changed your opinion of it."

"It would not make me more callous towards the staff. I have to think that, as an administrator, having us focused is the best from your perspective. Trying to inhibit my behaviour is reasonable. On the other hand, that kind of environment is one where I'm at my best in. To have listened would have removed me as a resource. I wanted to try and listen, but my people skills aren't good enough to keep morale in check," explains Heather, looking again back to her notebook as the relatively long messages play, "I was not afraid there. It protected me from the world. That lack of fear made some of our explorations possible. Where even teachers were succumbing to the world's strange spell, I calculated. And I calculated that my risks would be worth it. I do not think I could have done otherwise. If I was in that situation now, I would retrace my steps."

Scott takes a little while to think on it before coming to his conclusion. "Then I don't see any need to punish you for your efforts there." He offers up, looking back to Heather with a reassuring smile. "You did help us there, you maintained an even keel and I don't see how, while you did have obscure methods, a punishment would be needed in this situation." He leans back and turns his attention to her writings. "You said you had other things on the list to discuss?" He offers.

Heather looks up while Scott is speaking to her, seeming to watch his mouth with her eyes, before she nods at that. "Thank you, then, sir. I will do my best to defer to your orders in future situations. I admire you. And that leads me into the next point I would like to discuss." She fiddles with the tape recorder again and plays, "I need to practice my tactical reasoning in high stress situations, which is something precisely why I admire you for. I'm not a formidable warrior like some of the other students or X-men, but I'm intelligent. I would be interested in extra instruction if such a thing were possible, focusing on team and individual tactics."

Scott holds his hand to his chin at the proposition. "While we haven't offered a class on it specifically, I can think of a couple of people who would be able to give you some instruction on it, including myself." He offers. "I can check with them first before I send you their way. That way you can have a choice in instructors. It's all up to you though."

"I hate to ask more of the school than I already do. I understand that I am a considerable cost in terms of resources already due to my special needs," plays Heather, "But I feel these lessons would be of great personal benefit." She seems to examine Scott for a few moments before playing a second message and looking towards the first, "I would like very much if you could talk to potential instructors for me for this purpose, though. I feel that, with the right training, I could someday be an asset. Which leads me into my third topic: My future."

"It's not that big of a deal. And I'll speak with those instructors for you." He then pays full attention to Heather. "Your future, I'm assuming that you are wanting to stay here and help the mansion?" He asks, as most students who mention their futures to him are looking for some kind of instructor approval.

"Yes, that's what I mean. I do not think that I am capable of doing otherwise. I am an obvious mutant, with many special needs, and while I think I'm intelligent, interesting and skilled at multiple things, realistically, I need to exist within an accomodating environment to both my mutation and my other concerns," explains Heather, nodding her head quickly. By her other concerns, she means mental health concerns, but she's not one to admit that she actual has mental health issues. "But I need to know what I will need in order to achieve that."

"Well, that's up to you. Do you want to teach? Lend a hand to security, possibly join the X-Force?" Scott asks, there are of course many different things that one can do in the mansion and stay within it's walls past graduation. "Depending on what you want to do, there are different prerequisites that you have to take care of."

"I can't teach, I can't even attend classes," says Heather, frowning slightly at that, "I mean, I'm not saying I wouldn't like to, it would just be quite impossible. I think joining the X-Force would be the most reasonable route."

"Then you'll be wanting to talk with Julian or Addison, then, talk with them, get to know them. You may also want to see if you can do some patrols on the campus. Other than that, you've got what's needed, just now you need to focus on showing us what you can do in the Danger Room." Scott's focus is on the X-Force as well, so he's gonna be the one to approve anyone on the X-Force or not. "I don't see someone with your potential not being able to make it."

Heather nods her head at Scott, "Good, then, thank you. I will, as always, do my best with my Danger Room performances, and do as best I can at interacting with my squad." She glances down to her list and says, "All points I would like to address with you have been addressed. I will open the floor if there is anything you might want to ask me before I go?" She doesn't have a particularly good grasp of how these student teacher meetings tend to go.

Scott tries to find anything to mention or ask Heather, but fails to find anything. "I don't think I have anything else." He offers. "But my door is always open."

"Of course. Thank you for your time Mr. Summers," says Heather, standing up from the chair and offering a single, quick polite nod at Scott before she dashes off.

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