2010-09-29: Liquid Gum

Players: David and July

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Summary: David and July meet at the Coldstone Creamery

Date: September 29, 2010

Log Title:Liquid Gum

Rating: PG

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

Wearing a grey hoodie over ablack T-Shirt and white running shorts and yellow cybershades, David makes his way into the Coldstone Creamery. He is dripping in sweat having jogged here from the Mansion. He pants a bit and then makes his way to the counter and taps his fingers on the glass counter as he looks over the various flavors. He looks to the woman behind the counter, "Sorry, I was working out, but I really had a craving for ice cream!"
The woman seems slightly annoyed and shrugs her shoulder, "Get whatever you want." David also shrugs and peers through the various flavors, "What do I want?"

July steps into the Creamery and first thing she notices is the sweaty man looming over the ice cream display. She ponders about making a remark, but decides it would be too rude to someone she doesn't know. Instead, she just goes to get herself some ice cream. "Too hot? Working out?" she asks, smiling a bit as she approaches David.

Without looking her when July speaks, David replies, "Something like that. I was working out and craved ice-cream so I jogged here." He grins and smiles, "Vanilla it is." He turns to July, "Plain I know, but you can't beat the original ice cream." His cybershades flicker a bit and words quickly fly across the lenses as he tilts his head and smiles at July.
The woman behind the counter begins to serve him his ice cream and asks July, "Want anything?"

July chuckles softly at the 'originals' comment, "Well, I don't consider the 'vanilla' to be the original ice cream, only the blandest." she shrugs softly. "The 'original' ice cream was nothing more than frozen milk." she grins softly at that, giggling, before going to prepare a chocolate/strawberry ice cream for herself.

David smirks as July goes to her her own ice cream. He takes the vanilla cone and get s a few licks in. "So Ms. Lanford, how've you been since graduation?" He takes a seat at a table near her.
The woman behind the counter goes into the back since there are only two customers.

July blink-blinks. "Huh? How do you know my name?" she asks, arching one eyebrow as she looks at David, up and down, not recognizing the guy. "I'm pretty sure we haven't met before." she now seems wary of the guy, frowning a little bit.

David notes the change in mood, "Don't be wary. My name is David Alleyne." He extends his hand to shake, "I went to the same school you went too. I graduated from there as well. Though we went at different times. Sorry for the abrupt introduction." He half smiles, "I'm awkward like that…I just returned to the area and am still adjusting."

July oh's a bit, and nods slowly, "Still doesn't explain how you know my name, y'know?" she asks, arching one eyebrow at that, as her posture relaxes just a tad.

David removes the shades. His eyes adjust to the light as he almost always has them on. "My shades set up a link to the school's database among other things. I've been reviewing things since I've been back and I recognized you when I saw you from the database." He rubs his eyes as they adjust, "I wear them a lot. It's literally like staring at a monitor all the time." He grins and folds them up and puts them in his hoodie pocket. "So anyway, I graduated a bit ago and now I work at the Institute, helping when I can."

July ah's slowly at that, "I see." she says, arching one eyebrow as she glances at the glasses as they're pocketed and shrugs, "I see. Well, no need to introduce myself, it seems. Anyways, I'm just studying at the college here."

David smiles and finishes off his ice-cream, "Oh nice." He looks back at the counter and pats his stomach, "Do I dare get another one?" He ponders the question, "I supposed I would burn it off on the jog back to the mansion?"

July chuckles, "I don't need to worry about calories, thank god." she giggles softly at that, already preparing herself a second ice cream. "How about you?"

David rubs his stomach, "Unfortunately, I do." He licks his lips, "But a few more training sessions in the DR won't kill me." He goes to prepare a sundae for himself, "hopefully, it won't." He grins, "So, do you miss it? the school?"

July chuckles gently, and she shrugs a bit, "A bit. I visit the school every now and then." she smiles, "It's a place I can be myself, if you know what I mean." she says, shrugging again.

Nodding in agreement with her statement, David takes a seat next to her with his vanilla chocolate strawberry sundae with nuts and bananas. "I agree with you. College was hard enough not feeling like a total like a total cheater. It's good to be back…and I've been impressed with some of the new students. Very diverse."

July has no idea what David means by 'cheating', but she figures it may be some kind of super-intelligence thingie. "I see. Well, it's not about cheating, more like not being able to be myself." she shrugs softly.

David nods, "Well, at least your ability isn't always on." He scoops some of the strawberry from his ice-cream, "Though it is good to learn things about people." He looks to the woman behind the counter, "You know a float might be good." He gestures towards her, "Do you have any root beer?" She responds that she does and then David asks July, "Would you like some?"

July chuckles softly, "Who said it's not always on?" she says, smirking a little bit at that, but she doesn't say anything else about it. "Nah, I don't like alcohol. Messes me up real bad." she chuckles again.

David chuckles at the alcohol reference and then chugs quite a bit of the root beer, "If only." He puts the root beer down and then starts to put some ice cream into it. "So, July, are your parents fans of the month?"

July arches one eyebrow at the comment about her name, "Look, David…" she says, her mirth disappearing at that little joke. "I'll admit that this joke can be fun the first one or two times, but when you've heard that joke more than a thousand times just last month, it kinda stops being funny. Actually becomes downright annoying." she arches one eyebrow.

David puts his hand up in a gesture, "I come in peace." He grins, "Fair enough." He pushes the sundae in between, "Take my sundae." He winks and takes another swig of his root beer float.

July arches one eyebrow at the sundae, "No beer on it?" she asks, as she slowly pulls it toward herself, and hen takes a tentative scoop off it.

David ponders if she is serious and arches his brow, "Alcohol free." He grins, "It's kind alike liquid bubble gum, I guess?"

July eats the first scoop of the sundae when she hears the question David asks, giving her pause and making her blink, "what?" she asks, tilting her head softly in confusion.

David grins, "Sundaes. They are like liquid gum. The melted part of the ice cream. That's what my mother used to say to me when I was younger." He finishes his float. "My family is kinda weird."

July ah's softly. For a moment she thought the guy was talking about her powers. "Well, can't blow bubbles with those, so can't really call it bubble gum." she shrugs gently, smiling softly.

David smirks, "No I suppose not." He hmmmmns, "Liquid gum. I should see if I can invent them. Might be kinda cool" He starts to laugh. "July, you've given me a great idea."

July blinks at that and arches one eyebrow, "I did? What did I do?" she asks, while eating another scoop of her sundae now, the girl obviously confused.

David smiles widely, "I'm going to invent Liquid Gum!" He looks off in the distance, "It'll be great children everywhere will drink it and be able to blow bubbles! It's the perfect idea!"

July blinks again, and then she shakes her head, dismissing the idea that David might have been talking to her mutation, "Well, good luck with that. But, if you swallow it, how will you blow bubbles?" she arches one eyebrow, smiling.

"That's a good point, but if you think about it…." A beeping noise can be heard coming from David's hoodie pocket. When he pulls out his cybershades, it shakes a bit, "Excuse me," He puts the shades on. Binary code flashes on the lenses and he sighs, "I'll be right there." He looks to July, "Sorry, I have to head back to the Mansion." He stands up, "It was nice meeting you and sorry for the awkward introduction, but I would love to do this again, or maybe next time you are at the mansion, you can look me up." He grins, "Sorry again, gotta rush out." He takes a deep breath and then jogs out of the Coldstone Creamery.

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