2009-03-27: Like Powers


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Summary: Kenta goes to pick up the new student, Owen, a fellow Dark Force user.

Date: March 27, 2009

Log Title Like Powers

Rating: PG

NYC - Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is one of the main hubs to get in and out of Manhattan. The main concourse is vast with marble covering the floor and walls. Looking up at the ceiling is looking at a piece of art, mapped out is all the constellations in gold on a blue background. In the center of the main concourse is a circular information booth displaying departure and arrival times of the various trains. Once you leave the Main Concourse there are many expensive shops to be found. There is also a major food court within the Station, where visitors can feast and chat before their train arrives.

Afternoon in New York is still busy even if some kind of invasion is going on. And Grand Central Station's pretty busy too! A train pulls into the station and and among the people getting off the train is one young man that looks out of place. Owen Folger, backpack on and suitcase in hand, is dressed a bit oddly. He's got jeans and a Tennessee state hoodie on, sunglasses covering his eyes. The teen's on his first day in New York and already trying to figure out just how he's supposed to get to that Institute he'd enrolled in.

Not to far from the exit of the platform is Kenta Gilpatrick, also wearing sunglasses himself and a leather jacket over a t-shirt and jeans. He doesn't look like a teacher at all, more like a grungy rockstar. A few of his black dark force markings peak out from under the collar of his shirt but he just lets people write it off at tattoos. He's standing there with a hand in his pocket as he watches for the young mutant. There's a smile flashed Owen's way as he can immediately sense the Dark Force user.

Owen starts to walk along slowly, frowning as he's bumped and shoved around a few times. He has to stop and take a deep breath to keep from doing something he really shouldn't in such a crowded area. When he spots that grungy rockstar and gets a smile, Owen blinks. Shrugging, he approaches the man slowly. He'll let him speak first.

When you have Dark Force flowing through your body you kind of sense when someone else does too. "Owen Folger? Hey, I'm Kenta Gilpatrick, I'm here from Xaviers. Nice to meet you." He says as he's almost positive it's the right kid. "How was the train ride?" He asks keeping his sunglasses on for the time being.

Owen jumps a litttle, not used to this weird new sense. He thought it was just the crowd making him so edgy. "Well, howdy," he greets. "Yep. That's me. Nice tah meet ya, Mr. Glitpatrick-sir. Ah suppose it was a good ride, never had another one so Ah wouldn't know."

"Please, just call me Kenta, none of this sir bs, okay?" Kenta says smiling. "We'll we're gonna be taking another train to the school since I can't drive. In the meantime, it's been a long journey for you and I can't imagine you've had a decent meal on the train. Wanna go for some pizza before hitting the next train, we've got plenty of time and they run every hour."

Owen is rather surprised by this, not used to adults not wanting to be called sir or ma'am. "Ah…um…alright," he shrugs. "Pizza sounds like a great idea," he agrees. "'Fraid Ah duno where tah get any 'round here though…"

"Don't worry I was born and raised here, well practically born. I know a pretty decent place to get a few slices." Kenta says smiling at the kid as he leads him out for pizza. "So I guess you and I got something in common besides awesomely good looking." He jokes trying to loosen the ice with the kid.

Owen smiles and nods, following along. He perks up when Kenta mentions they have something in common and smirks at the compliment. "Well, Ah'm glad ya like the sights, but what do we have in common?"

Once they're outside Kenta lifts off his sunglasses to show Owen the fact that his eyes are completely black with dark force. "We both have a link to the Dark Force dimension. From what I've heard we're a bit different with how it works for us but I'll probably be working with you a lot since it's not the easiest to control." He says with a smile. "So pizza, any certain kind that you like?"

Owen leans just a bit closer when the eyes are revealed. "Woah…" he trails off. This is the first time he's been around another mutant, let alone another DarkForce user. "Wait…Dark Force? That's what this weird stuff is called?" he looks down at his arms as he says this. "Ah'd show ya what Ah can do but its not as easy tah hide what happens tah me when Ah use the stuff…" he trails off. "Any kind is good with me as lon' as its got some cheese on it."

"Don't worry about it Owen, we're in public, you can show me if you want back at the school, and yeah it's called Dark Force." Kenta explains as they walk into the pizza place and it's one of those places where you order from a varity of slices of the pizzas in front of you. "It's going to sound weird but it's an energy from another dimension."

Owen gives a very slight nod. "If…if ya think it's best, Ah'll do it," he remarks quietly. Owen doesn't like what his powers do to him. He sniffs the air when they arrive in the pizza place and grins. "Smells real good in here," he comments. "Another dimension?"

Once they've gotten their food and are a booth towards the back of the resturant Kenta explains what he knows. "I don't know much about it but it is an energy from another dimension. It's an energy that's known to drain life as creepy as it might sound. I don't know much about it but I know I'm kind of a living portal to that dimension. It's an odd sort of power but I'll definately be helping you train."

Owen's eyes go wide at this news. "Drain life?" he asks. "So that's what it did…" he trails off. He starts to eat slowly, considering a few things. "Thank ya. Ah think Ah'm gonna need a lot of trainin'. Got a couple thin's down but a lot of this stuff jus' don' seem tah wanna work right."

Kenta shakes his head. "No, it's not an easy power to control. I had problems with control but it took time for me to learn. Once you get control though it's just a part of you. If you want, I know you just started this stuff and it's probabaly over whelming but I'd love to help teach you control since I've gone through it."

Owen looks a bit nervous for a moment. "Ah definitely want the help and appreciate it…especially if it means gettin' that…thing under control," he swallows. "It's gettin' pretty close tah a time when it happens…so Ah'm worried. Especially in a big city like this…"

"Well you won't be going to school in the city here. You'll be going to school in Westchester, it's a lot more isolated there. It's about fourty five minutes away. And you'll have to tell me more about this 'thing'." Kenta says as he never had anything like that. "It's weird, now, for me, I need the Dark Force for certain things."

"Westchester…" Owen trails off, trying to memorize this. "Not as many people or animals up there?" he asks, finishing off his slice of pizza. "Ah'm not too sure about it cause Ah can' remember exactly what happens but…Ah think Ah turn intah some kinda…creature," he looks down, avoiding looking at Kenta when he reveals this. "And judgin' by some things that happened back home, Ah think Ah tried tah kill a few people and a buncha animals. It happened a few times…and every time after it happened, Ah woke up in rags feelin' like Ah went through the thresher and havin' no idea how Ah got where Ah was," he sighs. "You need it?"

Kenta nods slowly as he listens to Owen while eating his pizza. "Not as many people but there are probably a few woodland creatures up there. Well quite a few and yeah, we'll figure out a way so you can't hurt other people." He's never had a hunger for life force with his Dark Force luckily. "I'm really not sure, I'm not the expert on powers but your body could still be adjusting, finding away to deal with the dark force all of a sudden. I don't know, I've never changed into anything. I just used to leak a cloud of dark force. And yeah, I need it. I'm blind without the Dark Force."

Owen is once more surprised. "You're blind?" he asks, staring at Kenta's eyes again. "And this…DarkForce stuff can let ya see? How?" he asks, wondering if there's any way for the power to be helpful. "Cloud? Ah can do that…good for hidin'. Makes it cold though."

"I don't notice the cold anymore, I don't know the last time I was cold." Kenta says with a smile. "It's a long story but.." He takes off his sunglasses and shows off his all black eyes again. "Something happened where my vision ended up being destroyed but somehow the dark force inside me does something and allows me to see again. Everything is kind of darker but I've long since been used to it."

"Ah'm only cold when Ah'm like this. If Ah start usin' the DarkForce stuff Ah don' get cold," Owen explains. He listens intently to what Kenta says, curious little thing that hs is. "Wow…"

Kenta decides to take off his jacket and black marks are all up and down his arms, kinda like Kenta the Tiger in an odd way. Some people may think they're tattoos, Owen would immediately know it's dark force. "It's always running through me, I'm kind of one with the energy. I'm a living link with that dimension and what I've been told is I don't overload because it's flowing back and forth from me to the dimension."

Owen cringes at the sudden pulse in his head from recognizing the DarkForce markings. "Atleast they look pretty cool," he comments on them, smiling again. "You don't get tah turn it on and off? And what do ya mean, overload?"

Kenta chuckles. "Yeah, I guess that's a way to look at it. And overload, it's like you fill up too much with Darkforce and it needs and escape?" Kenta tries to explain. "I can turn this on and off, I think my body needs the dark force at this point."

Owen nods, going quiet for several minutes. He looks around at all the people in the area before finally looking back to Kenta. "Ah'm…Ah'm not gonna get like mah body needin' the DarkForce stuff in it all the time…am Ah?"

Kenta smiles and gives Owen a wink. "Don't worry about it, I don't think you will. I'm a special circumstance." He doesn't have the heart to tell Owen what really happened. He's a new kid, he wants to give him hope at least. "So anything you're looking forward to up here at all? Any questions you have, I'm talking your ear off."

Owen lets out a breath of relief. "That's…that's good," he says, rubbing one arm. He thinks for a moment before looking up. "Well, the woman that showed up tah talk mah parente intah lettin' me come mentioned a couple things tah me about a roommate and some kinda room Ah'd be trainin' mah powers in but didn't tell me too much…"

"Well anything you wanna ask, ask away and I'll be honest with you." Kenta says with a smile. He seems trusting enough as he pushes his sunglasses back to hold his hair back. He doesn't seem shy about his mutation since it's easily covered with the word 'contacts'.

Owen bites his lip. "Well, am Ah gonna get a roommate or was she jus' sayin' that tah make my parents more comfortable? And do Ah have tah find mah own roommate if Ah'm gettin' one?" he asks. "And…what was this big room she mentioned?"

"You'll be assigned one and if things end up horrible they'll look into reassingments." Kenta says with a smile. "I had a great roomate as a student there, Brian, him and I got along really well. And big room…." It takes Kenta while to figure it out. "Oh! Danger room! It's the training room."

Owen nods. "Okay. Assigned is good," he agrees. There's a pause. "Danger Room? Why is it called that if students are goin' in it?"

"It's a training room Owen, it's not really that dangerous and really quite safe." Kenta explains with a grin. "It simualtes situtations and gives us the best oportunity to use our powers. It's some Alien tech." He says with a grin. "So anything else, like classes or anything, hobbies you have?"

Owen stares. "Alien…" he pauses. "So it's like some kinda big virtual reality video game?" he nods, finding this acceptable. "Classes, Ah'm not too worried 'bout. Always did fine and got good marks," a beat. "How's the gym? And I forgot tah ask about a pool or some place tah swim…is there one of those?"

"Kind of like that Owen." Kenta says with a chuckle. "But you're the character kind of. And there's a huge well equiped guym and a heated pool. The students have a dorm all to themselves with a full cafeteria."

Owen nods slowly. "Ah'll be usin' the gym quite often," he chuckles. "Um…is the pool bathin' suit mandatory?" he asks.

"Yes it is Owen, it's a respectable school." Kenta says as he stands up and puts his arm around Owen's shoulders. "Come on, lets go to the school and I'll give ya the grand tour."

Owen makes a little face. "Mind if we make a quick stop at a place Ah can pick up a pair of shorts on the way?" he asks with a smile. "Swimmin' helps me relax," he explains. There's a pause. "And thanks for comin' tah brin' me there."

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