2009-07-09: Like Rats In A Lab


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Summary: Terry fills Rob and Robyn in a bit on what's going on before Wyatt shows up.

Date: July 9, 2009

Log Title Like Rats In A Lab

Rating: PG-13

Secret Lab

The lab has just enough space for the equipment it holds and not much else. The lighting is fairly dim as the lights are up in the ceiling and the ceiling is fairly high. There's a window towards the top of one of the walls, but it's a one way window only designed for one side to look into, those in the lab would only see a mirror. There are six tables designed for strapping patients down to for varioustests. A few tables with your standard equipment sit in one area of the room. There are a several cabinets and drawers with all sorts of medical equipment and drugs in them. In one corner of the room is a small cot.

There's a groan from one of the tables as Robyn starts to wake up. A drugged sleep might be a heavy sleep but it's not always a pleasant sleep. He goes to bring a hand up to rub his eyes when he realizes his hand, both hands, are restrained. He snaps fully awake and tries to sit up without sucess. "Dad? Mom? Jordan?" He calls out in a bit of a panic as he tries to figure out where he is, struggling to get free.

Terry has been dozing lightly, mostly because he has nothing else to do unless he wants to try and teach advanced mathmatics to a captive audiance, when he hears Robyn wake up. "Lets see, Robin was the other direction from me, and you don't sound like Skyler, I am guessing your one of the others they could see that had not woken up yet. Take a deep breath, your not alone here. I would offer you a hand but I am kinda stuck here."

A soft series of curses followed by an annoyed groan. The invisible Robert Weyrin opens his eyes but closes them quickly. Taking a moment to try and destroy the lights with the sheer force of his anger at the situation before realizing that he can't do that. "Robyn! Calm down!" he barks. There's a pause when he hears Terry and Rob groans. "Two more students?" he asks, testing the bonds on his hands and seeing how much mobility he's got there.

Robyn hears his name twice, from two different people, and is a bit confused. He first addresses Terry. "What do you mean the other direction from you? I'm right here." He did say Robin afterall. Hearing Rob's voice though, he does calm down a bit. "Mr. Weyrin? What are you doing here?" He asks trying to turn his head to look but there isn't much of a view. "Where are we? And…I guess I'm kinda stuck too." He mutters.

Terry says, "Ahh, another happy adult voice. That brings the total up to three teens, two adults, and our mysterious captors." Terry raises an eyebrow, not that anyone can see it, as Robyn speaks. "Ohh, this is gonna get fun, looks like we have two people named Robin here. Any chance you two were taken down by a well trained team of commandos with sonic grenades near Salem Center too?"

Rob scowls as he listens to Terry, taking a few deep breaths. "No. Got nabbed by a bitch and her cronies who I'm going to hurt when I find her," he says simply. "Stay calm, both of ya. We're being held by a bunch of Mutant Growth Hormone dealer-types. Nasty pieces of work. The ones that made me like I am…" he trails off. "Anyone see anything useful or have any luck getting even a part of yourselves free?" he asks, trying to rock the table just to see how much it moves.

"Mutant Growth Hormone?" Robyn asks as he didn't really learn much about it in his month and half at Xavier's. "I can't seem much of anything. Just…looks like we're in a science lab." He says as he can't look around much. "We're going to be okay, right Mr. Weyrin? The X-Men will come won't they?" He's trying to be hopeful but he's never been in a situation like this. "There's another Robyn here? I wonder if its….no, we were in Brooklyn. This…woman got her purse stolen and I thought I could help."

Terry sighs, "Damn, and I was hopping it might narrow down thier area of opperations if you guys were taken near where the girl with the giant rag doll thing and the dude with arm spikes and I got attacked. Interesting, your the second person to mention the X-Men, well if they don't come there is always the Avengers…just have to hope someone notices I am missing soon. Wiccan is bound to know a tracking spell. I hope. I am called Terry by the way, and don't worry Robyn, I may be temperarily inconvinienced but I am a super hero…and if I could jsut get a hand free I am sure I can get us out of here.

Rob continues pulling on his binds, hoping he'll get even a little bit of give. "Don't assume they don't have mobility, Robyn. Could be anywhere wheels could bring us just about now," he says. "They should," he says after a bit of hesitation. "But don't get complacent, Robyn. If you see a chance to get free, take it. He pauses and blinks. "Wait…Terry, you're a hero?" he asks. "And you got nabbed in the middle of a street by commando types? We got a public take-down too. There's no logical way someone -didn't- think something was wrong with that and call it in. Word has got to have reached either the X-men or the Avengers by now. The cops at least…" he trails off.

"How can you get complacent in a place like this." Robyn mutters not happy about the situation but he's not the type to cry and overly freak out. "My Mom and Dad would notice that I didn't come home either so they'd probably get worried and call someone." If it's the school or the police he doesn't know. He gets quiet for a bit, just hoping inside that he could be home right now but he knows hoping won't do anything. "So there are other people here? Robin and, another adult?" Robyn asks looking around. He doesn't know Terry's blind.

Terry takes a deep breath, "Yeah, as emberassing as it will be I am hoping that someone had a camera phone or something that caught it all. I know enough about my team mates to realize any pictures or video of a Young Avenger getting taken out and dragged off going online anywhere will get to them. Yeah, other teen sounded…well a little androgynous but I think the other Robin is a girl. The adult has one of those gruff voices but does not sound like he has the personality that fits it. No idea what they look like, but I think the guy may be the dude with metal spikes growing out of his hands that was there when they took me down."

"You'd be surprised," Rob mutters to Robyn. This does make it the third time he's been in a situation like this after all. "Safe to say the skinny guy that was with us is here too," he says, looking around to try and see who's near him. "You said Skyler's here, right? Gruffy'd be him unless he changed again recently," he says. Finding there to be no easy way out of the bindings on his arms, the teacher tries to turn his head enough to see if the bed he's on is metal or wood.

"Skyler?" Robyn asks as he didn't pick up the name earlier. "And that is the Robin from the school if it is Skyler. Does he look like Wolverine?" Since Skyler is coping him at the moment. "So what are they going to do to us, I'm not a hero, I don't fight crime…normally, I'm just…I'm not worth anythign to anyone." He doesn't mean that in an 'I'm Worthless' way just he's confused to why he was taken.

Terry says, "Yeah, Skyler is the name the guy gave. Can't tell you if he looks like anyone names Wolverine, the name does not stick out in my mind and I only got a a short look at him before the sonic's scrambled my senses and the damn power nullifier they slapped on me took away my only way to see. I would not say your not worth anything, everyone is worth something. Not to mention, if your here I am betting your a mutant too, which means they can probably find a buyer for your powers if they really are MGH dealers."

Rob frowns. "You're blind too, kid?" he asks Terry, wondering how many blind guys he's going to meet. Terry makes three. "He's right. You got taken just for being a mutant. Not sure what they want with me though. Got enough out of me the last time," he grumbles. "Expect needles," he adds, shifting his weight from side-to-side to see if he can get the table to move even a little.

"I didn't mean it like that, just, I'm not a superhero, I barely know how to control my powers and I really don't know what MGH is." Robyn says as he starts to pull against one of the restraints, struggling to see if it can break. "Oh you're blind…um….what's your name?" He asks seeing that they're stuck their together and who knows how long it will be.

Terry says, "Terricloth, but you can call me Terry. It takes more than eyes to see, and more than powers to make a hero. Yes I am blind, have been since I was knee high, but that is not really important. MGH is a drug Robyn, it gives normal people super powers for a short period of time and is made from mutants."

Rob nods slightly. "It's also addictive most of the time and dangerous. People can died via cardiac arrest if they overdose," the invisible teacher adds. "Any ideas how long we've been here?"

Robyn nods as he realizes why they're all here, not like he can really be seen noding. "Oh, so we're like…a sorce for them to make this stupid drug?" He asks sounding a bit irriated now. "I'm not sure Mr. Weyrin, I just woke up so hopefully not too long?" But it's all guesses. "Long enough that I'm starting to get hungry though."

Terry says, "At least a day, maybe two. I can't be sure since I don't have my watch or anything to give me a sense of time other than trying to count fibenache numbers to stay sane. Please, don't mention food, at the moment I am hungery enough I could even eat uncle Bean's vegan cruelty free macrobiotic chilli.""

Rob sighs. "Food would be nice but don't look forward to much. Last time all I got was a few saltines and water and none of it was very nice at all," he says.

"Uncle Beans Vegan Cruely Free…Chilli? That sound nasty." Robyn says as he's not hungry enough to find that appetizing, yet. "So you keep mentioning that you're a superhero and the Avengers, are you an Avenger Terry?" He's not that knowledgeable on Superheroes just a few team names here and there. He can tell you Ironman and Captain America are on the Avengers, but that's about it. "So what'd they do to you last time?" He asks Rob.

Terry says, "Young Avengers technicaly. One of the great oys of being younger than 21. Your right about Uncle Bean's Chilli. The stuff is only cruelty free when no one is forced to eat it. Never really understood why they let him in the commune's kitchen but…never up to me who got to cook and when."

Rob keeps quiet save for the occasional grunt or curse as he struggles against the bonds. "Vegan Chilli? How does that even work?" he wonders aloud. The man only knows one way to make chilli after all and it involves decidedly non-vegan methods.

Stepping into the outer area of the cages is Wyatt. He's clothed in a labcoat as he looks about between the cages. He just stands there for right now. Looking over the charts, he ponders. "Alright. I know it's doubtful, but do we have any volunteers to come with me, first? I'll… be as painless as I can." His voice is soft and rather meek at the moment. He doesn't like what he's being forced to do, but he's doing it.

Terry hmms to himself as he hears foot steps and Wyatt's voice. "I would raise my hand like in school, but it seems I am a little tied up at the moment. Any chance you can come back latter when I am a little more free?" It is probably a personality trait in all people that put on tight leather and bright colored spandex to fight crime that they resort to sarcasim in tough situations. "Any chance you can come back between my deep tissue massauge and the seaweed wrap?"

Rob growls slightly at the sound of a voice, twisting around to try and see who it is. "Who the hell are you?" he asks, not really expecting an answer to that. "No one's coming with you unless you let us off these tables," he grumbles. "You want someone, take me. Leave the kids alone," the normally invisible man offers. Or course, with the fake skin on and the lack of wig and sunglasses, he likely looks a bit freakier than normal.

As Wyatt makes himself known Robyn stays quiet and doesn't say anything. He'll let Terry be the jokester and Rob be the angry one. He'll be the scared one thank you very much. He's not about to volunteer to go first, no way, no how. "What are you going to do?" He asks more out of curiosity and fear of what's going to be happening.

"My name is inconsequential. I am a prisoner forced to do as they bid, just as much as you are, Mr. Weyrin. Only, for each of you, making mistakes costs your life. For me, making mistake costs quite a few lives. I have family to look out for. If I do not do as they say, my family dies. I will not have that on my conscience." He holds up an ampule containing a clear liquid and holds it to the light. He pulls a syringe out of his lab jacket and slowly fills the syringe from the ampule. "It's a muscle relaxer, to ensure that I have no problems." He states simply. Afterwards, he looks to Robyn. "As little as humanly possible, honestly. But the people holding us captive want your own particular powers for use in a new strand of MGH. One where you can select the powers you gain, rather than have random abilities thrust on you." He taps the syringe to get air bubbles out.

Terry says, "There is always a consequnce to your name, even if you don't want to share it. Your family, do you know where they are being held? If you can get me out of this collar I can get all of us out of here and get them safe before the people holding us have the chance to hurt them."

Rob scoffs. "That's just stupid," the teacher declares. "You honestly think they're not going to kill you and your family the moment they have what they want?" he asks. "That's the type of people you're dealing with," he sighs. "If you're going to be numbing me up, could you atleast peel this stuff off? It itche," he grumbles, gesturing at the latex covering with his eyes.

"I'm sorry." Robyn says sounding a bit sympathetic. He knows he'd be worried if his parents were in that situation. He's not really sure what to say, he's not a hero like Terry. "I'm sorry Mr. Weyrin but if I was in his shoes I'd do whatever I could to make sure they didn't get killed even if there's a chance they might anyway, there's a chance the might not." He's trying to be optimistic.

"I'm sorry." Wyatt says, tapping his ear with his free hand as he looks about to see if anyone understands what he means. "I cannot do anything to help you escape. And no, they won't. I'm too valuable to them. How many eighteen year olds have a doctorate in biochemistry, with a subknowledge in genetics? I believe two." He says. "I could be mistaken, though. And yes, Mr. Weyrin, I can remove some of that after I give you the muscle relaxer and wait for it to work. I also believe, that given enough time, I might be able to make something to help you with the other problem. I've read your file." He adds on, "Not to mention, if they harm them, the chemicals they've given me access to could easily destroy this laboratory and everything within a large radius. Or more. Or less. I haven't made exact calculations. You've seen what the news reports show that a basement Methamphetamine laboratory can cause when improperly used? Yes." He looks to Rob and begins walking over, tapping the needle again. "I will do my best to prevent any pain." Injection begins.

Terry can't help but respond to Wyatt's question about 18 year old biochemists. "About as many that know as much about particle physics as I do I am sure." Terry can't see the ear tapping for obvious reasons, so he has no idea that Wyatt is trying to tell them they are being listened too.

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