2012-05-03: Life Is No Fairy Tale

Players: Robin and Cale

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Summary: Cale gets to know Robin a bit better. Massive angst warning.

Date: May 3, 2012

Log Title: Life is no Fairy Tale

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's after dinner, but the Rec Room is pretty quiet. That's /probably/ because Cale is in here watching an excessively creepy anime that Shane let him borrow. Though he was right in being able to stand things just 'cause it's in cartoon-form and on a screen, he has to admit that Shane probably wasn't really kidding about it being really creepy, what with school-aged kids murdering each other brutally and all. He's curled up on one corner of the couch, sitting on his feet and looking not a bit creeped out nope nope nope.

Robin walks through the door, her puppet in tow, and the young woman is wearing a black band t-shirt and a black skirt, her makeup done fairly well and dark. The young woman glances towards the screen and says, "What are you watching?" She sits down and leans against the arm of the couch.

Cale starts his skin shifting colors for a split second, and then glances at Robin. "Oh! It's you," he smiles. "It's um," he glances at the DVD box, "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. Kind of a murder mystery anime. I dunno. A girl here named Shane recommended it to me. Actually, these are her DVDs."

"Ah, Shane," says Robin, nodding once, "She's cool." She peers towards the screen for a few more moments and says, "That's a little creepy…" Her puppet leans against the back of the couch. "Nice seeing you again, Cale."

Cale still looks rather disconcerted by that crazy puppet, but it's something that he's gradually getting over. Why it bothers him but things like Taylor being a cat-person of indeterminate gender doesn't is a total mystery, at any rate but… He reaches up with the remote to pause the anime, leaning his head back to look at Robin upside down. "Hmm? You too." He brushes some hair out of his eyes, then decides that his ponytail has come far too loose for his liking and busies himself with redoing it. "What's up?"

Robin shifts slightly in her seat and then says, "Eh, not much. I'm a little bit bored, I suppose…" She pulls her legs up onto the couch and remarks, "So I came out to the rec room to find out what's going on."

"Oh! Well," Cale tilts his head towards the TV, "Pretty much that's it," he grins faintly flipping the anime back on but keeping the volume moderate so they can talk. Since it's on DVD, he can always just rewatch it if he misses something… he's not SO crazy about the anime that he'd rather not have conversation. "But, I dunno. Nick was in here earlier. We talked and… er…" the boy trails off, shaking his head. "I dunno, it was pretty personal. I feel bad for him, 'cause he seems like a really great guy… I mean I really like him. His life had a lot going for it, too," he rests an elbow on the arm of the couch, seeming distracted; almost like he's talking to himself.

"I don't really know Nick very well. I actually have been keeping to myself a lot. I'm kind of, well, I don't think I'm smart like a lot of other people are around here, I have to work really hard… I keep to myself a lot," says Robin, sighing and leaning back. "I see Shane a lot, I suppose, since I share a room with her… But other than her… I dunno, I guess I feel like I should be focusing on my schoolwork a lot more. I mean, I don't really even understand my own relationship status. I guess that's not different than ever, though."

Cale glances over at Robin, a questioning look on his face, "I dunno. You don't seem dumb to me. Schoolwork comes naturally to me though… so maybe I just don't understand what it's like. I used to spend a lot of time alone, also, before I came here, though… In fact, I guess that's why I always did so well in school… maybe…" He looks away for a minute, "Anyway, I don't know anything about relationships. I've never had one. So I can't say much about that. But Shane's your room mate? That's cool… I mean, she seemed nice, sorta. I dunno. It didn't seem like she really wanted to talk to me, but Nick says that's normal, and I shouldn't worry."

"Oh, yeah, it's normal. She's a little bit of an introvert," says Robin, smiling at that. She brushes her hand through her hair and shrugs, "I don't know much about relationships, either. I've had two, and I'm not even entirely sure if that number is accurate. Oh well, though. And no, I'm not dumb exactly, just not super intelligent or anything. I keep good grades, but with a /lot/ more effort than some of the other students here."

"Well, I'm no genius or anything, I just do all the homework and study the recommended stuff in the book… it's like putting together a model or something. You do the coursework and it comes out okay, I guess. I'm not one of those people that can just ace a test without doing any of the work, though," Cale murmurs, waving his hand a little bit. "I never have been. It's just, school's one of those things, nobody could call me a fag or a wuss or whatever for having good grades. Even the jocks had to keep their grades high enough to be on whatever team they were on," he smiles faintly, mimicking Robin's hair brushing unconsciously.

"Oh, yeah, I guess. I mean, I was kind of the same way. Schoolwork was always safe and stuff," says Robin, shrugging her shoulders just slightly, biting her lip for a few moments, "Did people call you fag a lot when you were at school? I mean, kids can be real mean, I know."

"Yeah, pretty much all the time, like, nonstop." Cale frowns. "I dunno," he leans on the arm of the couch again, propping up his chin as he watches the anime. He then sighs, "And, you know, sometimes they'd get physical… whatever. They were really just cowards, they wouldn't do it when my sis was around. She was tough! TOUGH! Like, one of those girls in a fighting game or something," he balls up his free fist, throwing a light punch. "But even the nerds didn't like me. I'm too weird. I fit in here okay 'cause everyone is weird. A lot of guys thought I was like, trying to get with their girlfriends or something by being in choir or home-ec, but it wasn't like that, I just liked doing that sorta thing. I mean, a guy can like cooking and singing right? Stupid, right?"

"Eh, I know how that is. Getting beat up is not really the best in school, but I guess after a certain point you kind of learn how to not let it get to you? I don't think I ever got to that point though," admits Robin, shrugging a shoulder lightly and staring forward. "And yeah, I mean, a guy can like whatever he wants, really. Cooking and singing are fine things to like…."

"Well I mean…" Cale bites his lip, "Like it wasn' just? But how I dress, how I act. My hair. 'cause I didn't wanna sit around and make stupid sex jokes." he seems to question himself, leaning back onto the couch and uncurling his legs, only to recurl them up to his chest, hugging his knees.. "I dunno. I mean you try not to let it get to you, but it like… cuts to the core. People told me I'm just thin-skinned…"

"No, I don't think you're just thin skinned…" says Robin, biting her lip in thought for a few moments, "And really, nobody deserves to be treated that way. It's really awful that people did. And your hair, and the way you dress, it seems fine to me. You seem nice."

Cale STOPS biting his lip! To put an end to all this lip biting. Nobody's gonna have lips after all this is over! "You don't? My dad, I mean, he was nice, but the only thing he could tell me was I just needed to toughen up. Not that there was anything wrong with me but…" he shakes his head, "It wasn't that great of advice. But even then. I mean. I don't really wanna be tough. Or manly. I don't care. I shouldn't have to be, just 'cause…" he sighs, staring ahead at the anime. Yeah, just tell everyone Cale. Sigh.

"No, I don't think that you're thin skinned," says Robin, frowning, "I mean, I dunno, some of us just can't toughen up. I mean, I've heard that enough, but I had a really hard time at school too. I dunno… I think it's never the victim's fault for being hurt, you know?"

"Yeah, I don't think so either, I mean, that was my whole point," Cale shrugs, gripping his toes with his fingers and playing with them a little. He scrapes at a bit of nail polish that's still left over on them - little flecks here and there. "Anyway. I'm just glad it's over with you know?"

Robin's eyes trail down to Cale's toe nails, "Do you paint your nails?" The young woman considers that for a moment and then shrugs, looking towards the screen.

There's a long moment of silence there - Cale had figured by getting rid of it bit by bit probably nobody would notice what it was. Once noticed however, he doesn't lie. There'd be no point in lying to anybody he's met at Xavier's for the most part anyway… "Sometimes… I like to, yes…" Cale murmurs. "I don't really like wearing shoes, since I got my powers. So I stopped. 'cause people will notice more. I guess before only my sister and parents would," he smiles a little, face turning slightly red.

Robin shrugs and then says, "Well… it's probably cute when they're painted." She looks down to Cale's shows and then says, "What colour do you usually paint them? And… why are you so worried about people noticing more?"

"I dunno. I like purple," Cale continues rubbing at his big toe a little, before finally abandoning it. "I dunno if it looks good, though. I've painted them other colors, too… Like black. Pink's not horrible. Red's too vivid, though. I kinda wanted to do my hands too… but…" he rubs the back of his neck nervously, "'cause if people notice then they start asking why and stuff! Or saying it's not proper."

Robin shrugs and says, "We-ell, I don't think many people around here will actually care that much. I mean, a few might, but… well… In my experience, the kids who frequent this school tend to be pretty accepting of differences. Like I said, not everyone, but… well… hm. I'm going to tell you something, but promise you won't judge me on it…"

"I don't - do I look like someone who would judge?" Cale giggles at himself, "I promise, though…" he trails off, sensing that perhaps the conversation got more serious. The volume on the TV is turned down, well, more than it was, after he's asked that. "I promise."

Robin nods once at Cale and then seems to stay silent for a few moments, seeming to , "Okay, well… well, um, I used to be a boy… And in school, I was treated pretty much the same way that you described, people would beat me up, call me faggot… you know, that stuff…" She looks away and purses her lips for a few moments.

Cale had thought something - but that was - a lot for him to swallow. His body stops moving completely for a moment, as he regards Robin carefully. She doesn't really LOOK as if she were ever a boy but… that can be hard to tell. He doesn't say anything, doesn't even breath for a moment or two, which he then eventually does. He gulps. "You'd better not be messing with me, for some reason," he says, looking down at the couch idly with his eyes watering. "Because if you are. I don't think. That that would be something I could deal with." He reaches up with the back of his sleeve to wipe at them.

"I'm not messing with you," says Robin, frowning at the reaction from Cale, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder, "Are you okay there? I didn't mean to upset you… I, yeah, I really did used to be a boy, and ummm, it's not something I talk about, but lots of people at this school helped me out a lot… so, a little thing like nail paints? It's okay, really."

"No, I mean…" Cale swallows, "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's just. Like you suddenly reached inside and grabbed some part of me." He takes a deep breath, "People would make fun of me 'n stuff. Some of them would even say like, you know. As a joke, 'Cale's so much like a stupid girl, I bet he wishes he was one.' Only, maybe not so nice?" He's trembling at this point and crying. A little. "But it hurt 'cause it was true." He peers at Robin, "It's just, you don't look like you were ever a boy."

Robin rubs Cale's shoulder lightly and then nods, "It's okay, I know what that's like, and it can really leave… well, it can leave scars, for sure…" She withdraws her touch and then says, "I dunno, I look pretty much the same as I always had… my sister altered reality to, well, make me a girl, like I had always wanted… she's a powerful mutant. Like, crazy powerful… but the way I look, I dunno, not much has changed… I just dress different, wear makeup, that kind of thing…"

"Wait she… wha… That's possible?" Cale chews on his lip, "But like… reality totally changed? Does anybody remember the boy you?" he questions frantically, "Someone that powerful is just /hanging around?/" he reaches over and grabs Robin by the shoulder, not /too/ gently either, "Can she do it again? Can you call her?" His skin is starting to do… weird things, swirling around all confused like. Yes, because that would be good, considering he's CLEARLY thought this through completely and is ready to deal with any and all consquences.

"Well, there was a big release of energy… I… I don't think that she could do it again. She had turned all of New York into a fairy tale world, and she did that as the world was reverting, so… I dunno, she's not good at control," says Robin, frowning at the grab, and she grasps Cale's wrist, "Please, calm down, I know… I know I'd react a lot the same way… but she almost destroyed everything last time she used her powers like that… I'm actually surprised that it's actually, y'know, permanent. I'm still worried it'll just… fade away…"

Cale's eyes go wide as he realizes what he's doing, recoiling away from Robin and rubbing at his wrist as if he'd been bitten. He curls up on the other end of the couch again, away from Robin, eyes darting around nervously. "That's ridiculous. I know there's mutants but that sort of thing CAN'T HAPPEN. I would have heard about it. All of New York City getting turned into a fairy tail land? That's ridiculous. I. And then. She's just like. Not here." He blinks rapidly. "It's not /fair./ Someone else gets their wish granted? I get my parents dead and my sister taken off to god knows where and I'm not even allowed to SEE her? It didn't happen. You're fucking with me!" He's breathing rapidly, tears streaming down his face.

"She is still in the city, staying with the Fantastic Four, 'cause… 'cause she needs the help because it's hard for her to control her powers…" says Robin, biting her lip between her canines. "And… and I know it's not fair, I would have said the same thing in your place… but believe me, it happened, there are even people at this school who could tell you it happened… it was messed up…"

Cale just buries his face in his knees, hugging them tightly with his hair splayed all about - it almost creates a nice blanket. He's clearly crying at this point, well, more like sobbing incoherently. At least, though, he's not wailing and attracted a bunch of attention throughout the mansion. Yet. Perhaps there's a reason this kid was sent here other than his powers. "It's just /not fair./ Nothing is fair. Why didn't I die? Oblivion would be better."

"I know… I know it's not fair. And there've been times that I wished I was dead, I tried to kill myself I just… failed. Blank always protects me, even if I try to kill myself," says Robin, glancing over towards the puppet for a few moments, "I have been where you are… and I know it hurts… I want to help you, if I can, Cale… I can't make all your dreams come true, but maybe I can help…"

Cale looks up, smearing his face across the back of his sleeve again, sniffling, "I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I try not to break down like this. Nobody wants to see me break down. I try and be happy, as best I can. But every now and then. It just. The damn breaks," he blinks the tears away, forcing a smile. "I met another good friend… They're a cat… er… Taylor! Taylor is a cat," he grins, more geniune. "Tay's nice. We went shopping together. I bought clothes. For the first time! I mean." He gulps. "So… if you wanna help. I mean. That's cool."

Robin nods at Cale and says, smiling slightly, "Well, that's nice of this Taylor person. The first time I got clothes was with someone named Skyler… I guess it's kind of a really important step, meant a lot to me…" She pats Cale on the shoulder and says, "I should get going, Cale, but I'll give you my number if you ever want someone to talk to, kay? I've been in the same place, and if nothing else, I'll be someone to talk to…"

"O-okay," Cale blinks momentarily. "Did… you say… Skyler? I met a Skyler. Yesterday…" he trails off, glancing to the side slightly. "Well, actually a few days ago… he was a she but then a he and I don't know. Something about crazy alternate universes. Actually," he looks down, "That sounds like it might be kinda your thing. We didn't believe her, but he's here in the mansion now… he looks like a surfer now," Cale offers.

"Wait… you ran into Skyler?" says Robin, eye widening slightly at that, "Looks like… a surfer?" The young woman fidgets with her clothes slightly, biting her lip, "And he's… in the mansion?" She seems rather flustered by the idea, and she shakes her head, "I guess… I guess I should say hello. I don't know…" She rubs her forehead lightly and sighs, "I should get going."

Cale smiles, "Sounds like he's an important person." He glances back towards the anime, "I'll be okay, I think. I'll catcha ya round, you know?" he grins. At least someone's happy. That was good news, right? She just mentioned Skyler helping her out a lot. So there's that. As Robin heads out, he turns back to his anime - he's probably gonna be here all evening, especially since he's gotta rewind it since he didn't get ANY of whatever was going on…

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