2010-11-27: Like Parties?


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Summary: Mason meets the Rosen twins.

Date: Saturday, November 27, 2010. 10:37pm.

Log Title: Like Parties?

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

An instrument is never far from Mason. Today is no exception. Mason's keyboard sits up against the wall, a T-shirt wadded up on the floor next to it. Not in use, but close by as Mason has taken up a basketball. Gold colored gym shorts cover his lower half, and nothing his upper, leaving his toned upper body exposed. He dribbles the ball between his legs somewhat competently. He's not any basketball legend, but he has an average ability to maintain control. He brings it up, and takes the shot from the free throw line, making it with the backboard's help.

Dressed in a pair of black knit pants, a snug fitting light blue t-shirt, and blue and white sneakers, Star enters the gym with a small duffel bag slung over one shoulder. She's been very subdued since returning from… Well, wherever it is that half the school seemed to have vanished to last month. Her eyes are a mellow hazel-green at the moment as she stops short upon seeing that there's someone else in the gym on a Saturday evening. Mild irritation begins to fill the air around her for a moment, but she just sighs and shakes her head, shrugging off whatever it is about the presence of another that's bothering her. Her bag is set down against the wall and she glances back over her shoulder to watch the basketball player for a moment.

With Star offering to help him out with his schoolwork, Cloud's decided on getting some other aspects of his life back on track, one of which include getting back into sports, so he's gonna see if theres a local team in New York for him to try out for, which is whats brought him down to the gym, cos other than a battle here and there and maybe going for a jog now and then he hasn't been exercising as much as he used to, so he's come down to the gym to see just how rusty he's got, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey shorts, a white t-shirt and his dark roots are beginning to show though his spikey bleached blond hair, now for a bit of a workou…, damn Star's here, and he's supposed to be studying…

Mason casually walks over to retrieve the basketball, still bouncing, as Star enters, followed by Cloud. "Hey there," he offers a warm smile to both of them. "I don't think we've met yet." He bounces the ball twice before tucking it against his left hip. He starts to walk toward Star first. "I'm Mason," he introduces himself, holding out his right hand toward her. "I'm new here." He doesn't know whether his introduction is necessary, since his fame seems hit or miss here.

"You're Mason Steele." Star's voice is kind of bland making it hard to determine if it's a good thing or a bad thing that she knows who he is, "What are you doing here? I was told that only mutants can go to school here…" Which she didn't know she was one at first. She glances toward the door as Cloud enters, her eyes narrowing and shifting towards brown in irritation when she sees her 'baby brother' coming in here instead of studying like she told him to, "Cloud… Why aren't you studying? You know you've got to be prepared for that history quiz on Monday." It's only then that she turns back to Mason and offers a little smile, "Well, it's a pleasure. I'm Star and this is my brother Cloud."

Ok not only is Star scary enough on her own, she also has their mom and dad on speed dial. So in this situation, Cloud does the only smart thing he can do, lie. "All done, completely studied up for the quiz, even got my English assignment done," that would be the one that's been at the bottom of his schoolbag since Wednesday. Then he spots Mason. "That's Mason Steele? My ex used to listen to you. Hey."

Mason gives a somewhat weaker smile at Star's statement that only mutants can attend. "Well," he says with half of a laugh, and holds his hands out to his sides with a shrug of his shoulders. The implication being, of course, that he's not as normal as everyone thinks he is on TV. "It's not public knowledge, and I'd rather keep it that way. I don't want to end up like Alison Blaire." The eighties pop star sensation who's career sank when she came out as a mutant.
"Star and Cloud," he repeats, obviously finding their parents' choice in names a bit amusing, but he resists any comment. "I hope you won't hold that against me," he answers Cloud on the comment about his ex. "So you're her big brother?" he asks Cloud, after all, he is quite a bit taller than her, and taller than himself.

"Yeah, sure. I think there are a few of us around here that want to keep that little fact about ourselves quiet, after all." Star wrinkles her nose, the air around her once more filling with irritation, "I'd just as soon be normal, but that ain't happening anytime soon." She shrugs, "Least I can say that I've got a heartbeat, anyway." She makes a point of not looking at Cloud when she says that, though her voice once again goes flat.
The girl's nostrils flair slightly and she rolls her eyes, assuming that his amusement is about their names, "And our grandmother named us. She was an old hippie, or something, I guess." She narrows her eyes slightly, her expression almost dangerous as she looks at Mason at the comment on Cloud being her big brother, "Actually, I'm older." Beat, "By about ten minutes." Twins!

Cloud shakes his head, "I wish, she's ever so slightly older and she's NEVER lets me forget it," still the question distracted her enough that she didn't guess he was lying. He tenses at the heartbeat comment, he shakes his head about holding the ex thing against Mason, "No worries, I've had others since then."

The pop star grins, "Hey, I wasn't judging!" he defends himself. "But yeah, hippie was the first thing that came to mind. "So you're the big sister, huh?" he asks, his blue eyes getting a certain shine to them. "I always wished I had a twin. That'd be the coolest thing ever. We could do all kinds of stuff together, hey, we'd probably even both be mutants, that'd be sweet. "Yeah, I seem to have a lot of fangirls. I never really knew until I went on tour just quite how many people watched me. It's really fun, and really kinda weird at the same time. But I promise, I'm just another guy. I'm not some superhero or anything."

Star just eyes him for a moment more before the air clears of her defensiveness, "Alright…" Whatever, she seems to say. She nods and shrugs one shoulder, "At least, I think I'm still older…" She looks over at Cloud and frowns slightly, "You were gone for a month and thought it had just been, like, a couple of hours or something, but I was…" She makes a face and trails off, "Well, anyway. I think it all evens out now, anyway." No sense in scaring the new guy. Instead of irritation, sheepish discomfort comes from her and she turns back to her bag, looking for something, anything, to distract her from certain memories, "You might not be a superhero, but if you hang out around here long enough, they'll try to turn you into one. They've tried with me."

Cloud has actually thought about the age difference between him and Star now, and as far as he can work out, he's about a week younger now, "You are, I think, by about a week, give or take", he doesn't bother to explain to Mason, he'll learn of their reputation eventually, "Star's right, being here makes not being a hero impossible, this place is dangerous."

Mason flexes at the thought of being a superhero. He has the body for the tights. "Think I could make a good one?" he asks, as if it was his good looks alone that is required. He doesn't press the issue of whatever the memory Star avoided talking about. He's heard some horror stories already, and doesn't wish to add to the pile of scary things. "Anyway…" Now he's thinking about the whole powers question, but he doesn't know if it's a subject that he should broach or not. He takes a moment to turn and shoot for a three pointer, but it ricochets off the rim, and starts to bounce down the court away from the trio. "Is it considered okay to ask people?" He doesn't finish the statement, but tries to lead with his tone.

Star shrugs, "Sure, I guess so… I'd think it would depend on your powers, personally." She crinkles her nose, "All I can do is play with people's emotions. I can smell them and sometimes they start to feel the way I do." She glances over at her brother, "And I've been able to tell where he is ever since we got back from that hell hole a couple of weeks ago." That coincides with about the same time that she was cured of her zombie-ism. At the question, she shrugs, "I don't know… I came here this summer and have been grounded most of the time I've been here." Beat, "When I've been here…" She jerks a thumb at Cloud, "He came here at the start of last semester, so he might know more than I do about that kind of thing." One hand moves to run through her hair and she shrugs, "I didn't even know I had powers when I first came here."

Cloud rolls his eyes at the flex, "Sure, i can see it now superblondie," completely forgetting his own current hair colour there, "Yeah the questions fine, here it's more or less the same as what your name, i absorb and replicate energy and matter," kinda freaky that Star has him lojacked now, but it might come in handy.

Mason's eyes have most commonly rested on Star, which a brother might notice, but he's kept his comments neutral. At least until now. "I can already picture you with power over emotions," he tells Star with another warm smile. The exact implication of his statement might be open to interpretation, and he doesn't give any additional information to help with the translation other than his smile, clearly he thought he was giving a compliment.
Mason adjusts his blond hair with a toss of his head as Cloud mentions it. It's a little matted from sweat, so it doesn't flow quite as well as usual. He puts his hands on his hips, "I do something with earth," he explains. "But I'm not sure all of what that means yet. And I'm immune to telepaths." He doesn't offer an explanation of how he'd know that detail, but not know the main thrust of his powers.

"Yeah. It's pheromones from what I've been told." Star, apparently, chooses to not pay any attention to the compliment and just explain what she's been told about how her powers work, "Dr. Parker-Mayfair checked out my powers and said that's what they are." She turns away from her bag and focuses on the two boys for a moment, almost as though she's waiting for Cloud to blow a gasket about a guy paying her attention. She rolls her eyes and shoots her brother a look at the comment on the other boy being blond, "And have you looked in the mirror lately, little brother?" His roots may be dark again, but he's still bleached. One eyebrow is quirked at the mention of being immune to telepaths, "Must be nice. Miss Frost caught me and Cloud drinking back at the end of the summer. We were grounded for a month."

Cloud doesn't react to Mason hitting on his sister, as long as he doesn't start pushing it, he doesn't mind, this guy is immune to telepaths? That sucks, it's pretty much the opposite for Cloud, anyone can get in his head, also the drink thing wasn't his fault.

Mason doesn't push it, after all, the brother is present, and a lot bigger than the pianist is. "That blows," he says. "What're you gonna do for New Years?" he asks. "You should come to a party with me," he offers, giving a visual inclination that the invitation is to both of them. "Think she'll be watching off campus? Heck, she'll probably be getting smashed herself, so that'd be a good time to have some fun." He jogs away from them, and retrieves the basketball. "New Years is no fun if you can't get a buzz."

Star shrugs, "I don't know… Probably go home to Boston to visit with the rest of the family over the Christmas break." She eyes Cloud, "And you just better not try to talk Mom and Dad into not letting me come back!" She sounds like she really means that, a dangerous look flashing in her eyes that promises that things will not go well for her younger brother if he manages to talk their parents into keeping her at home.

Cloud shakes his head, "Thanks but I've already had a few offers for new years already," after all he's actually well popular back home so he's got choices, "Star I agreed to respect your decision, I might not like it but I'll stick with it", "By the way Mason, this place has a curfew."

"Yeah," Mason answers Cloud. "I hear. Also lame, but I guess we better follow it. Tomorrow is classes and everything. It stinks because I got an invite to a party earlier, too. Way better than just shooting hoops by myself." He returns the ball to the ball rack, and goes to his stuff. He picks up the t-shirt and pulls it over his head. "It's gonna be a cold run back to the dorms," he says with a grin. "But hey, it was good to meet you both. Hey, either of you play anything?" he asks as he picks up his keyboard.

Star's attention is grabbed at the mention of a party and she perks up a little, showing more of the pre-zombie Star than she has since returning to the real world, "I swear, I haven't been to a good party in ages!" She just might warm up to this pop star if he can get her into a few parties… She smiles faintly, her expression a little smug, and nods at the question about playing an instrument, "Yeah, I play the trombone. Not anything spectacular, or anything, but I was second chair last semester back home."

"Star, I only agreed to let you stay if I can keep an eye on you, you're not going to this guy's party, remember what happened last time, not safe." Cloud however is heading to a party in Boston next weekend, one of the cheerleaders from his old high school has a free house.

"Trombone! Sweet, you'll have to teach me," Mason seems genuinely excited. "Maybe we can jazz it up. I'm always lookin' for people to jam out with. The party tonight is way down town. We'd have to come up with an excuse for curfew," he says. "We'll have to scope the next one and make sure to come up with a good excuse for being gone. Anyway, I'm gonna go hit the sack, I'll see you later, it was good to meet you both."

A faint blush blooms on Star's face at the excitement about her playing trombone and she shrugs, "Sure. I guess I could teach you a little, anyway." She smiles faintly, "You might want to look up David Alleyne. He can pick up the skills of those around him. We had a pretty cool jam session on bones a couple months ago." At Cloud's insistance that she's not going to any parties, she just rolls her eyes and gives him a look, "No, I'm here to look out for you, little brother." Not the other way around, "And you weren't even here the last time I went to a party, so you don't have any room to talk." She nods to Mason as he turns to leave, "Yeah, I think we can come up with a reason to be out." Beat, "Or just sneak back in, or something… G'night. It was nice to meet you."

Cloud is gonna have to keep an eye on this guy, last time Star went to a party with a guy he ended up draining the life outta the guy, Star plus guys plus parties equals bad, "Night dude, and Star definitely no party, you know I'd beat you there anyway so I'd catch you."

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