2011-09-07: Limestone Tastes Like Candy


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Summary: Mason and Sage meet for the first time.

Date: September 7, 2011

Log Title: Limestone Tastes Like Candy

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

The rain pounds on the glass windows around the cafeteria of the dorms making the day seem dark, cool and dreary. The first day of classes has started and Sage has some time before his next class. He's sitting at one of the tables with his lunch of a chicken cultet and salad in front of him. He flips through one of his school books, American History, with a confused look on his face.

Apple. Check. Cookies. Check. Cheeseburger. Check. Limestone from the gardens outside. Check. Mason is filling his lunch tray, ready to chow down. He pulls his tray from the line after getting his food, and spots Sage's hair. "Wow, that is some serious hair, brah." He invites himself to sit at the table, and after putting the tray down, he reaches across to extend a hand over his food tray to Sage. "Mason," he introduces himself with a smile.

Taking the offered hand, Sage gives it a polite shake. "I'm Sage, pleasure to meet you." He says in his British accent as his hair moves on it's own, almost in appriation of the compliment. "Thank you, I've had them since I was eight." He gives the rocks a curious look for a few seconds. "Are those for the Acirema's?" He closes his Americna History book and pushes it aside. "Who knew school would be so bloody hard and I've only had one class for a few hours."

"School can be a pain," Mason agrees. "What's an Acirema? Is that like a disease or something? I don't have any diseases. I used to be kind of embarrassed by it, but staff found out that I actually need to eat rocks to stay healthy. Limestone tastes great, too, it's like candy." He takes one of the limestone rocks, and pops it into his mouth with a loud crunch. "So," he says, mouth full. "Classes treating you pretty rough? What do you got?" Crunch crunch crunch.

"An Acirema is a type of gnome like creature, they eat rocks. They've very messy about it and their flat teeth tend to grind the rocks to smaller bits and that is how sand is formed." Sage says quite seriously. "Classes are quite different for me. I've never been to a school before and I think a lot of people know more than me in regards to this text book stuff. Back home we didn't need to know about American History or what this silly x equals thing is. What does knowing the size of a triangle matter when milking a cow or pruning roses?"

"Really?" Mason says, slightly skeptical, however unquestioning of the method. "I didn't know that. I always figured sand was just already like that. So they live on beaches?" He picks up his burger and takes a bite out of it. "I know, they make us learn all kinds of stupid stuff. School is lame. I'm going to do music my whole life, I don't need to know any of this stuff. They make me learn it anyway. I guess the power classes are good, so I don't accidentally give away my mutantion. Last thing I need is people in the outside world finding out I'm a mutant."

"Yes, they live by the water and prefer salt water but some migrate to lakes and such. The bigger the body of water the more flock to it. That is why you don't see much sand in rivers. There might be some but not as much." Sage explains as he takes a bite of his chicken cutlet. "Oh I love music. I play the Ukulele. I'm just figuring out how to listen to music on the lap box." It's a progression from calling his computer the magic box. "I wouldn't mind the power classes if they were not so focused on violence. I'm sure there are ways to practice without fighting. And why would you not want people to know you been blessed by the Dunlalaps? Are you ashamed?"

"Sweet, ukulele? That'd be a fun instrument. One of my goals in life is to learn every instrument." Mason ponders the assessment of sand. "Wait, if they live by water, then how come there's so much sand in the desert? I don't know what a dunlalap is, but… it's not that I'm ashamed, I just don't want people to know I am a mutant. People don't treat you the same when they know you're a mutant, ya know?"

"I'm not quite sure. I'll have to ask my Dad next time I write home." Yes Sage writes home he doesn't call. "That's a lot of instruments. I like the ukulele, my Grandfather taught me." He says before Mason gets a confused look. "I don't understand. What do you mean people don't treat you the same? I have not noticed it."

"You're from the UK, right?" Mason says. "Well, here in America I'm kind of famous. The last pop star to announce that she was a mutant completely lost her following. People don't like mutants, they think we're scary and stuff. Here at the school nobody cares, but out there," he motions to the outside world with another limestone in hand. "Out there they get really edgy."

"Yes I'm from Northern England." Sage says as he listens to Mason. "Why do you want to be famous?" The concept doesn't really register with Sage as he's not really familar with fame and fortune. "Nobody cares back home. At least back at the farm where I'm from. And Captain Britian isn't hated."

"Because then lots of people like you," Mason answers, as if it shouldn't have to be said. "Here people care, and so I am trying to keep it on the DL." He starts to take a bite, then pauses. "Anyway, good to meet you here. I know it's kind of a standard question, but what's your powers?" He goes ahead and commits to the rock, biting it in half and chewing it loudly. It's hard to chew a rock quietly, you know.

"I have lots of people back home that like me." Sage says as he doesn't understand the concept at all. "And you should like everyone. It's not healthy to hate, the world is a much better place if you learn to love everyone for who they are." Sage says taking another bite out of his lunch. There's definately a naievity about him but he seems to believe very strongly in what he says. "My powers are my hair. I have prehensile hair. May I ask what yours are and not seem rude?"

Mason grins, "That's pretty fun," he says. "I can control rocks and dirt." To illustrate, he takes the second half of his rock, and chunks it at the window. It flies unnaturally fast, and then he flattens ous his hand in a stop motion, then pulls back as if he were pulling back a yo-yo. The rock comes back to his hand. "Kind of fun, really."

"That is quite amazing. I bet that would be quite helpful during planting season." Sage says as he's very much a country boy in a lot of ways. "So do you need to eat the rocks or do they just taste good to you?"

"Well, staff says that they are good for me, but it's kinda like a craving I get, too. They taste like rocks, but something about them, they really taste good. Most of them at least." Mason pops the rest of the limestone rock into his mouth. "Never done much planting, but yeah, I guess it'd be really good for if I was a farmer." He picks back up the cheeseburger. "I still like regular food, though, too." In fact, there is a certain earthy smell about Mason as well.

"I've never tried to eat a rock, I'd be afriad I'd break my teeth." Sage says as he doesn't find it that strange that Mason eats them. "I can't eat a lot of food here, to much additives I think Mr. Parker-Mayfair said? I grew up on a farm where most of what we ate was what we grew. There are somethings we couldnt' grow like sugar, salt, baking soda and such but we would go into town and get them from the shops there. Mr. Parker-Mayfair called it an orangic diet." He's not fully sure what that means but it's just Sage's body isn't used to added chemicals or other stuff in food. Which I'm not sure why things are added to your food."

"That's a good question. I don't know why stuff is added to our food," Mason comments in agreement. "I figure Mr. Parker-Mayfair would know that stuff, he's all into cooking. I just eat what people put in front of me." Mason grabs a cookie, and stuffs it into his mouth. "I can eat the rocks because of my powers. I can break down the rocks with my teeth because that's how my body works, so I wouldn't try it if I were you."

Sage chuckles and shakes his head. "I don't plan on trying. Actually I'd be quite afraid you biting me. I imagine that your teeth must be quite hard to breath through rocks. I saw my brother Clover chip his tooth on a rock. He fell when we were running through the woods playing capture the flag. Luckily it was a small chip and you can barely see it now."

"Actually, I think they are about the same as everyone else's teeth. My powers break the rocks, not my strength. So it just looks like my teeth are really strong. Oh man, I could totally avoid any fight by just punching through a brick wall like a kung fu master. They'd think I'm super ninja." Mason laughs at the thought. "I'd better actually start martial arts though, in case the poparazzi got wind. Wait, so your name is Sage, and your brother's name is Clover? That's fantastic," he comments with a chuckle.

"What's a Kung Fu Master and a Ninja?" Those are two words Sage has never heard of. "What kind of art is martial? I'm not really to familar with art though." He admits. "And I am going to sound like quite the dunderhead but I'm not sure what a poparazzi is either. Anyway yes my brother's name is Clover. I have two sisters Violet and Saffron and my youngest brother's name is Coriander. Actually my full name is Sage Windsong chipmunk Holbrok the Fourth."

Mason tries so hard not to laugh, but it's taking so much energy he might as well laugh and get it over with. "Wow, really? Chipmunk? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make fun of you. I just never heard of someone named Chipmunk. I will have to get some Jackie Chan or Jet Li movies for you, and we can watch them, then you will understand martial arts better."

Sage blinks a few times and isn't sure how to react to that. "I've never heard someone named Mason before but I don't think there is anything funny about my name. My parents respect nature and gave each of us an animal in our names. Like my sister is Violet Summerbreeze Dormouse." He then just nods at Mason says he'll show him the movies, he has no clue who those people are. "Okay, I don't watch many movies but I like cartoon films."

"Well, we'll watch some soon," Mason says as he stands to his feet. "I gotta get back to class, so here's to hoping that we don't have too much homework this year. You have a good one." He takes his tray, and sticks the remainder of the rocks in his pockets before heading out the door.

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