2009-04-06: Living Room Gathering


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Summary: Talk of powers and musics.

Date: April 6, 2009

Log Title Living Room Gathering

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Wearing a black t-shirt with a Nightmare Before Christmas motief over a pair of black dress pants and a brown paperboy sort of hat, is Robyn. He walk into the living room with a book in one hand and a bottle of juice in the other. He's deicded to take a break inbetween classes. He smiles when he sees Owen sitting there and plops down in a chair. "Heya, Owen right?"

Owen glances up and offers a fanged smile. "Howdy," he says. "That's me. You're…Robyn if Ah remember correctly," he nods a few times. "Lookin' for a breather between classes too?"

Robyn smiles and nods. "Yup, I'm Robyn and yeah. I can only take so much of blah blah blah before I start daydreaming and thinking of the next thing I can scuplt. So ho are you doing today?"

Owen sighs and looks up at the ceiling. "Ah guess Ah'm doin' okay. Jus' restin'. Gonna have tah take a trip intah the woods soon…gettin' close tah overload time again," he answers. "You're a sculpter?"

"I guess, I just like to many anything out of clay so scupting, pottery, I can get lost in it for hours." Robyn says with a smile as he puts his book down on the table, showing it's a book of the art of Edward Gorey. "So where are you from Owen?"

Owen nods. "Sculpt people?" he wonders. The book is given a glance, Owen nodding again. As he does, Owen's fur vanishes. His eyes return to normal and fangs shrink back as he returns to his human form. Sitting there in jeans and a tank-top, he smirks. "Fulton, Tennessee."

"Wow, that's far away. And no, I don't really sculpt people, not normal people at least." Robyn says taking off his hat and shaking his hair out. He really does fit that 'emo' stero-type look. "If you ever want to see, you can stop by my room and check out some of the stuff I've done, it's a little weird for most people but I like it."

Owen nods. "Yep. Tell me about it…train ride took forever," he chuckles. "Anyone here really a normal person?" he muses. "Ah think Ah might jus' stop by sometime. Never seen much sculpture work before…"

"Most of the stuff I do is smaller, a couple of inches tall. But That'd be cool, I don't really have many friends to show my stuff off too." Robyn says with a chuckle as he's never been the popular kid. He still hasn't made any friends here yet. "Sounds like that'd be a long train ride, they didn't fly you up here?"

Owen finds the lack of friends thing a bit strange but doesn't comment on it. Taking a deep breath, the DarkForce user looks back up. "Nope. Mah Ma's all plane-phobic. She insisted Ah stay on the ground for the trip. So it was the train for me. 'Sides…" he frowns. "Train was safer incase Ah accidentally overloaded durin' the trip."

Robyn chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I've only been on a plance once, the family trip to Disney World when I was eight. Other than that, I'm from New York City so we just drove here, or the school drove me." Robyn says with an odd tone to his voice before shaking it off. "So what's with this overload? I think I can kind of relate though I think I do the oposite of overload."

Owen smiles. "Never been in one mahself. Jus' seen 'em…" he trails off. "You got your drivers' liscense yet?" he wonders. "If too muck DarkForce builds up in me…Ah overload and turn intah a monster that tries tah eat people…"

Robyn shakes his head. "Nope, I just turned sixteen about two months ago. I grew up in Brooklyn, I haven't learned to drive yet. I'd like to though." Robyn says as he nods listening to Owen. "Dark Force?" He says sounding interested. "I like the monster bit but not the eating people bit. I've been finding out if I don't…um…feed? absorb, absorb doesn't sound as weird. If I don't absorb physic energy I get horrible headaches."

Owen nods. "Oh. Ah jus' turned eighteen a couple days ago," he muses. "Yeah…Dark Force," he says, holding up his hand. The teen releases a cloud of inky blackness into the air. As he does, the fuz returns, eyes glow, and fangs appear. "So…ya're some kinda psychic vampire power?"

July comes in from the lobby with her arms crossed behind her head, the girl apparently deep in thought. She hears two people talking in the living room and she looks at the two. "Hey." she says, smiling a bit and waving her hand, "How are you two?" the girl then giggles softly, "Nice to find other people other than myself and Vladimir that like to enjoy the living room."

"Man that seems like one of those powers that's cool but kind of a pain in the butt if you don't mind me saying that." Robyn just likes to be honest with people and tell them what he thinks, he doesn't mean it to sound rude. "And Yeah, I guess I'm kind of a psychic vampire, it sounds really weird and I don't know how many people are going to freak hearing the word 'vampire'. At least I'm not an undead creepy McCreepy pants. Oh hey! I met you the other day….July?" He says trying to remember.

"Nail on the head…" Owen muses, smiling a bit. "Eh, why freak about 'vampire' when Ah turn intah a giant bat that tries tah bite intah people and suck the life outta 'em," he says. "Howdy," he offers to July.

July nods softly to Robyn. "Yes. That's me." she says, smiling, "And you… sorry, but I'm a bit bad with names." She says, a bit embarrassed as she rubs the back of her head, "I hope I'm not interrupting anythinhg?"

"Robyn." Says the brunette brightly. "Kind of like the bird or Batman's sidekick but with a y instead of an i. And I don't care if it's also a girls name." He says as he's heard that a lot. "Well Owen, you can be the batmonster and I can be a vampire and that guy Pallaton can still be Lon Cheney." He says with a smile trying to find some humour in his pradicament.

"Owen," the fuzzy teen re-introduces himself. He shakes his head, not liking the monster thing very much. "Halloween should be interestin'…"

July smiles, "Nice to meet you two." She says, nodding, but then she blinks softly, and she tilts her head a bit to the side, "What are you guys talking about. Giant bats? Vampires?"

Robyn takes a deep breath. "I dunno, just trying to find a lighter side of having strange powers. I can…um..drain peoples psychic energy, I need it to function." Only problem is he has to drain it from other people and he ends up giving too many of his peers headaches.

Owen starts to say something but glances at his watch. "Dan' it. Ah gotta get goin," he sighs. "Got a class. Nice seein' ya'll," he waves and teleports out.

July blinks and she waves to Owen as he makes his hasty departure, "Uh, ah ok. Good luck, Owen." she says, smiling, before looking back to Robyn, "Well, I'm sure there's weirder powers around. I still have to struggle with mine to go around through the day." she shrugs gently, smiling.

"I jumped into another kids mind the other day in the middle of mutant ethics, the teacher loved that." Robyn says but at least the teacher did realize it was by accident and he didn't get in trouble for it. He runs his hands, pushing his bangs to the side a bit, before pulling his feet up to the chair.

"I once totally absorbed a guy made out of solid sound - everyone makes mistakes." Yeah, Alison totally just butted in. She's dressed in workout clothes, and if anyone's been at any of the windows in the last hour or so, she probably just finished her jog around the grounds. Bottle of water in hand, she sets down in a chair. Then she waves with her free hand, "Hi."

July blinks softly, "You 'jumped' into someone's mind?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head, but then she looks at the newcomer and her eyes widen a bit, "Ah! M-Ms. Blair!" She says, surprised, "W-wow…"

"Yeah, those are the two powers I have that I know of, the vampirism thing and possesion." Robyn says giving a grin that doesn't show that his powers weird even him out. As the blond walks in, this time Robyn remebers who she is and give her a smile and wave. "Hello Ms. Blair or Dazzler, or what do you prefered to be called?"

"Actually, I prefer Ali," Alison says, after waving her hands as though to ward of the plague as soon as 'Ms. Blaire' leaves July's lips in the first place. "I'm not a teacher here. If you can't make yourselves call me Ali, Dazzler is fine. But I prefer Ali."

July seems a bit at a loss of words, "I… Ahh… Yes, Ms.— I mean, uh, Dazzler." she says. She just can't bring herself to call someoen she just met by a nickname. Especially someone famous like Alison Blair. "I uh…" she rubs the back of her head, "Ms Blair— I mean, Dazzler, could you, please, ah.. sign one of your CDs I have?"

The usually hyper and energetic Max is absent today, replaced with the weekday version. Max's movement is less-hurried than normal. His brown hair set in spikes and his shirt beckoning 'It's laundry day.' Max walks into the living room with his backpack slung on his back. He looks around, not recognizing the others but he does remember Dazzler, his older sister having listened to her music on booming, he takes a seat on a chair quietly, giving a wave to the other people in the room.

"Of course I would!" Alison chuckles a bit, smiling at July. "Always happy to sign something for a fan …" Here she drops off, waiting for July to tell her her name. Max gets a bit of a wave and a "Hi there!", too.

Sitting in one of the chairs, with his legs pulled up, a hat sitting on his lap, and his bangs in his face is Robyn. A book on the art of Edward Gorey sits in front of him along with a bottle of water next to it. "Okay, Ali then." He can't help but chuckle at bit as July asks to sign on of her CD's. "Man, is this school filled with fans of yours?" As Max walks in, the brunette dressed all in black offers him a smile and wave.

July grins as Alison accepts signing her CDs, and she nods, "Thank you! I'm July. July Lanford. I'll be right back to get my CDs, Ms.— Ah, Dazzler! I won't take long!" and then the elastic girl zips out toward her room to get her CDs, almost running into Max, but thankfully avoiding collision.

Max offers a relaxed "Heya." Alison. His tone is just a little boring, sans vitality. The cryokinetic grabs an issue of Green Lantern corps and starts to read. "Heya." He offers to Robyn, same cookie-cutter greeting. "I think people here like her cause she came out as a mutant. People look up to her." It's only a guess though.

Alison just shakes her head a bit - still smiling, though, as July rushes off. Leaning her chin on her hand, she looks over at Robyn (who gets a -big- smile for calling her Ali!) and Parker, and can only offer a shrug - "I have fans in the weirdest places, frankly. And a lot of them are super-powered — not even all mutants. As for the 'coming out' thing," Alison gently reminds, "it was the right thing to do." The way she says it intimates there's quite a bit more to it than that. "It put my career pretty much in the toilet, but I'm not sorry I did it."

"I don't know, I'll admit I never thought I could be a mutant. It's that thing that happens to someone else. I don't sit here and hate myself because of it I just know I have to adjust to the fact that things are different. Well they are but aren't." Robyn says with a shrug. He's just easy to roll with things and go his own way and if people don't like him for who he is, he's not changing that. "And about your music, I liked it when I was little but I can't get into it now." He admits as he's an honest person. He looks at Max and grins. "Hello, I'm Robyn by the way."

"I normally don't tell people, but when I start to chill the room, people find out. But I don't have a problem with it." Max tells the group, wisps of water vapor leaving his mouth. Even right now he's starting to make the room more chilly. "I'm Max Farlane." He says, giving a light smile, his smile is genuine, just not over-exaggerated.

"That's all right, Robyn," Alison admits. "I haven't recorded new material in… wow." That brings her to a full stop while she tries to remember…. "5 years? Maybe 6? Definitely anything even -released- after 2005 is either a remix or a mashup or a 'greatest hits' compilation or something." ANYway. "As far as being mutants go, that's really just the best way to handle it. Live your life like you would have either way as much as you can - mutant powers or not, you've still got goals of your own, right?"

"Nice to meet you Max." Robyn says with a nod. "And goals? I don't know, I like scupting stuff and I guess if people had interest in buying the strange stuff I create I wouldn't mind seeing it mass produced and going from there. My father's a musican and my mother's a children's book artist and they were more concerned about doing what they loved then being rich that I'd rather be like that."

July returns running back carrying three CD cases, the girl panting a bit as she returns to the Living room. "H-Here… M-Ms.. Ah, sorry, uh… Ali." She says, panting still as she presents her CDs to Alison.

A cloud of inky, black darkness appears in the room after a moment. Owen Folger steps out of it a moment later in his fuzzy form. One small problem though…he's not wearing anything but his boxers. "Dan' it!" he grumbles, vanishing into another DarkForce teleport. He returns a moment later with jeans, and a tank top on again. "Really need tah work on mah teleportin' some more," he sighs. "Howdy once again, Robyn and July," he says. The fuzzy teen blinks when he sees Alison, offering a wave and then smiles when he sees Max. "Howdy, Lil' Snow Cone," he greets, ruffling Max's hair.

Alison takes the CDs from July and just -BEAMS- at her — "See, was that so hard?" She called her Ali! Easy! Of course, then she sits up a bit in the chair and fishes a silver marker from the pocket of her workout pants. Yes, she had one already. Clearly, she keeps one handy. And then she opens a case and takes the cover art out to sign that rather than the case itself. Cases get cracked! Owen gets a smile and a greeting nod, but for the moment she's busy!

"Hey Owen." Rings out from the icy student, even if he popped in in his underclothes. for a sec. He smiles wide as his hair is ruffled again. "How are you?" Max asks, rather relaxed. He puts up the comic book for now, now that there's someone he knows in here. "Thanks for the other night, I think I passed out in the woods."

July heheh's softly as she rubs the back of her head while Alison signs her CDs. "Eheh… It's, ah, a bit hard to call such informal nicknames a pop star you admire very much. It doesn't feel.. respectful." she blushes a bit, "My parents always taught me to be respectful." She says with a soft smile.

"Well she wants to be called Ali so calling her anything else than what she wants to be called, wouldn't that not be respectful?" Robyn asks as he's not one to call people names they don't want to be called. There's a slight cough from Robyn as Owen shows up in just his underclothes. "Welcome back Owen, Ali here is giving out autographs."

Owen glances over at Robyn when he hears the cough. "Ya'll okay over there, Robyn? Not catchin' a cold are ya?" he asks. The fuzzy mutant then moves to sit by Max. "Nothin' to it, Max. Certainly couldn' leave ya out there," he says with a smile. "Howdy, Miss Ali."

Alison finishes signing the second, slips the book back in the case, goes to work on the third. "Alison, then, if you think Ali's too informal," she offers by way of a compromise. Blink. Looks at Owen. "…Miss Ali? That's a new one." But she smiles - "Not bad, though!" A quick gesture between Owen and July, "Or that. That doesn't raise the hairs on the back of my neck like 'Ms. Blaire' does." A wink, and finishes up the third, then hands the stack back to July. "There you go!"

Max gives a nod to Owen before looking to his watch. He's got to get going again. "I gotta go. See you later everyone." He offers all before picking up his backpack, giving all a wave. "Take it easy!" the chilly mutant offers before exiting the living room.

July is grinning widely as Alison returns her CDs, the rubbergirl ecstatic to have them signed, and she gives the pop star a big hug, "Thank you, Miss Ali!!" she says, the hug tight, but then she blinks and lets go quickly, "Ah- I… I'm sorry. I guess I got to excited. I'm sorry. "she bows her head a bit.

Robyn can't help but chuckle at July, finding her fangirling kind of humourous, in a good way. "No, no, I'm not getting sick Owen, just surprised me seeing you in just your underwear is all. Miss Ali, maybe that's what they call Southern Charm since you know us New Yorkers here don't have manners worth beans."

Owen gives Max a pat on the shoulder as he goes. "Stay frosty, Max," he says with a little chuckle. "You're a singer?" he asks Alison, finally noticing the CDs. A smile comes to his face at July's excitement and Owen looks to Robyn. "Huh? Surprised?"

Alison doesn't mind the hug from July - she even returns it! She LOVES fans! Especially ones that aren't crazy, evil, and/or trying to kill her! "Please, don't worry about it," she tells her. Then grins at Owen. "Sure am."

July smiles to Alison, but then she 'huh?'s softly at Owen, turning around to face him, "A singer? No no no no!" she grins, "She's THE singer!" And she shows her CDs. "She has lots of CDs! All super-good! I have the three I find the best ones!" But then she rubs the back of her head, seeming truly embarrassed about what she says next, "I… don't have the others because I didn't have enough money to get them." What? A rich girl, from a rich family, without money to buy CDs?

Robyn stands up and streaches. "Well I'm gonna head up to the art room for a bit, it was nice meeting and talking to you all." He gives a wave and picks up his book and heads out. Robyn's not used to this much social time and he's been itching to get into the art room and start scupting again.

Owen's eyebrows both arch up as July goes fangirl. The fuzzy teen blinks a few times before chuckling. "Well, maybe Ah'll give a listen sometime," he says. He blinks as Robyn starts to head off. "Think Ah'll hit the road too. Gonna get some swimmin' in," he says, teleporting out of the room in a cloud of DarkForce.

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