2009-05-23: Link Not Found, Or Is It?


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Summary: Lorna preens! Owen and Erik talk! July appears! We run out of exclamation points!

Date: May 23, 2009

Log Title: Link not Found, or is it?

Rating: R

Living Room - Xavier Mansion

It was a standard place to go, really, what with all the fuss about the school and elsewhere. It's late, but now that Lorna's been imbued with this new set of powers, she has little need to sleep. It's actually fairly annoying, partial as she is to a warm bed, crisp sheets, and a mountain of pillows to roll amongst in dreamy quiet. Now she's standing before the mirror at the far wall, staring at the reflection. "I look old," she worries to herself, tilting her head to one side then the other. "I look old, don't I?! No, wait." She touched her lower lip gingerly with an index finger as she gave the mirror a come hither look. "It's not so bad! It's sparkly, anyway. I dig sparkles. I mean, in moderation, but…" Recently, those green locks had gradually shaded a glittering, snow white; starting from their roots and now covering every strand. Her eyes remained green, but a very pale green, like an emerald lit from the inside. There was a brightness to her skin; not quite as visible as it could be in the lit
room, but the glow was there.

"No, Miss Dane, ya'll don' look old," Owen Folger, freshly showered and dressed in a loose t-shirt and pajama pants, reponds from the couch. "Ya'll look jus' as radiant an' beautiful as ya'll have always looked," he assures her with a smile. He's just trying to be polite after all and it is the truth. He' just sitting on the couch, trying to figure out where or to who he's feeling this odd link and tug that came with new powers.

Erik steps in from the outside with a big smile on his features, grinning and looking much more at ease than he has in a long time. His is the joy that Owen has been feeling, which is obvious to the younger man as he walks in the room and blinks, looking at the /other/ now white haired former magnetokinetic in the room.

July steps inside the Living Room frowning a bit, as if worried about something. She looks up when she hears people talking, and finds Lorna, Owen and Erik already there. "Hi." she waves shortly, before moving to sit on an empty spot at a table.

Lorna flusters slightly beneath the pale of her lit skin, but the flush of color quickly fades. "Well, of course," she replies perkily, and turns to strike a pose; hand upon a cocked hip, hugged by black capris. The cobalt blue of her capped camisole, broken at the midriff by a stark white sash, keeps matched by the laced up whites of her low gladiator sandals. The white of her hair, indeed, only seems to bring out a familiar line in the way her jaw is set. "Oh. Well, howdy," she says to Erik and July in joint greeting. Her brows form a worried line, then perk upon her following inquiry. "You two alright?" She relaxes her posture, but a finger fidgets and taps against her elbow when her arms cross.

Owen perks up when Erik enters the room, sensing the joy over the link even as his own transmits back. ~~What the?~~ he transmits to Erik unintentionally. "Howdy, Mr. Anderson," he greets. "And Howdy tah you as well, July," he greets. ~~What's this weird…feelin'?~~ he thinks to Erik again without intending to.

Erik shakes his head a little bit at…something before he looks to Lorna for a moment. "The White hair is an interesting change, Ms. Dane, although…somehow it suits you." He offers before he nods to July and puts a hand to his head for a moment and thinks ~Am I going insane?~

Lorna gives Erik a look; she squints at him, even. Then she smiles, jerking her head with a nearly haughty laugh. "You say that only by bias," she declares. "But thank you, Leif! I quite find it an interesting development! Though," she says, with a rather breathless break in speech, "I'm sure I'd miss the green at some point." Again, she glances at the mirror. "Yes. Hmm. I will have to tend to an update in wardrobe. I don't have quite enough blues to make it work. Hmmmm… OOoooh, perhaps some violets, yes? White, white, white… Not too much black, that's so 50's. Need some peridots. I think… If you'll excuse me, gentlemen, kiddo. Must stop preening and do what I came to." She gives a perky snap, and the room seems to lighten and fill with a cheering, energizing warmth as she passes for the door. Not quite the usual, dry humored and brooding Dane that has been about prior to the switches.

'Hearing' Erik's question makes Owen stare. ~~Only if Ah am too…~~ he trails off to the man, rather shocked. The shocked feeling goes right over then empathic link. ~~What's goin' on here? Ya can hear what Ah'm thinkin' and Ah can hear what ya're thinkin'?~~ he continues to ask, getting up off the couch. He blinks a few times then waves. "See ya, Ms. Dane and July…"

Erik blinks as the room empties, so now he looks over to Owen. "Ok, is that you in my head?" He asks, now that it won't sound quite so insane to say so.

Owen shifts his weight to his other foot and nods. "As long as it's you Ah'm feelin' in mah head," he replies, a touch confused. "Think…this has somethin' tah do with the green monster or the new powers ah got all of a sudden?"

Erik laughs a little bit. "Well unless you were psychic before and decided I was your new best buddy, I'd say yeah this is probably related." He says. He is working at keeping his thoughts blank, although you do hear one 'I so need the helmet…'

"What helmet?" Owen asks both verbally and mentally. He sighs. "So Ah guess this weird…feelin'…is part of these cool new powers. Guess there had tah be a downside…"

Erik shakes his head. "Magneto has a helmet specifically designed to block telepathy." Erik comments dryly. "Yeah…they must have been…linked somehow."

Owen blinks. "And jus' how would ya know…or even get your hands on that kinda thin'?" he asks, frowning slightly. The teen slowly approaches Erik, trying to figure something out judging by the confusion flowing over the empathic link.

Erik raises an eyebrow. "I would know it because, you know…I read?" He says with a shrug, unable to keep the phrase '…and I've worn it…' from filtering through his mind.

~~Alright…~~ Owen mentally sighs. ~~What's goin' on?~~. He frowns. "Ya'll have worn Magneto's helmet? When…where…why?"

Erik shakes his head. "Yes, I have. Also, I'm just one person so I can't technically be an all. And…somewhere a very long time away from here."

Owen frowns. ~~Makin' fun of the way Ah talk…~~ he mutters in his head. "So…why did ya wear it, Mr. Anderson? Costume party and showin' off ya got the real deal somehow? Ebay?"

Erik rubs his face. "Sorry." He says to the mental comment, shaking his head. "I doubt Magneto ever sold it on eBay. And technically it wasn't this Magneto, either…but it is a long story."

Owen shrugs. "So, jus' cause he never sold it don' mean someone else didn'," he chimes. ~~Ah got time for a story,~~ he adds mentally, smiling.

Erik shakes his head. "No, it has always been his. And I am not going to tell the story, because it is a small part of a much longer story." ~And I hardly know this kid~

Owen coughs. ~~Gonna be gettin' tah know eachother a lot better there, Mr. Anderson. Whether we want tah or not it seems. Dunno how long this whole power crazy thin's gonna last. And Ah'm not a 'kid' anymore…Ah'm 18…~~ he the currently-telekinetic trails off.

Erik shakes his head and runs a hand back through his hair. "Ok, we have to stop the talking in our heads, that…that is disturbing. And getting to know one another does not mean knowing each other's deepest, darkest secrets."

Owen takes a deep breath. "If ya have suggestions, Ah'm all ears. Telepathy ain' mah normal power. Ah dunno much about it," he says honestly. "And Ah dunno…what happens if this works when we're asleep or day dreamin' or somethin'? Might catch a lot more than we intended…"

Erik shakes his head. "I know about it but I don't have a lot of experience with…this kind of link." He says, trying to focus only on what he is saying, and not anything else. "So. We will just…deal with it, somehow. And…yeah, let's try to think /clean/ thoughts."

Owen blushes, a few images flashing to mind he quickly puts a stopper on. "Well…Ah'll do mah best there but…uh…gonna be a bit hard," he chuckles, embarassed.

"Well, we are trying to avoid things being a bit hard, but…well, neither of us is that old, and it will happen. I promise right now never to discuss any of those thoughts I see from you with anyone, I will take them to my grave." Erik offers.

Owen chuckles a bit, blushing and avoiding looking at Erik. ~~Hoo boy…this'll be …interestin'…~~ he mentally mutters. "Ah'll offer the same…even if Ah'd like tah stay away from the boneyard for a very long' time."

Erik nods. "Uh…yeah. So, I'll warn you straight up. You might see some pretty horrifying nightmares, and…thoughts about another teacher here at the school that are not rated G for families. First the nightmares…happened. Secondly…that is not the same teacher you know, but a…different version."

Owen bites his lip. "Can' say whether or not they'll be as horrifyin'…but…Ah got mah fair share of demons and ghoulies up here that like tah pop up at night," he says, tapping his head. An image of his Bat form pops to mind as he says this, followed by him shuddering. "And…whatcha mean different version?" pause a beat. ~~An' Ah'm no stranger tah R rated and higher thoughts 'bout people Ah know.~~

Erik licks his lips for a moment. "Well, you'll see me holding someone I loved very dearly as they die in my arms, and then it'll change to a room soaked in blood and a thousand bodies who look like they've exploded from every pore in their skin, like every cell in their body ripped its way out of them. Because it did." Erik says simply. "And I mean it is…not the teacher, not this one."

Owen cringes for a moment. "Yeah…the nightmares are alon' that line. Horrible monster tearin' people tah shreds…lots of people you'll recognize," he shudders again. ~~An' that's jus' cryptic and confusin'.

~You'll see it soon enough, won't make it any better to be expecting it. Just…yeah, remember. It isn't K…the teacher.~ Erik thinks back, sighing.

Owen crosses his arms. ~~K?~~ he sighs as well. ~~Seriously? If Ah'm gonna see it, why be so secrative 'bout the name?~~ he rolls his eyes, starting to walk by Erik to get to the other side of the room. As he does, Owen's shoulder accidentally brushes Erik and there's that surge of increased power shooting through them for a few seconds. "Woah…" he trails off.

Erik sighs a little bit and rubs his face. ~Because it is hard to say. Fine, Miss Pryde but not /this/ Miss Pryde.~ He sighs as he runs his hand back through his hair…and makes a trophy on the mantelpiece collapse in on itself into a tiny cube, from the brush. "Ack…"

Owen glances at a few floating objects and tries to set them all right. "Okay…that was weird," he says. "When we touch…we get stronger?"

Erik nods. "Apparently, and also someone can no longer claim to be able to prove they bowled a perfect game. Ah…yeah, powers are fun." He says…scooting away from the touching.

Owen unconsciously moves after Erik for half a scoot before stopping himself. "Ah'm sure it can be fixed…"

Erik nods. "Well…one hopes, I don't have any experience with gravitic powers…and I like…you know…mental personal space. Sorry, just…weird." He laughs and shajes his head. "Well…this will certainly be an interesting experience."

Owen frowns and shrugs. "Like Ah got any experience with telemindy weirdness. Ah was still tryin' tah figure out all the Dark Force stuff," he sighs. "And Ah like havin' mah head tah mahself too but seems like were' mental roomies for awhile," he says, now thinking about how he misses his old powers. "Yeah, interestin'…

Erik chuckles a little bit and nods. "Well…on the plus side we get to find out what other people's lives are like, walk a mile in their…amusingly telepathic shoes."

Owen chuckles as well. "Whoever they are," he says. "Ah gotta thank 'em though…Ah spent the day flyin'. Most amazin' experience Ah've had in awhile," he admits as images of his flight come to mind and sheer, unadulterated joy at the memory surges across their empathic bond.

Erik blinks a little bit and actually pales a little bit at that. "Wow, alright that is…awkward and intimate but I'm glad you enjoyed it…" He says, somewhat…shocked. "I also spent a lot of time using…words you shouldn't use in school, and for that I appologize…"

Owen blushes slightly. "Sorry…it's jus'…Ah always wanted tah fly ever since Ah knew what a mutant was and always hearin' people askin' about what it's like tah fly as the Bat when Ah can't remember anythin' that monster does…it just," he shrugs. "Gettin' up there, wind in mah hair…world rushin' by…was amazin'," he says more quietly. "An' don' worry about it. Ah heard a lot worse than that before."

Erik nods. "I used to be able to fly with my regular powers, before…something happened and it messed up my powers." ~I came here…~ "It…I missed it."

Owen blinks. ~~Coming here messed up your powers?~~ he asks mentally, wondering just what Erik's talking about. "Ah can see why ya'd miss it…first ten minutes up there and Ah knew Ah loved bein' able tah do it.

"Yet another chapter in a very long story I'm not going to tell right now." Erik says with a sigh before he nods. "Well..I am glad that you could…feel it. I can't promise you won't feel it a lot." Erik says, without contemplating how bad that sounds. "But I have to get in to town…we'll figure this out."

Owen starts to voice a complaint when just starts snickering. It then turns to full laughter. "Oh man…alright…okay…see ya later," he says. "Ah'm gonna catch some sleep."

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