2009-02-26: Locked Out


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Summary: Kalindi is locked out of her Manhattan home, but receives help from Erik, Kitty and some other Xavier's students.

Date: February 26, 2009

Log Title Locked Out

Rating: G


Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

Frustrated at the forcefield around Manhattan, the area where Kalindi lives, she is wandering around in Brooklyn aimlessly, the cold night air taking the colour out of her face. The expression on her face is definitely an angry one, but the sound of her teeth chattering carries noisily. Cut off from her servants so soon into being dropped off in this world, the teen is not doing so well.

Some people are faring better than Kalindi it seems, as Erik walks along with his jacket on until he sees the small Indian girl clattering. He chuckles and removes his jacket, holding it out to her.

Instantly suspicious of the good deed, Kalindi eyes the jacket and then eyes Erik. She shifts the weight of her backpack on her shoulders and then asks, "What? What do you want for it? I do not have anything that I want to give right now…"

"I want you not to die of hypothermia." Erik comments simply. "Put it on, get warm, I'll walk you home and you can give it back. And if I try to come in, you can shoot me."

"I do not have a gun," mumbles Kali, her strange accent, a mix between the Hindi from her youth and the demonic tongue she grew up with. She takes the coat, though, and puts it on. "The problem is that I cannot get to my home right now. I would be there if I could be. I live in the place called Manhattan."

Erik gives a nod. "So you're cut off, then. Well, that sucks. Do you have the money for a hotel?" He asks.

Raising an eyebrow, Kalindi says, "A hotel? I… I do not have anything that I want to give, it is like I said. I do not have my money with me." She shrugs and pulls the jacket more tightly around herself.

Erik is currently speaking with Kalindi, having given her a jacket. He gives a little bit of a nod. "Well, doesn't look like you would have anything to pawn anyway. Come on, I've got enough cash to get you in to a cheap hotel for a night or two."

Uriko probably shouldn't be running around doing whatever she feels like - what with New York being under attack and all. Again. But once you witness enough of these things - well, you tend to wait until it gets /really/ bad before you start to really worry or change your behavior too much. Thus it is that Uriko finds herself wandering around in the park, running into Erik and Kalindi - whom she recognizes vaguely from some notices at school. Curiousity is the response though rather than fear - just like a cat…

Even more suspicious than the offer of the room than the offer for the jacket, Kali bites her bottom lip lightly. "You do not want anything for it? You will not do anything?" It would be much less foreign to her if there was a trade being made, but since the teen has nothing to offer, she finds Eric's behaviour very strange.

Erik shakes his head. "No, I do not want anything for it, I just don't want to see anybody sleeping on the street if I can help it." Erik says with a chuckle. "Money is fleeting; all that glitters is not gold, after all."

James meanwhile has decided to crash at his apartment as he's still working on deciding exactly what to take with him to school. For now though he's traveling through the park on his way to get some coffee when he sees a small group nearby. He recongizes Uriko and something about Kalindi seems vaguely familar so he veers toward them.

"She doesn't /look/ very much like a demon," Uriko murmurs to herself aloud, sidling up alongside Erik as she does so, while still looking at Kali with something approaching suspicion.

Kalindi just stares blankly at Uriko for a couple of moments and comments, as if considering her presence. "Who are /you/?" She rubs her arms quickly to try and warm them up. To Erik she notes, "So you will just give me money and you will not want want any payment? Will you want me to pay you back when I can get to my home? I have money there, but I do not know if I will be able to find you again. It is a big city. Lots of people."

Erik shrugs a little bit. "Like I said, money comes and goes. If you have it and can pay me back, and we see eachother, then fine. If not, then it was a gift." He says before he turns to blink at Uriko. "Demon? Huh?"

James approaches the group nodding in Greeting to Uriko, "Please tell me that the word demons doesn't mean that there are some attacking us. The other universe is enough trouble for right now."

"not necessarily…" Uriko trails off, looking Kalindi up and down, "Just that there might be one… although…" she sniffs - not smelling anything particularly demonic about Kali. "I guess Eddie was mistaken, maybe. Anyway." She shrugs, glancing over towards the obvious barrier, "I'll tell you later, anyway. This whole, invasion thing… 's kinda interesting. Whaddya think?" she asks Erik - he's the expert on alternate realities here of course.

"Ah, demon… I have heard that a lot. Why do people keep calling me that?" Kalindi shakes her head and sighs, blowing warm air into her mitts and then rubbing them together. She quickly picks up on the name Eddie and asks, "Who is Eddie? Who is that person, and why is he talking about me?"

Erik raises his eyebrow. "Uh, well…have you been doing particularly demonic things?" Erik asks curiously, white brows furrowing as he ponders it. "Eddie is…a friend." He says, volunteering nothing else.

James shrugs "Maybe there is a demon which either looks like you or delibertly took your form?" he suggusts.

Kalindi furrows her brows at James and notes, "Why would anyone take my form? It does not seem like a very useful thing to do." She shrugs and then says, "I do not know what kinds of things that you will consider demonic. I am very new here. I do not understand much of what the people think here."

Cranky girl! Not quite but very -nearly- stomping up the street is a familiar figure to some— Kitty Pryde, with a long jacket thrown over her frankly terrible uniform and a scowl to match the footwork. She's got her hands jammed into the jacket pockets and she's moving with purpose— though what she's doing there is anyone's guess.

Erik shakes his head. "Do we know why Eddie would post something saying she was a demon?" He asks, clearly confused before he looks over and sees Kitty. He starts a little. "Ki-" Before he stops himself. "Ms. Pryde." He calls out to her.

James shrugs as his brow furrows in thought "No, unless maybe he ran into the verision of her from the invading universe and thought that they are the same person."

"Ah, what are you talking about?" says Kalindi, sounding more than a little bit upset now. "I do not know why this Eddie says I am a demon. Someone has called me a demon before. He was called, ah, he said… Faith? Something like that."

Diversion. Diversions are good. Kitty gives her white-haired coworker a brief odd look as she turns slightly in her approach, aiming for the knot of people. It's an improvement over the preoccupied irritability that'd been writ large on her face a moment earlier, and when she sees who Anderson's with, even the odd curiosity gets smoothed over in a mask of goodwill. "Hiya. Eddie and Ricky got out, in case you were wondering."

Erik recovers much more smoothly than he started with, smiling gently to Kitty. "Good. Wait, out from where? The barrier?" He says before he blinks. "Of course…you can cross it?"

James nods then speaking to Kalindi says "Sorry but I have absloutly no idea who Faith is so I don't know why he or Eddie would claim that you are a demon."

"Where are all of these people coming from?" says Kalindi, putting her hands on her hips. They don't stay there for very long, though, as she realizes that the cold does not suit her well, and holding her arms tight against herself seems to be a good way of holding in the heat. When James speaks to her she replies with a simple shrug.

"Yeah…" confirms Kitty reluctantly, looking annoyed again. "It's just a huge pain in the butt. I don't think I could do it again today unless I really, really, really had to." Then she eyes the teenagers, getting the look of someone who's just been handed a big, fat, juicy rumor-mill. It's similar to the look of someone who's been given Friday's NYT SuDoKu after a three-day bender. An enjoyable challenge! "What's this about demons? And Eddie?" Pause, brighten. "Oh, are you Kali? And which people, the ones who threw up the barrier?"

Erik shakes his head. "So it can probably be bypassed on the same frequencies as your phasing, then." Erik says, his own eyes lighting up in a way somewhat similar to a mad scientist. A spark of inspiration.

Kalindi tilts her head at Kitty and says, "Yes, you can call me Kali if you would like. It is a shortening of my name." She nods her head once firmly and says, "I do not know why you know my name, though. I have not introduced myself." She gets this perplexed look on her face like she is trying to puzzle something out. "Does everyone tell everyone everything here?"

"Not particularly." Erik comments. "This isn't a very open town normally, but things are strange right now." Erik says motioning out at the general direction of the force field. "Uriko said there was something up at the mansion?" Erik asks Kitty. If she is here.

Kitty gives Anderson a Look. "Don't you get any bright ideas, there, buster. I'm not messing with that thing again until I've slept. And showered. And had /ice cream/." Her fists are still jammed -firmly- in her pockets. "And anyway, it's telekinetic. They've got a bunch of telekines. One of them has the Phoenix Force, so, y'know, big mess. As far as the mansion goes, I have -no idea-. I've been up to my neck in overhauling the security backend." She gives Kalindi a bright grin. "No, just the busybodies." She extends a hand. "I'm Kitty Pryde, it's nice to meet you."

"I am Kalindi Athreya, it is good to be meeting you, too," says the teen, who reaches out to take Kitty's hand. She glances between Kitty and Erik a couple of times and then asks, "Are you maybe in some kind of club, then?"

"Something like that." Erik comments as he too reaches out to shake Kalindi's hand. "I'm Leif Anderson." He introduces himself before he nods. "Interesting. Telekinetic…crap." He shakes his head. "Can't do anything about that I don't think, although…does it let electricity in?"

"Kalindi Athreya," says Kali, repeat introducing herself to Erik as she takes his hand. "Oh, you are trying to get into the barrier? That is where my home is, I would like to go there very much."

"Dunno," says Kitty apologetically, shrugging one shoulder at Leif, then sticking her hand back in her pocket when she's done shaking Kalindi's. "Light and air and sound get in. And since the city as a whole hasn't lost power, it probably -can- get in. No harm in trying, is there?" Another quick grin at Kalindi. "Well, I don't know about a *club*…"

"Kalindi Athreya," says Kali, repeat introducing herself to Erik as she takes his hand. "Oh, you are trying to get into the barrier? That is where my home is, I would like to go there very much. And if it is not a club, then what is it? People seem to know each other."

"We're just friends." Erik explains, as he looks at Kalindi for a moment. "A club has entrance requirements, but we just have enough things in common to enjoy spending time with eachother." He tries to explain obliquely.

Uriko yawns - nodding to Kalindi, "I'm Uriko… Just Uriko," she glances at Erik - they had a rather long discussion about it, but she doesn't feel like going into it right now. "My last name's kinda hard to pronounce, anyway," she shuffles a foot on the ground.

Looking slightly guilty for a second, Kitty ducks her head. "Give me a couple of hours, Kali," she says, finally, "to get myself back together. And then I can get you in, okay? I'm gonna go get some coffee, at least, and just chill out for a little while." She gestures in the direction of the closest coffee-selling place. "I'll be in there. Come find me in…" She pulls a watch out of her pocket. "…two hours. Anderson, Uriko, I'll see you back at the ranch."

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