2011-06-22: Listen To Your Words


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Summary: Cloud asks Emma for advice about the future

Date: June 22, 2011

Log Title: Listen to your words

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Emma Frost's Office

Miss Frost's office is not as white as one would expect, however it does present an overall theme in the room. Using a classic den/office style structure from the building, the hardwood floor has been mostly covered from entry to desk with a white carpet that has been decorative bordered in an ivy-pattern, with the center having a delicately done floral arrangement. Two plush white leather chairs sit slightly staggered and angled facing a white marble topped desk of dark-stained oak, the Xavier Academy logo in front emblazoned in a polished steel. Atop the desk is materials for physical writing as well as a dual-monitor computer system that seems keyboardless, instead having a single mouse-like interface device. To the right are a pair of striated white marble book-cases filled from top to bottom, in the center of the pair a marble fireplace that burns sedately despite the time or season.

The left wall has a series of file cabinets sitting next to another computer desk, this one with a standard keyboard and mouse with the academy logo floating sedately on the screen. Next to those is a table where mail seems to be laid out next to a carafe of what is either coffee or tea, and a small pile of cookies, which seems to vary day by day. Behind the carafe is a small containers for sugar, fresh cream, and honey.

Behind the desk is a bank of windows facing northwards, running practically from wall to wall, bordered on both sides by silver-embroidered sheer silk cloth, so even when drawn you can make out details outside, and so long as day is present, line pours in to give the room a sense of warmth. For the times when more light is required, it comes from the vaulted office ceiling from a tasteful-looking light and fan combination. Just behind the desk and on the right side is a second door with a hand-print scanner.

Having finally decided last week what he was going to move on to after graduation Cloud has had to take several important things into account, he's already dicussed the idea with his sister and his family, now he has to talk to one of the headmasters about his decision. He's dressed in blue jeans, black boots and a red and white t-shirt, taking a deep breath he knocks on the door of Miss Frost's office, if he thoughts were being listened in on, he's rather apprehensive about what his about to discuss.

As usual, before the first knock hits, the door opens, that typical spookiness the woman attempts to cultivate around herself hanging there as she seems not to be present in the room at first. "Enter" comes Emma's voice as she can actually be seen in the middle of balancing on a stool as she's fixing a new portrait hung on the wall, "Hello, Mister Rosen. You wished to see me?"

As the door opens before he even knocks Cloud gulps, that is one of the single creepiest things at this school, entering the room he approaches the desk, "Miss Frost, would you like a hand with that picture?", looking around the room he nods, "Yeah i need to talk about what i'm planning on doing when i graduate".

Emma makes a small sound that could be considered a chuckle, or at least something amused. But the frame is settled easily, and she steps down, pushing the stool back oce more as she turns to face you, "Shall we get comfortable then? Please… have something to drink or eat if you like." The perfect hostess moving herself to the chairs, which she turns to face each other instead of the desk, and then she settles in one, a glass of chilled wine from the desk in her hands now.

Cloud isn't sure if he should feel more at ease or not with the chuckle, "I don't want anything thank you Miss Frost, but thanks for the offer", he walks over and sits in the chair opposite Emma, "Well, i've decided that i wanna help help working getting mutants more accepted by humans, but part of that i wanna tell the people i know that i'm a mutant and be open about it if asked, i just wanted to talk to you to make sure i dont do anything to cause the school trouble".

The question seems to make her pause for several moments, as Emma crosses one leg over the other, letting her heel half-hang there in front of her. Her lips purse as she looks you over and then asks, "Cloud… do you spend much time in Mutant town?"

Cloud shakes his head, "No, i've only been there a few times before, but i'm gonna try and find an apartment in Mutant town over the summer", he's not sure how that relates to his question but Miss Frost must have her reasons.

Emma gives a nod as she sits back, her arms crossed under her bosom as she considers the young man for a moment, "Being a mutant is like being homosexual and having HIV, Mister Rosen. Men who contracted this in the 1970s were ostracsized, even among their own culture, and it was considered anathema. Mutation still receives the same consideration. That is why Mutant Town exists, because it is a place where people can go and not feel out of place, or live with loved ones who are blessed or cursed with a gift. Magnus can be open about his mutancy because he has the power to ensure that no one can threaten him. It is the same with Professor Xavier. But by coming out… you place not only yourself, but your sister, your parents, and your community in danger. Your decision is noble, but to really understand what you intend to do… you need to live among the people who's lives your words will affect."

Cloud knew that mutants were hated so had an idea of what to expect, the thing that was really worrying him was the effects it would have on those around him, which Emma has pointed out to him, "So i should spend time living in mutant town before i commit to anything and until i'm strong enough to protect myself and those around me?", he sighs, "Theres nothing i'm really good at, i figured this was something i could do that would means something, help people".

"Strength is not merely powers. It is strength of character and resolve that count as well… Here…" And suddenly the room vanishes and you see the Headmaster Scott Summers fighting in the Danger Room, moving smoothly, working between hand to hand and his optic blasts, "What makes Scott the leader he is, is not his powers… it is his confidence. His ability to inspire trust, and the resolve to make the choices that need making, and to hold to them." As the image comes, it vanishes, "What you need to do…" Emma then adds, "Is to find your strength, not assume that not being good at one thing makes you less strong than others. I think living and working in Mutant Town will do that for you. Give you a chance to find that strength, and to embrace it as your own. That's all I've ever wanted for my students here. Powers are powers… they are not everything you are made from."

Cloud is silent as he watches the scene Emma creates not speaking until it's over, "Wow, i've never seen Mr. Summers in action before, no wonder he was the leader of the X-Men", he used to have the whole confidence thing down back when he was Quarterback at his old school but now he thinks back that was more cockyness than confidence, "So living in Mutant Town will help me figure out a way to really help our kind, powers or not?"

"Our kind is human kind, Mister Rosen… despite whatever differences genetic mutation has given us… we are not a new race… we are simply the next step. Those are words from Charles Xavier. Part of how he viewed the world." Emma says as she stands up and walks back over to the painting, making a few minute adjustments, "We only believe ourselves seperate because we are made to. People of like background or what is laughably called race tend to cluster together, because of similiar culture and interests. This is both good and bad, in that it breeds tension, and fosters differences. Live in Mutant Town, but be a New Yorker… assume nothing, and take each person as they are, and not the color of their skin, or if they love the same gender, or shoot energy from their eyes. Tolerance is the hardest thing in the world to achieve, because it means you must give up something within yourself to truly understand someone else."

Cloud nods even though he doesn't really agree with what Emma is saying, they are different way to different to be the same species but that shouldn't stop humans from excepting them, "What do you mean by tolerance?, i've been a normal human being and i've been a mutant, i've got no dislike to either side, my parents and brothers are human".

Emma puts a finger up, "Listen to your words, Cloud Rosen… how you said it… because right there you put a difference between yourself and your brothers. Are you truly that different? Or is it merely that they received one gift, and you another? It is always wise to stop and think of these things. That is tolerance. Making an assumption of nothing. I attempt not to assume all the time… and while I am mostly right, there are times I can be pleasantly surprised." Going towards the door, "I would say, Mister Rosen… that the greatest lessons that you have left to learn are not at this school, but out in the world, where you can see what the true effects of your actions are. I will speak to one of the apartment buildings in Mutant Town, and you will receive a discounted rent. But the payment and upkeep will be entirely up to you."

Cloud gets a bit of a shock as Emma points out what he just said, "I didn't realise i thought that way", he never thought of himself as different from his brothers before but he did just say it, he made the destinction; him - mutant, them - human. He gets up as Emma leads the way to the door, "The way i see things has changed without me even realising…", when Emma mentions being able to get him discounted rent he smiles, "Thank you Miss Frost, i'd better get working on getting a job than, thanks for speaking with me, i'm starting to see things more clearly now".

Emma actually gives a soft chuckle and then inclines her head, "Well… it is nice to have you here for something other than the norm, Mister Rosen. I will admit… your… interesting brand of mischief will be missed. There are plenty of small jobs for the determined, you need only go looking. And we will help in any way we can."

Cloud grins, "Well i'll be back from time to time if thats ok, my sister is planning on staying a while longer i think, plus i owe this place a lot, in more ways than i'll ever be able to even out", when he first got here he was really self-pitying about his mutation, "I'm young, there's gotta be someone out there with a use for me".

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