2010-03-14: Lion Around


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Summary: Antonio seeks out a quiet place to commune with nature when Nature stops by and says Hi.

Date: March 14, 2010

Log Title Lion Around

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

NOTE - because of the heightened security due to the Sinister events that happen around this time, it would be impossible for this to take place within the school confines (within the walls) due to the increased security measures. For that reason, it begins a short distance past the walls, outside the defensive perimeter.

It's a sunny spring day and Antonio needs to get 'out' of the school. With the Sinister business happening, Tony makes his way out into the woods. It's a warmer day, so he is in a pair of X-Shorts and a soccer jersey as well as a pair of white running shoes. He picks his way carefully through the woods, looking for one of his favorite places to study. There is a small grove surrounded by trees where the sun can come through and allow those there to enjoy both sun and shade. He makes his way towards said grove and upon arriving throws out a beach towel, pulls out of his shirt and shoes and pulls out one of his biology books and starts working through a few of the chapters.

This is a strange weather day. It was wet and nasty yesterday, went calm in the night, and it's bright and sunny now. Normally Pumas prefer to hunt at night, or at least at dusk, but they'll take advantage of whatever time is reasonable, and this particular Felix Concolor … wait, isn't it Felis? Well, yeah, cover is blown by slip of the tongue. The puma who is wandering these woods is a bit different. There aren't too many good-sized woods around the New York area, so Felix has gone north a ways. That Mikhail kid talked about hunting deer and it has the puma salivating for venison. But being inept as a hunter, all he's gotten so far is a squirrel and a rabbit. He considered a particularly annoying chihuahua back at the edge of the forest but decided he didn't want Mexican today.
So imagine his surprise when he catches a whiff of Mikhail's days-old scent here. Curiosity has him trying to follow it, when he comes upon a clearing. And stands quite still, allowing his natural coloring to blend him into the woods a bit. He watches, for a moment, curiousity overcoming his more sensible human instinct.

Antonio is certainly not expecting a run in with a wild animal. As a matter of fact, the best he could expect would be the appearance of a certain hair covered teleporter. He stretches and shifts a bit as the ground is a little soggier than he thought and the towel getting a little wet. But none the less he relaxes, using his backpack as a pillow and props his book on his knees as he continues to skim through it.

Speaking of teleporter. Felix is now curious about what the guy is reading, and fades away… to reappear directly behind and hopefully out of sight of Antonio, so he can read over his shoulder. He's sitting in the position where his front legs are straight, his tail tucked around his body.

A&P, College level anatomy and phisiology. Biology has been surpassed his first year here. Now he is on to prep-college courses, which at this school means learning above the curve. So currently he is looking at the glandular system and the functions. He blinks for a moment and shifts sitting up and looking around, feeling like he is being watched. He looks left and then right and then lays back down, tilting his head up to look at the sky and catching the face of the puma. "Che Catzo!" He yells, stumbling to his feet and slipping a little on the wet ground, tumbling onto his ass.

Well, that's better than some reactions. The cat grins, which is every bit as strange looking as one might think, because it should seem extremely predatory but instead it's just a little predatory.
"Hi. Interesting book. Did you take your shirt off so you could compare with the anatomy charts?"
The puma's voice is almost human-sounding, a little raspy perhaps. His tail tip twitches a bit as the now-upended fellow deals with the lack of friction posed by wet ground, and the grin now contains quite a bit more amusement.

Antonio grumbles. The bottom of his butt and feet covered in wet grass and mud. He sighs a little and slowly moves to stand up. "Che no comico." He mutters to himself as he stands and starts to wipe his rump off. "And no….I just wanted some sun…." He offers before blinking. "You are a student?" His eyes wary, his accent thickly Italian.

Felix gives a cheshire-cat blink, and tilts his head. "Student? Of what? Is this a philosophy question? I thought you were reading anatomy."
The cat's wearing something that looks like a radio-tag collar but it has a Gucci stamp on it. Not likely a radio-tag.

Antonio blinks again and idly wipes down the back of his legs before moving to pick up his towel and use it to clean up. "Si, ma no…" he shakes his head. "If you are not a student….what are you?" he asks, his voice carrying with it caution and a new layer of fear.

Felix does the sideways-head-tilt. "I am me? Who are you? What do you mean 'student'?"
His expression is just curious, and he catches that scent of fear, so he lowers himself into the 'sphinx' position.

Antonio continues to back away and puts out a hand….mainly for protection. By protection, it is the intention for him to 'shrink' your collar just a bit to the point you know something is tightening. "That is not my information to give out….who -are- you?" he asks again, this time the collar pulsing tighter with the word 'are."

The tightening collar startles Felix. "What? ACK!" and he vanishes except for eyes and mouth. "Cheshire. I'm just a guy. uh … puma. What was that thing you did?"

Can't see the object as the creature disappears. Given that, he (Tony) takes off running towards the school through the woods, dodging trees and leaping over trunks quickly in an attempt to get back to safety.

Felix pops back into the regular world and shifts to a midway shape, anthropomorphic puma wearing cargo pants, taking the now-tight collar off. "Huh. HEY! YOU FORGOT YOUR BOOK!"

Antonio keeps running. Book be damned. Someone is near enough to the school to be a threat and can turn into a Puma, disappear and even become a were puma. Kids are missing, and Antonio doesn't have an offensive power, his is more support than anything, and it doesn't work on biological material, so the woods and the things around him are of no good. He isn't hard to follow given the fact that his bare feet leave a trail in the wet ground. Then of course there is the fact he left his towel, shirt and shoes behind as well.

Felix shakes his head. Picks up the book, the towel, shirt, and shoes, and shakes the mud off, folds them and sets them on a stump. He considers, "What should I do? Make sure he doesn't hurt himself? Laugh if he does?"
The anthropuma vanishes himself to the branches of a tree above where Antonio is going. A communications tower is visible from the tree, and as Antonio runs straight past him to get to the tower, something scans the intruding feline.
A machine — a freaking MACHINE — pops out of the ground and a targeting laser begins flickering across the tree. Felix twitches. That laser sets his hunting instinct on edge, but the 'ch-kunk' of the 'get down kitty' round chambering is the last straw. Don't care how pretty the sunbather, he's not worth getting shot over. Felix vanishes back to a safe place, just an instant before the stun-round fires.

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